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Plus One *It’s Even and It Gets Better*

One year older, One year wiser … but I’ll always hold it, forever young!

It’s become a tradition now to write a post just before my birthday – about me – and share it with the world … oh well! Ok, this is utterly exciting … I love the feeling and I love February 1st … it’s a hot date. So when it’s your birthday do you grow a tad bit taller? or what happens? very rhetorical question. So my age adds a plus one … Yikes! A while ago I used to find people saying they are the age I’m turning  and I used to think … “Gosh you’re old!” Ummm! Now I’m there so I’ll feel pretty weird saying the age.

A year is actually passed … 23 was a year and a half (no wonder it’s an ODD number). So much has happened in it, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful but one thing still stands, that I’m still me and I haven’t changed a tad bit. Maybe for the better, which is what I plan to carry forward. Having managed to achieve a couple of stuff that I even wouldn’t have thought I would. I think this year has gotten me to be mature.

This year I’ve basically learnt to take care of myself in the very essence of it, which I think in life is a lesson one needs to learn … the easy way of the hard way. Thank God I didn’t have it rough, at least now I know I can be sure to take care of others.

As for this year, I have no plans really … I don’t have a pre-arranged list per se, but I have an idea of random things so here goes and it’s all about “I” and what “I” want, because today is the only day it’s all about me, me, me :)

  • I just want to be happy … like genuinely happy. I pray that the people who will be around bring me happiness and lots of love  hehe yeah love,  and I will be sure to reciprocate.
  • I would want to be the best at what I do … it’s not the easiest thing in the world, especially when you have to be creative and think outside the box. I pray that God opens up my mind this year and many to come, because I love what I’m doing now.
  • I would want to make better decisions, to make the right choices as hard as it can be … I hope this year I make stuff right!
  • I want to be wise … I just don’t want to fall for anything if you know what I mean. I want to make wise decisions in all this circumstances, this life can be so confusing … lol, last year I had my roll of *what’s the opposite of wisdom?*
  • I want to be more of  a Christian, does that make sense? I want to read more of my bible, go to church  on Sundays and find myself in God … you know how we struggle so much in life, and all you probably need is just a short prayer calling out to God to sort you out. And he’s always got you, so I want to put him 1st in everything.
  • I want to always be there for my folks … in my 23rd they have shown me what being a parent is all about. They’ve been there for me since I was conceived, and my life so far has been the best because of them. I don’t know of a better way to appreciate them. So I pray for God to make me super able to always be there for them (I know I’ve dotted there…lol)

Basically, that’s what I want and I think if I’m able to achieve all this … the rest will be a breeze. So, God help. I hope that’s not so much to ask for on my birthday :)


“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” ~ So true…lol

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

For those who wished me, are wishing me, will be wishing me happy birthday … MUCHAS GRACIAS! I love y’ll like you wouldn’t believe it. Friends and family are God Given, and I think the world would be a monster without you!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Friday *Happyness with a Y*

Friday is here. This whole week I’d lost track of my days, I remember one morning, I think on Wednesday beating my head on what day it is and trying to relate it with events.

It’s the last Friday of this month :) and I smell something beyond that, it’s leading to the beginning of my birthday week … this is so cool. I’m excited in a hidden’ish way. I don’t want to jinx myself but I’m happy about it.

Anyhow, so what’s planned for the weekend:

Considering I have two parties (Flirty FunDance Party and The Aquarius Affair ) that I have to attend. They are all my mates birthday parties hence the reason I’m enthusiastic and excited about them. So we go hard, plus they’re AQUARIUS like me. So it’s basically my birthday weekend.

I got myself a charm bracelet and a charm chain … how’ve been looking for such Jewelry then Jewels By Angeline comes swinging them on my face … and what happened is a clear definition of  “Impulse Buying”, but the excitement I had you’d think I’ve won a lottery. Anyway girls are the easiest people to please, I don’t know why men find it such a task.

This year I want board games … I really miss playing Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, Monopoly and the likes. I have to acquire one if not all of them. The big problem will be to get people to play them with. I think I really miss my childhood so much, I could play this games alone…lol. Growing up *sticks finger in mouth*

I’m really not looking forward to anything at least exclusively for next week to avoid my spirit being dampened.  So i’ll put my expectations on a negative, it’s much better to be pessimistic sometimes.

I’m a happy girl in general, so that’s my signature this weekend and beyond. I figured HAPPY really looks good on me :) . So no more sad stuff . Oooh! Saw this post on the net and it was just hilarious. I bet I’ma be on those drugs to!

“FUKITOL is a perfect prescription for everyday life.  I got my boss and friends on it and it made a huge difference in all of our attitudes. I even got my girl a prescription and she hasn’t gotten on my case for anything since.  Thanks FUKITOL.”

Quote of the week!

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be ~ Abraham Lincoln

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all my AQUARIUS mates … including one of my main girls @nkirdizzle. Enjoy the weekend, be blessed and keep safe. Love y’ll!

Signing Off ~~~ Kawi


So happy it’s Friday … a sign that the month is ending :) , I don’t know why I’m so into this month ending … and no it’s not because I’m broke or that it’s my birthday next month I’m not hinting..yeah right! … I’m actually not really looking forward to it … ok, I don’t know. Majority of my birthday’s since I became a grown up or so I think have been super boring. I miss my folks buying me cake and presents *sigh*

Photo Credit

That being besides the point I would really love to hear how people’s new years have been so far … I wish it was like a discussion forum or something. But now considering it’s me giving all the information … here goes my musings!

So far I’ve learnt, that if something is not working … don’t force it. It doesn’t get any better, if anything you’re just making room for more hurts. It’s good to fight till the end in so many things … it exudes consistency and all, but at the expense of happiness … that’s a no! no! I tend to believe that everything a human does is all geared towards being happy, but then again that’s just me.  And that’s just why right now I’m not as sad as I should probably be. Some decisions I’ve made so far this year are rushed, wrong, inconsiderate but that’s just some of them, there others I’ve made that make sense to me and me alone and I just can’t explain, so I won’t even try to.

I hate how life has a funny twist to it…but then again that’s the beauty of it and that’s why I love it … Ironical huh! Despite whatever goes on I have every reason to be happy and smile … I have a great family, some friends who love me despite whatever (I hope…Joke!), a super lovely job (which I shall write about sooner or later) with awesome colleagues who laugh at me like all the time, I can be such the blonde sometimes…I can’t get over the fact that I was told that my mind and mouth are playing Marco Polo… how now? and I laughed … I should’ve probably gotten mad or something, but that was just the funniest thing I’ve heard this year … it was too random and least expected, but from him, I should’ve seen it coming…lol, they all have this intellectual humor that totally reveals my blondness coz some of it just goes through one ear and out through the other, and when I get it it’s a bit too late.

The funny thing with life, is that we were all born for this … sad, happy, angry,failure, success, regret, love, fear, stress … bleh bleh bleh thinking of any feeling or happening. And whatever you go through, there are like a million people or more going through the same if not worse … Somehow we work our way off it and try move on swiftly. After all no one is perfect! The problem comes in when you don’t work your way through it. Just figure how to deal with your little devils … Not that I have fully figured how to deal with mine…hehe, but at least they haven’t bogged me down and I don’t intend them to.

Besides that which I had to let out … I’ve had a roller-coaster till about now. I’m trying to retrace back my steps to that place I was at my happiest regardless of life. If only I could get it back, I swear I would clutch to it with my whole life and not let go. That’s my prayer now.  I  wish, I wish, I wish, I want …. I pray it happens. Don’t ask what! In case it happens … I will write a frigging whole post about it. Don’t even start thinking what it is, because thou shall not figure … unless you’re super brilliant …. or NOT!

Sometimes all you need is a second chance, because time wasn’t ready for the first one (I wish this quote is true!)

So this whole week the playlist has been having all the ‘woiye’ songs you could think of, until at some point I was thinking its the universe was talking to me … sometimes when no one is talking to you, ok me, I tend to get messages from songs…lol I can get pretty weird at times. And that’s how my view of the world came about!

Five For Fighting – Superman

Jason Derulo – What If

Chrisette Michele – I’m A Star

Bethany Joy Galeotti – Then Slowly Grows

Nickelback – Figure you out

But then again, maybe I was just in a state.

The album of the week

Goes to none other than :  Avril Lavigne – The Best Damn Thing!

I listened to all the songs … and they got me laughing … If only I was the kind of person who hears lyrics and can sing along … I can’t … all I get is the chorus then I hum along. So this album has the kind of songs that jungus dance to … hands in the air and dance like you’re rhythmically challenged.

Quote of the week

Life is about trusting our feelings and taking chances. Losing and finding happiness. Appreciating the memories and learning from the past.

The hardest thing in life has to be trying to figure out whether its time to quit, try harder or just let nature take its course – Got it from @mwaispride

You actually managed to reach here? … this is a musing of a lifetime … Love ya!  Blessed Weekend!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Going round in circles

Looks like now the habit has rubbed in a good one. The one of procrastinating. How I say I’m going to do something tomorrow … and this tomorrow ends up a rumor. I’ve been saying I want to write a post but nothing! I find myself doing other things such as watching irrelevant movies which by the way, I now want to stop. This guys for 50 bob movies should just be banned…lol, ok touch wood! I don’t mean that, I don’t want them losing business, but really, they are the reason I procrastinate every evening.

So anyhow seeing as I haven’t blogged since the new year started. I’m not as enthusiastic with the new year as I thought I was. It’s just started at a bad note. It’s only 14th and I feel like it just needs to end. Again maybe not … now that my colleagues were talking about all this Illuminati stuff in the office that just made me see how the world is ending next year…lol I still don’t believe in that *$#% but gosh! They had their facts straight, years calculated with supporting documents and you tube videos. So somehow this year has to be the best somehow. Just in case…I still haven’t fallen prey to the Illuminati…so we shall live on :)

To that effect, maybe I should just probably start being a bit care free and start enjoying this year before it’s too late. As in it’s only 14th of January 2010. I’m I the only one feeling like it’s a drag? Yeah I have many things I’m supposed to have done but uuuummm, deadlines and all and at a particular time I’m pretty sure I’ll be praying for the days to be as draggy as possible. Like for instance…how last year ended so fast.

Until now i’m still going round in circles … haven’t yet figured my year out … yikes! But I’m not that bad off, at least I’m still sane and probably not off the track. As I still adapt to writing the date as 2011….lol, I’m sure by the time that reaches I’ll be sorted out. Otherwise, (that being a very peculiar Kenyan habit to say that, when you have nothing much to say), I hope you’ll have had a good start of the year … at least way better than mine. If not, take heart, we haven’t lost much into the year…just like 14 days…hoping that’s enough consolation.

Now as I gather psyche … my posts will have more meaning next time, unlike this very random one that I just had to write. I had the urge to write about nothing in particular…so if you reach here and think ummm so what exactly was the post about … I have also asked myself the same question after finishing to write.


“Things will happen in your life that you can’t stop, but that’s no reason to shut out the world. There’s a purpose for the good and for the bad.”  ~ “Crazy Pete” Sims (Walter Sparrow)

“If you can’t laugh, the days are just too long.”  ~ Lauren Anderson

“Consult not your fears but your hopes and dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what is still possible for you to do.”  ~ Pope John XXIII

Signing Off  ~~~ *Kawi*

TGIF *blank*

Thank God It’s Friday … The days are going fast but the dates are dragging…lol, January always has to be like that…then all over sudden it’s February then December. Or is it because it’s the broke month? Either way, I’m happy it’s Friday … I love weekends because I get time with my bed till late in the day … on Sunday that is *sigh*.

I’m Wondering

How i’m so blank…nothing to write about…or if there’s something to write it just doesn’t make sense.

I’m Feeling

Back-logged, like there is stuff I’m meant to do and I haven’t even started doing. Which is actually the case.

I’m excited

Nothing really. Paintball maybe but I’m already freaked out…the last time I did paintball with my friends before and I was aching in places I never thought would ache. Those paint pellet shots are more like real bullets that painfully sploosh on you. Then i’ll nurse my injuries by sleeping in all day on sunday…oh that’s after going to church.

Theme Songs Of the week

Energy – Keri Hilson —> I’m feeling woiye for myself so I’m allowed to have such a song as the theme song for the week. Don’t judge. I kinda like this song … which is pretty weird! Plus Keri Hilson is just too fresh!

I’m Craving

Macaroni, Cheese and Minced Meat … and that’s what I’ll cook today :)

I wish and hope

That I stop going round in circles … I need to get my act together before my Birthday at least.

I’m praying

For a  good year … that I may be able to do much with it, much more than I did last year.


Men can be lazy Women can’t! —> Heard this quote while watching the series “Good Wife” ….and I wave bye bye to being lazy.

“I’ve been trying to find the word that says what I need to be in life. ‘Brave’ is the only word. It’s the only thing that I ask myself to be.”  ~ Sandra Bullock


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*