The Fake Hiatus

Because technically it looks like I was in one but I really wasn’t. I was just a little lazy coupled with a series of blank moments. Oh boy, then I remember there’s blogging in my life, which happens almost all the time, but then I open a blank page and run out things to write or worse think I have lots to share only to start out and go, “nah, maybe I shouldn’t.” The title should have been a day in a bloggers life. We have so much to say, but then we have moments where you question yourself and what you are about to say. You start feeling like every-time you share something you’re exposing yourself.

Does it ever get to a time you just don’t feel like saying anything, you just want to go sit at the corner and see what’s going on around you and probably see if anyone will take notice? I remember it used to happen to me every once in a while when I was growing up maybe it still does just that I haven’t reviewed myself of late. I was the talkative one, but then it would reach a point I would want to take some time out, and consciously or subconsciously I would just retreat. It’s like I’m there but not really there, you know just be invisible for a moment. Maybe to see if there’s someone who cares enough to check up on me or give me stories as well. Such a tease, then of course chances are that no one really did and I get over my “fake hiatus” or “invisible” moment and  go back to my normal chatty self.

In this case, well, I was going through a phase and now I am back with a BANG! July was one hell-of-a cold month and it looks like it’s rubbing off on August already. August needs to shake that off, because my wardrobe and body can’t take it any more, I want the sun. Not the scorching kind though, just enough to keep me warm during the day and allow me not to over-layer clothes. Which is interesting because we human beings have our needs changing more often than baby diapers. One time we want the sun, then when it’s smack right in the middle of your forehead hot enough to fry an egg sunny side up, you want it to rain and when it rains cats and dogs with puddles all over, we want the cold, just the cold and now it’s cold, good grief, I want the sun.

It’s just like life. When you’re presented with one situation, you forget how the other one you were in used to be. And when the one you’re in doesn’t appeal to you as you anticipate(ed) it to, you want to get back to where you were before because you think it was better than what you’re experiencing now. In essence, you were probably looking forward to the situation you’re in just as eagerly. Life is  such a twist. With that, I think the reason God made seasons, is so that we learn to live with each of them.

Learn to persevere through the scorching sun and thunderstorms as well as be content when the suns comes out during the thunderstorm and the rain pops when the sun is scorching.

Other than the cold, I actually managed to try out a few things that I haven’t either done in a long time or just never done before this July, so it wasn’t boring either. At the end of the month when I look back, there’s a lot to smile about more than there is to frown about. Actually, I wouldn’t say there’s anything there is to frown about. God has been good to me, to us, I am more than grateful. Here goes;

Danielle Steel, Books, Good Reads

Gifted book mark by the parents I think during my very 1st graduation…I’ve graduated that many times. Love the message #TreasuredGifts

 A friend recommended the #3books30days challenge and I decided to take it on, easy *read difficult, very* as it sounds. I have done 2 books so far; Brida – Paulo Coelho and Danielle Steel – Big Girl, one more to go,  Lauren Weisberger – Devil Wears Prada ( really  looking forward to reading this one). I had kind of shelved my book (novel) reading because of school and the exhaustion it comes with but it’s like I am now getting my reading mojo back, slow but coming on.

Friends, Friendships, Hosting

The scarf is courtesy of FloEssentials (Facebook). Scarves are her thing, she ties them so effortlessly it’s amazing, while I struggled my way around with it.

Of friends discovered through other friends and turning out to be ah-mah-zing. You know those lose introductions that happen because the person I hang out with also used to hang out with her. Then a few years after, we somehow keep in touch and we decide you know what, maybe we should just link up and catch up. The world just leads you to the people who are meant to be close to you “the touch effect” and we decide to hang out and ta-daaaaa *if you’ve watched Crood you should relate* we’re just insync. They (my friend and the hubby) finally got us to do our first hosting, we feared at first (you think of all the things you don’t have, like serving dishes et al, you know the bachelor-bachelorette lifestyle) and they were the most comfortable and entertaining guests we’ve ever had *actually, the first*, now they don’t feel like guests any more. We ate, drunk, played scrabbled, poker and chatted the night away. They are officially our favorite couple friends, you know you’ve gotta have those. Grateful they found their way into our lives, or vise versa.

Nail Polish, Sunset

You see both rarely, that’s the relation. LOL. There could be no better way to describe me getting my nail polish groove on, but I did. I find it such work, you know the application process, the fanning of your hands for it to dry, the holding things delicately to avoid the much dreaded smudge. Oh but it definitely looks good on me as I type on my key board. I could literally type gibberish just to have a glance at my peach painted nails. I think that’s my motivation for now, let’s hope it lasts long enough to have me purchase a different color.

As for the sunset, I went to visit my folks on the weekend and on my walk I was engulfed by the beautiful view of the sunset. It even looked more beautiful when seeing it through that singled out tree. Picture perfect. If I had a Canon or Nikon camera, trust me this pic would have made it to Mutua Matheka’s wall paper Monday, but I didn’t.

So much more happened of course, but these were the ones I was able to capture, or do you want a novel? Nah. How was your July? Hoping it was great and you would have a thing or more to say about it. The best thing about today (very convenient that it’s 1st August), is that you know something you didn’t know yesterday. Better yet, is you are or will be able to do something you didn’t do yesterday or ever before. That’s the beauty of life, everyday gives you a chance to play it out a little or to a great extent differently from how you did it before. It’s very forgiving in that sense, it holds no grudges, only you do. Have yourself a blessed August.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Unwelcome Questions

It’s crazy how the world rotates around us, but we barely notice. Not the scientific or geographic kind of rotate, but the fact that it’s all about us, the people that inhabit this rather round planet earth. Then it points down to each and every individual. Each person is their own person. We all have a purpose, that thing that we are meant to work out or contribute towards here on earth. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you do, or you want to be or want to have, there’s that inherent reason you are here.

We try to look for our relevance in every place, be it at home, school, work, among our friends. You want to be needed, to be accommodated and to be relevant. The big problems come in while we try to have all this figured out. It’s easy for some, or so it seems, but extremely difficult for others. Others even never find their purpose in life. Others don’t even know themselves. Ever gone to a place and the questions you’re asked are in the lines of:

Who are you?  What do you do? What do you want?


Aren’t these the most unwelcome questions. They leave you wondering what answer you should give. Assuming that you have an answer, because most people stare blankly wondering whether to begin with when I was born or when you started schooling or your experience, you wonder whether it will be satisfactory to the recipient  Does it do you justice and represent you for who you really are. With those 3 questions, someone narrows down to what your entire life is about. Based on what you say, they could put you off or want to be associated with you. Ever wondered why these questions always feature in the critical area of “basic information”, whether it’s in interviews, social media bio’s and so on. It’s like that’s the basic information about yourself you should have. To the very least you should know who you are.

Funny thing is that life situation can lead you to a path that makes it difficult to describe who you are, what you do and what you want. Maybe because you’re not confident enough about your abilities. Or whatever you do is not really defined so you can pin point it or you just can’t figure out what you want, because there so much. Most of what we want is not necessary actually, if you think about it. Like I want a chopper to beat traffic, but do I really need it? Of what value will it add to my life? Sometimes when you answer this questions, you feel like the answers you have given don’t give you justice. Like when someone sees a picture of you, then when they eventually meet you they tell you, “you look much better in person, the pictures don’t do you justice.”

You wish that the people got to know you first before judging you by what you say about yourself. Truth be told, most of us don’t do ourself justice when telling others about ourselves. Maybe that’s why we lose out on good jobs, great opportunities and so on. Unfortunately, the world ain’t patient or that kind to you, so one has to figure how to get these “unwelcome questions” right. I think the trick to answering them is loving YOUrself, loving what YOU do (it doesn’t have to be what you are at work, it could even be what you enjoy doing or what you’re really good at). For instance just because you are a sales man and you don’t like what you do, that doesn’t define you. You define yourself. You could be a sales man who writes really well or who loves public speaking. How do you go about saying who you are when you have varied statuses? Go for what fulfils your heart and own it. You get better at it with time. It leads you to knowing what you want and then you chase it. When you get it, you will be able to even say who you are and what you do much better. You can even write a biography of yourself *wink*. I’m pretty sure Steve Jobs didn’t find himself in a day, it took time, to make him the refined person he was, for him to find his niche and his purpose. It’s like the food chain (remember primary school science class), one stage feeds the other stage. It’s a cycle.

At the end of the day, it’s about doing some really good work with what you’ve got. Ain’t it? And sometimes, all you’ve got is YOU! So how about YOU love what YOU are involved in because the world rotates around YOU!

what you do

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

It Gets Better…

Whoop whoop! I moved, I unpacked, I settled and I love it!


LOL. I couldn’t do it silently. That’s for Ninja’s!

So much for having those major cringes and unfounded fears that come with change. You know that uneasy feeling in your tum tum that makes you wonder, what will happen, how will I do it, will I manage, what if I don’t like it???? Well, I rebuked all those feelings. I have done this two times now, moving houses. I gave my notice and my former landlord was more than encouraging (God bless them), I think I was looking for signs from everywhere. Like before I told them I want to move out, I did quite some pacing at their door step before knocking the door. I was telling myself if they react negatively, that’s a sign. Then of course they didn’t. Ha ha ha on my face.

The one thing they (my landlord and his wife) told me that got me feeling all melty on the insides was, “your landlord on the other side will definitely have a good tenant. We’ve enjoyed having you here.” Someone say humbling. I’m not the best there is, but I try to live well with those around me and also leave them well when the time comes. I believe in not burning bridges. There’s a reason why you meet people and interact with them in various ways. One day you will need them, not now, not tomorrow but someday, when you least expect it. I have seen my parents meet friends whom they were with in their youth. That’s like 20+ years ago. They meet in the streets, in offices, in the kids schools, in weddings or in family meetings. This world is big in size but small in its connections. That 6 degrees of separation vibe gets more real.

So it finally happened. Though while at it, I was also looking for assurance from people. Why we do this when we want to make a decisions always beats me. If only we could make a decision, believe in it and abide by it.  So I kept telling people I’m moving, then when they ask me where, to what and why? I’m like here and to this. Funny because I had thought of all these things ( distance, security, convenience to amenities, traffic, water e.t.c. ) as I was looking for a place. The reason I chose that place is because I could almost justify the place will meet my current needs and at the same time cover the things mentioned. But people have opinions, we all do. So they’ll give you opinions but in the end you have to make your own choice. Because as people give you opinions, no one is walking in your shoes.

You are the one who knows the comfort or discomfort of your shoes. Whether it’s too tight, or too loose, too high or too flat. Or just the right fit for you. Then you decide whether to continue suffering in its discomfort, get another, fix it. Choice is always yours.

The best thing about this moving experience was the support I got. I have never gotten this much support before. The first time I moved, it was just me and my dad. The second time, I was more or less alone, until I bumped into a friend who offered a hand shortly (God always has your back). The third time was the best of all times. I was with the boyfriend (aka knight in shining armor), a girlfriend E (the girl every girl needs to have), baby sister C (the little distraction we all need) and mummy dearest (super momma). They made it not feel so new and foreign. There was lots of food (thanks to the mother, bless her) and laughter (the 3 other culprits who crack each other up) as we unpacked and cleaned up. Oh yeah, got hand me down curtains to keep me going till I get mine. I have windows, many windows *excitement*. I love this new experience, different from the previous one, which was different from the 1st one. Let me revel in it and make it homely!

Housewarming? It’s already warm thanks to the 3 lovely helpers. But for once I can have a couple of visitors at the same time. LOL. I just need more plates, cutlery, sitting space and so on. I had 4 actually 3 of each before. That needs to change soon. I can hold a parrrrty! But we don’t stop here, cheers to bigger and better when the time’s right!

New Experience

How about you have yourself a whimsy Wednesday and remember that positive thoughts breed positive results, that’s the secret. If you don’t know how to be positive (it can be quite the uphill task especially when things don’t seem to be looking up or going your way). You can try this out ↓ it milks the positive out of you!

New Advice

Signing Off ~~~*Kawi*

Something. About. Me.

LOL. Strange way to start the post, I know. But honestly, it’s hilarious how ones life can change in a couple of days, months, years. It just depends when you’re struck by whatever it is that will create that change. Why I was laughing, because I was reading a previous post that made me cringe, then shake my head in almost disbelief. Like “I really said that, no I didn’t”, “how did I even think that”. If I was to write that all over again, the story has completely changed. You know the 360kind of change. It would qualify for a face-palm moment.

Then again, it shows that I have really grown. The fact that I can read something I wrote a few years back and it makes me wonder what I was thinking when I was writing it. It’s amazing when something you did a while back gives you that feeling. That feeling of wow, I have come from far, to bring it closer home, yaani nimetoka mbali. I think of my first graduation, first job, my first house, my first relationship, my first blog post, the constant advisory lectures from the parents (he he they were of course almost one-sided, mostly don’t do this, don’t go there e.t.c) and these are the things that made up my foundation. They are what made me even know what direction to and not to take in life. At that particular time, it was all no big deal. It was just living life and doing what I had to do. Then as life went on, I moved into another job, I moved houses, I started dating someone else, wrote more posts. The parental lectures graduated to discussions (it’s two-sided, I give them my opinions, they give me theirs then I weigh them and make a choice). I’ve grown, still am. Little growing to big. It’s amazing.

That’s why I laughed when I read these posts. That one just covers the relationship perspective, there’s this one when I firstmoved out of home, then another when I graduated from my undergraduate and my first post on here. It takes me back, back to where I started out. I started out from down there, from knowing almost nothing about the world. I was like a cub let loose. For those of you who watch Nat Geo, you know how bad it is out there in the wild. You’re prey. Many await to feast on you, lead you in the wrong direction, give you false promises and so on. You are in charge of yourself. You make your own decision, right or wrong. No one is responsible for that but you. It’s crazy in a beautiful way.

To fend for myself, to face the world without the protection of the parents. That’s almost a lie though, because they are on my speed dial. I always update them on things, both good and bad. I always want their blessings in the things that I do or plan to do. Then there’s my boyfriend, he’s on the receiving end of all this I want to do this that and so on, so his opinions really matter as they’ll affect my decisions in one way or another. Then my friend(s), I have started learning to share things. I am not one to. I know it sounds unimaginable considering I am a chatter-box but surprise, there’s some mystery here. It’s like God leads me to people who will help in my venture for growth, the little experience I have gathered in different aspects of my life is through people. People I have known from the places I have been or people I have met in the weirdest of ways or people I have been introduced to. Super support system. You’ve got to love people.

Slowly I have been moving up, learning a couple of things while at it. The one thing that’s been my constant, though sometimes I tend to under-look it sometimes,  is that I strive to excel. I want to grow. The moves I make or intend to make are so that I can grow, so that I can make me and mine better. While at it, make a difference in the lives of the people I meet along the way or better the places I pitch tent in. I think what would make me feel unsatisfied is if I feel that I am not able to do this. If I feel stagnated, if there’s no sense of growth or there’s nothing I can do to make a difference. If I can’t do any of this, then why am I there or why am I doing what it is am doing in the first place?

That’s a little “Something. About.Me”. Also my very first picture-less post. Strange huh?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*


25 Going On 26

I know I’ll be too excited to do a post tomorrow, so let me do it now as it’s become sort of a tradition. Still comfortable saying my age, but now that am tipping to the other side of the scale, I think I should start learning to be discrete about it. Until say 40 when am still looking young and not anything close to it. I am 25 going on 26, I don’t know what to write *cue in that Sound of Music song*. But really, I don’t know what to write but I need to write something. Let’s see, I think I will go with the few things I figured while at the tender age of 25.

Happy Birthday

I undervalue myself most of the time. You know how others get impressed by your achievements or doings but you end up missing the point, moving on and working a lil’ harder harder for more. Yes, I do celebrate my milestones, but then the excitement is short-lived because from that milestone there’s another one that’s supposed to be achieved. As I concentrate on what needs to be achieved next, I forget that this is how far I have come from and I almost just almost have everything that I need (resource-wise) to get me going. That’s a blessing.

Relationships are molded. No relationship comes already formed and through the process, there’s those bits and pieces that need to be beaten back for it to be in shape, it’s painful but once you’re over that, it becomes beautiful. Even roses have thorns right? Basically, you have to compromise and sacrifice a few things without losing yourself though. Learn to meet in the middle and accommodate each other, know which role is played by who and respect each other while laughing, loving and living. Yes, it’s work in progress, always is. That’s being submissive.

I am very defensive of myself. Sometimes, you need to hear others out. They see you from the outside, they’re not very subjective in their opinions of you, but objective in their judgement based on how they relate to you and how they know you. That’s one thing I’m struggling with. Accepting I am wrong, even when I don’t think I am..I mean who thinks they are ever wrong? *if you agreed with me, that’s the problem right there*. That’s being humble.

Make many plans, so that even if some fail, at least you’ll have a couple of others you’ve managed to achieve. Plans are also not cast on stone, so they can change at different times of your life and in different situations. I didn’t succeed in all the plans I had set out during my age 25 tenure, others changed too, but I am content and grateful for all the ones that came to be. That’s being honest and ambitious.

26 does sound like a super year. Especially if I think of it like those read-the-future-kind-of-people, it’s a double of the year we are currently in (2013 … so 13*2 = 26). Ha ha trust me to do that, sometimes you’ve got to imagine the light of the end the tunnel before you get to it. It gives you a peace of mind. So for this year, I expect things to double for me :-) . Point in case: I would like to graduate, get a salary increase, get a pair of 6-inch heels (though I know I will almost never wear them) or better yet re-stock my shoe rack and closet, get a bigger house, save for a car, those are just but a few that I know within my control, there others that aren’t but it’s the doubling year ain’t it? at least according to the theory that I just derived.

This moment looked so far and now it’s here. Last but not least, it’s also my boyfriends birthday, yeah on the same day. I know how awkward that seems and even feels now that the d-day is here *did I just make it sound like we’re getting married?*.

I would actually like to take this moment *how I sound like am receiving an Oscar or Grammy Award…lol too many moments of sounding like something today* to tell him ↓ and that he made my 25 worth the while. I hope it’ll be the same for the many years to come. ILY to Dions!

Amazing, Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my fellow Aquarians, keep on keeping it real, you know how we roll. Thanking God, for giving us another year to see his goodness and share it with the rest of the world.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Looking for Inspiration?

We look for all inspiration from what we do, hear, say, see ain’t it? Just like when we pluck an eye lush or see a lonely star (save for a shooting star) or blow the candle(s) on the birthday cake, we actually make that wish hoping with all our fingers and toes crossed that it will come true. At least I genuinely do. I met with my baby sister yesterday (though it happens every other day now that she’s doing something in the CBD as she waits to enter campus and boy isn’t she demanding…lol), a mid my busy schedule *cough cough* I can actually afford to say that without flinching, and I was telling her, “It would be nice if I could make lots of money without having to work so hard.”  Of course we laughed it off, I mean, like seriously?!

Inspiration is


So after she lays down her case as to why I should take her for lunch, this was done in a professional way mind you, these kids. We go for lunch, chit chats and all, watch her gobble down everything ha ha, and when I go back to the office, I think of that statement I’d brushed off earlier as a joke. We actually do look for inspiration? In all cracks and crevices, in people and things both existent and non-existent. As we look for it, our hopes are raised for a moment there and we feel like we’re close to grabbing it or getting it right. Then something slaps us back to reality or gets us to strike that iron while it’s still hot. The thing with inspiration, just like excitement, is that it dies out faster than you can squeal, “yaaay”. So you really have to be with it, take it and use it before it escapes you.

How we cling on to that source of inspiration we have instantaneously connected with such that the moment it doesn’t appeal to you as had expected it to you end up feeling disappointed, let down, too expectant and all things related. Like when you get the slightest form of criticism you crawl back into your shell, or when no one gives a helping hand, you feel bad. It’s human, am human, it happens to me. It’s because you are depending on that source to give you the energy to start that thing you’ve been dying to do, or that thing that needs to be done but psyche to do it is negative, more like that spark that will start the fire.

But what’s a spark without a purpose or without anything to fuel it? It will eventually go off or just keep sparking and doing nothing. Give that spark life, something to make it develop into a flame or a fire. You are the one who decides what you want it to be based on what you want it to do. Do you want it to cook, warm you up, give light, burn stuff? That spark is your inspiration, it’s better when it catches you working, then it gives you psyche, and not catching you off guard because then it won’t be of use. It’s the spark that’s the source of inspiration for the fire that follows, and it has to work its way into creating a fire that will last long enough to serve its purpose. This could be by having enough gas, fanning or blowing it so as to expose the fire/heat.

Inspiration is not magic or some voodoo,  it’s there with you, you just need to cultivate it. When you look for it, chances are that it will elude you. So you just do your thing, find within you the energy or zeal to do what it is that you’re dying to do, inspiration will find you. I say this because many times, am caught in the endless search for inspiration, I want to sit there and still find it, of course that never happens. I find that I have to start the task then somewhere mid-way I am so in to it, that the passion and desire to get it done overwhelms me, I equate that to my inspiration. The people that help you while at it, give a hand or two, give you positive sentiments, criticism, that’s inspiration. The abstract things that you place your hope on while you do your task, those wishes, those expectations, the unfounded thoughts, that’s inspiration.


You don’t find inspiration, it finds you!

You don’t find inspiration, inspiration finds you! Feels like a Chuck Norris statement.

Inspiration has its source in the oddest of forms, but as long as you experience it. Isn’t that what matters? Besides that, is there something you’ve been dying to do and you just didn’t have that psyche for doing it? Now is the time to start, then along the way, Mr (Mrs). Inspiration will catch up with you.

Pink always wins me over with her music (kind of relates to what I was saying, but from another perspective) and weirdness. How do you like this one? Can you believe it’s just 15th January, how’s it that time is flying, but when you look at the calendar the days are dragging. Is it just me or have you made that observations? I guess that’s how January rolls, but we need to cramp its style sometime. Maybe 2014.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Reflecting 2012, Welcoming 2013

Do you ever look back and think, “what great things have really happened in my life this year?”, like you’re expecting massive changes, and I mean massive. Then again you wonder what massive is? It’s meaning in your life because at one particular point it could be the greatest or best thing to happen to you then after a while it fades off and you tend to forget the impact it had on you at that moment.

That’s where you underestimate yourself, it’s as if nothing really happened to you throughout the year. I was reflecting about that because at some point I was somehow forgetting what this year has actually brought me. Then I had the bulb light moment, of “Jeez, how ungrateful can one get.”

Count your many blessings, name them one by one, and it will surprise you what the Lord hath done.~ Nurser Ryhme.

It may be just a nursery rhyme. One that we sang to pass time or make merry with our playmates but in essence it’s our guide to living a more content life. So in my reflection of what went on in 2012, I thought I could say 12 essential things that I realized have made me who I am today. 2012 made me realize;

  1. My family always want the best for me. Even when am independent, being mature and responsible, they want to be part and parcel of my life. That I need to involve them because whether you’re young or old, I remain their daughter and sibling. For me they are selfless. (Funny how my dad still gives me pocket-money when I visit home or how my mother packs for me all the frozen foods and veggies or my baby sister keeps me posted on latest music or makes demands just because. They don’t care whether I have or don’t, they’re always there regardless.)
  2. My birthday is what I make it. This year’s wasn’t mind-blowing, but neither was it boring. I ordered for myself cake just in case people forgot to get me some…lol. I was at that point in my life, where I was almost ‘alone’. Luckily, I ended up having 4 cakes, because other people thought of me. I don’t take that for granted, you’re awesome.
  3. Schooling never ends. I am still at it but can’t wait for the day I’ll be reading just for fun, then again will that happen unless am reading some intriguing novels or fancy magazines.
  4. That I need to be in charge of myself. There comes a time you draw the lines, make tough decisions. Character and personality are what define you and when you see them getting compromised, do something. Be in charge.
  5. You need to let go, to get better. There’s no other way to go about it. You want to get better, let go of what is holding you back or what was. Look forward to what is and what will be.
  6. Not everyone you know or relate to has to be your friend. If they don’t like you, disrespect you, gossip, it’s okay, don’t take it personally. Sometimes, a stranger can be more of a friend than the person you have grown to know. Such is life.
  7. That the people who are your friends and want the best for you are few. Know them, be there for them and while at it, let them surprise you. Don’t expect too much because they also have their battles to fight.
  8. God always has my back and I attribute everything to him. I believe that without God, you’re basically nothing.
  9. That you get what you ask for. Your mind, body and soul are somehow aligned to what you’re searching for – You find what you seek. Maybe that’s the influence of the Alchemist, but I definitely have experienced it. In more ways than one.
  10. Positivity, genuineness and gratitude is what connects you to others. That’s what humanity actually needs from you.
  11. Love is life. “I believe that when you find love, you hold onto it and cherish it because there is nothing finer and it may never come again.” ~ Mr.Feeny. That’s what I am doing. He got me and I got him.
  12. That I have grown. I am able to embrace change without so much fear and worry unlike before.

It was a good year, I have no complaints. Loved the amazing opportunities it brought me, the challenges, the newness and revelations it carried. The mantra I unknowingly lived by this year, “It’s better to know, ignorance is not bliss”. Looks like Maya Angelou figured it out because she says “when you know better, you do better.”

I don’t know what 2013 holds for me, us … but it definitely feels like it’s going to be a S to the U, to the P.E.R YEAR. I just feel like the growth experienced in 2012, when brought forward will be a great foundation to start the year. Plus, I know God has so much in store for me. There’s lots yet to be done and those things are not going to do themselves. So, “Let’s Go!”

Anyone setting new year resolutions for 2012? How did the ones for 2012 go? If you did not set any like me, what were your 2012 reflections?

Get your jig on this New Year! It only comes once, so welcome it in style. Ps: Only 1 day to go. What will you be up to?

Pretty Little Liars, Aria Montgomery

Or maybe the Ke$ha way, looks more epic. And don’t we want it that way, whatever will make you get your jig one. Be on it.


And don’t miss that kiss when the clock strikes midnight. Keep yours close-by.

New Year Kiss

Otherwise, seeing as am Kenyan and that’s the way we start our sentences, using conjunctions. Grammar is fun when it’s less serious (just reminded me of the Fanta Ad. More Fanta, Less Serious … very unrelated.) For all my super readers, you know I got nothing but love for you! Thanks for visiting all year round, it’s been great having posts for you to read. Now let’s pray that next year, my content will be bountiful and exciting.

New Year, Happy, 2012

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*