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Bury then Unbury

There are two kind of things in this world, those things that are in your control, then those things that are either beyond or not in your control. If you’re in control, then you’re safe. If it’s beyond your control, you’re in danger. There are two things involved when it’s beyond your control, you either bury it for that moment then work on it later or let go and let be. When you let go and let be you’re in danger. If you bury it for the moment and plan to work on it later, oh well, that’s the best thing to do. Lol was trying to pull a Basket Mouth (you know that famous Nigerian Comedian)move and I’ve sort of failed … not so miserably though.

I experienced that the other day while going around school trying to get some stuff signed to enable me to continue with the last two chapters of my thesis. Lecturers can really de-psyche you when it comes to finding them to give you a signature here or a stamp there. That time you have sneaked out of work to get these stuff done because ideally it’s supposed to be some 15 mins work. Frustrating I tell you. So many times you feel like letting go and letting it be. Then you think, the lecturers won’t chase you around, you have to chase them around. You’re the one who wants to graduate and get a master’s degree ain’t it.

So while in the chase, I met with a random classmate who I don’t even talk to that much except in when in class discussions. Of course with all my frustrations and being very Kenya I give a synopsis of my current hurdle. Ah this school, this lecturers, how do I go about this and that *rant and raves on how crappy all those are*. These guys can make you feel like just giving up on these stuff. The dude goes like, “aaah just that? Just bury it and get back to it next week” me:  “O_O say what?”. That’s the solution to my BIG problem. Considering how distraught I was, I couldn’t even make a sound decision at that point.

That’s what happens to us. Sometimes all we need to do is bury a problem or something we see as a problem then unbury it when we are refreshed. We usually try to solve problems when we’re angry, when we are distraught and end up making poor decisions while we could have gone for a breather then taken it up when we’re cooled down, well rested. I noticed that helps in our decision process. It’s not every-time we’ll be able to solve problems there and then. I’m a sucker for doing that, so when it doesn’t happen I get frustrated. But then again, life doesn’t always allow you to have your way. You have to get accustomed to it and come up with ways of going around it. Which is what my classmate had done. That day, it worked for me. It helped me not to give up on something that just needed a little more time for it to work out.

Easter Cards

Words you could perhaps use during Easter…

ION, Happy Easter good people. What will you be up to this LONG weekend? Don’t tell me travelling because I’m already jealous, for Peep’s sake, I should have been on that road trip. However, I’ll be busy moving houses, settling in and getting used to the newness of the place. I’ll probably boil eggs and hide them to get the Easter feeling. It’s the only weekend I could get to move then manage to relax while at it and have a sweet eggscape. You know cute chicks could do with a little rest. That’s me cracking myself up.

LOL, see what I did there. Thanking God for bigger and better this season. It couldn’t come at a better time. Happy Easter!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Something. About. Me.

LOL. Strange way to start the post, I know. But honestly, it’s hilarious how ones life can change in a couple of days, months, years. It just depends when you’re struck by whatever it is that will create that change. Why I was laughing, because I was reading a previous post that made me cringe, then shake my head in almost disbelief. Like “I really said that, no I didn’t”, “how did I even think that”. If I was to write that all over again, the story has completely changed. You know the 360kind of change. It would qualify for a face-palm moment.

Then again, it shows that I have really grown. The fact that I can read something I wrote a few years back and it makes me wonder what I was thinking when I was writing it. It’s amazing when something you did a while back gives you that feeling. That feeling of wow, I have come from far, to bring it closer home, yaani nimetoka mbali. I think of my first graduation, first job, my first house, my first relationship, my first blog post, the constant advisory lectures from the parents (he he they were of course almost one-sided, mostly don’t do this, don’t go there e.t.c) and these are the things that made up my foundation. They are what made me even know what direction to and not to take in life. At that particular time, it was all no big deal. It was just living life and doing what I had to do. Then as life went on, I moved into another job, I moved houses, I started dating someone else, wrote more posts. The parental lectures graduated to discussions (it’s two-sided, I give them my opinions, they give me theirs then I weigh them and make a choice). I’ve grown, still am. Little growing to big. It’s amazing.

That’s why I laughed when I read these posts. That one just covers the relationship perspective, there’s this one when I firstmoved out of home, then another when I graduated from my undergraduate and my first post on here. It takes me back, back to where I started out. I started out from down there, from knowing almost nothing about the world. I was like a cub let loose. For those of you who watch Nat Geo, you know how bad it is out there in the wild. You’re prey. Many await to feast on you, lead you in the wrong direction, give you false promises and so on. You are in charge of yourself. You make your own decision, right or wrong. No one is responsible for that but you. It’s crazy in a beautiful way.

To fend for myself, to face the world without the protection of the parents. That’s almost a lie though, because they are on my speed dial. I always update them on things, both good and bad. I always want their blessings in the things that I do or plan to do. Then there’s my boyfriend, he’s on the receiving end of all this I want to do this that and so on, so his opinions really matter as they’ll affect my decisions in one way or another. Then my friend(s), I have started learning to share things. I am not one to. I know it sounds unimaginable considering I am a chatter-box but surprise, there’s some mystery here. It’s like God leads me to people who will help in my venture for growth, the little experience I have gathered in different aspects of my life is through people. People I have known from the places I have been or people I have met in the weirdest of ways or people I have been introduced to. Super support system. You’ve got to love people.

Slowly I have been moving up, learning a couple of things while at it. The one thing that’s been my constant, though sometimes I tend to under-look it sometimes,  is that I strive to excel. I want to grow. The moves I make or intend to make are so that I can grow, so that I can make me and mine better. While at it, make a difference in the lives of the people I meet along the way or better the places I pitch tent in. I think what would make me feel unsatisfied is if I feel that I am not able to do this. If I feel stagnated, if there’s no sense of growth or there’s nothing I can do to make a difference. If I can’t do any of this, then why am I there or why am I doing what it is am doing in the first place?

That’s a little “Something. About.Me”. Also my very first picture-less post. Strange huh?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*


Friday Randomness

I won’t quite do the Friday Fives. I’m way too lazy for that and time is not also on my side for now. How’s your Friday going so far? Mine, well oh well, am glad the week is over. This weekend is just as normal as any other, with excitement building up for next week, someone say “LONG HOLIDAY”. Easter just rocks in every way and considering that it’s a long weekend, lots of activities await.

Oh yeah, today I went for a medical check up that’s compulsory for all employees. Hospitals and doctors (except my mum) give me the creeps especially if there’s any form of injections and/or insertions (women you feel me on here). But technology has made the injections less painful or is it just me, esp the prick for blood sugar and the one for getting some blood from your arm. I was freaked out, then after I was done am like, “I could even go for another round” yeah right. I am a wuss when it comes to that, that I can’t even deny. I thank God for good health. The pricks, checks and removing and wearing of clothes was totally awkward. I would not have a male physician or doctor for anything that involves complete clothes removal. Eeeh that awkwardness was real. Plus you know how the mister could go bonkers if there was ever such possibility. His reaction would overrule the awkwardness…lol.

Otherwise, being the Kenyan I am with no better way of beginning a sentence hehe. I would like to wish you an amazing weekend full of awesome possibilities. This was supposed to be a sort of ‘peek, wave and leave’ kind of post. Ever met those guys who in a presentation go like “I don’t have much to say but…”, “in conclusion…”, “last but not least…” or “I won’t take much of your time” then they go on and on into their presentation. Then you’re thinking, “dude, but you just said…” annoying huh! This is me doing it on a blog and I don’t want to be that kind of person ha! Hasta la vista mates, next week is yet another week.


Signing Off ~~~*Kawi*

Social Media in Relationships – Toxic or Not?

I was once a junkie. A certified junkie of social media and all that comes with it. You know how you want to share every aspect of your life with other friends and strangers online. You’ve woken up, you’re working, you have too much work, the music you’re listening to, you’re bored, you’re shopping, your location, you’re eating, you’ve gone to bed and the likes. It was fun to say the least, while it lasted. You didn’t have to quite go out of your way to communicate, because this is information that you’re freely divulging, no one is pressuring you for it or telling you how to go on about it. It’s like you’re in relationship with your phone (or gadget) and you’re the one in control. The social media sites are your journals where you say what’s going on in your life at a particular point.

social media

My friends would also comment on how I was into social media. Well, it hadn’t occurred to me to say the least. Especially since what I was doing wasn’t wrong. If anything, I was just being the social animal that I am. So I would just brush it off. They would say about the number of friends and followers I had, but still nah. It was good for me in the sense that while socializing I got to learn a few tricks here and there that we could use for business to gain some competitive advantage, make new friends and the best of all, kill bore-dome. Talk of making your lifestyle somehow work for you and enable you to make ends meet in more ways that one.

Then of course, things get a bit more serious. There’s school and work. In as much as social media was part of my JD, it wasn’t the fun-filled life updates no more. This one comes with targets, KPI’s, you can’t just post whatever comes to your mind. It’s basically different. To some extent it taught me that I should be responsible for what I expose online, how far should I go in. Is what I’m posting necessary, what impact will it have on those people who follow me or those who are my friends. So much thought process goes into it. Such that a simple post could be expected to do a lot. For business purposes, it should create awareness and push a customer to purchase your goods or service.

Bearing this in mind, I also became a follower and a reader (observer). I would like to know what other say about something before blindly posting. Sometimes I just want to be on the sidelines and read what others have to say. It’s somewhat interesting, it’s like you’re gossiping with imaginary friends, getting updates on what’s going on with your real friends and strangers, getting news on what’s happening around the world. So sometimes I could find myself so deeply engrossed.

Then came something I didn’t quite have before. A relationship. Now, a relationship means that there’s this person who wants your attention and needs some time out of the ordinary to get to know you better. A bit better than the rest know you. This is because that’s the other person you spend lots of time with, they foresee a future with you. Now, when was it that we used to access social media the most? After work and school. Now, here’s this special person who’s craving your attention. This person you have to kind of please by making some delish dinner once in a while. Before, I would reach home so exhausted, throw myself on the couch, grab my phone follow-up on “social media news updates or better yet gossip and things that don’t quite add value to my life”. Before I know it, it’s so late that the best I can feed on is cornflakes or milk and bread and an egg or baked beans to make it a tad bit healthier.

It’s just interesting. Of course it didn’t take me a day to realize that social media can be addictive and it can also be quite an anti social behavior. Until the mister pointed it out. It was more like, “you spend so much time on the phone and especially on social media”, or once or twice in an argument he made a random statement like “you can just talk to your online friends, they listen to you better”. Of course me in my defensive nature, I didn’t get the point then. I was like “how can you even say something like that? *sob*” It’s later I asked him what he meant by that statement because it kept ringing and ringing at the back of my mind.

Then he says, it’s like you’re more comfortable talking to your online friends, giving them updates more than you are telling me or talking to me. I know right, it came as a shock to me as well. Took me a while to even accept that he would think that. Of course that’s the reality that was. I just wasn’t ready to accept it. This is the life am used to. When you’re alone, there’s no one to share your stuff with, so you resort to strangers – social media. When you say something people would comment or say something in addition and make some fun out it. It’s better than talking to walls ain’t it?

Social media is not so social when it comes to relationships.

Well, that was a problem. Social media can be a problem. It can be a problem when there’s someone sited next to you, someone hanging out with you or someone trying to get your attention. That other person feels like they’re the ones talking to a wall. Like you want to share certain aspects of your life online but whatever it is that you’re telling other people online you can also tell them. Why not? Is it they won’t catch the joke or is it that you have more fun with this other people, that you probably don’t even know than you do with them. Or you have a problem between the two of you and you all go your separate ways and update you status with some subtle hints to your significant other. Such that when they read they know it’s directed to them. Why not just tell them, text them privately.

Social media becomes a middle man in relationships, the communication hub between spouses. The one who says he said this, she said this. Or the third wheel, you know that friend who tags along on your dates even when uninvited.

This doesn’t mean that you can’t be on social media and be in a relationship. LOL. Would I survive? Just kidding. It just means that you have to respect your “you time”. You have to set your own boundaries. When you’re hanging out, put away the phone. When there’s something interesting to update, share with your significant other (because they are there with you) then you can even go like let me share this one *on your preferred social media platform*. It just goes ahead to show that you’re free with them and that they’re also fun to hang around with. It gives you time to catch up, talk about your lives, your expectations and other important things that relate to you and your lives. It doesn’t make sense that you can post your location on social media but you find it weird that your spouse wants to know where you are or they would like to at least be updated on the same. He/She cares, people on social media really don’t.

If it’s an issue in your relationship, the subtle hints posted as notes or updates on social media hurt more than they pass the message along. So instead of telling your online friends, why not just communicate between the two of you and try solve whatever it is without people prying into your business? I think it ends up better than when you air out your dirty linen. We’re all human and we all have dirty linen, unless you’re perfect. How you handle your problem or clean your linen is what makes all the difference.

Let people see your linen hung on the lines sparkling clean and not dirty. They even don’t need to know how the linen got dirty, if it got dirty or how it was cleaned. That’s none of their business. But they do care that you’re both cool with each other.

I didn’t learn this in a day and also not in the easiest of ways. Oh, neither am I an expert on relationships. But I eventually did, still am, that’s what that matters. Making a mistake ‘big or small’ and learning from it, then sharing it with you.

For those in a relationship, what has been your experience on the same? For the singles, do you ever think this will be a problem when you start dating?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Living or Surviving?

hope, faith, love


I was just wondering at what point do we stop living and start surviving? Yeah, we are alive as long as we’re breathing, moving or doing something that signifies the presence of life. Of course I don’t mean that kind of living. I mean the kind where you are content with who you are, what you’re doing, the people that surround you and you have something to look forward to. Sometimes we get so caught up in what we do that we don’t realize these things. We think just because we wake up, do our normal routines and maybe one or two new or not-so-new things in the day, we’re living it. Sometimes at the end of the day you would look back and you wonder how the day has come to an end and nothing has changed about you, within you or around you. It’s like time flies, but funny enough it doesn’t because apparently we are all given 24hrs in a day. That’s equality at its best. I mean for the person who does nothing all day and the president of America.

I won’t even deny that am one of those people. One of those people who complains time is flying and at the end of the day I can’t quite account for it. It’s probably all chalked out on some board somewhere. I doubt even the person or angel handling my board… Oh wait a minute, I diverse just a little. I somehow, well you know everyone has a kid in them you don’t?, the kid in me thinks the angels have a kick-ass time up there betting on how our lives will go. Like draw a routine then place bets if they’ll change and such like things. The things the mind thinks. Any how, back to surviving. Sometimes we just survive by the day.

But hey again,  this stuff seems harder than rocket science I say. Managing your life is actually harder than any course work or job you’re given (aye or nay?…I could be saying my own things). I’m not one to say when to stop surviving and start living. But I think the source of living is a pinch of faith, sprinkle of hope, some sacrifice and  a cup full of love. We don’t have everything we want, neither are we also in most cases where we would like to be for one reason or another. But what makes you think you can’t get there?

It’s in the lack of faith and in the loss of hope that makes us think that we’re not good enough or we don’t have what we need or we won’t get there (where we want to be). In actual sense, you actually can and you’re good enough. It’s just in the change of our attitude. To learn not to be belittled by what we don’t have but instead let what we don’t have be our drive.

In my honest opinion, I don’t even think living means doing new things per se. Sometimes we’re not in a position to change our situation at that particular time because of certain limitations. However, you could delimit them by incorporating something in your routine that makes you feel satisfied with yourself. You know what I mean? Something that makes you feel like you’ve not wasted a whole day. Something that will or could contribute towards your tomorrow. Start living. Surviving means that there’s nothing you’re looking forward to, so there’s nothing you’re really working for. You’re just doing it because you have to for your survivals sake. You’re complacent where you are and with what you have, you don’t look beyond. Your fuel has run out and that spark has fizzled out. Stop Surviving.

Start Living. Stop Surviving

ION, here’s my 2 proposal yes 2 defense story.

The other day I was doing my proposal and boy is that thing not easy. I had to defend it in the end to get approval to move on to data collection and analysis so that I can finish my thesis *someone say an AMEN*.  Well, I was scheduled for a defense, dates and all. I’ve never been to one before and I had never gotten the opportunity to attend one. So I wasn’t sure how one gets grilled and all. I had done my proposal to the “best of my ability”. “” because I really hadn’t. Then I went to the defense room and I was grilled…a good one. People are grilled, they make you look and feel like, “that’s all you did?”, “where is this, where is that…”. The corrections were quite a couple, so I was asked to go work on them and come back to re-defend a few weeks later.

Crushed and feeling like maybe am not so bright after all, okay that’s my ego talking. You know how failing in something feels. It’s not the best feeling in the world. Then I thought wait a minute, I’ve not failed, it’s a freaking re-defense! It’s basically a second time to shine and prove to my lecturers I accept mistakes, I can work on correcting them and I can produce something really good. I decided I will do my research, follow-up with my sources of study and work with my supervisors. All this time with a bucket full of hope and faith not the sprinkles and pinches I was talking about earlier. Of course a few sacrifices here and there and viola, I passed my re-defense *ego boost* but it doesn’t end there. I still have so much work to do, but I know I’ll manage for sure. I can see myself at my graduation party (if I choose to have) doing that speech…lol.

hope, faith

Thanking God for that and thats it’s FRIDAY! This week just needed to end. It’s been a long one, up and down but totally worth all the efforts. I am grateful. But does this up and down ever end anyway? The weekend is jam-packed, but it’s the weekend. I think the gist is in the name, end makes you want to heave a sigh of relief.

Signing ~~~ *Kawi*


Friday Selfies

Thank God It’s Friday and it’s International Women’s Day. Ata girl! It’s also the day the final results of elections are being released in Kenya *crossing fingers*. Would like to go back to the office next week knowing who’s going to be running our government for the next 5 years. Maybe they could cut down the taxes. Every time I look at my pay-slip and think the amount of tax I pay and what the rest of the country-people pay cumulated should make our country more comfortable than our homes man. It’s crazy, what do you think? I mean, things like transport should never stress us. It should be a swish. I hope the next government makes a difference in our lives. Mediocre is not an option no more.

Women! Women! Women! What would men do without the ‘wo’ in their lives? We are the different breed, the ones who are a bit difficult to figure. Yet we always want them to “go figure” us out, then surprise us with niceties. Considering they don’t have the advantage of books that tell them how to figure us women out. We have a million and one books telling us the same thing about men. They’re all different but there are those things that cut across all of them. Those things that we have to understand, then work around to make sure our men are happy.

The ‘wo’ is versatile, not accustomed to one thing. This time it’s like this next time it’s like that. It’s even difficult to understand ourselves sometimes, truth be told. There’s so much going on in our lives. If it’s not the drama (we not so surprisingly have drama whether we like it or not) that we get ourselves into, it’s the zit on the forehead or the bad hair day or hormones gone haywire, or we’re not feeling so beautiful or appealing, or the clothes despite looking stunning on the outside don’t make you feel outstanding in the insides. Such like things.

You see the number of things that happen in these small, medium and plus-size bodies you see strutting in the streets or in your homes. That’s a lot, but that’s part of who we are. We handle a lot. That’s what makes us interesting. If we went M.I.A life wouldn’t be as interesting I suppose. It’s all in our caring, motherly and loving nature that is I believe in every woman. It could be your mother, wife, girlfriend, sister, friend, and stranger.

In that case, be sure to tell the women in your life how beautiful they look, how loving they are and how blessed you are for having them in your life. That only, will make her reach the clouds and probably not get back…lol. You’ll have made a woman happy for a second there and if you’re lucky enough, a minute *just kidding*. We’re easy to please, ish!


Happy International Women’s Day to all my woman friends and relatives. To my mother, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you, you more than rock. Friday selfies just for kicks. You know you’ve got to look for the fun in your face, if you can’t get it in your surroundings. That’s my excuse and I stick to it *wink*. You know women and the camera flash light, yeah, me too ha ha!

International Women's Day

Selfies: Take 1 *naaah* cut. cut. cut

Honestly, I was just sited on the couch watching TV and reading then the camera called me, “Kawi, how about a pic or a couple?” and then this happened. Otherwise, I hope your Friday is going on well? Here,  *sigh* the political atmosphere got me staying indoors and the way I wanted to go for a couple of rounds. Couch potato’ing can be quite the pass time. I think from today it’s life back to normal, this wait has been long overdue. Whatever comes off it, becomes!



Keep safe and as is protocol … live, love and laugh a little more than the usual this weekend and the coming week. God bless y’all mates!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Foodie Moment

I hope my Kenyan friends who are of age went to exercise their democratic right by electing their political aspirant of choice. As we wait for the vote results, we hope that they’ll be free and fair seeing as there are some challenges the IEBC is experiencing. Well, at least we were given a week off by our office to observe the election process. It’s interesting because we get to rest while at the same time touch base on what’s happening. in the mean time, let’s try to say and think good things about IEBC to promote peace despite the speculations going around. Not easy for me either, but I’m pretty sure they’re trying their best.

That’s what I’ve been really up to. Feels like a leave of sorts. Have some thesis work and assignments that were due this week but have been pushed to next week as well so you can imagine the amount of laziness that’s creeped in. It’s amidst my laziness that I thought to share with you things that really tickled my fancy this week. That’s with regard to food. Say with me “a moment on the lips, a life time on the hips”. But then again, what’s life without some good food?

Favourite meal: Chicken and plain boiled rice

Food, Chicken, Rice

I’m not one to write the recipes really but let me try my hand at it.

Ingredients: One cup of Rice, handful of boiled peas, 1 spoon salt, 1 spoon garlic powder, 1 spoon mixed spices, sprinkle of royco, 1/2kg chicken, 2 green pepper(sliced), 1 batch of dhania, 2 tomatoes (diced), 1 onion (diced), one tumbler of water, 5ml cooking oil (sunflower).


For the rice, basically measure one cup of rice, wash it. Then measure two cups of water and boil it. Pour some little oil and a spoon of salt. Pour the washed rice into the boiling water and let it cook in medium heat until the water falls. Mix the rice with boiled peas and let it simmer.

For the chicken stew, I do a fake marination of the chicken with the spices for a few minutes. Then my first step (for nearly all stew meals) is always fry the onions and green pepper in a little cooking oil. I think it’s just a habit picked up while observing how my mum cooked. Tried other methods, but this one has stuck. Then pour in the 1/2kg chicken and let it cook a little then add some water and simmer. As it cooks, add diced tomatoes, dhania and some peas then let them cook and melt into the stew. Add a pinch or two of salt to taste.

Serve the rice and chicken stew while hot. The arrangement of the food on the plate doesn’t quite matter for me at least, unless you’re trying to please someone. LOL I hope my boyfriend doesn’t see that, he might subject me to decorating his food. YUMMERS! That happens to be one of my favourite fast cook foods. I think one hour and am done if not less. As long as the white meat is ready.

Favourite snacks: Urban bites/pringles, corn chips (aka choose), ribena/can of redd’s.

snacks, urban bites, ribena, corn, chips, redds

I don’t have any particular crave at the moment, but it looks like my palette is tending towards salty stuff (crisps and chips) with a sweet beverage accompaniment.

Favourite Dessert: Ice-cream and cookies

dessert, ice cream, cookies

I’d mentioned that I’d love to try the different Igloo flavors, this time I went for vanilla (it’s undoubtedly my favourite). As simple as it gets. We should go a bit wild on the flavours next time.

Ha ha just in case you’re wondering where it all goes … the sewer system works pretty fine. Did I just spoil my whole post with this. I’m starting to skip as an exercise regime (even bought a skipping rope) and dragging the boyfriend on that plan. Healthy living people, healthy living. Eat then exercise a little. No?

Keep safe and be good comrades!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*