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Socialite: this is a person who participates in social activities and spends a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained. Thank God for things like Wikipedia.

What were guys doing before face book or Twitter???? Good question, Maybe MySpace and Hi5, but they didn’t get that much publicity.

Just like: What were guys doing before this communication technology was created like mobile phones, video and tele-conferencing, internet (chat, emails) , Maybe those telephone booths that you had to go through the operator, smoke signals, drums…lol

Looks like everyone has now been converted into a socialite, even the most introverted persons, the shyest and non-coversant of persons have become so involved in the social network…wow, coming to think of it, it’s a good thing. The only bad thing is that, it makes one confident in the wrong ways..its faceless so theres so much impersonification and pretence.

Whoa! this new technologies are super addictive, i would like to do a survey and find out what percentage of people are anti-this-new-technology..that would be some interesting one. Honestly, you know hows theres the Maslow’s hierarchy for the basic needs are: Food, shelter and clothing. I think he should do a revised edition and include communication technology, probably top on the list under that category should be face book and twitter.

Seriously i think everything I have read on the Internet mentions face book and twitter and i mean everything.Eevn on CNN. like reports on something being followed through twitter…things like elections and so on.

So today I shall focus on the two main or rather top rated social websites, Facebook and twitter.

What face book is about in short::: Thats according to your truly…

First you get to meet everyone, even your kindergarten schoolmates.Like evryone is in your network so you can subconsciously keep tabs on what they are up to. thanks to notifications, photos and last but not least status updates.

It’s kinda cool because for some of us who don’t watch news, face book transmits this information through peoples status updates in a very entertaining way.

For example, I know this is stale vybe, but I remember when Uasin Bolt broke the 9:58 record, being me and not really watching news, everyone’s status update read 9:58, and voila, i got information without struggle, not having DSTV i don’t watch BBA(Big Brother Africa)..but trust me I know everything that goes on, who has been evicted, who has flirted with who, when the Constitution has been passed or not…blah blah blah.

So now we go to the people who air their dirty linen to the public. Such people amaze me. Although the kinda console you, they make you appreciate what you got, and that even though you’re going through sh*t theres some one probably going through worse…ok, am not being a meanie :) Dirty linen in this case being; who’s cheating on who, bad break ups — with a supporting note describing the escapade…thats yummy

Then there are this psycho people who send you friend requests of in box messages saying they want to know you because your beautiful…honestly speaking, even in m y insane mind i wouldn’t add you. Thats when you ignore, ignore, ignore with no hesitation because you’re being creepy.

Oh yah, this irritating groups and events that you get invited to…aaaarrrrrggghhh! very annoying, i can’t stand them. But theres nothing much you can do.Plus they also send you messages. so you get excited when you see in box(3) only to discover they are just stupid groups sending you irrelevant messages.

I love pictures , photos … i love them. I think I see the flash and i get excited like all smiles and the glow. Should’ve been a super model or something glamorous that makes me go to red carpets and get all those photos …hehe its called being ambitious…lol, which is a good thing. I fall under the category of people who have a million and one photos and albums on face book…oops!I don’t mind them provided they’re all presentable :) . Thats one of the functionalities i enjoy most about facebook.

All this applications they have about people and yourself, I think they’re full of crap, but confessions, i do fill them in because they help me pass time. Their conclusions are the same for every one, they have stupid questions. But they keep one busy when bored.

Hahaha there’s the chat,just when you don’t want to chat with someone, very conveniently thats the first person that pops up on your screen with a ‘hi dear’….oh no! ignore! not ignore!…am a good girl i don’t ignore :) i just don’t respond.

Theres the wall messages, oh well, i got no issue with this just that you should differentiate the people to joke with and those not to joke with. Some people take things too seriously for life…loosen up and live happily. If I say hi dear… don’t think beyond ‘hi dear’…and tell your girlfriend/boyfriend that too. It’s a public wall for pits sake…but i had forgotten we are all different again.

Case study: I got someones girlfriend in box me saying I don’t write on the boyfriends wall….heeey me not being dramatic, just dropped that, and his wall shall never be written on again by me. I mean, i just wrote, “hi (name) i hope everything went well”…ei madam, no pan intended, i got my own, not interested at all. Just checking up on a brother, you know.

I have to write on this, commenting, theres sometimes I want to comment on someones status but I just avoid because I know I will get endless notifications…because about 50 people will comment. Even if the status update was “I am feeling sleepy”..not so cool.

Thats enough about Facebook. Now we move to Twitter. Which at first I thought is the most boring social network that has been over-rated. Ooops thats was a misguided thought, and it was as a result of not knowing how it works.

Being Technology Savy, Thank you Lord. I got my way through…and am thinking wow, this is waaaay cooler than Facebook.Minimal information. straight to the point.

Am still getting to learn the number of things you can do on Twitter, but so far so good I am enjoying.

Got to say this, some people make me feel stupid from the updates they twit…gosh they’re just too intellectual,it makes me wonder if we have access to the same information…lol,or even if what they’ve actually said is true and meaningful because some are too technical..makes you wonder why they just didn’t keep it in their heads…ha!

What i usually hope is that, those people who put such updates also make intellectual conversations too…now those I admire.

I like the normal people who say normal things and intellectual things once in a while because then, i understand them and the message they are passing.

All in all am glad they exist, they make passing time look so easy, like you could be waiting for someone and they take long to arrive but you wouldn’t notice because your facebooking or twitting…keeps you totally engrossed.

If your in facebook, twitter ….. you’re a qualified socialite :) don’t misuse though, use them wisely…they can make you or break you.

Signing off ::: *Kawi*

Ho’s n Bro’s

So yesterday(Sunday), I had some good sleep, then woke up at about 10:00am and lazed around as I prepared to go to church. I have a bad habit of being late, so I am really trying my best to kill it. before I start saying “old habits die hard”…how I hate that saying because sometimes its painfully true. Discovered that all i need to do is always wake up 30minutes earlier than the my normal waking up time :)

Anyhow, that’s besides the point. So i go to church, and since I am late I have to go to the teens service, and thats when you feel a bit old because kids are screaming when the preacher utters any word, oh trust me it does get to your most inner nerves…especially the one that gets irritated…lol oh and the preacher comes, the topic for today is ‘Homosexuality’… oh no!…’Homo phobic’ its meant to be…so i switch off. And a good friend of mines texts me and asks if we can do lunch…phew!

So we meet up for lunch with my friend, and through our conversation, we start talking about friends…like friends literally. who’s in your inner circle and why???? Then I remember that for a long time I had been praying for good friends (I know, I pray for everything…oops) because I used to believe that all I had were acquaintances(in this case, they are those people who know you through occasional meetings, or hang out with you but have very minimal information on you). Like all through my primary school and high school, i believed that I had no friends really, again just acquaintances. Personally I hate cliques, catch me dead in one, i could hang out with people a lot but under no circumstance would I form a clique…that’s what primary school and high school friends were about.

So I joined campus with still the same mentality of acquaintances. So that you know, thats a very bad mental picture. Thats what kept me off friends, made me a bad communicator then. I never kept in touch with people. It was like “Out of sight, out of mind”. The only good thing about it is that I rarely got disappointed because I did not have expectations from any one, oh, plus no drama whatsoever because i thought no one really cares or expects anything from me.

The best thing in campus that happened to me, was dating. That was my eye opener. That made realize that, you need friends. I won’t go into detail per se, but when I started dating I got absorbed into my then boyfriends friends….ooh thats the worst thing you can do. Because they are the ones I hang out with like all the time, the people i thought of as my acquaintances, i let go somehow, which was through less communication. So the big lesson on friends, came in when we broke up…I did not have my own friends, and it wasn’t logical to hang out with his friends again, that would be more of Hogging his friends…lol

Every step in life should be a lesson learnt to be able to make you move ahead. Sometimes I say am a lucky girl because I do learn from previous mistakes. So I told myself that before I get into another relationship i should identify and make my own friends first…that had been my social agenda for the whole of my final year in campus, that again is one of the decisions i made that am proud of. Because I can now proudly say i got my own friends. And this saying is so true

“Plant a seed of friendship, reap a bouquet of happiness” —Lois.L.Kaufman

I would say that because I got the best girlfriends one can have.. Honestly, i know if i call them, they’ll come to my aid, be it a happy or sad moment. And I would do the same for them any day and without hesitation. I know they probably don’t know this but they have taught me how to have and keep friends. Never in my life had I thought I can get along with girls…haha right now i don’t think I can do without them.

Thats where my Ho’s comes in, the ladies in my life are very important, i treasure them. Heres a brief listing of how important they are:

  1. They will be there when you are going through the crappiest of times. The best thing being they’ve ever gone through the same sh*t, or they know some one who has gone through the same.

  2. They give you sound advise on stuff… be it boys, girls, clothes, oils, soap..anything, you just name it. They are that diversifies…haha

  3. They will listen to you… when you whine about your baggage, and trust me they will help you whine too.

  4. They will bitch about boys with you…generally speaking. Thats always the hottest topic.

  5. They will toast with you when your happy about something. And will make you laugh till your ribs ache, and tears roll.

  6. They will come for your party when everyone else could probably ignore it.

  7. They keep me company, when am absolutely plot less or bored and they will liven up that moment.

  8. They will compliment you when you look nice&lovely, and tell you your looking a bit funny when your— they are that honest.

  9. They will take you for shopping and not hurry you around if you ain’t getting what you want, they will take you to all the shops watch you try out clothes laugh about it and not complain because they’re having fun with you.

  10. They know me and love me for who I am.

  11. Lastly, they’ll sit with you for hours..yap yap about anything and everything, laugh and forget that its getting late…haha had to drop this one in.

Those are the ho’s i have in my life right now …. and I love them in excess. Life would be super boring without them, and am glad I realized that soon enough.

So then comes the bro’s…mmmh! This are the boys in my life. In this case I shall exclude my boyfriend because he’s in a league of his own…oops! This guys are really important too. But you have to chose them wisely..haha cause you could have a hungry canning fox as your bro n man your so totally doomed. I have come across such in my 22yrs of living. But its a good thing, because that again is a learning experience. Read this somewhere,

“Mistakes are the usual bridge between inexperience and wisdom”

So all those boy mistakes I have made previously have modeled me into who I am today. Cheers to you. Its so funny how to relate with boys/girls its like you need a manual, or rather thats how many people view/put it, its like there are rules and regulation…i mean, boys, they are just human beings like the girls too. they have everything the girl has of course except the physical appearances and bodily functions , male testosterone vs female estrogen, otherwise every other thing is the same they’ve got feelings, they get hurt, they get happy and sad. If you pour something hot on them they get burnt too…okay, am now being sarcastic. But honestly, theres no rule in any book that stipulates how you should treat a man/woman, or even if you get any, it wont work, because you have to learn the person and know what it is that they want/like because every person is different. My thought, you have to learn and grow into people to know what tickles their fancy, what puts them off.

Funny thing is that those books are written by a person just like you. So what makes you think its something you cant handle?? Food for thought. And maybe their research is directed to self… like they are also trying to understand this other being.

Okay, I think I have digressed a bit there, So heres a brief listing of how important the bro’s in my life y are:

  1. They will take care of me under any circumstances, a ride from the rave, lunches and dinner, if i call them with a problem.
  2. They sort out any one who harasses me :)
  3. They will be there for me when i need them.
  4. They will make me laugh a good one.
  5. They know me and love me for who I am.

  6. They always check up to see if am okay, which is totally cool.

  7. They keep in touch even when am a bum and i disappear or keep silent for long.

  8. They are easy to please…hehe like i don’t have to climb a mountain or cross the ocean for them to appreciate. Its the little things that count.

  9. They always look out for the best for you, like education, work. and push you to do your best.

  10. They give you advice about the fellow boys and the tactics they play…oh yah, i know quite a couple.

Oh thats what we were actually discussing with my friend on Sunday afternoon, quite a fulfilling discussion because I came to think about so much.

The part I like the best is when my friend said that when he’s looking for friends he doesn’t look for people who think he’s has made it (and yet he really hasn’t) , he looks for people who look up to him and who he looks up to. People he can associate and get to learn one or two things from. This is in all aspects of life. I think thats what friends are for sure.

I believe that friendship should never die, it should grow to greater heights. A friend should be there for you through thick and thin, through smooth and rough, its like a marriage of sorts, just that this one has no certificates or i do and may you kiss the bride followed by a honeymoon, but it the same in terms of, its a lifetime commitment, the kind of till death do us part. Thats what i view my friendships as. And whenever i make a friend i always think long-term, never short-term, if its that way then I wouldn’t even bother in the first place.

Am not saying am the perfect friend though…point of defense, gosh I got my weaknesses, but I keep improving, am becoming a better and better friend through my friends whom i emulate sometimes.

Hence i would go with ” Ho’s and bro’s” and not “ho’s over bro’s “or “ho’s before bro’s.”….

"Sisters & Brothers"

Quick Question: So what do you call this people who you know but are just dormant in your life, but when you meet they’ll be happy or pretend to be, they’ll want to know how you’ve been since you last met which is probably ages ago, then they’ll say bye and will ask for your number again because they apparently loose phones so much and your number is always lost with the phone..haha

Quick Answer: Thats what i would nowadays proudly call, “an acquaintance

Signing off ::: *Kawi*

The Elusive!

This being my first blog … wow! Finally. It’s not everyday that you’ll find me getting the inspiration to jot down something. I guess i can call that laziness. So I decided it’s about time I put my amazing, very stupendous thoughts into writing instead of letting them be whisked away just like that.

This being the hottest topic : Relationships. I like it. I mean every other person has their subjective idea of an ideal relationship… or rather as some imagine, the “perfect relationship”… Oh,well in my very limited vocabulary and my short experience i would just stick to ideal instead of perfect…and Mr.Compatible instead of Mr. Right…because just like every other girl/lady/woman i used to dream and eat Mr.Right until i came to realize…eeerrrr sorry madam there is nothing like that.

So as a result I came to realize, what I was looking for was not Mr. Right but Mr.Compatible was the very essence of my search. Just that you know, man ain’t perfect (man in this case being both male and female)…i like this two quotes on perfection:

“No one is perfect, thats why pencils have erasers”..think about it.

“When you aim for perfection, you discover it’s a moving target” Geoffrey. F .Fisher

Funny enough today I read an article on the elusive Mr.Right. So the writer goes something like, he’s evidently not being elusive, (my words) O_o It’s just that you are putting him on a pedestal, you’re idealizing him and seeing that man as a mirage. Oh well, the solution here was first dream about that Mr. Right. Hey, I still stick to my Mr.Compatible so don’t get me wrong … Yes, dream about him,but dont leave it there because then you’re dream becomes useless –> Write down that which you’re dreaming about, like a list of all those things and dont miss out on anything, the nitty gritties too … I know you get what i mean. After this you shall be surprised at the kind of men you meet because at this stage you already know exactly what you want, so you will not be experimenting anymore and as they come streaming you know who to kick off … thanks to your dream list … hehe

Anywhoo … I did the same, so this ain’t just coming from nowhere, I wrote a list of what I want in a man … I know this may sound very stupid, but I did it and I do pray about it…lol, God doesn’t let you down, at least mine don’t hit the roof. Am not saying what I want is this perfect person, but thats what I have in my mind, it’s what i dreamt about.

Here goes my list,

  • Physical Side —> Averagely taller than me, dark n handsome, with just a bit of weight, physically fit,good dental formula,neat appearance, attractive.
  • Emotional Side —> Can communicate, understands me(like we on the same level of understanding), humorous, interesting, loves me more than i love him (just kidding but Love should be reciprocated), not secretive, Intelligent, God-fearing, Financially stable,always there for me no matter what, outgoing and fun(in all aspects..cough*cough*).

Everyone has their weakness and strengths. What I usually say is that if you can handle the weakness of the other person then you’re set. This does not only apply to relationships but to friends and family too. It is how you handle the other persons weakness that keeps you close together because you can eventually even turn that weakness into a strength … SWOT analysis comes in handy haha!

Realization: Funny how your relationships have an effect on you’re happiness … unless your abnormal, you can’t deny this *food for thought*

Signing off ~~~ *Kawi*