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That Don’t Impress Me Much

Inspired by the song by “Shania Twain – That don’t Impress me much”. It got me thinking, how people get it all wrong about what impresses you. I can bet, every other human thinks that their strength is what impresses other people, not knowing that their weaknesses are what really don’t impress them… hehe a bit twisted but yah!

Clearly we share something in common, at least on my views on who impresses me and who doesn’t impress me that much.

So there is this kind of know-it-all’s, from my previous post, #WalkingWikipedia. Like everything they say is right, nothing you ask will go unanswered…quite some genius. That’s uber cool but there’s much more to it. There’s the looks and how you treat her, how you touch. It’s not all about how much knowledge, you can have all the brains for all she cares but without the rest, e’er that’s a no no!

I’ve known a few guys who thought they were pretty smart.But you’ve got being right, down to an art. You think you’re a genius-you drive me up the wall You’re a regular original, a know-it-all. So you’re a rocket scientist. That don’t impress me much. So you got the brain but have you got the touch. Don’t get me wrong, yeah I think you’re alright But that won’t keep me warm in the middle of the night.

Then there are the super hot guys, you know, quite attractive, well dressed, nice hair, manicured nails..okay am pushing it, but you get where am headed to. The full #EyeCandy. Oh well, fact that a guy is so hot, doesn’t really impress the girl..other factors should be included, same as above, how you hold her, treat her, talk to her.

Okay, so you’re Brad Pitt That don’t impress me much So you got the looks but have you got the touch Don’t get me wrong, yeah I think you’re alright But that won’t keep me warm in the middle of the night.

Last but not least, is the kind of man whose machinery is his #Baby , The Do not touch my car kind. And his machinery symbolizes his status and gives him the confidence he needs. He’s all about the model of his car, the phone he has, the only labels he can be caught with…bleh bleh bleh. So that you know, that’s barely the first step to impress a girl. You can have all that…she’ll be happy and proud of you and probably brag to her girls about it, but without the others how you love her and treat her, she’s a dead soul unhappy that is.

You’re one of those guys who likes to shine his machine You make me take off my shoes before you let me get in I can’t believe you kiss your car good night C’mon baby tell me-you must be jokin’, right! Okay, so you’ve got a car That don’t impress me much So you got the moves but have you got the touch Don’t get me wrong, yeah I think you’re alright But that won’t keep me warm in the middle of the night.

Anyhow trying to say that as much for women, You would see a woman looking for a super hot man, very rich man, a super intelligent man … those are very good qualities I would want in a man as well i mean being a woman. But if you can’t keep her warm on some cold night, or talk to her when there’s nothing to do, or be there for her when other people have disappeared oh well be sure #That Doesn’t Impress her Much!

Signing Off — *Kawi*


Thank God It’s Friday

Been feeling like its friday from Wednesday, so am Thanking God it’s friday.

I am excited about

The weekend … I want to sort of let loose, could be through partying..that’s just one of the means. Just want to have fun and enjoy.

Today I am feeling

Very Hyper, Jumpy, Excited about nothing in particular. Its one of those days you’ll get me smiling about anything :)

My Funky Friday theme song

Natasha Beddingfield – Unwritten

This weekend I

I want to have fun, fun , fun …

I am really craving

I am having mixed feelings right now about what I am craving for… but as per yesterday I was craving Haribo’s and M&M’s and i got them. they’ve been keeping me busy in the office and getting me all hyper.

Haribo - Goldbears


I wish

Life was a lot simpler and I could see the furure #iwish

I hope

For the best things in life — I know that’s a bit too much to ask for, but God always has he’s eyes and ears open so why not ask?

Todays Inspiration Quote is

” Feel the rain on your skin
No one else can feel it for you
Only you can let it in
No one else, no one else
Can speak the words on your lips
Drench yourself in words unspoken
Live your life with arms wide open
Today is where your book begins
The rest is still unwritten”

Natasha Beddingfield – Unwritten
Have a super FABULOUS Friday

Signing off — *Kawi*

The “Is it just me” Moments

So I was wondering do you ever have the “Is it just me” moments??? Where you go through something and you wonder if there are other people going through the same thing or if they have similar moments or views on such:

Like here are a few that I think I go through, and I think “is it just me” who finds this weird::::

You meet someone who looks interesting, serious, cool then when you meet a second time you think or assume that they probably don’t remember you, when you clearly remember them?

You go for a function or a place where people are too over made up, plastic and a bit fake on who they are e.g Bacchus and totally feel out-of-place?

You meet some people who put themselves in some “pedestal” up there and think they have so much “swag” and am thinking why does this person feel so sweet #Reduce , you’re trying too hard, go easie…?

Provided you’re fluent eloquent, have etiquette manners, clean , are well dressed smart that is, simple, attractive and communicative , that’s enough for me to like you, don’t try too hard … ?

If someone is broke, just do tell and we’ll do a dutch meal whereby you pay for yourself or it will be my treat…? male or female…i never mind, unless its male and its meant to go to another level…hehe

If someone is wrong tell me them their wrong, don’t sugar coat it to make them feel nice because eventually if they find out I was wrong, I’ll feel worse?

You follow someone on Twitter but they don’t follow you? okay I eventually Unfollow them :)

If someone tells they ain’t interested mostly for people you don’t know well and you keep trying … it becomes irritating especially when they have vetted interests that you ain’t interested in eih that was a dottt?

Being left out in plans then you’re told last minute to attend ? ha! I don’t condone such!

I watch anything on T.V that looks interesting … I can watch a Naija Movie if its interesting, I can watch a soap if it makes sense, I just find it awkward how people hate on them and eventually you find out they watch .. haha

I don’t mind football either,  on condition that I was explained to why people chase a ball and enter it in a goal..whats the big deal about it, thats about it? what is an off side? (recently my friend explained it to me diagramatically and I understood every bit, now I can watch a game and say thats an off side :) #excitement)

Like if am the only one who does last minute reading… #found out am not we many

Did you have to take that so seriously, it was either a joke or me being sarcastic get used to it already.

How people go for a date and stare at each other silently ? … #NeverNeed I find that wasted time. I would rather chat no nothings to random people…hehe

Those loud people who talk like they are addressing the whole world #shiish #ToneDown we can still hear when you talk normally.. unless someone has a hearing problem.

Know it all’s … this guy who’s like the Wikipedia or google, he knows everything about everything and will never let you contribute give your opinion or let alone admit that you were right about something #VeryUncool

When someone lies to you straight in the face and you know they are lying because someone else has told you the real deal story .. I find liars hilariously (made up word) stupid.

Anyhow, don’t even know why I thought of writing weird post, clearly am having one of those moments. You’re free to add, if you have any of the kind ;)

Signing off ::: *Kawi*

Every Woman’s Desire

So I was reading this book “Captivating – Unveiling the mystery of a Womans Soul” by John and Stasi Eldredge…ok, I didn’t buy it myself (oops), I was given as a birthday present by my mum (awwww how She told me she just didn’t know what to get me because she wanted to get something that will benefit me, and something that I probably don’t have.  Clearly anything fashionista was out (meaning clothes, shoes and bags)… anyhow, she thought this book will be just it,  for my 23rd. And for sure it was. Here’s the thing I grasped from my read…

The authors: John and Stasi Eldredge — too cool, still trying to understand how a married couple would sit together and write a book — unveiling the mystery of a womans soul — i mean, honestly, do you know how hard it is to understand a woman, let alone women. I barely understand myself sometimes e.g Now, being why am even blogging and am supposed to be reading for some exams, but this makes me get a clear conscience — see! very weird #shiiish!

So here goes!!

Every woman was once a little girl. And every little girl holds in her heart her most precious dreams. She longs to be swept up into a romance, to play an irreplaceable role in a great adventure, to be the Beauty of the story. Those desires are far more than child’s play. They are the Secret to the feminine heart.

And yet – how many women do you know who ever find that life? As the years pass by, the heart of a woman gets pushed aside, wounded, buried. She finds no romance except in novels, no adventure except on television and she doubts very much that she will ever be the beauty in any tale. (Thats so common, true and sad)

Your heart matters more than anything else in all creation. The desires you had as a little girl and the longings you still feel as a woman.

You’ll find that every woman in her heart of hearts longs for three things:

  1. To be romanced (believe it or not, yes, the very essence of it.what you are thinking as well…lol)
  2. To Play an irreplacable role in a great adventure : (this is more of being needed, to be the lifesaver, a helper of sorts)
  3. To unveil beauty : (yes, to be recognized as beautiful, to be appreciated,be  adored…..does “Mirror Mirror on the wall, whose the fairest of them all”…ring a bell? trust me all women do that indirectly. Hence the dressing up, the make up, the salon)

Those three makes a woman come alive :)

It got me thinking and very curious as to whether it’s actually true. starting with myself, those three things as plain and simple as they look are every womans desire. It’s what reveals the captivating nature of a woman.

Did you know? (BULB LIGHT)? That most women define themselves in terms of their relationships, and the quality they deem those relationships to have. Like I am a mother, a sister, a daughter, a friend. Or, I am alone, I’m not seeing anyone right now, or my children ain’t calling, or my friends seem distant.

So after reading this book, I have been inspired to become an avid reader of books that bring value to my little mind. And helps me to conceptualize things (ok, big word, but t’woz for lack of a better one :) ) now that my mind works on over drive sometimes … I can think up a million things at a go.

Random Quote: “Mankind is like a king/queen in exile, and we cannot be happy until we have recovered our true state”

Signing off — *Kawi*

Getting Educated…The Kenyan System (read “Way”,”8.4.4″)

So yesterday I meet with this friend of mine and as we are catching up, we start talking about school.. it came about because I am having exams next week.

And we started talking about our education system in Kenya. 8.4.4 is a good thing but not the best. That was my conclusion. In our System the Teacher/Lecturer is the King. You know the sort where they have dictatorial powers. They say do this and you do. That’s what 8.4.4 is generally about. The student doesn’t have a say in anything, you take in what you’re taught, there is no room for you to share your thoughts so that in case they are wrong you are corrected. It’s in most cases made up of cramming other peoples theories…exactly. As much as you would want to reason out and try relate those theories with what is happening now (hehe Dream On it). You are dictated for notes that the lecturer compiled ages ago. (That sucks).

Some quote I read “The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think – rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men” ~ Billie Beattie (Ohhh How I wish all people thought like this)

After all this years of learning…. which I am still continuing, the system makes me hate school, exams, and lecturers. They make life that would have been so easy sooooooo hard. I don’t have a solution to what kind of system they should have. So far they have brought out good products (read people) in the market, in terms of Engineers, Scientists bleh bleh bleh.

My complaint is that, everything taught in 8.4.4 is too general… shiiish! Even if you identify your interest in the first 8 of the 8.4.4 be sure you shall not be able to improve on it in your school life…Be sure! You would have to do private practice…

By the time I was finishing my form 4, I dint know what I wanted to do…I was confused between Medicine, BioChemistry…. oh, now am doing nothing close to that, I am in the IT field. Then it’s in campus I figured, wow, I am actually interested in technology #WhoKnew at least I know I didn’t. Then in campus I was a “Jack of all Trades” — I would do programming, Networking, Project Management, Hardware, System Analysis …. Alarrrr! I didn’t know which part of the IT sector I should venture in, none of my lecturers ever gave me the chance to choose what I want, Not even the System allowed it… I was taught everything (Very Frustrated Girl…lol).

Then I get to the real world (i.e the working world). And it hits me real hard, that you cannot do everything. You have to be good in something. Not unless you have your own company and you haven’t employed any people… I have learnt that there’s so much division of labor and you have to be specialized in a certain area. There’s team work, that’s why the different people who have different skills would work together to meet a certain goal. Yes, I learnt that in school… but in the Kenyan System, you aren’t taught to be a specialist/skilled in a particular area…you are taught how to work individually… in that in school you you’re ideally taught how to do things by yourself (read no teamwork)… you become a jack of all trades, an I can do it all by myself kind of person…that’s why you would find some of your workmates stingy with information (oops, blame it on 8.4.4).

Well, I do particularly admire the American system for sure (I would like my unborn children to do it)… their A’ Levels and Universities… I like the fact that there, the Student is the King, they have a say (I mean they are the ones paying the fees anyway) … they allow the students to air out their views, to do subjects that are of their preference. It encourages one from their tender age to be aware of their main area of interests and start working on it/them if it’s a variety #Immediately (ok, meant early enough), if its music and drama you do subjects on musicals, drama and literature all the way from when you’re young (by young I mean primary school)…If your a science geek you do more subjects on science stuff…that doesnt mean you don’t do the others like grammar, what am saying is that they ensure that you’re major subjects are in with you’re interests and abilities.

Anyhow, the far I am now is partly because of 8.4.4 as much as am criticizing … it’s only very normal to do so. I wish they could partly emulate the American System …. Just a bit. Then we would have more talented kids and grown ups among us. #AmJustSaying.

Ps: This quote always gets me confused “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education” ~ Mark Twain

Signing off — *Kawi*

Ironies of Life

It beats my reasoning why someone would want to commit Suicide (i.e stop their life) or even think of it. Since when did it ever become an option??? Or a way of life?? I read it on the newspapers or in the internet and its nowadays it doesn’t sounds suprising anymore. It’s become cliché, as in I hear stories every other day about it … And normally even the story tellers don’t make it sound like a big thing.

I love life, I love living … I know people have issues or inherent problems, everyone does. Though even through observation, you can see some people have it more rough than others. Something at the back of my head tells me that … for every person created, God made them in that they can be able to handle the problems that come their way.

Am thinking of it this in two scenarios ::

Scenario 1

Why would a rich billionaire who lives in a humongous house made of marble with each room being en suite, very comfortable bathrooms, the kind that has a radio, a massage thingie, hot water bath tub with bubbles, the bedroom has big beds with silk sheets, a walk in closet having uncountable shoes and clothes of varying designs, colours and sizes (of course all fashionable), let’s go to the kitchen, they have a huge cooker an inbuilt refrigerator that has all the varieties of foods and drinks you could think of and a professional chef to make the meals (the kind that you can’t pronounce the names), an entertainment room (yes, with all forms of entertainment), then when you walk out the house on the balcony you have the most beautiful sight….maybe in the near there’s a swimming pool/fish pond, followed by an orchid then a mass of water that’s endless …. bleh bleh bleh Oh how could I forget this guy has a family, of course the wife is a housewife…no need to work or maybe she works since she has a choice, the kids go to the private schools and can get anything they want, they drive already (considering there like about say 10 cars on the driveway)…..Just imagine that, you would die to have that… oh but there’s someone who has that, then they go ahead and say they have problems that make them want to end their life, and you wonder?? What the hell went wrong!!! Whats the problem dude? Clearly we live in different worlds…

Scenario 2

Then there is this poor fella who lives in the outskirts of the leafy suburbs i.e slum where he’s small house made of say wood or mad is leaking water when it rains, he has many children of which they all have to share the one bed he has. The bed’s mattress and beddings are probably worn out. Their clothes are old, torn and unfashionable (i.e you would not look at his clothes and say “I want”). They eat their meals once or twice a day because there is scarcity of food. The children go to public schools that offer free eduction (hopefully free lunch too), they walks to school as the parents walk to work. Then you meet this guy, and he tells you he is enjoying life and he has so many ambitions and aspirations even when he knows that there’s really nothing ahead of him. He sleeps happy and wakes up to a new day full of life — This guy has tales to tell and hopes that never die.

Then comes my questions?????

Why oh why would someone in scenario 1, not be happy … guys say money brings happiness. He has everything material that he needs, his bed is SUPER Cosy but he wont get sleep, he has a drive way with 10 cars and will probably never drive any because he is stuck in the office or the driver will take him to work, he has a swimming pool that he’ll not swim in because he is just too busy. He has an entertainment room, but he won’t be entertained at all….the view he has is gorgeous beyond but chances is that through he’s eyes he doesn’t see that.

Then there’s scenario two, this poor guy passes by the posh house and thinks maaan this guy has got it, but he’s house is beautiful, I hope to get something like this one day (that time he earns less than $1 a day)…chances are that he’s even a servant in that house. He’s content with life, sees things positively. Smiles at people is full of life and he just bursts of joy and happiness and he has nothing to his name…..just but the little muddy house next to that HUMONGOUS posh house.

Anyhow, I have read so much about the people in scenario 1 in novels, in magazines, in the internet and their life always the way i have put it. It’s like their life is on a deadlock… as in what else is there to achieve…oops, scratch that, am trying to think like them, just that am not one of them(billionaire that is, I would want to be one though)… Why don’t they make use of the things they have sweated for and had sleepless nights for, instead they continue sweating for other things and continue having the sleepless nights.

I would love to be the billionaire, yes I would totally love….but to be one full of life (like that poor fella). I want to use my stuff to the maximum. Things that I have worked hard for. I want to enjoy life and every little thing that comes along with it. I want to laugh and let it come out from my stomach and not my throat (but of course there has to be something funny to make me laugh), I want to see things for what they are, if it’s a beautiful scenery, I would love to see it that way, I would want to sleep like a baby and wake up the following day smiling. I would want a great family that is grateful for those things that we have and not proud (humble that is)…

Anyhow this is my crazy thought : Why would someone who is sooo rich be out of ambitions, one of their ambitions could be to help that poor man who works for him or who lives next to him at least live in a stone/brick house, or dress in clothes that are a bit fashionable/ eat food three times a day.

Okay, as I was writing this, I hadn’t started practicing what I preach…lol, I do give to charity but only when I have been coerced by my mother to do so, but from now on, theres no need of filling the closet with clothes that I won’t wear in the next 6months may be its about time I started practicing to be “the billionaire I would love to be”

On second thought, maybe the root of their problem is the fact that they seclude themselves from the rest of the world and try create a world of their own….man is not an Island… am thinking that’s why Eve was created to accompany Adam and fill the earth with you and me(My thought) … So as rich as you are, the people in your life are the greatest asset, and without them “Happiness is a rumour”.

Funny how, I get the drift at the end of my writing. I was trying to make sense on the paragraphs above but its brought itself at the conclusion.. Thats just me :)

Finishing Quote : Smile, You never know who falls in love with your smile or whose day gets bright even when its raining *Hint*….lol Smiley

Signing Off — *Kawi*