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Beauty Brains Blondies and Best Behavior

“Rarely do great beauty and great virtue dwell together – Francesco Petrarch”

Beauties and Blondes

Came across this quote in my last years diary and it got me thinking #Ihatesomequotes honestly, why would someone say that. I know some people would highly support that statement but maybe because they aren’t beautiful..PERIOD! so as a way to get back to the beautiful ones, they use that.

That beauties are blondies. Well, blondies are just blondies they shouldn’t be associated with beauty. Just like you don’t say a handsome man is not intellectual. well quote and quote some are damn but i dint say that.

I can attest to the fact that many beautiful girls are very brilliant and intellectual, I won’t blow my own trumpet, so I will say my friends. Like in my circle of friends, I don’t choose who my girls are but I can say they are all beautiful and brilliant.. oh well, birds of a feather flock together.

What makes a guy think a girl/lady/woman (whichever fits your preference), is a blond or better yet not intellectual, even without having to measure your IQ – which i think is plain right lame; In my analysis,

Is it the way someone talks? like if you have that american accent, even before you have made sense out of a sentence, some one will have already concluded you don’t know what you are saying.

The way you reason? If someone asks a question – That they already know the answer..verry irritating by the way – then waits for you to answer, and probably how you understood the question is abit different from how they perceived it as, then you answer something completely different, they just conclude that this right here is a blondie.

The way you dress? Some people judge you from the way you dress. Funny enough the very well dressed girls could sometimes be mistaken as blondes even before they say anything. You know, just from the look of things, which I think is #NotSoCool

The way you handle your things? you would find that some girls are sensitive and like attention , want to be loved ..this is the love side of which no one is brilliant, and i mean no one even the most perfect couple that you can think of. Someone could do the most stupid and blondiest of things in the name of love.. this is why we classify it as a #MajorFail

Beauties and Brains,

Now this I can proudly say that I know many of this ones… funny enough at one point we’ve done quite a number of blonde things, answered questions in some blonde mannerisms but brain-wise we on the grind.

“All I would say is never judge anyone, you never know where they are coming from or where they are going. Treat everyone like you would want to be treated. Because what you are thinking of them is probably what they are thinking of you I.e. “You think am blonde, I think your” “

Beauties and Virtues

Why would anyone think that beauties don’t have virtues… or the ones that have are very rare…tsk! After all the Ethics classes we went through in campus…lol again that statement just sucks! 3/4 of the ladies I know lead a virtuous life, and am speaking from the experience of being with them, interacting with them, being one of them..hehe, beauty and virtue shouldn’t be compared it’s the heart, the inner self that should be compared to virtue.

Actually Beauty is even on the eyes of the beholder…like its relative term thats subjective to each and every individual…as sometimes people would even say “beauty is in the eyes of the beer-holder”

Ok…this part, i stole (talk of plagiarizing someone elses work)…so let me just reference it before am sued … lol

Beauty & Brains: Celebrity Babes with High IQs

1. Natalie Portman

You may know her from: Star Wars, Garden State, The Professional and a host of other great films.
Why she’s beautiful: If she was hot enough for Darth Vader to go over to the darkside, she’s hot enough for me (and don’t get me started on her sexy voice!). And of course, when you’re done go see Closer.
Why she’s brainy: Finished high school with a 4.0 GPA. Attended Harvard University where she completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Also engaged in graduate studies at Hebrew University. Speaks Hebrew, French and Japanese fluently.
Extra Credit: Did you know Natalie also raps?

2. Cindy Crawford

You may know her from: The grocery checkout stand – she was on the cover of just about every fashion magazine you can think of during the 1990s.
Why she’s beatiful: She made beauty marks cool (even supermodels can have a ‘blemish’). And young ‘uns take note, she’s still gorgeous at 40.
Why she’s brainy: High school valedictorian (4.0 GPA), enrolled at Northwestern University to study chemical engineering on full academic scholarship. Dropped out to pursue modeling full-time after a semester (but she coulda finished!!!).
Extra Credit: The classic Pepsi commercial. The girl is pretty nice too!

3. Aishwarya Rai

You may know her from: Any of the dozens of Bollywood films she’s been in.
Why she’s beautiful: She won the 1994 Miss World pageant. Declared the most beautiful woman of all-time by numerous web polls, magazine articles and Julia Roberts.
Why she’s brainy: Was an A student at the prestigious Ruparel College in India (part of the University of Mumbai). Wanted to study medicine or zoology but ultimately ended up majoring in architecture. She is fluent in several languages including Hindi, Marathi, English and Tamil (her native tongue is Tulu).
Extra Credit: 60 Minutes segment on Aishwarya Rai.

4. Kate Beckinsale

You may know her from: Movies like Click, Serendipity, Underworld, Van Helsing and Pearl Harbor.
Why she’s beautiful: Almost made me turn to vampirism with her Underworld films. Routinely places in FHM, Maxim and Stuff’s annual lists of hot women.
Why she’s brainy: Attended Oxford University (New College) studying French and Russian literature for 3 years. As a teenager she was a two-time winner of the W.H. Smith Young Writers’ competition for her short stories and poems. Is also fluent in French, German and Russian.
Extra Credit: Kate Beckinsale’s Diet Coke ad. She knows how to make guys, um, tingle.

5. Dr. Victoria Zdrok

You may know her from: Magazine spreads from Playboy.
Why she’s beautiful: One of the few to achieve both the Playboy Playmate of the Month (October 1994) and Penthouse Pet of the Month (June 2002).
Why she’s brainy: Skipped high school and attended college instead. Graduated summa cum laude with a Bachelor’s degree from West Chester University (Pennsylvania) at age 18. Obtained a JD law degree in 1997 as well as a Ph.D. in psychology from Villanova Law School and Drexel University. She most recently completed post-doctorate work in sex therapy at the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.

6. Elisabeth Shue

You may know her from: The Karate Kid, Adventures in Babysitting, Cocktail, Leaving Las Vegas and Hollow Man.
Why she’s beautiful: Sure some girls are bad, but Elisabeth’s always been the nice girl next door.
Why she’s brainy: Attended Wellesley College and Harvard University. She left Harvard to focus on acting in the mid 80s, but returned 15 years later to complete her degree in Government (that’s some nice perseverance).
Extra credit: Elisabeth doing her cute as a button dance from Babysitting…

7. Famke Janssen
You may know her from: Movies like GoldenEye (villaness), X-Men (Jean Grey).
Why she’s beautiful (or in this case, hot): Crushed men to death with her thighs in the Bond film, Goldeneye. Be still my beating heart!
Why she’s brainy: Attended Columbia University to study literature and writing. Later attended the University of Amsterdam to study Economics.
Extra credit: If you were wondering about the GoldenEye comment

8. Hedy Lamarr:

Why you know her: If you’re using the internet, you probably don’t know her. Ask your grandparents.
Why she’s beautiful: Film star of the 30s and 40s frequently cast as a seductress invariably because of her good looks rather than her acting skills.
Why she’s brainy: While her formal educational credentials are not well documented, Hedy Lamarr’s biggest claim to fame outside of acting is her joint patent with composer George Antheil for an early version of spread spectrum communication technology (U.S. patent #2,292,387) – a concept that was later incorporated into wireless telephones and internet wifi.

9. Aisha Tyler

You may know her from: Television’s Talk Soup, Friends, Ghost Whisperer and 24.
Why she’s beautiful: Not only is she tall and beautiful, but she’s also got a serious sense of humor having pursued a standup career.
Why she’s brainy: Earned a Bachelor’s degree from Dartmouth in Government with a minor in Environmental Policy. Fluent in French Russian and Swahili. She’s also a serious poker player (big points in my book).

10. Jennifer Connelly

You may know her from: Movies like Career Opportunities, The Rocketeer, Inventing the Abbotts, Requiem for a Dream, A Beautiful Mind, Blood Diamond.
Why she’s beautiful: It’s all in her eyes (um…well and maybe a few other parts of her body)
Why she’s brainy: Attended Yale for 2 years (English) then transferred to Stanford to complete her Bachelor’s degree. Is fluent in French and Italian.
Extra credit: Nobody else has made riding a coin operated pony look so, um, fun.

TGIFriday 15-01-2010

Thank God It’s Friday

The week has ended so fast…atleast because I was swammed with assignments and CATS, thought after Strathmore Uni there will be no more of that but woe to me(doing post grad dip in Project Management)..

I am excited about

The weekend, I am really looking forward to chilling and preferably sleeping alot.

Today I am feeling

Okay… Sleepy with stinging eyes that are screaming SLEEP! after sleeping for just 3hrs or less, and I blame technology…lol, am also feeling very lazy and i have healing flu symptoms..not amazing!

My Funky Friday theme song

I don’t have one really but the whole week I have been liking John Legend – Everybody Knows.

“Cause everybody knows, that nobody really knows how to make it work, or how to ease the hurt” …. blah blah blah .. Nice song.

This weekend I

Am planning to meet friends I haven’t seen in a long while. Sleep alot and watch movies.

I am really craving

Meeting with my girls again…they make me laugh my heart out, you know the whole ribs aching, eyes tearing scenario … i love hanging out with them.

I wish

I could be teleported there #Suspense its a wish maybe if I say it won’t happen…lol like in Birthdays…talking of which mines coming soon.. Excitement.

Todays Inspiration Quote is

“Monogamy is a state of high revolution with the right person”

**All courtesy of Nkirdizzle :) **

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Signing off — *Kawi*

TGIFridays 2010 edition

Thank God It’s Friday

To be sincere I did not know its friday today, this week has just flown. The excitement was when I discovered its the day before the weekend.. TGIF for sure…

I am excited about

Its my mum’s bday on 10-01-2010…Nicey Nicey!!!

Today I am feeling

Oh well, kind of indifferent, it’s one of those days I can specify the feeling.

My Funky Friday theme song

Counting Crows – A long December , I shall not explain any further :)

This weekend I

Am planning to shop for office clothes, buy my mum a gift or take her for dinner or lunch since its her birthday. Then do a bit of reading.

I am really craving

Dorman’s milkshake and black forest… Yummy!!

I wish

That I could be shortlisted and be called for the interview in that organisation, now that I was told that I was among the 10 people who qualified and only 5 are needed for the pre-final interview … God please help.

Todays Inspiration Quote is

Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible

Thanks V for reminding me the TGIFridays…keeping up was starting to become a rumour, but now I am back :)

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Signing off — *Kawi*


This is sort of like undressing myself…hehe But here goes stuff about me that people don’t really know.. I say much about me, but there those things i never see relevant to say but since I was tagged, I can follow the trend and share.

Oh this is like a sneak preview, when I was writing I realized there’s so much more…gosh! Let me stick to the 10 though.

1. Am not really a writer but I blog

Never thought I could write anything that makes sense to other people, in essence never thought I could even blog. I was pathetic at writing essays and my English teachers never made it easy for me. My compositions in school used to circle around the same topic which was burglary of our house or the neighbors…haha (that must have been boring for the reader)
2. I hate pumpkins and sweet potatoes

I find them too sweet and disgusting, I still don’t get how people enjoy them, normal food is supposed to be tastes better that way. snacks now can be sugary.

3. I hate pets

All of them, I can’t stand dogs, cats, snakes, parrots in other words animals just freak me out. They make me sneeze and some of them smell funny…they poo everywhere.

4. I don’t like know-it-all’s – which makes me love arguments

They piss me off completely, and I would research as much as I can just to go against what they are saying even if I know am trading in salty waters. I know it gets to their nerves, just as they get to mine..ooops! And I never give up.
5. I am actually shy

Like when I am walking towards a crowd or am walking alone or on a street. But very confident once am with the people… I also don’t understand. I don’t have stage fright either.
6. I copy or imitate or emulate people I admire

I discovered that when I was in high school I really admired my cousins way of dressing, writing, talking …lol and it happens subconsciously, but when I thought about it later I figured that out. The funny thing is that I am not easily succumbed to peer pressure, but if I admire I sort of tend to do things in a similar manner.

7. My smile is actually very genuine

I have tried to fake a smile or not smile at all, but sometime I just get my lips curving in the upward manner. Especially in photos, even when am crying and a photo is taken of me… theres always an aspect of a smile #TrueStory.
8. If I love, I love – and I hate insisting on people.

I don’t love half-heartedly, and i don’t fear loving at all. My principle is I don’t hate people, I just dislike them…lol and they are very few i do probably because they are irritating or something, catch me dead on insisting on someone who aint interested in me, i can ignore as well. I really fear loss of those I love as well especially through Death.

9. I am very bad at keeping in touch

Like I can just forget to call or sms my friends. Sometimes even relatives. I am trying to reform….lol At least this year I have called half of my friends to say happy new year and for those who’ve had their birthdays.. Thats a try :) Even meeting with people becomes a rumour sometimes but again I shall try to change that, because it’s a bad habit.

10. I can’t party continuously,

I get bored of the party scene easily, unless its super interesting i would rather stay indoors and do something else. In December I broke a record of going out the whole last week before new year and I was like never again, i prefer my once a weekend or once a month even when I am energized and excited about it. Not as an everyday affair.

As usual I spoil the trend a bit so I have to add this pressing characteristic of mine that I came to realize in December..

11. I get emotional when am drunk

As in if I am happy I laugh a lot, like laugh until tears roll and tummy aches about anything that seems hilarious to me…then if am sad I can cry about literally anything, like I was crying because I needed tissue to blow my nose..what the hell! Those are effects of alcohol…haha.

I don’t even know how to tag + I don’t know many bloggers, I read some peoples blogs but am sure they have no idea that i read them so errr this part is going to be a bit hard.






Signing Off — *Kawi*