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Thank God It’s Friday

Yeah baby! TGIF :) :) On Monday, Friday looked so far … here we are!

I am excited about

Me, Life, boredom, my random friends…clearly there’s nothing in particular, am having those girly confused

Ooh then I dreamt I achieved something. Problem is I can’t remember the dream exactly…oops!, shuut that always happens. There’s a bird pecking my window.mmmh!! Just looking for something to believe in…haha but God Rules!!

Today I am feeling

Cold, my feet are really freezing. I mean I thought it will be sunny like the rest of the days but it’s cloudy and rainy. But am happppy either way.

My Funky Friday Theme Song

Ke$ha – Your Love is My Drug *wink*wink* That’s just the song #ilike

This Weekend I

was planning to go for a barbeque but it got cancelled :( but I really want nyama choma . So mmmh! am on agenda – getting it. Might just end up doing my usual chilling and bumming, which I don’t mind at all. #ilove

I am really craving

Ethopian delicacy… and how I hated it at first…shiiish i’m salivating already.

I wish

I want, I’ve now stopped wishing #suspense yah I’m not going to say, I believe if I do it won’t come true so #zip

I hope

For the best things in life. From my mind, to my blog, to God’s ears :) .. AMEN!

Today Inspiration Quote is

“Focus on your faith and let God deal with your fears”

And I have the most amazing tweetmates…

Have  FABULOUS FRIDAY!!! Stay Safe and Take Care!

Signing Off — *Kawi*

Symbiotic Relationships – Pest Friends and Best Friends

I don’t know what came to me today, but I found myself going to search the word “Symbiosis”. I can be quite weird sometimes #iknow. But not so long ago I had a certain issue with a friend on my meeting in the middle concept. And after so much thinking about it well maybe not so much, in the long run my conclusion was “what the hell!” #NeverNeed. And life moves on.

Well, now since that’s my word of the day, I had to go to Wikipedia and get the scientific meaning and all. Okay, we all studied this in Biology but I don’t want to write my own words. so,

The term symbiosis commonly describes close and often long-term interactions between different biological species. The symbiotic relationship may be categorized as mutualistic, commensal, or parasitic in nature.

Symbiotic relationships may be either obligate, i.e necessary for the survival of at least one of the organisms involved, or facultative, where the relationship is beneficial but not essential for survival of the organisms.

I won’t go deep into it because that wasn’t my intention. Just that I am going to use it as a symbol of sorts. I mean seems my high school literature teacher did a good job.

I shall relate the symbiotic relationship to the relationship between human beings. What we call Friendship. A friend in this case being someone you know, relate with, trust, like stuff like that.

As it is, the symbiotic relationship is divided into three categories. That would be parasitic, commensal or mutualistic relationships.

A parasitic relationship is one in which one member of the association benefits while the other is harmed. This being the funny part, as many as half of all animals have at least one parasitic phase in their life cycles, and it is also frequent in plants and fungi.

On to the parasitic relationship, and this is where my meeting in the middle concept is largely contradicted. Well there are those friendships that are just parasitic by nature. That is one party is benefiting while the other is on the loosing end. For example, there those friends who when you meet you always pay the bill, it’s like an agreement you know at no one point will they be the ones offering to pay. Or those friends who it’s you who always goes to where they are or do what they are doing and not vice versa or better yet meet somewhere that’s middle ground, it’s either their way or the highway i detest such.

I’m the kind of person who believes that friends need to have the meet me in the middle concept. Make an effort for each other, then that’s the true friend, but if  one has to always suck up and always be the one going past their comfort zones to please the other party, then there’s something wrong with that set up. More like a tick and the host. The tick (pest friend) needs to be picked and removed so that the host can be healthy. And that’s exactly how it should be in our human world, those are the friends you should literally run away from because at no point will they benefit you, instead they cause you more harm than happiness. They are also known as PEST FRIENDS

Commensalism describes a relationship between two living organisms where one benefits and the other is not significantly harmed or helped.

This are those friendships that are not so super significant, i know you get what i mean, those people you need once in a while to help in one way or a another but they don’t really influence you. Like it could be you have a friend who works in a certain organisation and can get for you some information you need. or they are networked and can sort you out like help you get a job and so on.

This is a good kind of friendship because there is no harm caused and either party can benefit at one time. This day this friend can help you het a job, the next day you can help that friend who helped you get a job come out of a financial situation. So keep these! Don’t delete their numbers from your phone, they come in handy.

The term “mutualism” describes any relationship between individuals of different species where both individuals derive a benefit.

This is the healthiest relationship there can be, the sort of “You Scratch My Back, I’ll Scratch Yours” . Whereby both parties make an effort to better the relationship. There is always a consideration of the other. For example, When your happy they are happy for you and with you, when you’re sad they help out  and take you through it, when you’re broke they understand and you go to places where prices are fairer or sort each other out and when you’re balling you enjoy together…you know something like that.

If you have this kind of mutualistic friend, keep them, love them, be good to them because they are rare to find but once you find them, keep a hold of them. They bring joy and happiness to your life and always be with you through thick and thin, up and down. They are also known as BEST FRIENDS

Well, the picture of the hanging love heart up there, is just to show that sometimes love hangs on a string. There’s love but things could come on the way to try break the string. And as a result:

“Beware of Pest Friends, but Be Aware of Best Friends hehe I just came up with that sounds cool :)

Signing off — *Kawi*


I used to think that am the only one who gets a sudden rush of different feelings on different days or at different times but I guess not and in most cases for no particular reason. Well i’ve figured it’s just human, and that’s why we have feelings in the first place.

Sometimes I just feel sad and I want to seclude myself from the rest of the world, do my things without being questioned, have my privacy.

Sometimes I feel like I want to scream to let out the pressure held inside, it could be positive or negative i.e excitement and happiness, or anxiousness and vent

Sometimes am so happy I want to make funny happy noises, hum to songs, talk to everyone, be here and there.

Sometimes I want to just feel the love, you know, call and text friends, tweet and Facebook.

Sometimes I just feel like bumming, wasting time doing nothing that requires strain of mind..just relax and chill #no stress

Sometimes I feel like a worker-holic and I want to work work work and do more work, see that everything is completed and organized.

Sometimes I feel like I want to party and dance and be in a noisy place with booming loud music and with fun people who just want to have fun.

Sometimes I am so clueless about what I want #confused

Sometimes I feel like it’s just one person I want to be with and if that person ain’t available I would rather just go home than meet others.

Sometimes I just feel like dressing down, not be noticeable fit to the crowd and just hold it down.

Sometimes I feel like dressing up to stand out from the crowd…my yellows and greens and orange.

Sometimes I feel so beautiful and radiant and ready to conquer the world.

Sometimes I feel like I don’t look that good and get all shy and that I just want to stay under the radar.

Sometimes I just want to eat a lot, have craves that I cannot fathom #chicken

Sometimes I just want to think about stuff, that I may not literally thinking but back in my head it’s there whatever that means.

Sometimes I feel like I hate my work and I want to change jobs just because my boss has said or done something, or because I want more challenge.

Sometimes I feel like I love my job…ok am pushing it not love, say like I have been given an assignment that is challenging or that I’m enjoying doing.

These are all feelings I feel, the time is not known when I do, in a day I can feel like five feelings spanning in the 24hrs, but the best thing is that, whether I feel high or low I have learnt to balance myself out so that I don’t go to the extremes of either because then it becomes dangerous one way or another.

That’s enough letting you into my world, hoping that I made sense…hehe Right now as I was writing:

I was feeling  I have the urge to blog about something of which I don’t know :)

Signing off — *Kawi*

My Take – Draft Constitution

Over the weekend, I was having dinner with my folks as we watched the 9 o’clock news. And as usual the ‘Draft Constitution’ at the moment being the hot bone of contention. It really amazes me how we humans deal with issues, especially those which we are so clueless on how to solve.

First, my dad who’s quite interested in politics(I always say it’s because he studied political science), has read through the whole constitution, highlighted, understood the pros and cons. My mum and I are the clueless… hehe we haven’t bothered to read it as a whole, i mean she’s a nurse, am in’s not an excuse I know but I mean it’s just not in our line, some terms are just a bit twisted. Though I must give us props, for the fact that everything anyone says, we are smart enough to first go and read that part they are speaking about and try get what exactly is stated there before we blurt out our thoughts.

A good example, is the issue of abortion, whoever said it’s legal…its so ILLEGAL in the constitution, we read it loudly, it says something like, I don’t have it word for word but at least I understood it.

“Every person has a right to life, and that life begins at conception. It allows abortion when, in the opinion of a trained health professional, there is need for emergency treatment, or the life or health of the mother is in danger or if permitted by any other law.”

Anyhow, so as the news went on and there’s the two campaigns – The YES(green) and the NO(red) … and they are all really campaigning so hard, as they all say things that are so out of the draft constitution. It beats me, why they would spend so much campaigning while 80% (guessed statistic) of us do not even understand the content of that draft constitution.

So MY TAKE, although it’s too late and not that I have the tiniest inch of influence in this country, I wish, instead of taking so much time and money on campaigning YES and NO, they could have spent say 15 minutes or so everyday, explaining and teaching the contents of the Draft Constitution, then we would all be on the same page. And we can vote wisely.

Personally, as long as I have not been explained to and taught what’s contained in that new constitution, I will just vote i think ‘YES’ because am tired of seeing this MP’s of ours meeting every now and then to come up with something that they end up rejecting. Not that the old constitution made a big difference in my life anyway, as they say :

“A change is way better than a rest”

I know you would call this utter stupidity, but as for now I really don’t care. Because even the people you argue with are either so clueless themselves, they haven’t read it or are just biased. For the ones who have read and fully understand the document like my dad, usually stay Put and are waiting to vote.

Oooh read how the leaders of the churches are campaigning for the NO camp. What I think, we cannot combine Religion and Politics, it’s just wrong, they should be preaching the word of God #period and using it to reach to people and through the word of God, people make informed choices. They should not tell their congregation what to do or vote. There’s just something wrong with that picture, and where are they removing that money to go campaigning? #justasking? #iwonder And that’s the reason I like my pastors (Ps.Ambrose) — I give him props!

Finally, if they just concentrated on Civic Education and reduced the who know’s what where… The referendum would be the smoothest process ever, but clearly, we’re in for a ride since we are all “Know-It-Alls”

Inspirational Quote, is a chinese quote, no wonder those guys are organiszed.

Tell me and I’ll forget; show me and I may remember; involve me and I’ll understand.

Signing off — *Kawi*

Keg Fest In the Wild on 29th May 2010

Well I can say I’m particularly choosy and very selective when it comes to out-door activities. And I’m sure am not the only one who is like that. Any how, there’s this group called “SHANGHAI TELEPORT” , Started out as a joke where they do random barbeque and excursion plans mainly.

Well, they’ve invited me to a few, a barbeque at Uhuru Gardens, one at Rolf, and National Park.

Here’s a pic of the barbeque at Uhuru Gardens, happened on some holiday that landed on a Monday and since guys wanted to chill and gang up with others on Sunday, Shanghai Teleports brought up this random barbeque plan at the most convenient place #UhuruGardens. Met cool people from different places, made it a platform for interaction, it wasn’t crowded, had the right chilled out pips , the FOOD which is usually my most important part was sooo YUMMY! Everyone blended in well.

And after that I was like any other event I’m invited by them am soo IN. Like no second thought, no doubts. Because everything was just on point.

Anyhow so this time round they decided they’ll do it a bit differently so that they can organize better…and well, so I was told to invite some of my friends and am so green when it comes to inviting people to something…oops!

So here goes, it’s taking place at the National park, one of the picnic places there. Been there before with them and it was just too freesh!! I mean, for all the barbeques i’ve gone with them, I always go home thinking, “OK! When’s the next one”. The crowd, the FOOD, the environment (includes surrounding, music). I TOTALLY DIGG!

Anyhow, just in case you want to tag along, maybe you can hala at the no’s at the image or you can tell me a bit in advance. Details are on the pic, charges are Ksh. 2000 to cater for everything, and i mean everything.

You know the kind of : No stress, No Sweat once you’re in!

Signing Off — *Kawi*


Thank God Its Friday

How have I waited for today, I know the week has flown, but this week just seemed somewhat longer. But hey TGIF.

I am excited about

mmmh good question, there’s nothing happening this weekend really, but can’t wait for 29th Keg Fest in the Wild :) next weekend.

Today I’m feeling

Like I woke up on the wrong side of the bed though I always wake up on the same side #literally.

My funky friday theme song

It has got to be Vanilla Twilight – Owl City, The number of times I have been humming this song. I’ve listened to this song like 1000 times, and am still drenched in Vanilla Twilight…lol

This weekend I

think I’ll just chill out, maybe watch movies or something.

I am really craving

Well made CHICKEN … bread crumbed maybe.

I wish

I don’t want to wish anymore, I want them to now just come true *wink*

Todays Inspiration

“Love like you’ve never loved before, Live like every breath is your last one and Dance like nobody is watching”

My Inspiration

Better than Dem – Natasja Saad ft Beenie Man

I heard this song in a matatu yesterday … and I thought Gooood Tuune!! I know it’s dance hall ragga but it made me have the “I wanna dance” feeling but just sit stiff, i mean being the cool person i am…lol

I figured am not so good at the scaling…so maybe i should use HIT or MISS…

Natasja (how had I searched for this name…typing Sasha and other not so close names) and beenie man… good combo *wink* a total HIT.

Signing off — *Kawi*