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Oh! My Silver Jubilee

I’m so excited like you have no idea. Well, it’s not the sort of excitement you would see outside, because I’m excited every other time…smh! This is the one from the inside. It’s my last day being 24 and I have no complaints. The only thing that was bugging me today morning was that I already have so much assignments on the second week of school and I have absolutely no time to do them *sigh* but it’s never that serious for now.

24 has been a fairly good year, much better than 23

23 was my growing up the tough way year. Yikes, it’s the one that had me learn a couple of things and vow never ever to repeat them, ever. I didn’t know what I wanted or who I wanted. Basically a few disappointments here and there from me and from others. There’s so much I just didn’t know and in as much as I thought I did. That fact kept rubbing itself on my face by unveiling itself in situations, which in turn left me feeling so dumb. But isn’t that what growing up is about?

24 was my personal growth year. Having confidence in myself and my decisions, loving myself, looking and knowing what I want and what I don’t want, then knowing when to take off or when to hang in there. How to rely on myself, how to fight my battles … basically it was much about me, of course family and friends featured too. I got to know what role I want my friends to play in my life, that bit used to confuse me quite a lot and got me dissapointed quite a couple of times before.

In short, this year I was content with most things even when they went wrong. Being my voice of reason, I would have conversations with myself…lol. Like I would condemn myself, congratulate myself, beat myself up (okay, not literally), laugh at myself. At the end of the day, I can only be so mad at myself and that’s how I managed to keep up my smiley face :)

For my 25, I thank God someone has laid down a plan for me. So I don’t really have to think much about what I want to achieve. Considering there’s someone who’s been there done that. Looks like they know what’s important, at least after I read them, I thought so too. It made so much sense. It’s on a post called “11 Things to Know at 25(ish)” . Here goes the list :

  1. You Have Time to Find a Job You Love
  2. Get Out of Debt and Stay Out of Debt
  3. Don’t Rush Dating and Marriage
  4. Give Your Best to Friends and Family
  5. Get Some Counseling
  6. Seek Out a Mentor
  7. Be a Part of a Church
  8. Find a Rhythm for Spiritual Disciplines
  9. Volunteer
  10. Feed Yourself and the People You Love
  11. Don’t Get Stuck

Maybe you should check out the link to read between the lines, so that you can understand what each of the pointers actually means. Quite some insight I got there. Some of them I was already way in, others I was like ‘ooh really, cool I can try that out’. So looks like I have my goals set for this year. Those 11 are quite a handful now, let’s deal with them first.

To all the other Aquarius babies. Happy Birthday babes and bro’s have an awesome and may God bless you much.

New learnt wordQuid pro quo who knew this? say the truth  *I tell you things, you tell me things*

Song of the day: When was the last time you listened to Bon Jovi? Well this song “(You Want To) Make A Memory” was my song of the day. Which basically means, it’s the song I massacre by replaying quite a couple of times in the day.

Terrific Tuesday it is, enjoy it!

Signing Off ~ *Kawi*

Hand Me Down

“I love this jeans, they don’t really fit me now but I’m sure I’ll grow into them” … I just wonder how many of us have such conversations in our minds? The attachment we have with our stuff is unbelievable. Then it got me wondering whether it’s emotional or not. That’s because I was definitely sure it’s not emotional, only that the process of acquiring them was a bit involving and within it was some emotional distress, that’s why letting go becomes an issue. Makes a perfect excuse huh!

Like you just want to go home one day, raid your closet and put aside all the clothes, shoes or gadgets you haven’t worn or used for a while and give them out to friends or for charity. Every time I have the energy and zeal to do so, I find myself giving an excuse for each piece of garment. That’s the day I actually figure out that it would be perfect for this occasion or that it would totally match another garment or that I will use it next week …who am I kidding? Then I end up with no pile of clothes to give out.

At that point in time you feel like it’s stuff that you can’t live without, but once that moment is gone. They continue featuring in the ‘unused section’ of your wardrobe, shelves. They gather dust and the same process goes on again when given an opportunity to get rid of them or better yet practice the art of sharing. I would really love to able to just go pick something and give it out without thinking about it deeply.

The number of times I’ve managed to reach the point of actually giving out clothes, shoes, gadgets feels so good. I just close my eyes and pack them up then think of the good I’ve done and how happy the person receiving would be. This is once in a “many years” occurrence. So I’m just wondering how I can make it a bit more often like half-yearly or so?

I used to have a cousin, still do though she’s not around (wish she still was, then maybe I would get tips). She would clear her drawers every 6 months and just distribute her pretty clothes to us cousins, it was like a sale. I loved going to her house for sleep overs, because she made sure we look pretty and our little bags are stacked when we are going back home. I’ve always wanted to do that, but ‘lo and behold’ how do I even start restocking … is that the mentality of someone who’s stingy? Oi!

Anyway, I plan to do it because considering how impulse my shopping is, restocking shouldn’t be an issue. Little by little, then maybe I can own clothes that I actually wear and look stunning. Not let them gather dust and indirectly beg me to hand them down to others who would probably look really good in them or utilize them much better. Lets see how that goes. In case you are good at it, maybe you can tell us how you go on about it?

Catch phrase of the day “Sharing Is Caring!” Hope you’re on top of your Monday and not vice versa … lol Have a good one.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Friday *In a Nutshell*

Thank God It’s Friday! You know how much will it takes to speak my mind through images…jeez! I feel like explaining everything, but let’s see how it goes. It’s my last one being 24, so maybe I can try something different plus I changed my theme, that too was something all together but it speaks me.

Random Thoughts

I’m Feeling

This Weekend

I’m Craving

Songs of the Week

I Want and Pray

Quote Of The Week


Signing Off ~ *Kawi*

Mind Play

How true is this?

When I saw this ↑ the first thing I thought was, “Johnny Depp O_O” and after that, whatever he says definitely had to be something interesting … So much for being very gullible. Then I thought, how many times I’ve done this. It’s like there are people we are so fast to question their intelligence, then there others even when they say something lame, it’s alright, they probably even look more cool.

“No one ever questions your intelligence when you’re an actor” ~ George Clooney

This guys get away with so much. I figured of late that Tv series that totally made me laugh to rib aches (considering that I had a sprained muscle sprain, this wasn’t doing me any good) can be intelligently lame and they totally get me. Now we know what I’d been up to the better part of my leave. From ‘happy ending’, ‘raising hope’, ‘new girl’, ‘modern family’, ‘community’. Oh, they’re just hilarious and at no point do we sit and think that was stupid, if anything they make you relaxed and want to continue to the next episode, then  the next and before you know it time has just passed, and you don’t regret any bit of indulging.

In case you wondered where my bio on twitter and facebook came from, this must’ve been the sole reason.

✩Kawiria is the blonde, Mercy is the genius and they come out at different times.

It was to justify my lame or better yet blonde moments, so that you don’t question my intelligence. To say the least I am very intelligent but I don’t say…lol, I just tend to be comical. I mean the blonde bit makes you have something to laugh about…yes!

Now, my goal is to be that person Johnny Depp is talking about. You know the kind where, once you see my pic and my name just below it, then what I’m trying to say is automatically deemed intelligent, no matter how lame it sounds. Can you even imagine some guys saying something that doesn’t make sense even when they are actually saying something that doesn’t make sense? No. I know you know those guys you put on a pedestal. I have quite a couple, some who I’ve met, others I hope to meet, then there are others who I know I’ll never meet e.g. Marylin Monroe, Einstein and the likes.

Most of the quotes you see around are the things we say and think every so often, they are just from ordinary men and women like you and me that just took that extra step. That step that makes your life influential to others so that they can relate to your sayings and thoughts. And at that point, very few will question your intelligence (which when it comes to worldly matters, I think it’s kind of overrated). Plus, none of those quotes are brought fourth in facts and figures, it’s just a mere statement that came up in your subconscious to help you answer something that has been troubling your (or another persons) thoughts…yes!

At least there’s someone who shares my school of thought. Much better than the phrase, “it’s never that serious”. Goes more like if you want to explain something for it to make intellectual sense to most, then it should be put out in such a way that a 7 year old can get it.

Pretty sure many of you are happy that Jan-worry is coming to an end and I came into the world on the 1st day of February when y’all have probably gotten your paychecks :) Blessed week!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Mixy Friday

Thank God It’s Friday! Back to the grind … work and school, holiday are officially over, such are the days you really appreciate the weekends. The only days you can manage to sleep to the end of your dream and not wake up throwing curse words to the walls, while the alarm clock really tried to wake you up on time, but gave you an option for snooze. Tsk!

Random thoughts

1 more week. This year I need to do something and I don’t know what. I am so pathetic at organizing something, from where, how and the biggest problem is who to invite considering disappointments get the better part of me but I don’t say *sigh*

I’m feeling

Like I could feel much better than I am.

This weekend

A bit of this and that. I’m thinking shopping now that there’s a sale. This is that month where getting something good for a lesser price will be much appreciated, then party party party and sleep. Church this Sunday even if it means dragging myself there … it must happen.

I’m craving

I’m mourning the shortage or lack of Maryland cookies in our supermarkets. I think they should have at least given us notice so that we stock them.

Songs of the week

It’s Kwaito week, the beats and the lyrics are up beat plus the crowd too. Now if I could just understand what they are saying … any Zulu translators?

I want and pray

I want to beat my expectations this year and give myself a shock. I think sometimes I under-estimate my abilities … so I pray for zeal, psyche and mad believe in myself. Soar like an eagle, literally :)


To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

One Person … Many Faces

Ever wondered why we would all have different perspectives of the same person? Like I would say, person x is so nice, sweet, funny, awesome *insert adjective* and another would say a complete opposite thing about the same person x, say something like they are snobbish, rude, mean…yeah all those things you’d prefer not to be. This is purely based on first impression.

Do you think people are actually what we make them?  Sometimes we are the ones who play a role in which character a person will exude. Right from the way we approach them to the way we treat them and what we expect in return. I tend to think that we all have the good and evil, more like a duality kind of thing. That we are made in such a way to accommodate the people who walk into the different aspects of our lives. And the face says it all, you can know what I think of you from the look you get when you approach me.

It’s like your face is your guard. Given certain circumstances, you can choose to keep your guard up, down or better yet wear a mask. When you are comfortable then you have your guard down, no masks (unless you want to pretend that all is good) and that’s when you’re your warmest … you’re pleasing to the people around you. When you’re uncomfortable you have your guard up and you’re at your coldest, remember Ally McBeal, that’s when you want to unleash all your hell’y faces, you basically just don’t care and the people around, high chances is that they won’t like you.

Truth be told we all have those moments. What even made me think of this, is the levels to which people drive you to. Someone can make you beyond happy and in a split second another person can just ruin your entire day. It’s just amazing how we have different faces for the different scenarios.

Point in case : Imagine these people walking towards you and the face you will pull out, because you’ve got so many under your sleeve…

  • A street boy … dirty looking, sniffing glue and it looks like he’s holding something that could plaster your face.
  • Your long lost friend
  • Your mum or dad, as you walk hand in hand with that boy that they don’t know is your boyfriend
  • A cute chubby kiddo
  • Eye-candy, you know those people you can take a second or two to analyse … lol
  • Your boss, when you’re apparently supposed to be in the office
  • A stranger who’s smiling at you *_*
  • A guy who owes you something or vice versa
  • A guy who pisses the hell-out-of you
  • A familiar ‘acquaintance’

LOL, I know right! When you think about it now it’s pretty hilarious, and now I relate to Ally McBeal after all these years, some faces you can’t really show (they just ran in your head, that’s good enough especially if you’re trying to save face), but given the chance. Funny how, the face you show at that particular time describes the kind of person you are.

Because the mask is your face, the face is a mask, so I’m thinking of the face as a mask because of the way I see faces is coming from an African vision of the mask which is the thing that we carry around with us, it is our presentation, it’s our front, it’s our face ~ Faith Ringgol

But all is not lost, they are those who just accept you just the way you are … lol

So while I was away on “leave” I hope you missed me and all haha … I wonder what you’ve been up to and how the new year is treating you so far? May be I will say what I think of the year sometime.

Signing Off ~~~ Kawi*

Friday *Over & Over*

Thank God It’s Friday! And I’m on leave so everyday since Wednesday has been like a Friday, but for solidarities sake *ducking daggers* ↓


Random thoughts

Where do some dreams really come from? Because I’m pretty sure it’s not my thoughts or maybe it’s the subconscious thought only coming to reality when you’re asleep…yikes! In that case, then I’m really a genius…lol

I’m feeling

Like I’ve had enough sleep okay that’s supposed like a distraction to what I’m actually feeling. Awesome it is.

This weekend

Ummm! Ummm! No idea what I’ll be up to, but in case anything comes up, I won’t really turn it down … trying to be random.

I’m craving

This ↓ is long overdue … eish!

Songs of the week

To my new ring tone ↓


I want and pray

This, that and that…lol It’s one of those days I have so many things I want and pray for I just can’t select one to put here.


To an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*