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My Kind…

Of people. Those people you meet for the first time and you just gel in like you were meant to be.  All of a sudden it feels like you’ve known each other for a lifetime despite you being strangers not so long ago (seconds, hours, days). You have so much in common, so much more than you can comprehend. It gets surprising that most of the stories that you have and choose to narrate, somehow you relate because you’ve either been there done that or are doing it or  just because it makes so much sense to you. It’s almost inexplicable that even in things that you haven’t quite experienced and they have, you can still relate and sort of build a picture. You know the way you read a novel and think the writer had you in mind as they wrote. That kind.


There’s a void they fill no one else yet has. It’s like a puzzle, you know how each piece has its design and hole and there’s just one other piece that can be able to fill and fit its design and hole. These designs or holes could be one thing about us that this person needs in their life. Something that others can’t do as well as you would do in their life and somehow you’re just drawn to each other.

It’s funny how we could have a friend and we want to be everything to them or vice versa. Sometimes I’m being modest with words here, I don’t think it’s possible to be someone’s everything in as much as you would love to be. That’s why puzzles have pieces, and each piece has its function. Unless you really give yourself up and try to live someone else’s life, for you to be able to there for them in all capacities. There’s that one thing or few things that makes someone fit into your life, that piece. Something about their character or trait or ability, one that only suits a certain part of your puzzle which is your life. Then I thought of what “My Kind” is. At least 5 things that have drawn people to me:

Humour – You know those people who make you laugh, laugh and laugh again … despite the situation as it could vary from a not so bad situation to a very bad situation and there’s nothing much left to do. I think it’s what keeps most of us sane, if not all of us. Sometimes you need to laugh some situations away, you know where you narrowly escape due to the humor in your life. I mean, what would you do without some laughing? Or someone making sense of this life in a ‘not so serious’ way?

Non-Judgemental – You want someone who you’ll open up to candidly and they won’t look at you like “how could you” or “no, you just didn’t”. You want to just be you and have them accept you for who you are. Don’t we all look for that? Then if it’s something that needs some intervention or help, they can offer in whichever capacity they can.

Down to Earth – My other name was supposed to be simple, complex nags me, like you have no idea. So the moment I see complexity in a person, I want to take to my ‘heels’ (okay, flats since I’m rarely in heels…lol). I like people who don’t make other people’s lifes difficult. You work with what you have, bila ‘no’ pressure.

Realistic – “Head in the cloud, feet on ground” kind of people are my kind of people. Because then you’re sure that you can make whatever it is that you talk about happen sooner or later. Your ideas and opinions can help the current situation. These are the people who ground you when you’re busy flying away into the unknowns.

Self-Confident – Nothing says to me “good friend” than one who’s confident about themselves; who they are, what they do and what they want. Not bossy though, I can’t stand bossy, they get to my nerves. It basically means, you know yourself, you’re comfortable with yourself and you love yourself enough to accommodate someone else without feeling like you’re losing yourself or being a burden. You can help and motivate each other.

Maybe you could also look at what kind of people you get drawn to and why? That would be a good question to ask yourself for self-evaluation purposes. It was such a random one, this one. For me, it helps me understand the people who I call my friends a little better. You know the ones I have, the ones I once had and lost touch and the one’s I am gaining. Doesn’t make sense having so many people in your life and not knowing why they are there, ain’t it? That creates content for another post.

This one is my #ThrowBackThursday post. It’s taken me back yo! To you, you and you,  now have yourself an ah-mah-zing one won’t you? Your answer best have been a YES!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Friday Snippets

Thank God It's Friday

Thank God It’s Friday

Have you ever had so much to be grateful for to an extent that any moment a feeling of sadness or discontent wants to creep in, you feel guilty and you just smile it away. That’s me right now. I don’t have a valid reason why I should frown or be sad. That would be truly unfair, I am blessed beyond words. I don’t have everything I want in life, but I have everything I need to get me there.

Woi this Friday though! It’s still not sunk in that it’s Friday. I lost a day during the week, must have been Tuesday. So the Friday excitement might just check in tomorrow, then next thing I know it’s Monday again. That’s so skunky…hehe new word.


Olympus has fallen, you know that movie that you watch and feel re-energized, like you didn’t waste a minute. This is it. If I was to rate it in my books, I would say 9.2. This is just not to sound so gullible because really, I am when it comes to well directed movies. But jeez! I loved everything about it, except where the presidents wife had to die. They couldn’t have painted a better picture of the presidents wife, then let her go when the movie is starting.

Crossing the Line, an investigative movie cum series about a special unit of cops who are chasing a serial killer. I kinda got confused at the end though because when I started watching it I thought it was a movie. Then they say ‘next episode’.

The Croods, one animation I had eagerly awaited for to the extent that I pre-paid for it. All thanks to E! Then I watched it and it was well not so ‘Happy Feet’-y or ‘Puss-In-Boots’-y. Maybe it’s because I was too sleepy. It was about ‘the croods’, cave-beings who have to survive after their cave is destroyed and are introduced into a fantasy world in which they have to survive in with the help of some boy their curious cave-daughter met.

The Haves and the Have Nots, it’s a Tyler Perry, interesting drama series about the rich getting richer and the poor get even. Some rich judge getting into a messy black mail situation with an escort from a poor family, oh and she’s a b**ch.

Eagerly waiting to watch, The Internship, World War Z and White House Down.


My family and friends. If there’s a time I ever thought that, ‘maybe I don’t have friends’, ‘maybe friends are hard to find and eventually keep’, it got rubbed off because they literally swept me off my feet. On what was my big achievement but which I underplayed to self-protect. My family and friends went ahead to show me what a GREAT achievement it was. It turned out way better than I had expected, talk of low expectations and getting over and beyond. Nothing but LOVE for them.

Friends and Fam


I am hooked to this song for now. For some reason it’s stuck in my mind.


Starting on Paulo Coelho’s – Brida. Do you guys have any book suggestions? I have gone to the book store a couple of times and all times, I have come out empty handed o_O maybe I’m the one with the problem but I just don’t want to read a book that’s not intriguing or inspiring. Might end up reading a ‘Danielle Steel – Big Girl‘ I have in the house. There must have been a reason I purchased it.


Gah! Let’s not go there, quite the combinations.

Food, Chicken, London Dairy, Macaroni


A very chilled out weekend with no plans set. Events, which for purposes of surprise, I shall not mention until its past…lol that’s considering the suprisee’s stumble upon my blog. Plus great opportunities that are on their way.


Inky pinky ponky. If I started naming things here, you would probably judge me. You get me, you’re probably thinking the same huh!


An out of town very soon of course with the mister and a few friends who can be derailed.


Quote of the day

To more laughing, living and loving. Let your weekend be nothing short of interesting, blessings!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Crazy Lessons and a Little Bow

Last week, I had one interesting week. You know one that is full of lessons, not necessarily directed at me, but I think it kind of gave me the hints of how to handle life and what it brings along. Especially those things that I have control of. Basically, by the time I was closing in the week to start off a new one on Monday, I was feeling so refreshed and with a new source of energy, hope and desire to greet the new week with. Not because I had hit the jack pot … Gah! I wish I had wouldn’t mind me some extra dime, but because of the positive vibes that I happened to come across in my quest for fun times. Since a week is made up of 7 days, I’ll do the 7 main lessons I learnt.

7 crazy lessons

Lessons 1

Dream and dream big about whatever it is you’re passionate about. Don’t limit yourself in your dreams, go all out. Even when you think you’re being too ambitious, dreaming didn’t cost anyone a dime, or did it? I don’t mean the dreams that come when we’re asleep, like in your subconscious. This is the kind that you dream of consciously. Where your mind is active and travels faster than your eyes can see. Not only should you just dream, work towards making it happen. Say it out loud, share with someone because the principles of life are such that what you say becomes. I don’t know how that plays, but it does. Many have, I believe you also can.

Lesson 2

Sharing is caring, especially IDEAS. Socialize, network and share your ideas with your family, colleagues, friends and even strangers who feel confident enough to approach you and talk to you – beware of conmen though. It only gets more real when you share, plus these people, they broaden your idea, your vision and make it look clearer to you. Just in case you had any doubts in your ability to actualize this ideas, that’s what sharing does. It gives you confidence, because if you can say it, then share it, what makes it so hard in trying to actually do it, it becomes a challenge. Get my drift?

Lesson 3

Lack of resources should not deter you from chasing your dreams, because that’s our story, majority of us that is. We have to work hard to get the resources that will enable us to achieve our plans/goals. It could be a little disheartening which is normal for any human I suppose, but tell yourself good things, like how you’re a superstar no jokes. Give yourself psyche, keep trying and working hard even when all seems bleak. Someday you’ll look back and realize that it was not really about the resource but about your ability to lift yourself and work through a situation.

Lesson 4

Work with what is currently within your means, unless you’re Bill Gates. Know thyself, know what you have and what you don’t have. Then know how you can work with what you have and feel content as you work towards getting what you don’t have. I am pretty sure, actually I am very sure that we can’t have everything we want, but we’re not usually left in a “tumble-weeds, whistling wind and a lonely church-bell” kind of situation. Somehow, there’s always something we can cling on to, to turn around our situation and make it better. Life I tell you, when you really think about it, it’s hilarious.

Lesson 5

We all want to start life on the fast lane, don’t we? I could do with that seven figure salary already. But what we need to know is that it’s okay to start it small then build your empire while at it. That fast lane ain’t running away to anyone, it’s there for us to live it, but sometimes it has to take its own course. Starting small doesn’t mean that you’re any lesser than another person who probably is doing better than you are. It gives you an opportunity to work harder, learn to manage the little you have, to be able to appreciate every step of the way as well as figure yourself out before being overwhelmed by the life in the fast lane. If you think about it you’re lucky if you start small, embrace it while at it, but don’t get complacent, you have a dream to chase and conquer. If you got it all at first, would you really know how to appreciate or look back to see how far you’ve come? It could get boring actually.

Lesson 6

A wedding is not a marriage. A wedding is a day, a BIG day in your life though. A day you make a commitment to that person you want to spend your life with. As that commitment is being made, it should be made in happiness, not in regret, pain or struggle. As you plan and organize for that day, you know yourself and your partner and the positions that you’re in i.e. financially. It’s not about what your friends want or expect your day to be but about how you want it to be. If they love you, they’ll be by you and help you achieve your plans. Plan it with that in mind to ensure that both your sane not insane desires are met. So that the wedding can be the start of a happy marriage. This one lesson revived our hope for weddings.

Lesson 7

Last but not least, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” – Leonardo da Vinci. It simply shows that being simple isn’t banal, it’s elegant, especially on people. It looks good on you. I respect people who have the ability to lead a complex life, but chose to have it simple in the way the live and deal. I find simple so admirable, sexy, humble and something I can live with, any time. It’s one perspective I find appealing to mind because with simplicity there’s so much beauty and happiness without unnecessary pressure. Plus it just simply cuts across all.

Feel free to also share a lesson you’ve learnt over time or one that you think someone will learn from you. Then with that, have a fabulous week full of laughter and blessings, it only goes uphill from there.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

The Fresh Perspective

When you go through a certain situation, good or bad, there’s a way that everyone who is something in your life has something to say about that situation. Some see it like, ‘there’s a reason why things happen’, ‘there’s something better in store for you’, ‘you’re totally screwed’, , ‘you’re so lucky’, ‘you totally deserved it’, ‘I’m so happy for you’, ‘let’s work this one this out’, ‘you won’t be a able to’, ‘you will make it through’, ‘don’t worry, it’ll be okay’ … most of the time the reactions are completely different, they come in all forms positive, negative, encouraging, supportive, dismissing, concerned and helpful ones. Don’t we always want people to be leaning towards the positive reactions, you know agree with what we say or do, offer assistance and so on? I do.


However, besides having other people responding to your situations, there’s the way you also see it. It could be a situation where you want others to react positively to, but whether or not people give their opinions about it at the end, it’s about what you think about it yourself. How you view it, your perception of it. Good things could be happening to you, but you fail to realize because you wanted more or you were really interested in other things besides the good that’s happening to you. Such that your perception of that good thing seems not so good after all. For example, you could have gotten a good job, with a good pay so to say, but when you evaluate you see that money won’t be enough to handle your bills and it gets downhill from there. Instead of you being thankful that you have a good job and you’re getting some good experience and exposure; and you are able to put a roof over your head and food on the table, you think how bad it is that you don’t have extra for vacays, outings or for expensive clothes and shoes. Been there, done that. Forgetting that I am favoured to have a great job or there’s much more to look forward to than the simple pleasures that money can buy.

It could also be something bad that has happened to you *God forbid* and we have every right to have negative reactions. Feel bad for ourselves and wonder why it happened to us, not thinking if it didn’t happen to us it could probably be happening to someone else, and they would also feel as bad as you are. It’s good to feel bad, but then how we take it up from our feelings, is what determines the outcome. You could look at it from the point of; Why? You’re totally crushed! You just don’t know what to do next! Your world has come to an end. On the other hand, you could look at it as an opportunity to work harder, to do it differently so that you don’t get the same results again or if it’s something that’s beyond of your control, know that for everything that happens there is an inherent reason why that you don’t necessarily have to know (that sucks though). I am one of those firm believers that God has it all planned especially for those negative things that happen to us in as much as I would never want anything bad to happen to me and my loved ones, but again it’s out of our control. It could be losing someone or something, accidents, heart-breaks, diseases, failures, disappointments and so on. Since it’s merely out of your control, look  for people who will support you, give you hope, have faith in you. Last but not least, believe in God and depend on him for things to get better for you. There are some things that don’t make sense, never will, and the more you dwell on get answers to them, the more it becomes frustrating.

Perspective is everything. It’s your outlook of life, how you choose to see things, even when you’d rather be blind to them. It’s not about eye-sight though, it’s mind-sight. Sometimes your mind can see things that your eyes have not yet seen. And if you can dream it, think it, then at some point I am pretty sure you will actually get to see it … literally! All the best in your endeavours.

Special shout out to my mum who just started running a clinic. After many years of working for and with organisations, helping others start their dreams, she resigned to follow her own dream of having her own clinic. I know it’s not easy but I totally love your fresh perspective on it. We can’t see it physically now, but your mind has and I believe that what you see will come to be. Plus I’ll support you all through in whichever way I can and make every effort even when I feel I can’t.


How’s July coming along? Yet to update you on last month. It was an awesome one by all means.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*