It’s never that serious, why so serious?

This is very random but I think that I’m probably the only kid who loved sleep-time in the afternoon when we were in pre-primary. Who else did?

It’s never that serious, why so serious?

Ever dealt with someone who’s rigid? Someone who takes everything you say too seriously? Like if you say something or do something and the first response is them probably snapping at you. That can be pretty irritating … I try not keep friends like those. I consider them sadists, because that means that before I say something or even do something with them around I have to really think about the consequences of my actions … thinking so much about something means that I probably won’t be myself or I just won’t be comfortable all together.

I mean sometimes its just fun to pull a random statement that’s funny and have people laugh about it or even add extra jokes on it and then let it go and life moves on swiftly. The rigid people will make a big deal out everything. Even that small tiny statement that did not mean to harm anyone would blow up into something you hadn’t even thought of as you randomly pulled the statement at the top of your mind.

Like when on the social media (twitter of facebook), you put up a status update … not knowing that it’s like you’re fueling a car that had been blinking empty for a while. The next thing you know someone just comes and pours their emotional outrage on you and your status *sorry if this has happened to you…lol*. Maybe they’ve been having a bad day and your status got the better part of them. What’s so hard in ignoring a comment? Maybe it was a joke that you took too far. Those are the days that the writer of the update looks at the computer with popping eyes O_o wondering where all that emotional outage has come from.

If you’re on Twitter, this is one great reason why should never have a go with #kenyansontwitter (Twitter Basics), it’s comprised of amazing people who take up the concept of “it’s never that serious” to another level. That’s why they would diss someone so much, although I would die if they got to my case … the guys can be so mean … whaaat! They can basically take your twitter handle and drag it through hell and back … lol, so you either ignore them or join the hilarious bandwagon and life gets more interesting.


“Never take it seriously, If you never take it seriously you never get hurt.If you never get hurt, then you always have fun, and if you ever get lonely you just go to the record store and visit your friends.” ~ Penny Lane in the movie Almost Famous.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*



Socialite: this is a person who participates in social activities and spends a significant amount of time entertaining and being entertained. Thank God for things like Wikipedia.

What were guys doing before face book or Twitter???? Good question, Maybe MySpace and Hi5, but they didn’t get that much publicity.

Just like: What were guys doing before this communication technology was created like mobile phones, video and tele-conferencing, internet (chat, emails) , Maybe those telephone booths that you had to go through the operator, smoke signals, drums…lol

Looks like everyone has now been converted into a socialite, even the most introverted persons, the shyest and non-coversant of persons have become so involved in the social network…wow, coming to think of it, it’s a good thing. The only bad thing is that, it makes one confident in the wrong ways..its faceless so theres so much impersonification and pretence.

Whoa! this new technologies are super addictive, i would like to do a survey and find out what percentage of people are anti-this-new-technology..that would be some interesting one. Honestly, you know hows theres the Maslow’s hierarchy for the basic needs are: Food, shelter and clothing. I think he should do a revised edition and include communication technology, probably top on the list under that category should be face book and twitter.

Seriously i think everything I have read on the Internet mentions face book and twitter and i mean everything.Eevn on CNN. like reports on something being followed through twitter…things like elections and so on.

So today I shall focus on the two main or rather top rated social websites, Facebook and twitter.

What face book is about in short::: Thats according to your truly…

First you get to meet everyone, even your kindergarten schoolmates.Like evryone is in your network so you can subconsciously keep tabs on what they are up to. thanks to notifications, photos and last but not least status updates.

It’s kinda cool because for some of us who don’t watch news, face book transmits this information through peoples status updates in a very entertaining way.

For example, I know this is stale vybe, but I remember when Uasin Bolt broke the 9:58 record, being me and not really watching news, everyone’s status update read 9:58, and voila, i got information without struggle, not having DSTV i don’t watch BBA(Big Brother Africa)..but trust me I know everything that goes on, who has been evicted, who has flirted with who, when the Constitution has been passed or not…blah blah blah.

So now we go to the people who air their dirty linen to the public. Such people amaze me. Although the kinda console you, they make you appreciate what you got, and that even though you’re going through sh*t theres some one probably going through worse…ok, am not being a meanie :) Dirty linen in this case being; who’s cheating on who, bad break ups — with a supporting note describing the escapade…thats yummy

Then there are this psycho people who send you friend requests of in box messages saying they want to know you because your beautiful…honestly speaking, even in m y insane mind i wouldn’t add you. Thats when you ignore, ignore, ignore with no hesitation because you’re being creepy.

Oh yah, this irritating groups and events that you get invited to…aaaarrrrrggghhh! very annoying, i can’t stand them. But theres nothing much you can do.Plus they also send you messages. so you get excited when you see in box(3) only to discover they are just stupid groups sending you irrelevant messages.

I love pictures , photos … i love them. I think I see the flash and i get excited like all smiles and the glow. Should’ve been a super model or something glamorous that makes me go to red carpets and get all those photos …hehe its called being ambitious…lol, which is a good thing. I fall under the category of people who have a million and one photos and albums on face book…oops!I don’t mind them provided they’re all presentable :) . Thats one of the functionalities i enjoy most about facebook.

All this applications they have about people and yourself, I think they’re full of crap, but confessions, i do fill them in because they help me pass time. Their conclusions are the same for every one, they have stupid questions. But they keep one busy when bored.

Hahaha there’s the chat,just when you don’t want to chat with someone, very conveniently thats the first person that pops up on your screen with a ‘hi dear’….oh no! ignore! not ignore!…am a good girl i don’t ignore :) i just don’t respond.

Theres the wall messages, oh well, i got no issue with this just that you should differentiate the people to joke with and those not to joke with. Some people take things too seriously for life…loosen up and live happily. If I say hi dear… don’t think beyond ‘hi dear’…and tell your girlfriend/boyfriend that too. It’s a public wall for pits sake…but i had forgotten we are all different again.

Case study: I got someones girlfriend in box me saying I don’t write on the boyfriends wall….heeey me not being dramatic, just dropped that, and his wall shall never be written on again by me. I mean, i just wrote, “hi (name) i hope everything went well”…ei madam, no pan intended, i got my own, not interested at all. Just checking up on a brother, you know.

I have to write on this, commenting, theres sometimes I want to comment on someones status but I just avoid because I know I will get endless notifications…because about 50 people will comment. Even if the status update was “I am feeling sleepy”..not so cool.

Thats enough about Facebook. Now we move to Twitter. Which at first I thought is the most boring social network that has been over-rated. Ooops thats was a misguided thought, and it was as a result of not knowing how it works.

Being Technology Savy, Thank you Lord. I got my way through…and am thinking wow, this is waaaay cooler than Facebook.Minimal information. straight to the point.

Am still getting to learn the number of things you can do on Twitter, but so far so good I am enjoying.

Got to say this, some people make me feel stupid from the updates they twit…gosh they’re just too intellectual,it makes me wonder if we have access to the same information…lol,or even if what they’ve actually said is true and meaningful because some are too technical..makes you wonder why they just didn’t keep it in their heads…ha!

What i usually hope is that, those people who put such updates also make intellectual conversations too…now those I admire.

I like the normal people who say normal things and intellectual things once in a while because then, i understand them and the message they are passing.

All in all am glad they exist, they make passing time look so easy, like you could be waiting for someone and they take long to arrive but you wouldn’t notice because your facebooking or twitting…keeps you totally engrossed.

If your in facebook, twitter ….. you’re a qualified socialite :) don’t misuse though, use them wisely…they can make you or break you.

Signing off ::: *Kawi*