Do You Know What Happiness Is For You?

It’s been all things Foundation all day, everyday. For that reason, I hope that you’re coming for the walk this weekend 22nd March at Ngong Road Forest Sanctuary from 8:00am.  It’s going to be some good fun, we can really hold it down. Come for it, then let me know if you had a good time. If you don’t have fun, you’re probably boring *joke*. On a serious note though, the one reason I love this #SaveAMum initiative is because I can’t imagine a life without my Mum. I really can’t. She’s molded me. My baby sister and I are mini-her’s.

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I remember when I was growing up, we had our differences. She would deny me permission to go certain places and totally side with my dad on the NO’s. Although she did try to cover me up a couple of times when I fell off the wagon. Or make a big deal if I didn’t clean up my room or help the house-help clean up, to the point of waking us up after going to bed *or pretend to*. She was the morning alarm “Calls out Kawi. Once, twice … Footsteps! That was it,  I would be up before she twists open my door knob because, war!”. She would ask me about school, my dad was worse though, because I had to justify that I was reading and not just busy socializing with friends.

After those wars, she was my bestie. She’s the one I’d run to if I had problems in school, if I had an ache or itch (anywhere…lol), if I just wanted someone to rant to about anything and everything. She would always give me a listening ear. She knows all my friends even without ever meeting some because of all my stories. Through it all, she remains our root. She taught me and influenced the values I hold today. Of course I attribute it to my dad too, but her presence made it easier for him (especially that we’re 2 girls). I would like to #SaveAMum today so that another child can experience this kind of relationship, it’s heavenly.

#SaveAMum, Chase Group Foundation, World Happiness Day

Apparently, today is World Happiness Day. Who knew there was that one day we devote to happiness? These “World Days” never cease to amaze. Well, I’m not the happiest in the brood, but at least I don’t have a reason why I should not have a smile randomly plastered on my face, I’m blessed. No one has clearly pointed out what happiness is yet. Is it a state? Is it a moment? It’s got to be something. When you Google it now, guess the 1st thing that comes up? Yes, Pharrell William’s – Happy. His video shows a picture of happy, I would also be happy if I was in it.

Even if we don’t collectively have an answer, at least we can think of what we feel when we think we’re experiencing happiness. Some of the things that make me get that feeling I would say is “my happy” are:

Writing a blog post

Inviting family and  friends over to hang out or vice-versa

Love, light and peace around me

Accomplishing a goal

Eating delicious food

Good “Upbeat” Music

Beautiful Scenery  (give me a house at a beach front, I’ll be happy forever, promise!)

Lot’s of color on objects

Chatting about everything under the sun

Sharing a good laugh

Catching up with old friends and meeting new friends

Comfort in my space

Problem solving


Nothing complicated really even the beach front. As long as these things happen, whenever and wherever they happen, I feel that dash of niceness. However, I think happiness is more internal than it is external and it’s experienced best when it’s felt and shared with others. Happiness can be anything you want it to be, as long as it brightens your soul and it helps you brighten another persons soul.

Signing Off ~ *Kawi*

Week Starter…

We all go through stuff. Yes, we all have issues, doesn’t matter the magnitude they come in, could be the smallest or the biggest but an issue is still an issue. Some similar to other people’s, some that make you feel God just picked you out of everyone else and decided it’s you against the world, some that you would rather just keep to yourself, others that make you want to just retreat and say ‘enough is enough’. What rules despite these issues, is that you’re still alive.

They haven’t killed you. Unless you let them, because you could be alive on the outside but dead in the inside. So just brave them and let them know who’s in control. You always are. That’s what gives you the upper hand. Just that sometimes, you let go of that control role and leave it to the issues and they eat you up. That’s what issues are supposed to do, so they’re doing their job right. How about you? Are you doing yours right? Because you’re supposed to make sure that you manage and control those issues. At the end of the day, you’re supposed to starve them, be strong even when they weigh you down, smile even when they cramp your happiness, raise up and dust yourself even when you feel like you can’t do this any more. You can!

Hence, the phrase ‘what doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger’. As long as your issue hasn’t killed you or you haven’t let it, it’s your way.  The experience is to make you stronger and smarter, so that you hopefully don’t find yourself in the same pit again or if you do, you know how to best handle it.


I have watched a couple of flicks but the one that totally made my day was, Being Mary Jane (Series). What you see, is what really happens. How they play out Mary Jane life, quite the typical girls struggles. It’s a tough world guys, we girls think men have it easier. Maybe not, but to get everything working out for you, you go through stuff and this one captures most.


Chimamanda Ngozi”s – Americanah. Finally and I can’t get over her writing style. I love how descriptive she gets; you feel the presence of the cast, like you’re a fly on the wall. In my book, that’s an absolutely good writing skill.


I’m in food heaven, and I can never ever complain. We try to make delicious food. Good food can make a lousy day better.

Food, Cooking


The Chase Group Foundation Charity Walk and Fun Day happening on 22nd March 2014 at Ngong Forest Sanctuary from 8am. The main aim of the walk is to raise funds to train a midwife and in turn #SaveAMum to reduce maternal mortality. Most mothers in Africa don’t have access to medical facilities during child-birth and as a result, maternal mortality is at an all time high.

Chase Group Foundation, #SaveAMum

Participate by simply registering for the Charity Walk and Fun Day. With KES 1,000, you get a T-shirt which serves as your entry ticket. You can also browse through other merchandise that would be of interest to you, buy and help #SaveAMum. Hope to see you there.


This couch I really, really, like really want. I know you’re thinking “girls!” but really, it’s so cosy and , I will get it. I’ll share the pics when I do, I’m that optimistic.


Even when you feel like you deserve it, don’t forget to say thank you, from the bottom of your heart.

Because, you barely do anything alone, it might seem so, but you don’t. For you to be where you are and have what you have, someone somewhere played a role. It could be that, someone checked up on you, someone encouraged you, someone went out of their way to help you, someone gave you an idea, someone gave you an opportunity, someone made you so friggin’ mad, it made you make a move in your life or someone was just there, looking up to you and they gave you the confidence to pursue whatever it is. There are many unseen actions that need to be thanked.

So, thank somebody today.

Have an amazing week now, won’t you?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

FREE Medical Check Up – Thika Road

With our lifestyles changing every other day, we need to be sure that our body is also taking that change positively. You can be sitting on your desk, making your daily work or school rounds or just chilling and enjoying life and thinking that your body is fine. That you’re in tip-top shape. That’s you thinking. Thinking doesn’t mean that it actually is. Just because you haven’t experienced some pain here or some itch in some awkward place there doesn’t mean everything is okay. It’s important to have your body checked by a medical practitioner. You know to have a second opinion that your health is clean and crisp. You cannot rely on your feelings alone.

With that in mind. It’s recommended that people have medical check up’s annually, sometimes half-yearly or quarterly depending on your lifestyle or your preference. Rithika Medical Centre, which is a new clinic has realized this gap and seeks to make sure that you have health in check done every so often. Do you live along Thika Road? Even better for you. You should have this medical check up as part of your Sunday plan. It could be before or after church for those of you who go, for those who sleep in, you have the afternoon to do so. Happening this Sunday 14th April 2013 is a FREE medical check up by the specialists at Rithika Medical Centre between 8:00AM and 5:00PM.

Medical Check Up

Check up details. Ps: This is a scanned copy!

Taking care of your wealth through your health. Basically, your health is their concern.

You can have all the money in the world but if you don’t have good health, the money doesn’t mean much. Prevention by all means is better than cure. You get to know your health status and that of your loved ones. Should there be a problem, you’ll be offered a solution. So have no worries, if there’s one thing I can assure you, you’ll be in good hands. Don’t I look healthy and happy? *wink*. Have friends who live along Thika Road? Or can get their way there and you think they could do with a medical check up? Please share the good news with them. Sharing is caring, but sharing something that could save them some money and make sure that their health is in check, that’s caring on another level. Be that friend.

Services Offered at Rithika Medical Center. Ps: Scanned Copy!

Services Offered at Rithika Medical Center. Ps: This is a scanned copy!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Upcoming Event: ZIADA Nairobi

I don’t mean to brag, but the one of the female vocalists (Rosie) for Adawnage Band happens to be my desk-mate at work. Yes, I know, I know direct access, you can pass all the messages, like how you’re a big fan and I’ll make sure they reach. Yes, I get the chance to ask her to do for me the start part for Uwezo…uwezo, yes, she can randomly pull those notes comfortably without the, “listen to the words and not the voice” excuses. Now if only that ability to sing could just rub off on me. You know what I mean, I would definitely do a vlog. But it’s not yet happened so I remain a cheerleader.


 A Swahili word meaning to ‘increase or have in abundance’, is a series of revolutionary musical events organized by award-winning Christian musicians, Adawnage and Zidi The Band. While Adawnage and Zidi the Band exist separately as fully-ledged units with outstanding female & male vocalists, instrumentalists and support teams, their paths often intertwine. With similar objectives and vision, they have come together to form ZIADA (a compressed version of the bands’ names) to achieve much more impact together.

ZIADA is committed to changing lives and perceptions. Literally. They’ve lined up brilliant works of photography on the beauty of our country captured by talented, professional and widely celebrated photographers. The photo exhibition will precede the musical event. This event is dubbed to create  a relevant and socially conscious music experience that connects impresses upon the 25-year-old adult to play their part in promoting peace in their circles.



Nairobi town will get to experience the joyful sounds of hope on December 12, 2012 at the Parklands Baptist Church from 3PM from ZIADA. The event will take on a PEACE theme with the hope of uniting the public ahead of the polls next year. Featuring strong leads and additional home-grown artistes such as the amazing Mercy Wairegi, Nasara the poet, Carlisto and Makena. The worship experience is set to be one whose impact will linger on long after the date.

Date: 12th December 2012

Time: 3:00 pm

Venue: Parklands Baptist Church

By: ZIADA and Number 8

Featuring Artistes: Mercy Wairegi, Nasara the poet, Carlisto and Makena

Entrance: FREE


Adawnage Band is Kenya’s 2011 Group of the Year in the just concluded Groove Awards, for its popular releases, Uwezo and Safari.

Adawnage Band is a vibrant unit of energetic individuals from different established professional backgrounds who have come together with the sole purpose of reaching out to the world with positive, electric, realistic and inspirational music. The Contemporary Gospel Band which traces their beginnings to May of 2008 has as its mission statement ‘Transforming lives through God-inspired music and lifestyle’. The band released its debut album, Safari (The Journey) in December 2010 which comprises of 10 songs and it is a depiction of the journey that the band has taken since they started and the challenges and inspirations they have encountered through their walk.

Zidi, Ziada, adawnage

Breathe, the Zidi the Band’s flagship song won the team the title Group of the Year, in the 2010 Groove Awards.

Zidi the Band is a Christian music ministry, with a mission to ‘Transform and root our generation in God’. The name Zidi, is a Swahili word for exceed and is taken from Psalm 23:5 . In its seven years of existence, Zidi The Band has continued to churn out fresh afro-fusion music targeting young professionals. So far, music from its debut album, Motisha (Motivation) has received generous airplay in local and international stations sold out several times since hitting the stores in 2010.

Off the stage, members of Zidi The Band are pleased to be professional influencers of society in different capacities and collectively as sponsors of the Destiny Children Centre, Mombasa. In addition, partnering in local peace initiatives and music training programs present band members the opportunity to imapact community.


Are you rooting for peace in our country but you lack a channel through which to promote it? This will be a good one, through photography, music, poetry, spoken word, writing among others. Spread the word and mark your calendars!

Well oh well…

I vouch for peace, always will.

I love the Kenya where I walk or drive freely without fear.

Where I sleep knowing that my family and friends are safe,

Day or night.

Where there is no discrimination,

Tribal or gender related.

To see and embrace the beauty that it holds.

I believe you also do.

Peace is possible.

Not bad huh! Maybe I could try a little poetry *joke*, just felt a little convicted. However, I also think “when the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace”. With that in mind, have a beautiful week ahead and be blessed.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Celebrating 50 Years of James Bond Films

Global James Bond Day is being celebrated today to mark 50 years since the world première of Dr.No which introduced author Ian Fleming’s suave, sophisticated secret agent to people. The franchise went on to produce best-selling Agent 007 films and making legends of of actors (source).


“My name is Bond … James Bond!”

Remember the infamous phrase? How we all looked for ways to rhyme it with our names, but of course it never did. Always been excited about 007 classics from back in the day before I even figured it all out. Talk of being influenced by the right people. Now, I’m a Bond girl so to say.

The 22 previous James Bond films have seen six actors play the title character (from  Sean Connery in the first official film Dr. No in 1962, who played 7 sequels before passing the baton to the  5 others who have played the role after him. And from the look of things, they have achieved paralleled success if not more: George LazenbyRoger Moore, Timothy Dalton, Pierce Brosnan and finally Daniel Craig,  who stars in the most anticipated movie of the year ‘SKYFALL 007′  to premier later this month.

Also ten different car brands piloted by the MI6 spy. But one facet that has remained since the beginning of the franchise is Mr. Bond’s signature drink: a vodka martini, “shaken, not stirred.” But for the 23rd installment, Skyfall, Bond will sip on a less potent potable. He’ll be drinking a Heineken (source). I know the Heineken guys now have every reason to brag, and there goes your punch line to Malt guys. I know it’s been a back and forth battle…lol

Advertising Age that Britain’s best known secret agent is going to change the habits of a lifetime and drink beer in the new Bond film, Skyfall. Heineken has struck a deal for a Bond campaign. There will be a new Heineken ad tied to the Bond film and Bond will reportedly be shown drinking Heineken in at least one scene in the movie itself (source).

James Bond ditches vodka martinis for Heineken

I know you’re wondering, now that Skyfall 007 is premiering, when does it happen in our neck of the woods after that breathtaking trailer? Well, the premier here in Nairobi is on 25th October 2012 at the IMAX theatre. That’s for the chosen few but at least the movie is finally out yeah! See you the following week at the cinemas.
Just that am not a beer person, otherwise I would have joined the Heineken bandwagon and be one of the cool kid on the block.  On that note, they should come up with a yummier version of it. Don’t miss out on the film though! You never miss out on 007 films, that’s a sin *serious face*.
Forgot to ask, for a friend though. Are they serving free Heineken at the theaters?
Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Excuse who ?

Don’t we all have something to say about something especially when it doesn’t go as expected? In the hope of being understood, forgiven or for the better letting it pass.

There’s always a reason for something not going your way. It’s like we have some chip planted in our ears with the voice of reason, because many are the times that you’ll find the best excuse on our finger-tips….and you end up asking yourself ” whooa, where did that come from?, because it didn’t take a split second for you to think about it.

We are the masters of excuses — from the very reasonable ones to the most unreasonable ones you even wonder why you just had to use it. It’s one of the hardest things to scrape off.

Ever been in a position where you need have a reason or excuse for your shortcoming, but giving that true reason/excuse just sounds fake, well I’ve had a couple of them

When I was in highschool, I came home like really late someday I’d gone shopping. Then on arriving home and my folks are soo worried (at about 10pm), I tell them the tale of how I had left my Shopping (clothes&shoes) in the matatu, and I had to wait for it to come back, then go get the stuff because someone else had claimed them…and my dad wasn’t buying that story. Though I cut out the part where I was talking to a boy and he helped me get my stuff back so I wasn’t alone in this, in his head he was thinking how I went dealing with conductors and drivers alone.

At that point I thought I should’ve just said the matatu broke down…it would’ve sounded more believable. Because as I narrated that long tell, I could even hear my inner self saying this sounds like a made up story. Change the plot…haha but I had to stick with the truth as fake as it sounded though I doubt to this day he’s ever believed.

Anyway, other scenarios:

Late to an occassion – There was really bad traffic / car broke down / there was no public vehicles

Not done assignment – Clogged with work didn’t have time to do it/ I’ve forgotten it at home

Not met deadline – Too much work or scope to wide, can we extend the

Gotten home late  – Had to keep my friends company, had to wait for a ride home, car broke down, too much traffic, no vehicles….lol, { My folks never ask anymore, there’s always something going on, I think they’ve heard everything so it’s for repeating in case they ever ask.}

Not attending a friends occasions – Oops had so much to do at home/work I couldn’t make it.

Not in a good mood – Someone has pissed me off, it’s just a lousy day, I didn’t get enough sleep..

Oh well, this is what they say about excuses:

Don’t do what you’ll have to find an excuse for ~ Proverb

No one ever excused his way to success ~ Dave Del Dotto

Excuses are the tools with which no purpose in view build for themselves great monuments of nothing ~ Steven Grayhm

In short, excuses should not be an excuse anymore… instead try to avoid circumstances that will lead you giving excuses especially those lame ones, or just don’t give any, because bad excuses are worse than none.

Look who’s talking, well in this case writing but I’ll try do the same…since that ladder of success needs to be climbed.


“I respect my limitations, but I don’t use them as an excuse. “~ Stephen R. Donaldson


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

WamathaiEx *Event Review*

Speaking of firsts, this will be my first event review. I don’t even have the slightest idea of how to do it, but hey since I want to post it, might as well just write what I experienced.

WAMATHAI’S EXCLUSIVE, aka WamathaiEx is a spoken word gig that is powered by which from my point of view is a site  that hosts or features poems and short stories from different authors. According to his website, he’s collaborating with over authors at the moment.


Big Up to Wamathai for coming up with such an innovative channel through which the short stories and poem authors can gain recognition from the wider fraternity. Check this site out.

Also for promoting originality, and aiming to be the no. 1 source of original poems and short stories. For banking on creativity, I give you a 10 out of 10.


The event was held on the 5th of August 2010, at the VIP Secret Lounge. had previously held it’s launch there, so it was easy to locate where the event was.

The advertising was widely done through the social networks, which is how I got to know of the existence of the event. They were charging Ksh 300. Well it had put a limit to the number of people who were to attend, I think 100. Brilliant idea because this is an easier group to manage. I would say they did their analysis well based on the 1st event (oh, this was the 2nd.) which was over-packed

The entry to the event was as smooth as it gets, it’s either you had a ticket, or you had booked in advance. It was pretty organized I must say.

I really liked their target crowd, they were all organized and clearly knew what they were there for. Basically, the first like 30 mins was for socializing around with the most HILARIOUS and amazing people, as they give time for arrivals which I found very considerate…lol, being african timers. Also as they set up and organized stuff.

Dela was the MC, she had quite some life…I liked. She makes you have psyche for the event and gives a head up for the person coming on stage.


@Antoneosoul doing what he does best - as we oogle *literally*

So there were “The songs that make your heart melt” from Jemedari and Antoneosoul … whoooa this guys can sing, no lie! Like you just want to shut up and just listen to them. Jemedari has this deep voice … yes deep bass-like, on the other hand, Anto has a mellow voice … i don’t know what to call it, if it was a girl it would be soprano (Plus I think he’ll be having a neo soul thingie at Club Sound every last Tuesday of the month). #TOOFRESH

Jemedari and his band "Skiza"

Then there are the poets who got me giving a standing ovation : Wanjeri Gakuru and Wanjiku Mwaura, this two ladies keep you’re ears and eyes glued to them #nohomo, by this I mean, the own a poem and present it to a non-poetic person like me and it sounds COOLEST, they put life to it, expression and gist. #ILike

Then there are this two gentlemen:  Kevin ‘Nemesis’ Gachuma and Daddie Marto. This dudes made me laugh off my chair…like literally. They are poets cum stand up comedians…they were imitating the likes of a 40yr old Kikuyu man trying to vybe a young girl, Kibaki and Raila conversing…then the killer is when Daddie or is it Marto was singing songs and joining them …i.e if they have the same beats or words PS: YOU NEED TO HEAR TO UNDERSTAND … I laughed to rib aches.


I’m speaking from a non-poetic point of view, I never thought I would attend a poet reading/recital and enjoy. The only poem I wrote, was a lame one on life…lol

WamathaiEx proved me wrong, that I can actually go for a poets events and enjoy to the fullest. They are funny, witty and hilarious. Trust me, it’s fun. Maybe you should just look out for the next one, which I bet is next month or soon, but I’ll let you know the moment it’s advertised, if I’m in the know.

Otherwise it was a job well done.. and I have no complaints. Though am sure with time it will get better and better.KUDOS!!

Lovely weekend my peoples.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*