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My *All Time* Favorite Comfort Food

Mmmh I love food I must say.

Ugali, Sukuma-wiki and Meat

But, my all time favorite comfort foods would be “Ugali, Sukuma-wiki and Meat” or “Rice and Chicken” . I can eat this anywhere, anytime and everyday. I easily get bored, but I’ve never gotten bored of this foods #weird

My reasons:

  • They are fun to prepare, i mean there’s no strict rules on how to cook them unlike Chapatis (which I don’t like.)
  • They are fun to eat…lol, i know you are thinking how now. I love eating them with my bare hands *yeeeeah* like wash my hands and dig in, maybe a spoon for the rice! *no forks and knives*
  • They are Yummmy… I actually crave for the food even after eating them. I find myself thinking *I wanna have that for dinner!*
  • They are readily available and healthy..i mean I don’t have to worry i’m putting in so much calories *eat as much as you can* plus it’s already a mini balanced diet #ithink
  • They taste soooo good…if well prepared *salivating already*

Rice with Chicken Stew

Yah so that’s my comfort food *by all means*

Disclaimer: I eat whatever tastes good…so don’t feel shy give me other food as well…lol

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TGI *Finally* F

TGIF FINALLY!! How have I been fast forwarding this week, at some point I thought Thursday was Friday.

Highlights of the week:

Trying to venture out into something things I love doing with the help of some people so I’m X’ing my fingers everything eventually comes to work out. It’s both career-wise and hobby-wise *if there’s a word like that…lol*

I’m feeling:

I don’t know, a bit indifferent. I’m in between..soo happy and not soo happy. But am totally OKAY and still got my smile and groove on. :)

I’m excited about:

My baby sister is closing school…FINALLY! I had missed that girl soooo much. She’s my source of new songs (and note that she is in boarding school), new movies (+reviews)…less attention from my parents *whoop whoop*

I am listening to:

Lisztomania – Phoenix. That’s my theme song for the week.

I’m Craving:

Yummm!!! I was given a sample of he Black Forest at Valentines Cake House…and I just wanted to put it all in my mouth as whole *gluttonous move*…that was just a piece…so I plan to get a 500grammes one for myself and maybe I can share with my sister…That was just to YUUMMM! The craves now are un*f#$%&^%*believable

I Want

Some news that will make me pull this move right here, am in need of such.

I Pray

To God, for stuff to work out for the best – basically everything.

Quotes of the day:

“Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.

“Give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world.” ~ Marilyn Monroe

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” ~ Marilyn Monroe


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Why do I even care?

I can bet, there’s a point in your life you have asked yourself “Why do I even care?”

So this thought was escalated yesterday, although it’s hit me now. I was having a conversation with my friends after dinner. There’s something we call a #permadate with @Wanjamajid where we meet every Wednesday and we have featuring guests such as @matrixster @milonare @Mwanikih. The meeting is for laughs, eating and catching up.

So anyway on our way out as we are saying our byes *mchwapses…lol* a twitter discussion comes up. Ever heard of those people who say something like “5 people have unfollowed me!” , shiiish how did you know there are people unfollowing you, do you cram the number of people following you. I mean someone developed an application to track down who has unfollowed you its called qwitter. *sigh*

Then I thought to myself, besides that. There are so many other things we find ourselves caring about, that just doesn’t make sense as to why you even care about them. Some things could be so irrelevant in your life but you just find yourself even getting to the point of depressing about them.

Let me do what I do best, give illustrations:

My first will go to twitter, the people who follow you barely know you, actually they don’t. so when they unfollow you, why the hell would you care?

Some people you don’t even know talk bad(or say nasty stuff) about you, which chances are that it’s just a rumour they have heard from other irrelevant people but it’s not true. and you feel sooo bad. Again why do you even care?

You meet a guy/chiq for a date and they don’t call you back. so that means you haven’t even gotten to know them. You get depressed because of that, why do you care anyway, I mean just assume it didn’t happen. so yah, why do you even care?

You come out of the house, you’ve made contact with the mirror I presume, but then when you hit the streets, you are busy pulling skirts, adjusting trousers, belts….worrying your hair hasn’t been blown off, checking if your shoes are intact…hehe why do you even care? You look nice.

You’re friends ditch you and go out without you and don’t tell you of the plans…then later on they narrate to you how they went for a party or you see pictures *ouch* bottom line is they didn’t invite you, so why fret…why do you even care?

Your workmate is making your life at work miserable *it could be your boss too* but you can just ignore them, provided you get your salary at the end of the month after toiling. But you are always so depressed…why do you even care?

Your boyfriend/girlfriend or friend doesn’t call you or text you, i mean you’ve just been forgotten…lol for lack of better words. Why do you even care ? Like really, i mean you have yourself and those many other people (who you probably don’t even care about…woi!)

You’ve been invited to a party by friends. Then you get frustrated on what to wear. You want to look smashing hot…for who? why do you really care? I mean just be you and dress what you have, it doesn’t have to frustrate you because they are your friends anyway, but it does.

Someone promises you something out of the kindness of their heart, but doesn’t come through because of certain constraints… then you become mad and angry, i mean they were even doing you a favor. So why do you get mad, why do you even care?

Had to put this one – You enter a competition like “Kenya Blog Contest“and expect people to vote you’re blog but they don’t and you feel bad/like a looser. I mean why do you even care, it’s just a contest to get more people to see your work (you get more stats by the way). *Look who’s talking -from the loosing end…lol*

Those are just but a few instances. It’s amazing how it’s something we can’t avoid, it just happens automatically, it’s human. We all over sudden find ourselves caring and getting depressed over things that we shouldn’t even give a second thought about.

If only we used to question ourselves before we care or worry about something. And considering all this is dependent on another person. The 1st thing you should ask yourself is – “Does this other person even care about me?” by this I mean your welfare, your happiness, your feelings and so on.

If you’re answer is NO, then I bet you should emulate this kid on the pic below:

Wow…awwwww  he looks so cute…lol, You should probably be doing the same when you see you are about to get sad or depressed about something that doesn’t add up or make sense… or something you shouldn’t be giving a hoot about.

So weird how somethings affect our moods and spoil your day, and when you tell someone else they go like “why do you even care?” yeah why?


“Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.” ~ Dr. Seuss

“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections.”

“I think of life itself now as a wonderful play that I’ve written for myself, and so my purpose is to have the utmost fun playing my part.” ~ Shirley MacLaine

Signing off ~~~ *Kawi*

Kawiria as a teenager *For her memoire*

Again I shall say that plinky does ask the weirdest of questions. But I guess that’s the fun part of it. Like really, describing how I looked as a teenager for my memoir *back-tracking*, seeing as I have gone through a complete metamorphosis. Here goes:

Her teenage years were quite interesting I must say, that was her inception stage for who she is today. At 13years she was quite the young naive and timid girl. It was the starting of puberty stage where she was now transforming into a woman. I mean very strange things happening to her body *if you know what I mean* .

Kawiria was petite (size 8 or is it 6), at a height of say 5’5, She had eczema and a whole lot of allergies(to dust, pollen, wool ai!). She was very shy around people and didn’t talk much around people she did not know. She had just finished Primary School. She joined High School at 14years and this was just but the beginning of the socialite self she is today. (no she isn’t a celebrity, she’s just a star who has a lot to share with people).

Between 14-17years she blossomed into a young beautiful woman with everything distributed proportionally #ThankYouGod , she was a house captain at 16years, (how that happened, she still wonders). She was soft-spoken and a bad girl in a good way, she was boy crazy though with very serious limits, she had her principles set. She always wanted to make her parents proud of whatever she did. She made good friends there. I mean high school was filled with lots of laughter, craziness, drama, socializations and reading. She loved rock, at least she didn’t pull any Gothic move(black polish, dark eye shadow – she’s never been a make up person), it was just the music.

She finished high school at 17years and immediately joined campus at 18years – that was actually the definition stage of who she’s is today. At that point she was mature enough to face the world, make decisions on how her life was heading, what she wanted.

Physically she has maintained the same size, still petite. But otherwise, she is growing big time. Her fashion sense changed, from not so good to best *very subjective*, she has her very own sense of style which could sometimes be influenced by a number of factors such as trending style, location, weather, occasion, comfortability and so on. Her social and communication skills to different people improved tremendously (she can literally talk to anyone and come up with a conversation). Her shyness was tamed at this stage as well (it’s somewhere well hidden), her eczema completely cleared *YaaaY*, plus the allergy is well contained #ThankGodAgain!

Kawiria by 19years had realized the importance of family, friends, education, career and how to distribute the time she has on each of them, she wasn’t and is not perfect *by all means*, she has her imperfections but always works to turn them into strengths and ensure that they don’t interfere with her way of life i.e let her down.

Since the post is limited to her teenage years only, I can proudly say her teenage years (big *RESOURCE* in her life ) were fully and optimally utilized with no regrets.

Signing off ~~~ *Kawi*

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Practice what you preach, maybe the world would be a better place!

Have you ever wondered how the world would be if, peace, love and unity were actually a reality. Yeah we all preach it in our talk, in our churches, schools, work places, homes, parliaments and all but clearly as it is, we don’t practice it.

That would by my kind of near perfect world. Peace, love and unity if practiced, would streamline everything else. Things like corruption, war/violence would not be in existence. We would be watching them in movies — conspiracy and horror movies, but seeing as most of this movies are clips from the real world. It’s so sad, the directors of movies aren’t given the chance to be creative anymore.

What are the chances that people came to a consensus of opinion? In this day and age, seeing as everyone is an “I know it all”. That decisions were made based on everyone’s contribution without fights and major disagreements.


I love my country “Kenya”, which is only a very small part of the world, but we have the suckiest leaders of all times. We are trying to formulate a new constitution here, the CoE (Committee of Experts) and the PSC (Parliamentary Select Committee) as they call themselves have a decade of well paid *read hefty* meetings. And they come up with the draft constitution — *YaaaaY* I mean they have reviewed the current constitution seen its errs and now they have come up with a new one to help tackle the issues that were previously identified. We are a democratic country, we all take part in the decision making of such major issues such as adopting a new constitution. I would actually call this consensus decision making.

Anyway, so my dear leaders decide to form two groups “YES” and “NO” note that, most of them were involved in the formation of the new constitution. And as countrymen and women, we are supposed to either support the new constitution(yes) or go against it(no), they are all seriously marketing their product or is it service, branded them (yes=green and no=red), and formulated some seriously expensive strategies to win votes from the confused common man.

Now you tell me, there is some contentious issues in the constitution *So what exactly am I supposed to do?* go rub them out with my Helix Rubber? Like really. You tell me the clause in the abortion leaves a loop-hole, do you realize that when a woman is planning to abort they barely think whether the clause leaves a loop-hole or not or do they even care whether it’s legal or not? ask them

They say about  Kadhi Courts being included in the constitution? blonde me thinks they’ve always been there, as subordinate courts that determine cases relating to personal status, marriage, divorce and inheritance in proceedings in which all parties profess the Muslim religion, now they are saying it’s contentious like the Muslims are conquering Kenya – like colonial times. #soconfused


There is already a rift in our small country which is just a very tiny part of the big world. Starting from the people who lead us, they are all sending mixed signals… they preach peace, love and unity but practice violence, hate and disunity.

Starting off, our country would be a better place if, our leaders were united in their decision making before presenting solution to the common country man. I mean that’s why we choose them as leaders in the first place. Don’t start telling me about loop hole’s, go ahead and rectify them then bring for us the final product. I mean if our leaders disagree from the top, what makes you think that at any one point the common man will be in agreement or have unity.


It’s the case of the shepherds and sheep, we are the sheep, and we will always follow our shepherds (our leaders). If they preach Peace, Love, Unity and Practice it, I believe it’s going to rub onto their followers. It’s called leading by example.

For me, I believe that’s the only way to make this world a better place…


Go back to the basics, “Practice what you Preach” and “Walk the Talk”

Plus a change is always better than a rest #justsaying – Especially when you are so unaware of where you are resting *Wise Words*…lol YES!!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Losing Streak

Oh well, brilliant me joined a competition…hmm! not being the best marketer of my work *clearly*seen by my losing streak on the votes, I mean I have like 21 votes while there’s someone with 321votes  YIKES!!!

Times you feel like pulling out of the competition, or just hiding under the table or maybe not because you can’t. Now that no one’s voting for me, might just get a vote for Biggest Looser..hmmm *bulb light*

Welcome to the Kenya Blog Contest

Well, I don’t know why I entered in the 1st place, I’ve always been the person to avoid anything called competition especially if it involves other people competing and winning depends on other  people voting for you.Hence the reason I would never even think of doing something like Project Fame, Idols (I can’t sing,well, maybe only to save my life), Big Brother…I prefer things where I put my energy to win (i.e won’t depend on people voting).

Is there a fear of competition phobia?  *Compephobia*…lol, I think I actually have that.

Every cloud has a silver lining… you know that blessing in disguise, yeah, I kinda got more people actually reading what I have to share… so the competition, besides me loosing miserably ain’t a bad thing after-all.

Okay am laughing as I write this *okay , giggling, nah smiling* because I just wrote about me losing, shiish but heeey you gotta be proud of yourself. So now I have concluded,

I would qualify to be the JUDGE :) in competitions.

Maybe I was actually cut out to be a judge…haha *height of ambition* Thanks eGichomo for the whole Blog Contest, it’s quite something. Follow him on twitter, he’s mr.Idea’s.


“You can’t always be a winner, sometimes you have to lose to become something great.”

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

The why oh why’s??

Don’t you think it would be awkward living a life without questioning some things ? I mean why oh why does something need to be how it is… It’s only human to do that, I would be surprised if you don’t.

So on Saturday am sitted with my friends in a restaurant indulging in one which I would call my fun activities *eating and chatting*. And on the television, was the a channel on DSTV I think either Wild or National Geographic ok I think it’s wild, we don’t have DSTV so I’m not conversant with them. Anyway, they were featuring a village somewhere, like those backward villages, where they are still living like in the stone age.

By this I mean, they are still walking partially naked and bare feet, they are still hunting and gathering, playing in the river, sitting around the fire at night telling tales and dancing. And when you look at them, they look pretty happy. I mean they are glowing and they look totally content with life. They look like they are having so much fun and living every moment, from the babies to the old folks. They all hang out together at the end of the day as a village.

Now we were all amazed by this, by then no one had commented. Then my friend goes like, “Okay, those guys look happy without the Gucci’s”…lol And that’s when I turn and it actually hits me, it’s not a movie am watching, it’s a reality thing, there are guys actually still living that way, and the journalists are actually featuring their way of life.

So we start analysing why they look so happy, seeing as their state of life is a bit backward *ok not a bit, it’s very*. They have no clothes, no shoes (hence the no Gucci’s or dolce&gabbana), no cars (even toyotas), no fast food restaurants, they feed on game meat or veggies and grains(nuts) — it’s like the stone age I read on my History books.

Being the realist me, I go like, they are happy because they are not exposed to all this earthly material things that are sooo expensive to have and maintain. I mean they are wearing they all have the same clothing, which is bottoms made of either material (like kikoi’s or cow hide), they are all bare foot, they all walk there’s no one driving…literally there’s no competition.

Then here comes the big question my dear friend after a bit of thinking asks,” why do we have all this material things — money, cars, clothes from designers from here to there, and that smile and glowing-ness (generally happiness) keeps evading us like plague???

That question, was followed by many others like:

Why do we live?

What is our purpose, why weren’t we just told that this is your role in earth, this is what you have to do … and when you’re done, you die. On the other hand, we were popped and told *not in the literal sense* go live life, figure it out yourself, do what you want to do. Think of it like the making a movie, “You have the cast (family and friends), but no plot, its for you to figure it out.”No clues, no hints, no nothing. Every day is like a mystery.

Why do we do what we do?

Why would you wake up in the morning and decide, I am going to work, and then I will call someone go for coffee then I will go back home and chill, why don’t you just stay at home all day. Why is it that you chose to follow the path that you are following and not the other. Do you get curious to know where the other path would’ve led you.

Why is it so hard to be entirely happy?

I mean you have literally everything, let’s just say you’re Maslow’s Hierarchy is on point, the *Psychological, Safety, Love/belonging, Esteem, Self Actualization* needs have been met of fulfilled, but you are just not happy. or is it that we don’t know what happiness is? You are still stressed and frustrated about something. It could be the smallest thing i.e you’re friend has cancelled a date….you will be sad, but you have everything else. #EvenIdontget

Why is it that we never get content with what we have?

Is there a day you will find yourself content with what you have, Bill gates still works his ass. Gosh, that’s frustrating. I barely get 0.00000000000000000000000000000(*so many other 0’s)1 of what he earns in a month. At what point does one get content with what they have. is it when you become a billionaire? is it when you’re loved ones love you and give you all the care in the world *does that even happen*? is it when you achieve your dreams?

My conclusion

Gosh there are so many why’s  I have and we all have. And clearly there’s nothing you can do to figure them out, I mean, not even statistics can. Ever been in a situation, where someone asks you “are you happy?” you will say yes, because you are okay health-wise, you have a good job and a good family but somewhere at the back of your mind and heart (sometimes I can’t figure which one is at work) there is that something that’s bringing a wave of sadness or worry and you can’t just figure it. Why oh why?

All I can say “life is so twisted”, it always gives you a mix of everything, maybe that’s the fun *okay not in the real sense of fun* part of it. It’s a puzzle where you haven’t been given the other pieces, like you are the starting piece and you have to search for the other pieces all over the world *YIKES*. The world in this case being the box where you remove the pieces.

For example, you have to search for a wife/husband all over, I mean someone in Africa can marry someone in a place in South America, You can search for jobs and find one in the farthest part of the world that you’ve never thought of like Kazakhstan.You can have friends from all corners of the world, of different ages and statuses. It’s that twisted. Again I say, everyday is a mystery, you just don’t know what’s going to happen.


Enjoy and make full use of the present moment, as you look forward to the future. For you don’t know what the future brings you/holds , but at least you are living the present, so make the best out of it, that’s like the much you have control of.

Thanks to the ones who made me think out such… #Edward and #Richard

And on that, a SUPER SPLENDID MONDAY to all my readers :)

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*