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Goodbye 2010, Hello 2011!


This is a different kind of  TGIF, seeing as new year very conveniently falls on a Friday. It’s been a while since I did a post, so it just feels weird writing. It’s like back in the day when we were on school holiday then school opens and you have totally forgotten how to write … like your fingers have to practice a bit first…it even pains to write…lol, that’s what I’m experiencing now, I can’t remember how to write a post.

2010 was a very good year I must say; actually it’s been the best year ever since I could remember. It’s my maturity year, year of self-discovery, self-realization. I can confidently say what I’m about. 2010, was one of those years that started without a plan, basically I was just living it as it comes. Being human, every other day I have needs, wants, desires and wishes turned into prayer. That’s how I tackled my whole year, and today I can say it didn’t backfire on me; it turned out much better than good.

Somewhere in the middle of 2010, I sort of split my year into two. January – June and July – December. On this post “Good bye June, Hey July”. Looks like I jinxed myself for the best.

I tend to love the 2nd part of the year better than the first. Actually, the 2nd part of the year is the sole reason I say 2010 was a very good year. It’s when everything happened … many of my first, some switches, some getting used to, and some learning’s. It wasn’t all rosy and wow’y, it got stressful, frustrating and confusing at many points but right now I’m giving myself a pat on the back because I’m out a stronger me. I’ve done what I would have otherwise done in the next like 2 years now.

2010 *HIGH* Lights

I started dating the most amazing man no lie, relationships can be one of the hardest things to go by and we’ve had our moments, this are two different people coming together and we all want to shine in our own way. We are still getting to know each other and understand why I would do this and not that, or why he would prefer to do this and ignore that… so yeah. Got a long way to go, but so far so good *thumbs up* ps: He’s a creative, so you can imagine the challenges involved…lol. Like he pulls a “Do you know *someone popular*” and I go like,”ummm, who’s that, just give me a hint”…and that’s just me massacre’ing a story, but I love him much. In a few years I will know quite a lot.

I changed jobs, which was like heaven for me. I wanted out and an opportunity came up. I’m telling you sometimes we can assume our friends, like they don’t know what we are all about but somewhere somehow they’ve got you when you least expect. I was suggested (for lack of a better word…my English can be challenged sometimes) by my colleague who thought I had what it takes to do the work and after a couple of interviews, my employers got my strengths and interests and I want to capitalize on that. And as for my friend, he had faith in me, so there’s no for letting them down.

I moved out. Now that to me was a HUGE step. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would be living alone at least not until I’m 25 or so. Actually it had never even crossed my mind, I used to admire people who live alone, but that’s where it ended…Shocker! Thanks to my folks for all the support they gave me. It wouldn’t have been any easy without them. Now I’m settled … I’m like a pro, I can even give moving out advice *wink*. I can now say “I’m at my house.”

I completed all my course work for my Project Management post-graduate Diploma, but that’s like nothing without completing my project *sigh*

Christmas was spent at my parents, and my entire aim was to make them happy. So I got them gifts and totally submitted myself to helping out in the house. It worked out … I think. But I’m pretty sure I left them all happy.

I actually passed the 30,000 mark on the number of viewers of my post. How cool is that. If you read what I write and look forward to my next posting … Cheers pal . This comes from a girl who had boring compositions in primary and high school. So the fact that other people can read at least boosts my ego.

I managed to write a number of posts every single month of 2010 … January through to December… Dayum!

2010 *LOW* Lights

I keep procrastinating about completing my post-graduate project and it’s due in March … Like I should have finished it by now … but thanks to procrastination, movies and series, I’m stuck on chapter 3.

I lost one of my Aunties who I came to realize a bit late that they love me so much to cancer. Like she would tell me every other time that I should take care of my folks and basically on her bed or even any time she visits she used to give me mini-life lessons. I know she’s watching over us and smiling.

I had a boring birthday as usual. Maybe that’s one of the reasons I didn’t like the 1st half of the year. That needs to change SMH!!

I made a few youngster mistakes which I basically put behind my back. I think about it now and I’m like that was so dumb.

But hey, sometimes we do dumb things so that we can realize the smart move.

You know like how you have two choices and you have to choose one but you don’t know which one to pick. Sometimes there’s the chance of picking the bad choice and dropping it (not in a bad way) … and move on swiftly to the right choice.

In short, 2010 is a worthwhile memory.

2010 Theme Song : Raise your glass – Pink

So I’m raising my glass to:

  • All the people I met and made me laugh myself to tears and rib aches.
  • All the people who believed in me, when I least expected and pushed me to explore and capitalize on my abilities.
  • To all my friends, I may not be a good communicator *cough* but I got you. Ok, that’s lame, but I hope you gerrit.
  • To all those who sent me Christmas messages … Haven’t gotten any new year ones yet. I’m starting to formulate mine now…so be expecting some sms’s from my heart soon, you best respond. An SMS is KES 3.50 :p
  • For all those who read this stuff I write here
  • For all the experiences in 2010, some of them could be necessary or not, some of them could be useful or not, but the fact that we are alive and able to see the end of the year is SUPER!

For 2011, I have great expectations and I’m basically open to whatever comes my way that’s beneficial to my life and those who are directly affected by it. I want to broaden my horizons and my knowledge base, I want to love more, I just want to be happy. I pray for God’s blessings over me and my loved ones .. He’s the one who knows what’s best for us. I’m about to start making my wish list of the year (want to start early this time round).


Say Goodbye to your past mistakes, shortcomings and anything that’s been holding you back and say hello to new beginnings as you learn to look beyond your imperfections.

HAVE A FABULOUS END OF 2010 AND BEGINNING OF 2011 … GOD BLESS YOU BIG TIME. And have FUUUUUNNNNN, there’s no excuse why you shouldn’t. Yeah even that one :p

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Familiar Stranger

Of late this has been a trend. Where you meet someone and you are pretty sure that you have met them before and you have been introduced to them, the full deal, name, relation … everything. And just in a split second, the person doesn’t remember your name, your face … zilch! The bad part is that you remember everything, how you met them, with who, where , when, the way you were introduced … in short, you remember their name and face.

I have to disclaim this : So I’m not getting all emo, and it doesn’t hurt my feeling, maybe just little tiny winy bit *read maybe*. My simple question would be, do they pretend that they don’t remember you? or do people do that so that they can achieve something? This week I’ve had that happen to me like twice or so. I am introduced to someone I know and I am 100% sure my face doesn’t change form … I’m no ghost.

Once I would understand if you don’t remember me, but twice, thrice … maen!! That to me means something. So this was what I thought, maybe as a way to console myself … hehe I do that a lot, and it works to my advantage. So here goes:

  • It raises your self esteem when you’re introduced to the same person like a million people.
  • You’re just a snob!
  • You think you’re cooler than rest, while in actual sense uuuuummmm I’m the judge of your coolness :) and I think forgetting people’s faces is so uncool, especially if you’ve been introduced more than once.
  • You have short-term memory, or a goldfish attention span.
  • I intimidate you.
  • I’m too cool and pretty, so probably you’re lost in thought of how cool I can be. Such that you just forget my face, for my name I would understand because I barely remember people’s names as well.

The least you could do is just pretend and ask your friend for the persons name (not necessarily me) … now that’s uber cool. I mean, being introduced to someone over and over, gets so tired.  It’s synonymous to a joke being told over and over. Say it once and if it passes you too bad, don’t ask the comedian to repeat it, just ask the friend next to you, what the joke was or was about … that goes with introducing yourself.

I am this kind of person who doesn’t mind telling you my name like 1million times, and not minding if you forget my pretty face…hehe don’t burst my bubble. But trust, you won’t be one of the people on my ‘like’ list, that’s because I tend to remember people I like and ignore people I don’t like. So I assume that if you play your game of forgetting me it’s probably because you don’t like me. That was like a threat right there…lol

Anyhow in case you are one of those people who I’m talking about, kindly educate me how you forget someone you’ve been introduced to like “so many” times and you still don’t remember… I don’t get it, maybe from your point view would be good.

And my workmate pulls an “I’m not memorable”…. I take that very personally :p , your bruising my rather fat ego…lol

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

My 2010 A+ Strategy *I wish, I hope, I pray*

Getting what you wish for is a statement that people actually take for granted, but just to give you a heads up, people get what they wish for, be it knowingly or unknowingly. What you wished for is synonymous to a new home. One that would lead you to something called “learning experience”.

2010 has been a great year, like one hell-of-an interesting one … It began with the usual, what are my New Year resolutions?? My simple response was, “Ummmmm I have NO idea, NO clue!” I’m a planner, but this time round I planned nothing. I did not set my achievements for the year. I know by now you are probably thinking … “Girl without direction!” But really, don’t you think New Year’s resolutions are over-rated? In short, I did not know what it is I exactly wanted out of this year. If I was some appropriate age I would’ve said I had hit mid-life crisis, but maen, I’m too young for that *cough*

I jumped into the year blindly, like a bat; remember the idioms we did in pre-primary i think as blind as a bat. That was me right there. Normally that would bother me, but it didn’t.  So life went on like it was the previous year. No changes, no nothing.

I think sometimes when you don’t have goals or better yet objectives for yourself and your life, you just need to sit back relax and observe what is going on first. Don’t force, sometimes not having resolutions is actually the best resolution.

It was one of those many days … where you are suddenly struck by an epiphany, shattering the foundations of reality as you know it … A realization that so many things about your life are not right or are not the way you would have loved them to be. The foundation you are building isn’t quite strong. And considering I had no plan a.k.a resolutions to check against. I embarked on the best alternative strategy … “I Wish, I hope, I pray”

It sounds lame, but that is what has taken me through this whole year (with no resolutions) … The reason I love my TGIF posts is because every Friday, I need to have something to write about in the “I wish, I hope, I pray” sections, I’m not an open book, I’m partially secretive, so I try to be as general as I can get, but deep inside I know what it is I’m wishing, I’m hoping and I’m praying for.

I would write them down in detail in my book as a prayer … Like I would sit on my bed one (many) evening or night and think of what I really really really want, and I write it down. I did it out of a hunger and desire inside me, what my mind and heart desire like the point they come to an agreement, though I was trying to pull it out as a joke on the blog, but on the book I was super duper serious. I prayed about anything and everything I was going through this year, the different aspects of my life as I would put it. I made wishes and had high hopes and I prayed for them to be actualized … and finally believing in God and myself!

It’s at this point I figured so much about myself, that if I had actually made resolutions I wouldn’t have achieved that. I still hold my thought that resolutions are over-rated … sometimes we make them out of pressure from our peers because that’s the society’s norm, or because it portrays you as organized and focused.

Wishes are the desires of your heart, Hope is what keeps you going and it retains that desire from your heart, Prayer is your heart, body and mind communicating with God … he gets to see your wishes and all the hope you have in them, and he takes it up from there. Like literally release all your burdens to him.

That has been my guide this year. And so far so good, this year has been the most fruitful year I’ve had, like everything I have managed to do and probably achieve was what was on my wish list. So I have psyche for the years to come now that I have figured my A+ strategy.

I believe wishes never die, the heart keeps desiring more and more … therefore the strategy is actually SMART – est!

I’m looking through this year, and where I have reached on this day, I can give myself a pat on the back and maybe a “Go Girl, you’ve got what it takes” … talk of self motivation … lol


Once what is in your mind connects with what is in your heart … you have the best deal of the year, just believe in God and yourself.


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

TGIF *and I’m back*

Thank God It’s Friday … Like really! The week has flown…and i’m loving my new job at my new work place. With fabulous workmates…yeah that’s what’s very new with me. That’s why I can’t post as often #stolenmoments

If Friday was a person, I would be in looooove … but I guess my main mans other unknown alias is Friday.. .hehe

I’m Wondering

Has anyone missed my blog getting all filled up, now that I’ve been all too occupied lately to post anything? *rhetorical question* just in case no one answers so I won’t get disappointed…lol

I’m Feeling

Goooooood, yeah with all those o’s in between. Though solitude was checking in sometime this week, the downside of living alone, is that you get SUPER lonely, even if you have everything you need.

I’m excited

I’m going home this weekend, like folks home, seems I have to be specific now that there’s two mine and theirs.

Theme Song Of the week

Shontelle – Tshirt

And in my view, I think she’s pretty hoooot! #NOHOMO quick disclaimer

I Love!! The song that is…it’s on replay. *with nothing but your t-shirt on* singing with my shrilly crocky voice. Since I only catch one line in songs, that’s my line for this one.

I’m Craving

It’s a weird crave, but hey a crave is a crave , so I’m looking forward to wrapped Christmas gifts. And that’s what I’m gonna do this christmas … some mad wrappings and labellings. Though I’m not expecting any…lol, again just in case I get none…which the probability of getting any to none is 1:4 (4 being  getting naetsin, unless I hint to my mum loudly.)

I wish and hope

That  I make or I have made the right choices in the different aspects of my life (I always say that!!..self discovery..hehe). Choice is actually such a big deal … it’s either Yes or No, but that’s like the most difficult part … the fact that from a Big World there are only two choices to be made for basically everything…but heeey that’s how it’s.

I’m praying

For God’s blessings upon all my friends and family. I love you all and life would just be plain and empty without you. You’ll make this life most beautiful. I know I’m getting all lovey dovey and mushy, just understand, I mean, it’s the prayer section…hehe. 


For beautiful eyes, look for the good in others ; For beautiful lips, speak only words of kindness ; and for poise, walk with the knowledge that you are never alone ~ Audrey Hepburn

Words, that should make up your vocabulary.


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*


You Are Special

Did I ever say that poetry kinda lost itself somewhere along the family line … Oh well, I was clearly quite wrong. Seeing as my baby sister *read baby* Clara, has poetry running up her sleeves. I happened to read one of the many she has, seeing as I’m not big on poems…and I was overtaken by emotion, like extremely stocked by the fact that she can actually write so well. So I literally begged her, if I could at least do a guest post…with her poem being the one featured on it…no I did not bully her….she let me willingly…lol

Here goes;

You Are Special

Being set on speed dial ain’t normal

Nor is a polo shirt formal

But you’re a part of me that without I can’t go on

You helped me tell bad stuff so long

And build up my morals

A sitting soldier may be sent A-wall

But a loyal one is adorned

Like you, you gave your all

So that in the cold I’d be warm

You taught me difference of right and wrong

Loving me you never adjourned

And for that you are special.


You taught me all about Jesus

And I remember my first pair of adidas

Long before the invention of sneakers

In my blood veins flows your pictures

My memories filled with your impact

Dad, never did your goals retrack

Nor mum your love retract

Whenever I need anything or feedback

To your side I’ll run back

Because I know you got my back

I just want you to know you are special.


Though for now you are away

I keep texting everyday

But I guess its nature so I must obey

My value for you will never fade

But everyday it grows in a way that is positive

And I’m damn sure that

You are a part of me that’s special.


Yeah this was a poem to Mum and Dad … Too sweet, if she’s writing this at 15 … I wonder what she will write at 23. At least I see talent in the making; I bet I’ll just try doing my best to nature it. Maybe I should introduce her to …or uuuuummmm…hahaha, maybe later.



Signing Off  ~~~ *Kawi*