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Friday Fives

Some Thank God It’s Friday Loving! The beginning of the month couldn’t come on a better day than Friday. Maybe that’s a sign that March will be an easy breezy month. Plus we get off all week next week, work can’t get any cooler that huh! Hoping that after elections life resumes back to normal on Tuesday so that we can relax for the remaining days.

TGIF, Friday

1. Oopsies!

Yesterday was my baby sisters (Clara’s) birthday. And she turned the age that gives here lot’s of gateway *wait for it* 18. Are you one of those culprits who scream out “18 till I die” when Bryan Adams song comes on? Haha well, she should take advantage of this age, 18 only comes once and the rest of the time, we just pretend to live life out like an 18 year old. I can’t believe she’s grown up that fast, just the other day we were telling her what to wear, what not to. Now she’s shopping by herself, taking herself places and so on, we freak out sometimes most of the time but then let her be. I can assure you that we’re still in denial but absorbing it bit by bit.

Baby, Sister

Then, her results were coming out today. So you can imagine she spent her birthday all tensed up. I was even thinking at some point maybe I’d made her mad, or someone had. And then *bulb light* the results were to be announced today. Poor girl! They’re now out and she totally Aced it, way better than I did during my young’in days. So I see I set the pace well and she’s definitely the upgraded version of me, you can almost imagine my JOY. I love that girl. Oh and my parents are more than proud. CONGRATULATIONS!

2. Weekly Crackers

What’s cracking you up this week? February was an awesome month and short for that matter. On a normal month today would be 29th with 1/2 more days to go. Then again, we’re not complaining.

Check out this song – Kamua Leo Remix – Kidis ft Amileena, Wyre and DNA. That’s my Friday Jam, very much on replay … LEGOOOO!

3. Faves and Craves

Shoes…shoes…shoesazy *shoe crazy* I want some nice pair(s) of stiletto pumps. I decided, well not really I, but with some external intervention by him, to give out most of the shoes on my rack. Why? Because I don’t wear more than half of those pairs. Why? Because I just don’t feel some of them, others are worn out, others I’ve outgrown their sense of style. So am stocking up litto by litto. Just in case you feel philanthropic, am a size six (6) or thirty nine (39) and I can’t walk with 6″ heels, so either 3″ heels or kitten heels *cheeky grin*.

Wouldn't mind me one of these beauties.

Wouldn’t mind me one or all of these beauties.

On that note, a big S/O to all philanthropists (I try to be once in a while) out there. It’s not easy to give up your own stuff to others and have them look pretty in them…lol but that’s the beauty of it. Knowing that you made someone else happy even if for a moment.

4. Stupendous Snippet

Of late it’s been almost all political, and boy is it real. Politics is real, a lot comes off from it. We have watched the debates, and the more I watch the more I get confused about who’s the ideal person to lead the country (of course execpt Dida) because they all have their own strengths and weaknesses. It’s sad how how politics is dividing, not just in Kenya but everywhere. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on who you think is the best leader based on your own reasons, which we all have. However, I don’t think that should be so personal to the extent you hate someone or ruin the life of another.


In all honesty, they say the the power of the vote is in me as a voter, but I think it’s in the people of the country as a whole. It’s not much about my choice, but about who comes off as president at the end of the day. So putting aside all our opinions and our political stands, let’s vote wisely and peacefully. Then pray that once that’s done, we’ll all accept the outcome and start making better our Country. Ain’t it? There’s life beyond politics, that’s what we shouldn’t forget.

5. T.G.I.F Inspiration

Don’t be belittled by things you don’t have, if you really want something, you will get it, not necessarily now, but you will eventually! That’s because you will work towards getting it. So don’t lose hope, it’s somewhere around the corner.

Sometimes life operates like a road with traffic lights. It’s not every-time you’re on the go, sometimes you’ve got to wait and other times you need to stop and give others way or even help them get to where they’re going. “You will get all you want in life if you help enough other people get what they want.”~ Zig Ziglar

To more laughing, living and loving. Let your weekend be nothing short of interesting, blessings!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

February Favorites

We are allowed to extend our birthdays to the month, ain’t it? So that I can still say it’s my birthday month. Sometimes you have to look for ways to still remain the centre of attention even after your happy birthday haha trust me say that ADD much.  We’re just 9 days in to it but this is more of my birthday update. What I was up to. Am sure there’s some curious on lookers. This goes to my mental journal as my best birthday. Just how I’d imagined it. I am not much of a party person (okay that’s a big lie, I am sort of, but for special events, I prefer small and intimate).

February, Favorites

  1. He came to pick me up as I was working on that day and I planted a BIG kiss on his cheek *read lips* to tell him Happy Birthday. I’m being very modest here…lol
  2. I heart this girl. One of my closest friends.
  3. The boyfriends cousin and friend. And boy they have mastered the art of eating the “all you can eat meat”. While us the normal people were having see-saw moments with our tummies because of how full we were, they were still doing meat rounds.
  4. What’s a birthday without a cake?
  5. When stuck in traffic, and it’s your birthday, you can pull of such poses. No one will judge you.
  6. Whoever thought I would share the same birthday with the boyfriend and we will blow candles the same time. Never in my wildest dreams. I think I was too excited I forgot to make a wish. I will get used to it with time. On that note, it will always be 2 candles because if we were to put as many as our ages combined…hehe we would be eating candle wax instead.
  7. My close friend was getting married the day after our birthday (02/02/2013). So happy for her, she’s like my sister from another mother.
  8. Fun times at her evening party with my close friends, double celebrations on our part…lol since we had to hold it back on 1st for her wedding on 2nd. Let loose!
  9. No goofy faces = No fun pics. That’s what we were up to right before my friend’s wedding. That’s what happens when you are too early for an event.
  10. My beloved birthday gift. I love!

What I would want for the next one:

  1. To be out of town.
  2. If in town *hmmmm thinking* we’ll have to make it worth the while. There’s a whole year to think it out and maybe just maybe surprise him.

Besides that, I love, love, loved it. Thanks for all the beautiful messages with good wishes and blessings, you made my day more than special. For again, what’s a birthday without those?

Hope you’re having a kick-ass weekend? Mine’s pretty chilled out tending more towards lazy but relaxing all the same.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

25 Going On 26

I know I’ll be too excited to do a post tomorrow, so let me do it now as it’s become sort of a tradition. Still comfortable saying my age, but now that am tipping to the other side of the scale, I think I should start learning to be discrete about it. Until say 40 when am still looking young and not anything close to it. I am 25 going on 26, I don’t know what to write *cue in that Sound of Music song*. But really, I don’t know what to write but I need to write something. Let’s see, I think I will go with the few things I figured while at the tender age of 25.

Happy Birthday

I undervalue myself most of the time. You know how others get impressed by your achievements or doings but you end up missing the point, moving on and working a lil’ harder harder for more. Yes, I do celebrate my milestones, but then the excitement is short-lived because from that milestone there’s another one that’s supposed to be achieved. As I concentrate on what needs to be achieved next, I forget that this is how far I have come from and I almost just almost have everything that I need (resource-wise) to get me going. That’s a blessing.

Relationships are molded. No relationship comes already formed and through the process, there’s those bits and pieces that need to be beaten back for it to be in shape, it’s painful but once you’re over that, it becomes beautiful. Even roses have thorns right? Basically, you have to compromise and sacrifice a few things without losing yourself though. Learn to meet in the middle and accommodate each other, know which role is played by who and respect each other while laughing, loving and living. Yes, it’s work in progress, always is. That’s being submissive.

I am very defensive of myself. Sometimes, you need to hear others out. They see you from the outside, they’re not very subjective in their opinions of you, but objective in their judgement based on how they relate to you and how they know you. That’s one thing I’m struggling with. Accepting I am wrong, even when I don’t think I am..I mean who thinks they are ever wrong? *if you agreed with me, that’s the problem right there*. That’s being humble.

Make many plans, so that even if some fail, at least you’ll have a couple of others you’ve managed to achieve. Plans are also not cast on stone, so they can change at different times of your life and in different situations. I didn’t succeed in all the plans I had set out during my age 25 tenure, others changed too, but I am content and grateful for all the ones that came to be. That’s being honest and ambitious.

26 does sound like a super year. Especially if I think of it like those read-the-future-kind-of-people, it’s a double of the year we are currently in (2013 … so 13*2 = 26). Ha ha trust me to do that, sometimes you’ve got to imagine the light of the end the tunnel before you get to it. It gives you a peace of mind. So for this year, I expect things to double for me :-) . Point in case: I would like to graduate, get a salary increase, get a pair of 6-inch heels (though I know I will almost never wear them) or better yet re-stock my shoe rack and closet, get a bigger house, save for a car, those are just but a few that I know within my control, there others that aren’t but it’s the doubling year ain’t it? at least according to the theory that I just derived.

This moment looked so far and now it’s here. Last but not least, it’s also my boyfriends birthday, yeah on the same day. I know how awkward that seems and even feels now that the d-day is here *did I just make it sound like we’re getting married?*.

I would actually like to take this moment *how I sound like am receiving an Oscar or Grammy Award…lol too many moments of sounding like something today* to tell him ↓ and that he made my 25 worth the while. I hope it’ll be the same for the many years to come. ILY to Dions!

Amazing, Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday to my fellow Aquarians, keep on keeping it real, you know how we roll. Thanking God, for giving us another year to see his goodness and share it with the rest of the world.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Plus One *It’s Even and It Gets Better*

One year older, One year wiser … but I’ll always hold it, forever young!

It’s become a tradition now to write a post just before my birthday – about me – and share it with the world … oh well! Ok, this is utterly exciting … I love the feeling and I love February 1st … it’s a hot date. So when it’s your birthday do you grow a tad bit taller? or what happens? very rhetorical question. So my age adds a plus one … Yikes! A while ago I used to find people saying they are the age I’m turning  and I used to think … “Gosh you’re old!” Ummm! Now I’m there so I’ll feel pretty weird saying the age.

A year is actually passed … 23 was a year and a half (no wonder it’s an ODD number). So much has happened in it, the good, the bad, the ugly, the beautiful but one thing still stands, that I’m still me and I haven’t changed a tad bit. Maybe for the better, which is what I plan to carry forward. Having managed to achieve a couple of stuff that I even wouldn’t have thought I would. I think this year has gotten me to be mature.

This year I’ve basically learnt to take care of myself in the very essence of it, which I think in life is a lesson one needs to learn … the easy way of the hard way. Thank God I didn’t have it rough, at least now I know I can be sure to take care of others.

As for this year, I have no plans really … I don’t have a pre-arranged list per se, but I have an idea of random things so here goes and it’s all about “I” and what “I” want, because today is the only day it’s all about me, me, me :)

  • I just want to be happy … like genuinely happy. I pray that the people who will be around bring me happiness and lots of love  hehe yeah love,  and I will be sure to reciprocate.
  • I would want to be the best at what I do … it’s not the easiest thing in the world, especially when you have to be creative and think outside the box. I pray that God opens up my mind this year and many to come, because I love what I’m doing now.
  • I would want to make better decisions, to make the right choices as hard as it can be … I hope this year I make stuff right!
  • I want to be wise … I just don’t want to fall for anything if you know what I mean. I want to make wise decisions in all this circumstances, this life can be so confusing … lol, last year I had my roll of *what’s the opposite of wisdom?*
  • I want to be more of  a Christian, does that make sense? I want to read more of my bible, go to church  on Sundays and find myself in God … you know how we struggle so much in life, and all you probably need is just a short prayer calling out to God to sort you out. And he’s always got you, so I want to put him 1st in everything.
  • I want to always be there for my folks … in my 23rd they have shown me what being a parent is all about. They’ve been there for me since I was conceived, and my life so far has been the best because of them. I don’t know of a better way to appreciate them. So I pray for God to make me super able to always be there for them (I know I’ve dotted there…lol)

Basically, that’s what I want and I think if I’m able to achieve all this … the rest will be a breeze. So, God help. I hope that’s not so much to ask for on my birthday :)


“The secret to staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age.” ~ So true…lol

“And in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.” ~ Abraham Lincoln

For those who wished me, are wishing me, will be wishing me happy birthday … MUCHAS GRACIAS! I love y’ll like you wouldn’t believe it. Friends and family are God Given, and I think the world would be a monster without you!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

1st FEBRUARY 1987 – Happy Birthday!!!!

A year older, a year wiser, a year of awesomeness, a year of being Kawiria. And all I can do is thank the Almighty Lord for the blessing of life and life in abundance.

Oh well having being born on 1st Feb 1987 … today I turn 23. Am happy for myself, 23 looked so far when I was 16 and its here already. Then I begin the month of love… which is what I try to preach… I love loving and I love being loved.

So I would want to say thank you to all those that love me and to all those that I love, for them opening up their hearts and being accommodative. I totally appreciate.

So being a monday, i normally don’t like or enjoy monday’s— monday blues, its the day after the weekend, its the day i have to wake up early after two days of sleeping alot, i have to make plans for the week… its just the full boring day of the week for me. But for this year, am gonna try my best to enjoy mondays regardless. I’ll be positive about it starting today. Because am thinking my birthday falling on a monday—not so cool but now am thinking ‘HOW COOL’

Today I don’t think I will cut a cake or have a party but i will ensure the day is enjoyed…hehe I don’t know how…al just go with the flow. But enjoy every moment, even as I seat on the office chair and stare at a computer screen infort of me…lol

So my past year, was spent quite well, quite a couple of accomplishments which i thank Almighty God, my family and friends for. Everyone played a role one way or another. Stuff that I realized i that I was probably in doubt about, that:

  1. Family and friends are important aspect in your life – I may have lost touch with some but in my heart they always hold a special place. The ones i am always with or we communicate more often than not, I am grateful for the fact that you are here. The ones i insist on … hehe, al keep on nagging :p
  2. I have a lovely smile – I will always try keep my smile on…thanks to all those that tell me I have a lovely smile :) Thats inspiring by the way.
  3. Am beautiful and intelligent as well… am not blowing my trumpet or anything, its those things that i realized through people and school and am trying to internalize.
  4. Am a good person – well, i think i am,but i don’t really know what people exactly mean when they say that.
  5. Am a party pooper – Sometimes that is, i shan’t explain further.
  6. I am stylish – hehe I try,but thanks for letting me know.
  7. There are greater things for me:- It feels great to have people that look out for the best for you. Honestly, for all the help, ideas and nagging I get from my people they are great inspirations.
  8. I subconsciously love school and pressure but I say i hate them…weird huh!
  9. I can write something and someone actually reads it… if you’ve reached this part then I can say am a blogger :)

Music wise : Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys were my artists for the year. The ‘Fearless’ album did it for me, I can repeat songs the whole day as long as i enjoy it and find meaning in it.

At 23, i believe this is going to be a great year…am going to be all out and embrace every moment, am going to be successful and be a positive influence to people.

My inspiration for this new year:

“Life is full of wonderful and terrific opportunities beyond my wildest dreams. I won’t stop dreaming. I won’t stop seeking God for His divine appointments. I will live life with moments that take my breath away. I won’t live my life “on hold.” “

So let me brace myself … am actually feeling a bit different, abit grown up and added spank…lol now that i come to think of it. But i guess it’s all in my head, which is a good thing.

Have a beautiful February on my tab … as in its my prayer that this month be the best and this year as well. My pastor says it’s “The year of the LORD’S Significance” in your life and I believe so. May that be your believe for this year as well.

My starting song of the year:

Alicia Keys – Wait Till You See My Smile

Much Love to all.

For all the other February babies….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ;-)

God bless!!!

Signing off — *Kawi*