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Hot Topic *of discussion*

Today being one of those days where you have an easy no-stress morning . On my way to work, the matatu I was in as usual was playing Classic FM. I always tend to think it has quite some weird listeners and callers, but I guess almost everyone does…considering it’s the station played by all PSV’s in the morning. The two presenters “Maina Kageni and King’ang’i” always have a topic of discussion…and after being a forced listener, I came to figure that most of the discussions are based on Relationships and Marriage ….Period!

So on todays topic of discussion was that one that was brought up by men saying “The women/wifes for nowadays are no longer like their mothers!”

I was curious to find out what exactly they meant by that, because in my head I don’t see why women should be like their mothers. That’s why she’s your mother in the first place. Then probably the man should also be like their fathers or better yet the ladies father.

So guys *the weird listeners who would always call in and spill out a bit of #BS* started calling in and sharing in a piece of their mind. As usual the women would in summary say that men are losers and would rather have a dog in the house than a man. While the men would call and say how they are damned to have the worst women (and compare them to their mothers. which of course ends up being a 10 – nil story, where the woman/wife is always the bad one and is the worst thing to happen in their lives).

My take on this whole topic of discussion:

It got me confused, and I’m sure, many other women listening to the show. And in the end I was like I’m clueless about men and what they want. But one thing I know, never tell a woman to be like your mother, because:

  1. We are all of different DNA’s
  2. We didn’t grow up together
  3. She’s just not your mother

I can bet even our fathers had problems with our mothers…just like our current men have problems with their women and vice versa. Plus every relationship has its own baggage.

I’m selling out one of my favorite quotation *how I’ve dug out for it*, my other creative mind *read half* says that he’s fantasy girl is a blend of Halle Berry, Gabrielle Union and Megan Good…but he realized he ain’t a blend of Denzel, Will Smith and Nelly.

So I don’t know why men and women expect perfect beings as their partners, seeing as you are not perfect yourself.

I hear men saying that they want “Maid in the siting room, whore in the bedroom and chef in the kitchen.”

A woman on the other hand, needs four animals in her life. A mink in the closet. A jaguar in the garage. A tiger in bed. And an ass to pay for it all.”

Yikes! Don’t we expect so much out of each other … but we put out roles for each other like we should be robots, like we have switches or our bodies run on fuel…we are humans who just want to be loved and not compared to anyone else. To be appreciated and commended when we have done something nice, and when we aren’t able to do something as expected be given a hand of help by that person you have chosen as your life partner.

Why do people make relationships look like advanced calculus ? *eats up your head*

Ever heard that “Behind every bitch is a man who made her that way”…lol, to some extent this is kinda true. Speaking from a womans point of view, I think a Man who is part of your life, somehow determines how you turn out. If he’s the full hippie the woman will be a bitch for sure and treat him like a hippie he is. If he’s the full caring, loving bleh bleh bleh*insert nice things* guy, the woman will have a kind heart towards him. It’s more of “scratch my back, I scratch yours”


PS : A note to Women

“Men are like a fine wine. They all start out like grapes, and it’s our job to stomp on them and keep them in the dark where they will mature into something you’d want to have dinner with” ~ Unknown Author



Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Promulgating SHIT *Exclusive*

Haha! What were you thinking???

So Happy It's Thriday

It’s not every day that you’ll find yours truly being So Happy that It’s a Thursday not unless it’s my birthday or the following day is a HOLIDAY…so generally we shall just call this day Thriday (I’m doing TGIF on a Thursday..which is the SHIT – Hence the Thriday gives a feel of both days) >> If what I’ve just written makes sense, that’s good…lol

So clearly my birthday passed, so, the only next best option is: Tomorrow is a holiday (only in Kenya).

Sneak Preview of what our holiday is about

Reference :

After the official announcement by the Presidential Press Service that the Proposed Constitution of Kenya, shall be promulgated by the President on Friday, 27th August 2010, there are legal, political and technical matters that are worth commenting on.  First, what actually that ‘ceremony’ (the promulgation) will signify from legal and political points of view. And second, from a technical standpoint, whether that ‘ceremony’ is the one that brings the New Constitution, (read, the Constitution of Kenya, 2010) into operation.

By definition, promulgation is the act of formally announcing or declaring a new statutory or administrative law as having effect.

In Summary

Friday 27th August, 2010  is a declared Holiday #Thatsall and as a result we can all promulgate how happy we are that it’s actually Thursday, Thriday…your choice :)

I’m feeling

Anxious’ish although I’m trying to get myself out of that feeling. Ok reason, I went for an interview the other day and I’m waiting for the response because the job description is in the path of everything I want to do…YUCK, {it’s so bad when you want something really bad, and you don’t know if that thing wants you as bad as you want it (interviewer – interviewee) }, in short YUCK!

PS: I’m venting…now i feel less anxious…lol

I’m excited

That the weekend starts tomorrow, as in from the time I woke up I was actually Thanking God It’s Thursday…as I dragged myself out of bed. It wasn’t that bad a day after all :)

And I have a collection of my most favorite classic movies, the full : Brown Sugar, Love Actually, Out of Africa, Best Man, Love and BasketBall et al ~~ I’m on them I start reading for exams #storyofmylife and hangout with my favorite peoples on the weekend

I’m craving

Eeeerrr, for once I’m not having a crave really. I know, I’m also suprised….but maybe it’s because I’ve eaten a heavy breakfast – Hot chocolate and cheese sandwiches.

But when the craving strikes, I’m thinking it’s going to be in the lines of:

Yikes! I’m already hungry.

Theme song of the week

Well I don’t have one in particular this week round. But I’ve been in a mood of all the silly songs if you know what I mean, not literally silly. Part of my play list:

3OH!3 – My First Kiss, Starstruckk, Blah Blah Blah, Don’t Trust me

Iyaz – Replay,

WINNER SONG — {I’m feeling like a star, you can’t stop my shine, I’m loving cloud nine, my head’s in the sky} that goes to*drum rolls* ~~~ Jason Derulo – Ridin’ Solo

I wish and pray

That we could all stop worrying about things we shouldn’t be worried about. Like in my case I should just stop being anxious, if the job is mine, it’s mine, if it’s not then onto the next, apply for others am sure there are many other similar opportunities at least I still have a job #youknowwhatimsaying .

Life always moves on, don’t let it go ahead of you. I mean in everything, it could be friendships, relationships, work, school — We shouldn’t worry about them, if you are meant  to be in whatever it is that you are in, it will work out, if it doesn’t work out, move on because life or time waits for no man.


So can I say “Have a PROMULGATING  Weekend”…whatever it is you decide to promulgate, do it wisely…lol *I also don’t know what I just said*.  I just thought I should misuse the verb “promulgate” thanks to @Violetotina

Signing ~~~ *Kawi*

Talk Turkey : Do-ers and Talk-ers

Today has been a pretty fine day just like the author…lol had to pull off such started off freezing cold, but the sun being a faithful friend came out from the hiding place with just  the right temperature and shine… just the way I like it.

Anyway I’ve been itching to write this just that sometimes I need to have that feeling of the topic. Had an issue on what to name the post, so I’ve settled on “Talk Turkey”, which basically means “To speak frankly and get down to the basic facts of a matter.”

So yeah, today’s topic of discussion will be those people who are very social especially business-wise. You know the kind that give you stories of how much they are doing, how busy they’ve been, how they have deals going on …it leaves you thinking “gosh!, I need to do this businesses too?, I want to be in deals as well.”

So well I would categorize this people into two groups:

  1. The Do-ers
  2. The Talk-ers


This happen to be the ones who believe in something that goes like this “Actions talk louder than words”, yeah they will tell you of the ventures they are involved in, and you’ll go like “WOOW” that’s so cool. But the thing with them is that they actually  do what they say. Their ideas are realistic and feasible. They have researched and know their strongholds and work with them to make sure that they achieve that which they are aiming for.

They always have a starting point, a breaking point and an achievement point… They struggle to be what they are and to get to where  they want to be. I mean the go the whole eight miles … regardless of the difficulties, they have moments they are at their lowest  which is what I would call their breaking points…you know the point where you are penny less or where you are like this is just not working out, or where you are waiting for a response and it’s just not coming through. But the fact that they have reached there is reason enough for them to move forward, it gives them motivation.

They are the kind who achievement speaks on their behalf. They don’t have to go and shout from the roof top that they have made it. It just SCREAMS out loud on its own (not literally).

I like hanging out with this people, they give me morale and show me that it’s about how much you put in (resource, energy, unique ideas) that determines your deliverables or end product.

The doers don’t necessarily have to succeed in every venture they take part in, but every venture gives them experience and when they finally land on the venture based on their strong hold they always make it big.


Then there’s the talkers … am sure y’all have this kind friends lingering somewhere. You know the one who’s always talking big , they are always involved in big deals, talking big money as much as you don’t really see the big money they’re talking about or even where it’s going since they have it somewhere as they say. The kind of building castles in the air.

The talkers are always talking … their ideas always seem unrealistic…like you go “how do you even do that” essence of building the castle in the air. Theirs nothing to show for their talk…they don’t put any resources into use besides their ability to talk, they don’t make efforts, they have false promises to people…especially when they involve people in their plans. I’m sure many of you have felt cheated here and there. Where someone comes u p with an unrealistic, unfeasible Idea that they talk you into and maybe you finance it, or put your all into it only to figure out it’s a scum of sorts.

Avoid talk-ers, because you’ll end up being disappointed. If anything listen to their unrealistic stories and ideas…nod your head for a few minutes but don’t get dragged into their talks. If you can take the idea and materialize it yourself the better.

How to differentiate Do-ers and Talk-ers

Seeing as they both talk…it could be difficult to differentiate the two but with my little knowledge, observation and experience (not necessarily first hand)


They talk and make the next effort of ensuring that they implement the idea and make it a reality. They are starters and they put in all or invest their resources (it could be monetary or not), to make sure that they see the idea becoming something concrete and realistic and not just a floating concept.


They talk, talk, talk and brag, talk, talk and say who they  know, how they know but most are the times they don’t speak of achievements or even have something to show for it.

I want to be a DO-ER by all means, even if I’m employed…my ideas are never that young. So I should start trying to make something out of it and putting in extra effort.



Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

TGIF *LateShortPost*

Seeing as I wasn’t able to do my usual TGIF… though my counterparts repreesented me @Joliea and @Nkirdizzle. But since I’ve been able to steal a moment today and do it, why not? So i’ll just do a short one.Nothing much.

I had the most lovely weekend, I can’t even complain. So i’m freshest, ready to tackle the week because I have a great feeling that it has great things for me…oh well, talk of being super positive. That’s me right now.

My mind is about blank right now, so basically I don’t have much to write home about. I’m abit excited with butterflies in my stomach YIKES!! I don’t want to count the chicks before they hatch. But hey cross your fingers, toes and clench your butts for me, have an interview tomorrow, and I hope it goes well and that the job is also something something.

Oh well, thank God my prayers don’t hit the roof…this is a sign atleast. Hence my TGIF being Trust Gratitude Inspirational Friday – Weekend…yah that’s what i’ve been experiencing lately in a nutshell.

Song that made my week

Can we pretend that airplanes, In the night sky, Are like shooting stars, I could really use a wish right now (wish right now, wish right now) – that’s gotta be ~ B.O.B ft Hayley Williams & Eminem – Too Fresh!!

I’m Craving

If I could get my hands on a kit-kat right about now. I want. First thing in the morning.



“Each of us has much more hidden inside us than we have had a chance to explore. Unless we create an environment that enables us to discover the limits of our potential, we will never know what we have inside of us.” ~ Muhammad Yunus


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Excuse who ?

Don’t we all have something to say about something especially when it doesn’t go as expected? In the hope of being understood, forgiven or for the better letting it pass.

There’s always a reason for something not going your way. It’s like we have some chip planted in our ears with the voice of reason, because many are the times that you’ll find the best excuse on our finger-tips….and you end up asking yourself ” whooa, where did that come from?, because it didn’t take a split second for you to think about it.

We are the masters of excuses — from the very reasonable ones to the most unreasonable ones you even wonder why you just had to use it. It’s one of the hardest things to scrape off.

Ever been in a position where you need have a reason or excuse for your shortcoming, but giving that true reason/excuse just sounds fake, well I’ve had a couple of them

When I was in highschool, I came home like really late someday I’d gone shopping. Then on arriving home and my folks are soo worried (at about 10pm), I tell them the tale of how I had left my Shopping (clothes&shoes) in the matatu, and I had to wait for it to come back, then go get the stuff because someone else had claimed them…and my dad wasn’t buying that story. Though I cut out the part where I was talking to a boy and he helped me get my stuff back so I wasn’t alone in this, in his head he was thinking how I went dealing with conductors and drivers alone.

At that point I thought I should’ve just said the matatu broke down…it would’ve sounded more believable. Because as I narrated that long tell, I could even hear my inner self saying this sounds like a made up story. Change the plot…haha but I had to stick with the truth as fake as it sounded though I doubt to this day he’s ever believed.

Anyway, other scenarios:

Late to an occassion – There was really bad traffic / car broke down / there was no public vehicles

Not done assignment – Clogged with work didn’t have time to do it/ I’ve forgotten it at home

Not met deadline – Too much work or scope to wide, can we extend the

Gotten home late  – Had to keep my friends company, had to wait for a ride home, car broke down, too much traffic, no vehicles….lol, { My folks never ask anymore, there’s always something going on, I think they’ve heard everything so it’s for repeating in case they ever ask.}

Not attending a friends occasions – Oops had so much to do at home/work I couldn’t make it.

Not in a good mood – Someone has pissed me off, it’s just a lousy day, I didn’t get enough sleep..

Oh well, this is what they say about excuses:

Don’t do what you’ll have to find an excuse for ~ Proverb

No one ever excused his way to success ~ Dave Del Dotto

Excuses are the tools with which no purpose in view build for themselves great monuments of nothing ~ Steven Grayhm

In short, excuses should not be an excuse anymore… instead try to avoid circumstances that will lead you giving excuses especially those lame ones, or just don’t give any, because bad excuses are worse than none.

Look who’s talking, well in this case writing but I’ll try do the same…since that ladder of success needs to be climbed.


“I respect my limitations, but I don’t use them as an excuse. “~ Stephen R. Donaldson


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

THankful THursday

Yeah today is a Thursday *duuh* and it’s just one of those days…that I happen to be in a very good or something like that mood.

Well, my eyes are stinging sleep but I have to be in the office working, I couldn’t pull a fake sick-off and sleep (I never do that, because I always think I will actually get sick if I cheat I’m sick ~~ yeah I’m a good girl like that, if that’s what you were thinking).

It’s not everyday we just say “you know what I’m just gonna say Thank You God for the blessings in my life!” most of the time we are ranting and whining, or having something going on that makes us forget the much that we already have. Oh well, seeing as Thank You starts with ‘TH’ and Thursday starts with ‘TH’ why not just make today ‘THankful THursday’…

So here is the thing I’ve been recently hating to love or is it loving to hate…I think the former — LISTING!! oh well just a few things not like a 100…because sometimes I’m that person who forgets to say Thank you to God for those things that I need to be thankful for. They make you realise, life is fairly on point on your side of the fence as well.

Waking up today as healthy as a  horse.


Being blessed with a loving family — my dad wakes me up in the morning (used to whine about it, now am thankful), mum is between story telling and yelling for not doing something *multitasking*, baby sister is stating her needs such as movies and credit…that’s why I’m never on time.

Having an amazing variety of friends *** this could be real, virtual, fake (though the real ones mostly) *** they text me, call me, tweet me, face book me, chat me up,read my blog – they all impact a small part of me *segmentation* lol

Being able to smile and joke around even when I have a shitload of work (though today not that much) and school work in addition.

Having cool workmates and boss ~~~ Ngina just helped me update my playlist #Thanks, so now im working with fresh music. As for my boss,  he can be a hard nut to crack but he’s a polite one.


Safaricom and Zain competing, phone charges are getting drastically lesser :)) I can text my mate at 1bob and call at 3bob #whothought ~~sounds unbelievable. Yah I now have a Zain line and redeemed my bonga with points and got a phone :) Got on with the program.

This bird that keeps pecking my office window, it’s a total distraction, i can just turn and stare at it, maybe I should name it. Plus the lovely weather outside.

For getting someone asking me to apply for a job which fits the description I like, most people never get what I’d love to do, that one just listed them in the J.D *Fingers Crossed*

Making this one of the most LOVEly weeks…after a couple of not sooo lovely weeks…lol if that makes any sense.


Having the ability to write 10 things I’m thankful for in a way that you can read… I never thought.


Okay that’s enough for today, the rest I can probably just mumble it out through the day….I shall try my best not to whine today and probably push that spirit along till end of week, then next…then maybe I won’t be a whiner…is there a word like that?


“For today and its blessings, I owe the world an attitude of gratitude.”


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

8 Facts About Me *Randomites*

Oh well, today I woke up and decided since the sun has been shinning, I shall wear a skirt…Gosh aren’t my legs freezing. This sun is playing hide and seek because the day I decide to wear heavy stuff is when it gladly shines and emits some skin burning heat. Damn you sun!

So anyway, it’s about time I got with the program. Was doing my usual visiting of my sizz’s blog Joliea *okay that sound’s so nun’ish* lol but yeah, she’s like my sizz because we share many alike views and she’s my guaranteed reader…haha #ifyouknowwhatimean

Here goes:

All I need is ONE WORD and an IMAGE to come up with a blog post. Yeah I’m just weird like that, I can be so clueless on what to write and I just get one word and build on it.


I love FOOD like real food… Well prepared Chicken is my weakness. I can eat it with anything fries, Rice, Ugali. I love greens as well. The only junk I love is KIT KAT‘s.

I speak in PARABLES, I have to use to use objects to explain my thoughts, if you read my posts you will understand, I use primary, secondary and tertiary colors to come up with black and white #IfYouKnowWhatIMean … In short, I beat around the bush.


I never take time to think of what I’m going to WEAR because chances are that I won’t wear that. I just finish showering and stare at my closet and pick clothes and try to see if it looks good. Then I have to ask my Mum or Sister or sometimes even my Dad how I look…it’s called affirming, can’t stand looking like a clown.

I love SHOES but I can never make myself suffer by wearing stiletto’s or 6-inch heels and struggle walking around town with them to please men. I’ll wear them when I start driving and all I have to do is walk from parking to venue and from venue to parking. Otherwise I shall remain stylish with my flat shoes and sometimes my jelly flats — {Just Understand unless you are buying me a car, or chauffering me around}


I have only ONE SISTER who I think is the coolest ever, I thank God for her every other time and love her to bits. I look at her and see the reflection of the younger me that I was, just waaaay cooler and knows too much for her age.

I LOVE, LAUGH and LIVE – I Love my family and friends (I’m very bad at keeping in touch, but when I meet them I do let them know I love them, miss them and I’m happy they are part of my life) … I Laugh with them, since I’ll look insane laughing with myself (although sometimes  I do when I’m making funny faces on the mirror and pretending to have conversations with my alter ego…haha) … and I Live my life to the fullest (make wrong and right decisions, take risks, tackle issues, enjoy happy and fun moments).

I’m a TYPICAL GIRL with my sometimes moments … refer to this post *SOMETIMES* you’ll get what I’m mean.


Haha those are my 8 randomites about me…there’s much more just I ‘ve gotta stick to the chain. So let me get on to the tagging. Would like to hear from this bloggers:







If not tagged and you wanna do, I can add tags you know *wink*. Get with the program :)


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*