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26. Tips the Scale.

My new catch phrase for things Birthdays. I have been writing this post in my head for a while now. It’s that time of the year once again, when I tip the scale up 1 year and getting much closer to the year when the biological scale apparently starts working. But that shouldn’t worry me just yet. I thought of what my birthday wish list would look like, and it was such a task, I’d look too needy. So I decided to imagine from the top of my mind,  26 things I’d want to achieve and acquire this new year:


I want to learn how to bake, grill and everything else an oven can do. Because, I have never really made good use of one. All of my food is pan-fried or sufuria cooked. I would like my family to enjoy some really good foods on the weekends.


A blender, there’s an overload of ripe fruits in the market that need their juices squeezed. I think I would play a good role at that if only I had a blender.


Be an adorable girlfriend to my boyfriend that’s if I’m not already *wink*.

My Birthday Mate.

My one & only handsome birthday mate. Happy Birthday Love.


Keeping people dear to me much closer.


A fancy phone cover for the Xperia V.


Play around with my house design from furniture to curtains to placements – comfort is my mantra and funky what I want to achieve.


Learn anything and everything content related – and just be good at it while at it.


A vacay – I could almost see myself sipping something on some beach somewhere. But that’s for later, I haven’t accumulated enough leave days yet.


Host a party. We just have to look for a reason.


A card holder for my cards. I got my batch of nice cards and well I they’re still in the boxes.




Get more suits for work. Yes, I adjusted and embraced it. Now I’m all suited up for the week.


Continue the spirit of gifting.


Think outside the box, always. Sometimes I get closed up in the box, but I would do great with outside the box.


Write and write away, and hope it leads me somewhere.


Inspire someone, even one person with each post I make (more like “every move I make” haha).


New friends. The new ones I have made, have been nothing but amazing.


To get a music system for house. Can you imagine I don’t own one. And yes, I love music. It’s just never been a priority.


To grow, grow , grow. Of course not in KG’s, but out of my comfort zone.


I want to go with my folks upcountry more often. I rarely do, but they’re fun to hang out with.


To be a better big sister to my baby sister, I think I could do better than I am.


Get or make something functional every month, no matter how small it is, as long as it is, as long as it is saving me time and effort.


Try consolidate my best of everything. Have you ever been asked what is your best movie? and you’re left with a blank look because you’ve never really thought about it. It seems those are the kind of questions everyone asks nowadays.


I need dresses. I don’t own any sun/hangout/office dresses. I have one tailored dress and I think 2 maxi dress. It’s for shame.


Now that all my close friends are either married, in the process of getting married or talking marriage. I should start thinking forward and make imaginary plans like when I want to get married, how my dress will look, what theme colors I want, my gift list (like that washing machine I saw in Nakumatt and I can’t afford it yet…lol), my bridesmaids e.t.c.


Let every experience be a lesson and not a feeling like I have failed. I think so far, I’ve tried to practice that.


Eat my own baked cake on our next birthday. I’d better know how to because y’all will get a stomach ache if I don’t know how to.


To declare God’s incredible blessings over my life, because I am blessed beyond measure.


26 was a good year. So many good things happened to me. Some so big that the impact made me numb and all I can do is appreciate and make sure that I give those tapped opportunities my best.


Have fun. Live life. Learn Lessons. Laugh at anything that deserves a good laugh.

Happy Birthday to all my #TeamAquarius people, To Kare, a special shout out to you, Happy Birthday babe. Let’s make this one memorable in our own special way. Lot’s of love, peace and light in your lives. God bless you richly.

Signing off ~~~ *Kawi*

My “3 in 1″ Pet Peeves

Pet Peevees

The Pet everyone has, meet Peeves.

There are those things about people that totally annoy you or get your “not so good side” shaken up. Like you just want to rip their faces off (that’s horrific though, but you get my point of irritation). Your pet peeves. They drive you up the wall and make you think of ways you can make their life’s just as miserable because they’ve crossed that line. Yes, we all have that imaginary line drawn on so many things, on different levels though. Because you’d find something that gets to this persons nerves that don’t necessarily get to another. Or one person is extremely sensitive, another just doesn’t give a damn, another comes on guns blazing.

Mine, happens to be – LIARS, THIEVES and people who DISRESPECT other people’s hustle. My 3 in 1 pet peeves. Well, the most likely people to have all at once happen to be con men. It really ticks me off, because I have encountered them both directly and indirectly. These people make me sin because of all the bad things I wish upon them or if I had the ability, I would do to them. The pathological liars, the pick pockets/petty thieves/big thieves (are they graded or something?), the launderers, the hoarders – I don’t get how they do this with a straight face, no flinches. I don’t even understand how they sleep at night knowing that someone they accosted is suffering grief and loss whether in a big or small way.

But then again, is that really worth it? That’s two wrongs, which don’t make a right. Not that it would benefit me in any way.  So I really thought of how else to handle that “anti-con men” feeling. Maybe it’s just about time I drew down what who I’d categorize a con man as. Because most of us have the idea of a con man being someone who fleeces or swindles some money out of you in an intelligent way (that’s one of them though, because they do).

It’s not necessarily the person who fleeces you, it could be the person who doesn’t pay you your dues when they told you they will. For businesses, that’s a trip. Because maybe that payment is the capital for the next project. It could the person who sells you an “out of this world” idea, promises heaven but eventually delivers hell. It could be the person who leeches on you, benefits so much from you but gives absolutely nothing back. What to do? I also asked myself.

I think ignorance and trust makes us get conned. Not knowing your facts and as a result, not exercising them. You get fleeced in contracts, in flowery words, in “castle in the air” ideas that look doable but unbelievable. Cons are intelligent people, so are thieves. Your psychology is on their fingertips the moment you they pass by you, it rubs off on them and they will wow you. So besides knowing your facts, don’t trust what anyone tells you.

Be smart. Be smarter than the cons. Just don’t trust anyone, let someone proof to you why you should trust them. Trust is not short-term, its long-term. Take your time to make decisions. Especially decisions that affect you financially and emotionally.

I told myself the next time I get conned, it’s because I let it happen. You should too. Nothing sucks like a loved one getting conned – financially, mentally, emotionally, name it. It actually hurts more than it hurts if it was done to you. Let’s play with their psychologies too.

What are your pet peeves?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

No Pressure Zones

Huh! Who are my kidding, no pressure? I just wanted to get some attention. There’s always pressure; external pressure, self-induced pressure and sometimes just underlying pressure. It’s placed neither here nor there but it exists, whether you try to get rid of it or not. It comes hungering for us, because chances are that we make such edible prey since most of us are susceptible to it anyway. That’s how we then end up hurting even when it’s unnecessary.

It then reaches a point where you just want to feel “no pressure”? For me the most amazing thing to happen to me in 2014, was almost always being reminded that, especially by the people around me. Of course it doesn’t mean that you just lax and do nothing. It means, just be you and be the best you can be without feeling like anyone is pressuring you to be or to do.

As I try to figure where I’m heading to with this, let me save myself the struggle and do what I’ve been really good at doing lately, lists. So a list of the “No Pressure” zones that I have managed to develop.

My Wardrobe.

This is me every morning … struggle to wake up, do the necessaries (go to the loo, stare at the mirror, brush my teeth), shower, oil thy self  and then stand in front of the closet and stare blankly. Wondering how I just don’t have clothes in a wardrobe full of clothes. A few lot of minutes into it, I pick something up, try, if it looks good, yaaay me. If it doesn’t, repeat process. Though I eventually get dressed, and to my standards, not so badly dressed, I keep thinking I want more clothes. It occupies my mind.

It got worse (or better now that I’m used to it) when I got a job at the bank because ¾ of my wardrobe had to change. Suits all day, every day. You can only own so many especially in month 1. I wondered how my colleagues had done it. Then as I interacted with them, I discovered that almost everyone had experienced the same feeling. It’s a transition, an expensive one. The one thing that always features is, don’t let it bug you, just work with whatever you have. They even give you tips on how to go about it and it makes one just feel adequate “zero pressure”.

What to eat for dinner.

If you’re a bachelor, well, a female bachelor to be precise, you probably feel the need to not eat junk food day in day out. It goes without saying, a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips with lots of regret. So what you’re eating for dinner can stress the life out of you. Sometimes you’ve not shopped for it or if you had, you’ve gotten home at some odd hours. At that time, all you want to do is to throw yourself on the couch and do lots of nothing unless say pass out. You might love cooking, but it’s the last thing you want to do. Then I figured, why stress about a meal, just go home and go with the flow. Worst case scenario, have milk and cereal in the fridge. It’s healthy.

What they think of you.

Don’t we all? You always want to please and please away, but technically that’s not possible. Accept that and live on. It’s as simple as that in words, then in life, it gets really complicated … in your mind. What to do? Tame my mind to see things as they are and not complicate things . Also, to try not read into someone else’s mind because in most cases, you read your own things. Feel me?

Wants that are not necessarily needs.

Guilty pleasures, they rule. You know in your mind and in your heart that you don’t need it (whatever it is) that much, but the desire to have it is insurmountable. That’s what I felt towards owning another phone, either similar to what I had or an upgrade. And guess what, I eventually got one today, because “no pressure” wrong example, but something’s gotta give. It was a cheaper upgrade (from S to V). I don’t know how Xperia is doing it, but they’re doing it well. You give in to your non-important wants, it makes you temporarily happy. Now I’m thinking, maybe I should have stuck to my budget plan…haha!

Pressure, Diamonds

Pressure will always be there, quite inevitable. Let your pressure come from events, things or circumstances that will only make you worthy, and make smooth the roughs in your life. It might look tough but embrace the toughness. I try to, sometimes I wonder why life has to be tough on me when it is, then after a some self-evaluation, I think why not. Plus, someone once said, “the tougher the lesson, the bigger the blessing.” All you need to realize, is that you managed to go through (whatever it is) and now you have the chance to do it better (isn’t that a blessing already?).

Nighty night lovelies. I missed you much enough to do a post on a Saturday night … XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

This Year…

There’s some internal inexplicable excitement that comes with publishing a new post on a New Month, better yet a New Year. Ask any blogger. However, sometimes trying to figure out what to write about can be brutally taxing or you can even know what you want to write about but you’re unable to put it into context. Problems. Makes me think of more money, more problems. In this case, more ideas, more problems.

I had an amazing “jumping of the year” time. We actually didn’t have a solid plan so to say, because we were both working on the eve. The least we knew is that if all else fails, we have each other to entertain. But nothing failed. We started with going for dinner and as we made our orders, our friends coincidentally were also coming to have dinner at the same place. The more the merrier, we ate, chatted, laughed, damn! The food at Peppers is annoyingly delicious and overly satisfying. Then after that, it was to dance the night away and have a good time. The Kenyans who weren’t at the Coast or Naivasha, were at K1. It was amaze-balls. Good music, good people, lots of dancing (those who know me, know that I barely sit when at the club). For me, it was the perfect end to the year and start of another. Thanking God for the good time and asking him to bless 2014.

The following day, we got to spend it with my folks and the baby sister. I had really missed them because they had gone upcountry for the Christmas holiday without me (due to work). Nothing beats catching up with them, that feeling, that feeling is contentful, or if there’s no word like that, satisfying on the extreme. Just seeing them happy, makes my heart glow. Anyhow, as I was doing my random internet rounds, look what I stumbled upon. A fun way of setting goals for the year, quite plain and simple. At least it doesn’t have you racking your brains.

A bad habit I’m going to break: Snoozing – I get lazy to wake up early even when I’ve run out of sleep. I’d rather just close my eyes and imagine myself asleep.

A new skill I’d like to learn: Bake. I’d love to bake those delish cupcakes and spongy cakes. I really would.

A person I hope to be more like: Let me do me. I still have so much potential to be a better me. I haven’t played my best version yet.

A good deed I’m going to do: Give back to my parents. Not pay back, just give back, I can never pay back. It’s immeasurable . The much they’ve done for me, they will always more than deserve it.

A place I’d like to visit: South Africa – Table Mountains and Sun City. I got there but I did a half-baked trip. I didn’t manage to go to all the beautiful places. Closer home – Turtle Bay at Watamu.

A book I’d like to read: Any book written by Richard Branson. Perhaps I could start with “Screw It – Let’s Do it”. I feel mature enough to read his books now. Did anyone else feel like that? Like Branson was coming to hard and you were not ready? I did, but now I want to go for it and I need some motivation.

A letter I’m going to write: To the mister. I will, sometime. I haven’t done that yet so it’ll be a good first. Plus, with all these technology, there’s something about hand written stuff. I’m always curious about people’s handwriting’s.

A new food I’d like to try: I have never done sea food. I secretly would like to try it, though I cringe at the thought of it. How do guys feed those slimy things? “Molluscs (octopus and shellfish), crustaceans (shrimp and lobster), echinoderms (sea cucumber and sea urchins)” -> Eek! They remind me of my high-school biology, those classifications and terms make them sound inedible.

I’m going to do better at: Keeping my word. I say much (to myself and to others), I’d like to do just as much. Even those things that I say and I’m not able to do for one reason or another, I’d still want to have it in my to-do list and strive towards keeping my word.

You could also try it out and share. Feels like an easier and more fun way to almost summarize things that occupy your mind. List to this one: Have a lovely day and I wish you the best.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*