Outgrowing Them

I have become good friends with my tailor lately. Why, you ask? No, we don’t have much to talk about, unless it’s about how he’s going to adjust my clothes to fit me. The manufactures actually leave some allowance for that, I found out. It’s funny how I can’t see the weight I’ve gained or rather I’m ignoring it, but my clothes, well, they are just becoming tighter, you can’t beat that. It’s like trying to ignore a kid screaming to your ear as you try to sleep. It’s in the extra inch on my hips or thighs or chest or waist. I’m outgrowing them. I don’t want to accept that. I’m the kind that still wears clothes from 10 years ago, believe it or not, I don’t change much. But I am growing and I can’t stop my body from shaping itself. This also means a dent to my wallet because I find myself having to either adjust some clothes to fit or just buy some new ones.


Source : This looks like me when I decide to fit clothes I haven’t worn in a long time. The disappointment.

Adjust, because that attachment with the old clothes for some reason comes on strongly when you realize you can’t wear them any more. While before, they would sit in the closet gathering dust . Some feel like vintage, and they are getting into fashion once again. My suit pants *wails*. I discovered that most of my suit trousers don’t fit (tight on certain areas), the coats fit perfectly but the bottoms, good Lord. More depressing when I think I have to get others while I have this ones (this is where my good tailor comes in). The needs becomes greater when you realize you need to use them for certain “official” occasions.

That’s just me and my clothes, but we outgrow so many things. Some of which we even don’t know ourselves. It could be material things, people, work, name it. It gets to a point where you cannot stay as you were. It’s like you’re transforming or being morphed into something and it’s either you adjust those things to fit into your life or just let go of them so that you can acquire new things that fit into your current state. Such is life.

Don’t struggle to fit in where you’re not fitting in, into clothes too. It’s not a must you fit into everything, even life won’t let you, that’s asking for a bit too much. When times comes for you to move to the next step or size, get with it, that’s what living is about. It’s about allowing yourself to grow, to become a better version of you, one that you are comfortable with at every stage. After all, it’s for your own comfort. And what’s life without comfort, lemons perhaps. Bitter as it gets. With comfort, it’s lemonade on the go or a shot of tequila with the said lemon and salt to loosen you up, much better. I kid, don’t drink, I kid again, one shot is good, just one!


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Beating Ugly Days

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? *bites lip and awaits response anxiously*

Not such a fair response today, says the mirror, you look hideous! Ha ha, don’t we all have those days that you just feel unattractive. Like if you could avoid all human contact and just land on your desk work all day and drop back to your house, that would be awesome.

It always starts once your alarm rings and you have to drag yourself out of bed. Jump into the shower before your brain suggests other things like, snoozing and sleeping a little more like a boss. Then you’re out of the shower and you’re trying to figure out what to wear but it looks like your wardrobe has a malfunction and out of the tonnes of clothes you own, none seems right for the day. Looking at the mirror, your hair is a mess, there’s a surprise zit on your forehead or nose, it could be small but at that point it looks HUGE. More like Gollum’s ugly for those who have watched Lord of the rings, when he says, “My precious”…lol, yuck!

You feel me though, it happens. How to get over such days? I actually figured that day out. Once you realize that that’s what you’re going through, it’s not a sickness but a feeling that’s bound to disappear, you’re good to go. At least you can be sure to try turn it around at some point in the day. Here are some of the tips that I have :


Wear a combination you have worn before. Something that looked good on you once upon a time, that made you look and feel beautiful. You need to have that attire prepared in advance for such days or if not, you should’ve crammed it. That’s not the day to explore the attires you have in your wardrobe, because with that feeling you could just choose the most hideous clothes for real.


Raise your confidence on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being high confidence to about an 8. Because you really need it, should someone tell you something that would lower your esteem, your tank is still full of esteem. Yes, it’s an ugly day, but that doesn’t mean your confidence has also rioted, make sure it’s on full tank. You are still you, live it up!


Engage in conversations that make you forget how you feel or think you look. Talk about other pressing issues, it could be political, social, economic, technical anything that doesn’t involve you and your current feelings. You could just drag someone else into your ditch if you go on about your feelings.


You’re beautiful even in your ugly days, you pretty much look the same as the other days just that on this day your hormones are telling you lies. So get off your pity party and re-direct your  thoughts to other sectors of your life where they are needed. Think happy thoughts (like seriously).


Laugh, walk, talk, read, work, eat, write e.t.c. Basically do things that distract your thoughts. That keep you away from thinking how damned you are or how bad your day is. Avoid negative energies by all means, stay positive.


Please still look at the mirror. Make sure you’re clean and smelling fresh, clothes are all intact and well-fitting ( just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits…lol) had to put that line somewhere. Hair is well-combed, body is oiled, you know the usual. You’ll be surprised that only you thinks that you’re ugly on that day. That’s the day you get random complements of how nice you look.


Appreciate them, don’t doubt them. If someone tells you you look good, it’s because you look good. Believe them. Don’t also miss out on a chance to tell someone else they look good or they have something nice when they do. Compliments have a way of making someone feel good about themselves. This one could be your good deed of the day.

These are just but a few ways to handle your “ugly days”, they don’t last long. Its life is as short as how fast you snap yourself out of your cranky mood.

It’s Thursday, that day if you haven’t said your thank you’s or been truthful you get the chance to. Give thanks and be truthful to yourself and to others. While at it, have a Thrilling Thursday.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Hand Me Down

“I love this jeans, they don’t really fit me now but I’m sure I’ll grow into them” … I just wonder how many of us have such conversations in our minds? The attachment we have with our stuff is unbelievable. Then it got me wondering whether it’s emotional or not. That’s because I was definitely sure it’s not emotional, only that the process of acquiring them was a bit involving and within it was some emotional distress, that’s why letting go becomes an issue. Makes a perfect excuse huh!

Like you just want to go home one day, raid your closet and put aside all the clothes, shoes or gadgets you haven’t worn or used for a while and give them out to friends or for charity. Every time I have the energy and zeal to do so, I find myself giving an excuse for each piece of garment. That’s the day I actually figure out that it would be perfect for this occasion or that it would totally match another garment or that I will use it next week …who am I kidding? Then I end up with no pile of clothes to give out.

At that point in time you feel like it’s stuff that you can’t live without, but once that moment is gone. They continue featuring in the ‘unused section’ of your wardrobe, shelves. They gather dust and the same process goes on again when given an opportunity to get rid of them or better yet practice the art of sharing. I would really love to able to just go pick something and give it out without thinking about it deeply.

The number of times I’ve managed to reach the point of actually giving out clothes, shoes, gadgets feels so good. I just close my eyes and pack them up then think of the good I’ve done and how happy the person receiving would be. This is once in a “many years” occurrence. So I’m just wondering how I can make it a bit more often like half-yearly or so?

I used to have a cousin, still do though she’s not around (wish she still was, then maybe I would get tips). She would clear her drawers every 6 months and just distribute her pretty clothes to us cousins, it was like a sale. I loved going to her house for sleep overs, because she made sure we look pretty and our little bags are stacked when we are going back home. I’ve always wanted to do that, but ‘lo and behold’ how do I even start restocking … is that the mentality of someone who’s stingy? Oi!

Anyway, I plan to do it because considering how impulse my shopping is, restocking shouldn’t be an issue. Little by little, then maybe I can own clothes that I actually wear and look stunning. Not let them gather dust and indirectly beg me to hand them down to others who would probably look really good in them or utilize them much better. Lets see how that goes. In case you are good at it, maybe you can tell us how you go on about it?

Catch phrase of the day “Sharing Is Caring!” Hope you’re on top of your Monday and not vice versa … lol Have a good one.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

In defence of Bata Sandak shoes aka Plastic shoes

Sandak – Plastic Shoes

Had to come up with this post to protect the credibility of sandak shoes – plastic shoes that you have seen ladies wearing around, well, they look like Kenya Uniform and people are bad mouthing them, I agree but there are reasons.

First off to appreciate the company that came up with the brilliant idea : Bata Shoe Company which is a manufacturer and retailer of footwear : women’s shoes, men’s shoes, kids shoes

I know plastic sounds like a cheap product, but the outcome is awsome :) , i mean we are even saving the environment, by recycling this non-bio-degradable substance. This is the full utilizing of available resources. (and am not being sarcastic)

I shall not even deny, am one of the lady’s who proudly wears those shoes (although I do have my limits – Check disclaimer). My reasons being:

  • They are very comfortable
  • They are easy to clean i.e wash and wear
  • They are affordable i.e think I bought them at  ksh.395
  • Don’t have to think twice when wearing them, they have a neutral color.
  • They are all-weather, you can walk with them in the rain, without thinking twice or getting frustrated, you can walk with them on the beach without thinking they’ll get spoilt (i.e leave sole in sand), you can comfortably walk with them on normal ground.
  • They only blend very well with casual wear.
  • You don’t have to worry about them making noise as you walk (ko-ko-ko #VeryIrritating).
  • They are long-lasting unless you put them in fire.
  • No worries of leaving sole behind as you walk, or the heel getting flaked. –because they are flat :)  and there’s no glue sticking sole to shoe.

PS: It’s not because I don’t own other many pairs of shoes (made of other, it’s because I love them. given the above reasons.

So what’s with people hating on them… they are shoes just like any other shoes, i mean. I can barely walk with heels, I own them but if I’m given a choice, I would go for plastics or other material flats any day. To wear my heels, I have to think, how much walking I will do, if the color blends with my clothes – with plastics it’s stress free.

I’m sure if the plastic shoes were from some known designer  like christian Louboutin, you would not hear the end of it, but because they are from Bata people hate.

I have seen more wierd shoes like gladiator shoes which I was calling alligator (thanks Ngina, she’s my reference to fashion from now on), I tend to think the plastic shoes are more simple and hotter, less complicated #mytake makes you look like your legs are being choked.

Gladiator Shoes

Anyhow, fashion is personal, different people look different with the same shoes, but as far as I’m concerned:

“If you think you look good in plastic shoes, rock them proudly. If you think you look bad in plastic shoes DON’T even try.”

PS: This applies to any other fashion besides plastic shoes.

But I hope those one’s REALLY  hating wear this top designs *Google Search* like – Christian Louboutin, Jeffrey Campbell, Brian Atwood, Sergio Rossi, Pour La Victoire, and Miu Miu. I mean plastic shoes are just from Bata (which is an international shoe company by the way.)

DISCLAIMER: I don’t support wearing suits with plastic shoes, neither do I support wearing a skirt with stockings then plastic shoes, that’s not allowed. just wear the heels on that day, or stick to casual ONLY!

Signing Off — *Kawi*

Fashion Statement

I just wonder the struggle we go through on a normal day to make a fashion statement. I have been trying to look at people this whole week in the morning as I walk to work, and in the evening as am going back home, plus on the weekend.

I mean people can really push it to be fashionable…hehe sometimes I just want to laugh loudly but most of the time it’s early morning and am walking alone, or I feel like turning and seeing what that person has worn a 2nd time.

Make Up : – Very tricky, you’ve got to do it well and avoid too much of it.

Foundation: - some girl has make up that has covered up her whole face, and you look and feel like your looking at some ghost *no pun intended*, i mean, little make up looks good

Eye Pencil, Mascara, Contact Lenses : – but when you shave your eyebrows and draw a line instead…hehe it looks surprisingly hilarious on you. Or if you put so much mascara and contacts that make me feel like am looking at a scary cat  in pitch darkness…

Funny Clothing Trends :- It’s those style i’m seeing trending, what every other peron is wearing or has one or two of them in their closet, plus just those random things that look wrong, or look too good.

Stocking / Panty hose: - there’s a way you wear them and they look very good and there’s a way you wear them and you look like *for lack of better words* a slut.  You get what am saying. I havn’t yet figured how to dress mine, so they are still folded somewhere, if there’s one person who has mastered the art of wearing them and looking fabulous, it’s @putty_catt but that’s her style and one persons style doesn’t necessarily look good on another person so I can’t copy..hehe

Short Skirts :- Why one would wear a short skirt and keep pulling it down still doesn’t make sense? i mean, you wore it to flaunt your legs so just flaunt them. Or a very tight skirt that keeps being pulled up by the hips..hehe fitting would look quite good i thought. #justsaying

Sagged Jeans – Yuck! I think it just looks bad. That’s all I can say. Is there a thing with guys showing half their butt when bending? I mean it just looks not nice.

Well Fitting Jeans :- always look good, it’s one of those things that never let you down. provided you dress your body size well.

Coloured clothes mixture : – Now this looks hot, i have a thing for this multi colors on people, provided the colors go, not that you wear some fishy colors, they have to somehow blend. There’s a way you can do it and look like a clown. Kanye is the father of this style…or so i think, I just find him mixing all the weird colors and looking good. like Green and Purple, oh yah he’s girlfriend Amber too..looks like some maad influence going on.

Skinny Jeans :- Whoever invented them, THANK YOU. just dress them well and your good to go. Thing is make sure it just suits your body shape #ThatsAll, it doesnt matter, you can wear with flats or with heels…makes dressing so easy.

High Waist Bottoms :- I think this strictly looks good in people that don’t have bulging sides. otherwise it spoils it. Also it’s fit for ladies ONLY. I mean it just looks Yuck on men. Ever seen a guy with the high waist trousers, it just looks utterly disgusting and wrong #mythought

Tights and Long tops:- seen quite hilarious ones, but seen others that just look hoot, and seems am following the trend once in a while, makes you feel free #For all intents and purposes … hehe

Shoes:- Flats are the best shoes ever invented, atleast I can walk a distance and not feel like I have walked double.Comfortable shoes are the very inportant bit.

Now this is the part I laugh my self off in the morning as I walk to the stage. Partly because a lady has worn high heels that she can barely walk in. I mean you see like she’s off balance, like the next thing she’s gonna trip or something. But some people can actually hack the 6 inch and walk a mile. #amproud because i can’t maybe for a minute.

Flaked tip of the heel :- now that looks ugly! it looks like an umbrella as my friends would put it. I mean , why dress up so well then wear flaked heels, you would rather even wear slippers ok am pushing it

Plastic perforated shoes :- this is my best part, people hate (dudes) on those shoes, but they are my favorite…wash and wear, they don’t get worn off because they’ve been rained on, they are not a task to clean and lastly but not least they are easy to dress :)

I just love this shoes, very economical...the all kind of weather..hehe

Shades :- This is another trend am loving, but i mean there’s a time to wear shades. Lesson101 – When the sun is up and shining and that’s why they would be called shades. The new thing, Shutter shades, woohoo I own a pair, thanks to my twin. I can’t walk with them to town on a random normal day , it just makes you look like a not so serious person fashionista joker, but it’s perfect fit for ocassions like  a party, baberque.

This ones can be worn during the day, I really want :-/ where can i get?, i don’t mind them as a gift …hehe

Hair :- As much as India Arie says, you are not your hair, I think you really are. I mean it’s waht someone sees before they see who you really are. So taking care of your hair is important, it’s one of those things where it can spoil your whole look. Good clothes, bad hair, I will notice the bad hair first and probably I won’t even see the good clothes #YouGet

So am digging this mini-afro look, and if theres someone whose bagged the look, it’s @Sheila97 , it goes with her face, it’s clean and well kept #TooFresh. The hair is something like the pic below, but I like sheila’s better because its somewhat shorter.

ps: This is a random picture from google

Mohawk:- Now this is a trend am not understanding, because the ones i have seen are SCARY. like a #MassiveFail . Where some puts weaves in the middle I just don’t get to make the mohawk more evident. but not noticing that it looks misplaced. I mean, their hair stylist should intervene #justsaying

ps: No pun intended but ai!!

Weaves: - There are nice weaves I  must say, seen a couple of good ones on my friends, it makes them look really nice. But catch me dead having one, unless things are thick-est. My problem now is the ones that look hideous, like you are habouring some pests inside or they make you look like some alien on planet earth. For example: Blonde on Black looks very hideous.

ps: Random pic from google

Normal hair styled well :- Could be natural or permed. Don’t know how at this day and age someone survives with normal because it’s hard to maintain, unless you are on an afro or something, but some people manage.

Braided Hair:- Looks really nice with all the styles people have, though others go over-board. While others overstay with them until you have braided hair but it looks like you shaved it and combed it, because of the strands of hair popping out.

Nails :- hehe I alwas go for well trimmed nails that are clen, neat and easy to handle. Well it could be because I love eating, so the shorter the nails, the better.

Okay I have seen some long nails that look like claws… that’s freaky, it always gets me wondering how they do stuff like wash, greet people, eat (assuming you are not doing the fork and knife)

Trousers and socks :- Men should wear trousers that fit well you know what i mean and socks that don’t scream “Look at me!”

Don’t touch my ankle and white socks :- were only meant for Michael Jackson during he’s performances #Only otherwise well cut trousers fitting your height, width and breadth perfectly should be the ones worn.

Bras and panties :- Fitting bra’s, that’s just it. Hidden Panty.

Hate it when a girl bends and you can see a red pant peeping and at that time she’s in a black trouser. It just looks bad. Or one who bends and the butt crack is on your face #YUCK!

I have no qualms with bras, i hate them but have to wear them, but oh yeah, don’t wear a transparent blouse with a white bra because we see everything. Black bra always do the trick. but colored looks hot :)

Okay that’s enough already.

Fashion Quotes, that left me Gaga’d #ilike


I'm WOW'ed!!

Have a very blessed Thursday. #ThankfulThursday, for the beauty you have, all thanks to God.

Signing off — *Kawi*