Bury then Unbury

There are two kind of things in this world, those things that are in your control, then those things that are either beyond or not in your control. If you’re in control, then you’re safe. If it’s beyond your control, you’re in danger. There are two things involved when it’s beyond your control, you either bury it for that moment then work on it later or let go and let be. When you let go and let be you’re in danger. If you bury it for the moment and plan to work on it later, oh well, that’s the best thing to do. Lol was trying to pull a Basket Mouth (you know that famous Nigerian Comedian)move and I’ve sort of failed … not so miserably though.

I experienced that the other day while going around school trying to get some stuff signed to enable me to continue with the last two chapters of my thesis. Lecturers can really de-psyche you when it comes to finding them to give you a signature here or a stamp there. That time you have sneaked out of work to get these stuff done because ideally it’s supposed to be some 15 mins work. Frustrating I tell you. So many times you feel like letting go and letting it be. Then you think, the lecturers won’t chase you around, you have to chase them around. You’re the one who wants to graduate and get a master’s degree ain’t it.

So while in the chase, I met with a random classmate who I don’t even talk to that much except in when in class discussions. Of course with all my frustrations and being very Kenya I give a synopsis of my current hurdle. Ah this school, this lecturers, how do I go about this and that *rant and raves on how crappy all those are*. These guys can make you feel like just giving up on these stuff. The dude goes like, “aaah just that? Just bury it and get back to it next week” me:  “O_O say what?”. That’s the solution to my BIG problem. Considering how distraught I was, I couldn’t even make a sound decision at that point.

That’s what happens to us. Sometimes all we need to do is bury a problem or something we see as a problem then unbury it when we are refreshed. We usually try to solve problems when we’re angry, when we are distraught and end up making poor decisions while we could have gone for a breather then taken it up when we’re cooled down, well rested. I noticed that helps in our decision process. It’s not every-time we’ll be able to solve problems there and then. I’m a sucker for doing that, so when it doesn’t happen I get frustrated. But then again, life doesn’t always allow you to have your way. You have to get accustomed to it and come up with ways of going around it. Which is what my classmate had done. That day, it worked for me. It helped me not to give up on something that just needed a little more time for it to work out.

Easter Cards

Words you could perhaps use during Easter…

ION, Happy Easter good people. What will you be up to this LONG weekend? Don’t tell me travelling because I’m already jealous, for Peep’s sake, I should have been on that road trip. However, I’ll be busy moving houses, settling in and getting used to the newness of the place. I’ll probably boil eggs and hide them to get the Easter feeling. It’s the only weekend I could get to move then manage to relax while at it and have a sweet eggscape. You know cute chicks could do with a little rest. That’s me cracking myself up.

LOL, see what I did there. Thanking God for bigger and better this season. It couldn’t come at a better time. Happy Easter!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Reflecting 2012, Welcoming 2013

Do you ever look back and think, “what great things have really happened in my life this year?”, like you’re expecting massive changes, and I mean massive. Then again you wonder what massive is? It’s meaning in your life because at one particular point it could be the greatest or best thing to happen to you then after a while it fades off and you tend to forget the impact it had on you at that moment.

That’s where you underestimate yourself, it’s as if nothing really happened to you throughout the year. I was reflecting about that because at some point I was somehow forgetting what this year has actually brought me. Then I had the bulb light moment, of “Jeez, how ungrateful can one get.”

Count your many blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.~ Nurser Ryhme.

It may be just a nursery rhyme. One that we sang to pass time or make merry with our playmates but in essence it’s our guide to living a more content life. So in my reflection of what went on in 2012, I thought I could say 12 essential things that I realized have made me who I am today. 2012 made me realize;

  1. My family always want the best for me. Even when am independent, being mature and responsible, they want to be part and parcel of my life. That I need to involve them because whether you’re young or old, I remain their daughter and sibling. For me they are selfless. (Funny how my dad still gives me pocket-money when I visit home or how my mother packs for me all the frozen foods and veggies or my baby sister keeps me posted on latest music or makes demands just because. They don’t care whether I have or don’t, they’re always there regardless.)
  2. My birthday is what I make it. This year’s wasn’t mind-blowing, but neither was it boring. I ordered for myself cake just in case people forgot to get me some…lol. I was at that point in my life, where I was almost ‘alone’. Luckily, I ended up having 4 cakes, because other people thought of me. I don’t take that for granted, you’re awesome.
  3. Schooling never ends. I am still at it but can’t wait for the day I’ll be reading just for fun, then again will that happen unless am reading some intriguing novels or fancy magazines.
  4. That I need to be in charge of myself. There comes a time you draw the lines, make tough decisions. Character and personality are what define you and when you see them getting compromised, do something. Be in charge.
  5. You need to let go, to get better. There’s no other way to go about it. You want to get better, let go of what is holding you back or what was. Look forward to what is and what will be.
  6. Not everyone you know or relate to has to be your friend. If they don’t like you, disrespect you, gossip, it’s okay, don’t take it personally. Sometimes, a stranger can be more of a friend than the person you have grown to know. Such is life.
  7. That the people who are your friends and want the best for you are few. Know them, be there for them and while at it, let them surprise you. Don’t expect too much because they also have their battles to fight.
  8. God always has my back and I attribute everything to him. I believe that without God, you’re basically nothing.
  9. That you get what you ask for. Your mind, body and soul are somehow aligned to what you’re searching for – You find what you seek. Maybe that’s the influence of the Alchemist, but I definitely have experienced it. In more ways than one.
  10. Positivity, genuineness and gratitude is what connects you to others. That’s what humanity actually needs from you.
  11. Love is life. “I believe that when you find love, you hold onto it and cherish it because there is nothing finer and it may never come again.” ~ Mr.Feeny. That’s what I am doing. He got me and I got him.
  12. That I have grown. I am able to embrace change without so much fear and worry unlike before.

It was a good year, I have no complaints. Loved the amazing opportunities it brought me, the challenges, the newness and revelations it carried. The mantra I unknowingly lived by this year, “It’s better to know, ignorance is not bliss”. Looks like Maya Angelou figured it out because she says “when you know better, you do better.”

I don’t know what 2013 holds for me, us … but it definitely feels like it’s going to be a S to the U, to the P.E.R YEAR. I just feel like the growth experienced in 2012, when brought forward will be a great foundation to start the year. Plus, I know God has so much in store for me. There’s lots yet to be done and those things are not going to do themselves. So, “Let’s Go!”

Anyone setting new year resolutions for 2012? How did the ones for 2012 go? If you did not set any like me, what were your 2012 reflections?

Get your jig on this New Year! It only comes once, so welcome it in style. Ps: Only 1 day to go. What will you be up to?

Pretty Little Liars, Aria Montgomery

Or maybe the Ke$ha way, looks more epic. And don’t we want it that way, whatever will make you get your jig one. Be on it.


And don’t miss that kiss when the clock strikes midnight. Keep yours close-by.

New Year Kiss

Otherwise, seeing as am Kenyan and that’s the way we start our sentences, using conjunctions. Grammar is fun when it’s less serious (just reminded me of the Fanta Ad. More Fanta, Less Serious … very unrelated.) For all my super readers, you know I got nothing but love for you! Thanks for visiting all year round, it’s been great having posts for you to read. Now let’s pray that next year, my content will be bountiful and exciting.

New Year, Happy, 2012

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

All I Want for Christmas…

Haven’t things changed? It’s not the same anymore. Either that, or am at a point where it’s not all holiday, jingles, decorations, gifts and christmas’y things at least for now, okay maybe it’s because it’s 21/12/2012 (which was supposed to be the end of the world according to the Mayans. Or we interpreted them wrongly, maybe what they meant was that they run out of paper to make calendars…lol). I’ll be working through the festive season, of course except for the public holiday. All the same, this is culture shock for me.

I miss the sleeping in’s, eating breakfast at lunch and lunch at 4, sleeping late, watching christmas’y movies and cartoons (kind of brings to life the Christmas spirit), not decorating and shopping around for stuff. Somehow at this time you could get away with putting anything in the shopping cart and dad wouldn’t go like “and what do you need that for?” or “is that really necessary”… gone are the days, now am all grown up. There are chances I could re-live that if we do shopping on Christmas Eve since I’ll be at home *whoop whoop*. That was the life of the festive season, now it’s like nothing is really happeeeening *cue dragged voice*. It’s just the usual.

Christmas, Merry, Wishes

If I had my way this Christmas, this is what I would ask for or get. Of course some I will get, some will remain a wish for now, others I’ll save for and try buy next year after saving a bit more for thee cause. Others, oh well, I’ll continue wishing and working harder to get.

Samsung Galaxy S3 or even a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. I’ve had my current E63 for the last many years, to an extent my baby sister is actually complaining. Oh my! I need a change of gadget, and this is the one am ogling for at the moment. If only…


Inky pinky ponky … biggy or mini mmmmh!

Some nice woolen coats since our weather is proving to be quite shifty. I figured my wardrobe is more inclined to summer and spring. Oh wait, do we even have these seasons in the tropics? I meant to say the hot weather. While every morning it’s freezing, not anything close to winter but cold all the same. So, a few of these would do me good and help keep the doctor away. Seeing as my sinuses go bonkers every morning, it could be because I don’t know how to dress the cold weather.



Miss sleeping beauty could do with an annoying alarm clock. I don’t know why I’ve never gotten one all this years and the way I go on and on about sleep and snoozing. I’ve always used my phone because of how simple it is to snooze, I don’t even have to open my eyes. Just remove the annoying buzzy thing (that’s when your cell phone is demoted to just a thing) from under the pillow, press snooze or stop, and continue with the not so beautiful sleep now. Now that I want to get another cell, it can’t afford to be under the pillow…lol wishes are made of this. But the bed side clock, maybe it will actually make me wake up…I think.

Who has a bed side alarm clock? Is it any different?

alarm, clock, wake up, sleep

A stereo / music system/ home theatre. I don’t know what to call it, but it’s of late that I have been talking about it. Been comfortable with a T.V and DVD player but now I’m thinking, I would want me one.

music, stereo, samsung, sony, home theatre

Although now that I started with “samsung”, I should remain loyal to the brand…lol

I would actually want a much bigger house. Been thinking about it the last couple of months. I think it’s gotten to that time now where I need to have an extra room for when family and friends come over to visit. Or where I can actually call a couple of friends over for dinner, without wondering where the 5th person will seat or if one of them has claustrophobia, you know people and their issues *I’m thoughtful of you* so a really spacious house will do right. Plus, I want a big kitchen to exercise my culinary ummmm, okay not me, the boyfriend, he cooks way better than I do. So the more space, the less I interfere, like when I see him pouring the spice on the food and am like O_O isn’t that too much, then it turns our just perfect … smh!

Those are just a few of the things on my wish list, I could go on and on and on, but you get the drift. However, Christmas is not all about material things, it’s about spending time with your loved ones and appreciating those precious moments. Of course it’s also a little about gifting them and seeing the smile on their faces, oh I live for such! Since am a last-minute person, am still trying to figure out what to get who.

Do you believe in giving or gifting during Christmas?

Christmas, Festive, Gifts

Make a difference, make someone smile this Christmas. After all, that’s what festive seasons are about right? Keep safe and look out for each other. God bless y’all abundantly!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*