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FREE Medical Check Up – Thika Road

With our lifestyles changing every other day, we need to be sure that our body is also taking that change positively. You can be sitting on your desk, making your daily work or school rounds or just chilling and enjoying life and thinking that your body is fine. That you’re in tip-top shape. That’s you thinking. Thinking doesn’t mean that it actually is. Just because you haven’t experienced some pain here or some itch in some awkward place there doesn’t mean everything is okay. It’s important to have your body checked by a medical practitioner. You know to have a second opinion that your health is clean and crisp. You cannot rely on your feelings alone.

With that in mind. It’s recommended that people have medical check up’s annually, sometimes half-yearly or quarterly depending on your lifestyle or your preference. Rithika Medical Centre, which is a new clinic has realized this gap and seeks to make sure that you have health in check done every so often. Do you live along Thika Road? Even better for you. You should have this medical check up as part of your Sunday plan. It could be before or after church for those of you who go, for those who sleep in, you have the afternoon to do so. Happening this Sunday 14th April 2013 is a FREE medical check up by the specialists at Rithika Medical Centre between 8:00AM and 5:00PM.

Medical Check Up

Check up details. Ps: This is a scanned copy!

Taking care of your wealth through your health. Basically, your health is their concern.

You can have all the money in the world but if you don’t have good health, the money doesn’t mean much. Prevention by all means is better than cure. You get to know your health status and that of your loved ones. Should there be a problem, you’ll be offered a solution. So have no worries, if there’s one thing I can assure you, you’ll be in good hands. Don’t I look healthy and happy? *wink*. Have friends who live along Thika Road? Or can get their way there and you think they could do with a medical check up? Please share the good news with them. Sharing is caring, but sharing something that could save them some money and make sure that their health is in check, that’s caring on another level. Be that friend.

Services Offered at Rithika Medical Center. Ps: Scanned Copy!

Services Offered at Rithika Medical Center. Ps: This is a scanned copy!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Weird Girliness

Tis the end of the Octo month, but not the end of creating awareness on cancer and how it can be detected early. Let’s not take these things for granted, I know I also forget. Though, the more we talk about it, it acts as a reminder to many.

It’s Halloween too and am sure enough most of us me included don’t really know what it’s all about. Except the part where there are lots of pumpkins, costume parties, scary stories and the best of all, lots and lots of candy from trick-or-treating. All thanks to movies. That’s one of the main reasons I would love to be where they celebrate. I would probably just dress up like a kid and do kiddy things like go trick-or-treating. A few years ago one of my cousins visited us right after Halloween and she brought us a whole months supply of candy. Am talking mars, snickers, m&m’s, haribo’s and the likes…yumminess galore! (A shout out to Wanja, I still recall).

Halloween is not a culture that’s adopted here, in Kenya I mean. So I won’t even go into it. For us, it’s just another day to be on the grind and hustle. No parties, no candy but there’s always a constant supply of scary stories…lol.

Halloween, Monkey, October

Well, maybe I could take this opportunity to tell you 3 things that I think make me a weirdo girly girl. You know those things that would make you think you’re a girl so you should be into them like the way it’s supposed to be, but I am not.

1. Nail Polish

I have never understood girls obsession with nail polish, this includes my baby sister. I have never been into it, but I have tried to force the trend. I even go ahead and buy the polish that’s in it. Spend between KES 300 – 500 on some good polish and it goes stays on my dresser for a while, say until my sister comes over and does her nails.

I am patient, but I don’t extend my patience to waiting for the polish to dry.

I do lots of miscellaneous housework that involves touching water so I prefer plain trim nails. If the hairdresser insist, I do the colorless polish. I hate how polish looks good when you apply it then smudges, scratches or chips after a few hours or days. That means removing and reapplying … Ai! No need.

2. Make-Up

I just can’t. I have not really tried it on a regular day, say once I tried mascara, which was a massive fail because that means I couldn’t touch or “itch” my eyes. Another thing is, how I dress up in 15-30 mins or less depending on how much I snooze, make up would mean I have to wake up earlier or else it would be Halloween everyday…lol. Or maybe am not yet grown up enough, nothing to conceal, I don’t know. The only time I attempted make up was at my cousin’s wedding, which am sure I’d wiped off by the time the occasion began. Lip-gloss is enough make up for me.

3. Shopping

Yes, it’s retail therapy, ooh some gooood therapy so to say! However, I am more of an impulse buyer than a planned and organised shopper. Every time I plan to go shopping, unless I have involved a dedicated shopper in my plan, that plan goes undone. I do it out of dire need or desperation (I was avoiding that word), but really when I’m like, “I really need shoes or  a coat or …” then I have to go search. In which case, I don’t go looking around much, I probably have a place in mind. It’s like I have some sort of telepathy with whatever it is I want, I don’t have to search long and hard, I just come across it.

Some inspiration for the day. Ooh almost forgot to mention, I love color. At least that one cancels off some weirdo-ness no?

Girl, dreams, plans, ability, woman


Have a beautiful end of month. Take someone out for some shake and cake, scrape off that crave.

Signing Off ~~~ Kawi

Octo Month

New Month is here! Always wondered what’s behind the “Green Day – Wake Me Up When September Ends” song. You know one of those songs that you always sing along and gladly use their title, but never really understood it, that’s one of them. For me, this September did me good. Got to figure some things as well:

This always exist, everywhere! Hate them, love them … either way you just have to embrace them and be sure to abide by them. I love this ones, you know the ones you know are there and no one is forcing them down your throat but should you go against them, someone is definitely coming for your throat…maybe not literally. Though I think broken unwritten rules hurt the most, and kept unwritten rules bring you the most joy.

Where you are, fun should be there. Fun is not the environment or the place you’re at. Fun is in the people, the people who make that environment bearable. Fun is in how you interact, your attitude, your ability to ooze some awesomeness. You can be in the coolest or fanciest place, but if you’re boring and stuck up then it will just be that. But you could be in a “not so nice” place, but just because you’re interesting, making the most of what you have, laughing, stories and all…that turns out to be so much fun. Fun is created by you, if doesn’t exist.

You deserve this. To figure yourself out, to figure those that are yours and that which is yours out. It could be a few hours, it could be a day, whatever you feel fit for you. Just make time for just that.

Oh now when you invite me for events make it +1 because I for sure have company. The perks of dating, amazing company.

Delish discoveries! There is this Ice cream called Igloo. This is the ish, I mean, we can sideline London Dairy, yes, I said that! We’re yet to try out the different flavors, for starters we did butterscotch, yumminess gallore! Next will be Fruit Salad, then Tuf*something*.

Delish Discoveries

Goofy lift moments. There’s one thing I have come to realize, it’s rare to find yourself alone in the lift. Very rare. So when an opportunity presents itself, you can do things, make funny faces e.t.c then compose yourself (once that “chinese lady” speaks) before the lift opens, because it could also amount to the most embarrassing day…haha.

What am I looking to achieve in October. Let’s just do four things so that I don’t beat myself over it.

  • An out of town weekend plan
  • A sample of the other Igloo ice creams
  • Many more Kodak moments
  • Chapter 1 and 2 of my thesis to be done

We all know that it’s also the awareness month, right? Where you get some of your crucial body parts checked and screened. Where you get more familiar with yourself, few times you can get away with touching yourself…haha just kidding, but really! We need to fight this monster *cancer* that’s eating up our loved ones.

If you don’t have a place to go for check up’s ( breast screening, pap smear, prostate screening among other general ones) and cervical cancer vaccines, I recommend; Family Health Care Medical Center, Phoenix Hse, 5th Floor (Nairobi, Kenya). They have amazing services, that’s where I go.

To new challenges, opportunities, expectations. Let October be the month that for you, live it, learn it, love it.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is coming to an end in a few days. And I can assure you if there’s one thing that has been really publicized this month, it’s the Breast Cancer Awareness cause. Everyone has come up with an initiative that encourages every woman and man, young and old to go and have their boobies examined.

I love it that we’re all mindful of others and ensuring that everyone has at least had a check up. I have had friends and relatives diagnosed with cancer and to be honest I hate that disease, it just eats you up our loved ones. It’s like a prolonged horror movie … in and out of hospital, drugs, depreciating health, worried family members, financial drains … it just doesn’t get any better.

It’s inevitable, but can be detected earlier and if detected earlier, something can be done (it’s said that it can be curable if detected at an early stage) and that’s why with all these awareness programmes, we should go ahead and get examined and be cleared off of any worries associated with cancer. Especially those of which can be felt or examined, so far I know of, breast cancer, cervical cancer and prostate cancer.

So my friends have this project going on called #ThePinkProject. It’s usually advised that you should go for this examinations yearly. So what they do, is that once you register with them here, you get a yearly reminder. The reminder will be on your birthday, so just in case you forget your birthday or other people do, at least The Pink Project will remember you :)

Do you know why everyone is doing this awareness stuff?  It’s because we cannot imagine a world without you! Yeah … I know you’re probably thinking, but you don’t even know me, but the world, my dear friend is like a ball gum, tiny! So if your family members or friends are sad, chances are that it’s trickling down to someone else are very high, and it could get to you, me and anyone else. So if we strive to make sure that everyone is alright, then that right there, will lead to happy people.

Ever asked yourself, what the world would be without women?

I think women are the source of life, by all means. And no, I don’t mean procreation and giving birth, that’s standard. She makes everything come to life —> at home, at work, in the streets. They bring color and the femininity is just calming.

Yes, women make everything complicated, and they will make you want to work harder to please them, to make them happy. They express their emotions, and their eyes are the windows to their heart and soul. That’s why you will never get a book on how to understand a woman…hehe *sorry dudes*. They can do literally anything they set their hearts to do and that’s why they make good multi-taskers and can really take care of “the world”. And that’s what makes the world a happy place for you.

So a world without women, would be lifeless, nothing to look forward to and definitely no one to please , difficult … They are that one other thing that makes life interesting, a piece of the puzzle! Truth told it would be sucky! Ha ha . Okay, I’m a woman, so I’m biased, but I’m sure a day without me would be disastrous to many :p

By the way, the Breast Cancer Examination is something you can do yourself as well : Check out this link  here . It’s healthy to touch yourself and know what your body is about. Feel anything abnormal, be sure to go the clinic and get a thorough check up.

For cervical and prostate cancer, you need to go to the clinic as they have to do some lab tests and so on. There’s also a vaccination for cervical cancer known as Human Papillomavirus Vaccine. Just go to the clinic and inquire about it. Personally I went to Family Health Care Center a branch of Family Health Options Kenya, that’s where I go for anything gynecological. Their services are amazing and totally informational on all aspects of reproductive health. In case you were looking for a clinic to go you can try it out. They are located at Phoenix House, 5th Floor, along Kenyatta Avenue.

Don’t forget to be your sister’s and brother’s keeper. God bless!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*