Laure Courtellemont *Dance Away*

This is my motivation for the day!

So are there any classes like this in Kenya?

Because if there is, I’m in it. Looks like so much fun … much more fun than going to a boring GYM and lifting weights or following boring routines and instructions. Anyway, *breathes out* if only I could dance that well *wishful thinking is good for my health*. I’m thinking if I heard she has classes around, I would pay whatever to attend even if it’s just one class.

Ummm and whoever said whites don’t have rhythm, she clearly proves the theory wrong. So, Laure Courtellemont is from Paris (she’s French) and she does ragga jam and dance hall classes. Who would’ve thought? What do you think? So where are all those guys who dance at the clubs? Know of anyone whose doing something like this in Nairobi at least? Someone should open a big studio like in town *hint*

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Ps: Those pants she’s wearing, are they just ‘Track Suit pants’ or do they have another name? I should get me one of those. Fashionistas say something!

Her dance classes are now my current obsession … lol, you can’t blame me. So the day I will be able to dance like that, I’ll have to show off  my skills *wink*

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Anyhow, enjoy your weekend to the fullest. If you have a friend who can dance … like really dance and teach novices like me how to dance some certain dance routines, tell them this is a very viable business idea … Ragga and Dancehall classes at a convenient location, there’s already one willing member.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Better than Dem – Natasja Saad ft Beenie Man

I heard this song in a matatu yesterday … and I thought Gooood Tuune!! I know it’s dance hall ragga but it made me have the “I wanna dance” feeling but just sit stiff, i mean being the cool person i am…lol

I figured am not so good at the scaling…so maybe i should use HIT or MISS…

Natasja (how had I searched for this name…typing Sasha and other not so close names) and beenie man… good combo *wink* a total HIT.

Signing off — *Kawi*

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

I’m Yours – Jason Mraz

I have seriously looked for this song. It’s a shame I didn’t know what it’s called. That being my other weakness where I never know the songs that are sang, leave alone the musicians. Considering I never get the words to the song unless I listen to it countless times. Yeah am that bad. And even then I still can’t sing along, maybe only to the chorus…lol hence the reason I shall never attempt Idols or Project Fame #Fail

Anyhow, Seriously given this song and a scale ranging from 1-10, I would give him an 8.99 would’ve done 9.99 but am being a bit cultured..hehe as in, the instrument..thats the guitar strumming *Perfect to an amateurs ears*, the voice variations throughout the song *Highs and Lows and the playing around with the vocal cord*, the words to the song *BLISS*, the video *Simple yet amazing, just makes me feel like going on Vacation*— I love everything about it. Used to hear it on Rick Dees and I get the goosebumps and every time I want to search for it on you tube I just go blank.

Signing Off — *Kawi*