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Friday Fives

Thank God It’s Friday … more sore because I am in solidarity with the rest of you who are toiling. However, I can’t quite tell what day of the week it is, because am on leave. Okay enough, don’t envy me much because I have exams. Can’t wait to be done with school though, it’s on top my New Year wishlist (Ps: it’s 24 days remaining). It’s not fun going to class every evening and thinking of school books, assignments and projects every other time. On that note, congratulations to those graduating today.


1. Oopsies!

It’s Christmas time already! Hello, December. Like seriously, it’s unbelievable how time flies. I’m on my second-last semester in school. This is such a blessing.

I’m not one to count days and months but hey  I’ve been dating for a while now *whoop whoop*. Let’s say good relationships are not formed in a day and am lucky to be with someone who really wants to be with me come rain or sunshine and vice versa. To love *cheers*.

My sister finally finished school (O’ Levels), jeez! And with all these school stuff going on, haven’t quite gotten a chance to hang out with her. Congratulations Cla, that’s just the 1st step into independence. You’re still under daddy’s wings and nest…lol. There’s no escaping. I still am.

Our company (Mo DE – Mobile Decisioning) won the inaugural African leg of the IBM Smartcamp contest. How cool is that? Thanks for voting!


2. Weekly Crackers

Is it just me or is the air in the Urban bites package more than the crisps themselves? Remember Krackles as well, same thing. What would happen if they filled up the air bit with crisps? But couldn’t resist getting me some, goes so well with ribena.

Urban Bites and Ribena

3. Faves and Craves

I am at that point in life where I feel like I need some restructuring of sorts. Like I need to re-furnish my house or even get a bigger house. Oh gosh! So I’ve been having this thoughts that I can’t quite put to paper. Looks like I’ll start that change from my couch, slowly by slowly and see how that goes. I really wish we had an IKEA furniture store in Kenya though or does someone know a good carpenter? Maybe we can work something out. I just see their stuff and ogle.

4. Stupendous Snippet

Most of the things that happen in our life are seasonal, especially the ones that we find difficult to deal with. The ones that make you wonder why you have been put in that situation at that time. And in most cases, it gets you to learn something, appreciate something or best yet, know that in life there has to be things that shake you up a bit, more like testing you or give you a challenge. Else, we become complacent.

Truth be told, I hate tough times, but considering that’s how life is, we should always brace ourselves. Also knowing that if we work at it, it always comes to pass and leaves us beaming and glad that we’re over it. No one has it smooth all the way (reminds me of that Embassy advert way back … lol), even the ones that we think have it all sorted out.

5. T.G.I.F Inspiration

True ain’t it? Considering that no one’s perfect, and no one has it all put together. It’s amazing when someone knows you, your flaws and still thinks the world of you. It gives you the morale to even better yourself.


Let me cut myself short now before I bore you… hehe, hope you didn’t agree to that *I see you*. To living, laughing and loving more each day. Have a super weekend.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Friday Fives

Thank God It’s Friday! My mood is just in-sync with the weather today, not so sunshiny.

Friday, Fives, Friday Fives, TGIF

1. Oopsies!

Time is moving so fast and catching up. You know end of semester with everything labelled assignments and projects due. Let’s just say it’s something like

I have entered crunch time to meet my deadlines. You know how us last minutes guys can be, so pressure is what I am made of right now.  Looks like this doesn’t go well with so many other things. That sunshine would do me some justice (sunshine here being symbolic). But the real sun could do a little something too, the rain doesn’t make things any better unless when asleep. It makes you want to sleep more (do I want that now, no).

2. Weekly Crackers

When you see someone staring at you and not in the face, be sure to look down and check if your fly is zipped up and not down. Had a moment during the week, where this guy approaches me as I was waiting for the mister and says maybe I can wait inside the restaurant but I’m like, “no I’m okay waiting here”. Then he goes like,”I’ve tried to signal you, but your fly is open” O_O bummm! I look down at the damage, it was not that bad, meaning someone couldn’t quite see through, but embarrassing all the same. So I just zip up and continue tweeting.

Ps: Someone should do a meme on this scenario, too hilarious.

Deep inside I was having a “HAHA, YOU JUST GOT CAUGHT ZIP DOWN” moment. Thank God, I wasn’t rude to him or respond with a miss diva answer when he approached me. Some people just come across to you to help out, not necessarily hit on you.

3. Faves and Craves

Can’t wait to be done with school already, I just can’t wait. I crave the end of it, when I can do it voluntarily, not because I need to. This going to class everyday is such a bore. I wish I was reading for fun and not for exams, cats or proposals. Funny that I said this during my Undergraduate and am saying the same for my Post graduate, maybe I will still be saying the same when doing my PhD and feeling all frustrated because of the amount of work. The relief after finishing though is indescribable, you feel like a genius, especially if you ace it, at least I do, for a moment there…LOL

4. Stupendous Snippet

Simplicity beats complexity any day! If you can’t explain it to a 6-year-old then you probably don’t understand it yourself said someone. Maybe I should just carry this thought as I do my proposal. Because honestly, I am at that point you ask yourself, “what exactly am I doing, how exactly am I going to do it, crap! I’m so stuck, this shiii is difficult”. I am halfway done but gosh! I need to understand it and bring it out in the most simple way. I also don’t want to be grilled during my defense because I haven’t brought out my “problem” clearly.

Suffering! I bet you get the picture of how screwed I am right? *rhetorical*

5. T.G.I.F Inspiration

strength, woman

Maybe some good music, clear mind and I will hack it, yah. Any one else going through something almost close to this, if not this. I could do with some consolation, you know how we humans do. Just kidding though. Don’t let these stuff get to you, it’s just education at the end of the day (if my dad read this after the pressure he gives me on our calls, he can smack me…lol), it shouldn’t make life so miserable.

To living, laughing and loving more each day.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Into the Unknown

“When you walk to the edge of all the light you have and take that first step into the darkness of the unknown, you must believe that one of two things will happen: There will be something solid for you to stand upon, or, you will be taught how to fly” ~ Patrick Overton

Dreams are known to be strange or rather mine sometimes turn out to be. Oh and that’s if I wake up and remember. Sometimes, I feel like I’m making up a bit of it so that I can coin how it’s going to be, this happens when I wake up and realize I was dreaming and I really don’t want to spoil the sequence. But as we know, once you’re up that’s it. It’s not like you can pause it then play when you get back your sleep. Another one starts up all together.

Like dreams, so is reality. We can be living a life that is going on fine, then it reaches a point we ‘re shaken up by a thing or two. This would be equivalent to waking up from a dream. You don’t want to face that which is shaking you up and even as you try to continue your life as it was whatever it is that’s come has to be faced. Life doesn’t pause and play for you. If anything it’s always on play. It’s not like a remote with the forward, rewind functionalities, you live it as it comes.

As your life is played out, you don’t know what’s ahead of you. It’s one day at a time. One day you’re at your comfort zone, the next day you’re forced to venture into the unknown. From the light and into the dark, at one point you could clearly see where you are headed because the path is lit for you, then at a certain place you cannot see what’s ahead, you could be walking into the edge of a cliff or headed to a beautiful place. Regardless of what is to come, trust yourself – your abilities, your decisions and allow yourself to take a risk and venture out, it could be the best thing that’s yet to happen to you.

What I’m trying to say, is that even with all the light or the comfort of being at a place you can relate with, you can never be to sure. The world is to dynamic for you to stay at the same place. You need to grow always, in the different aspects, you should allow yourself to go out to the unlit areas and find out of course don’t throw all caution out the window what that place has to offer. You could be the one to start lighting up the dark areas and create paths for others or creating comfort zones for others.

That’s probably the reason you are where you are today, because someone else took all the risk to create light were there was darkness, a path where there was none. It could be in anything, you coming into this world, let’s just start from there, must’ve been a risk taken by your parents … seeing as they didn’t know how some of you will turn out to be. But boy, didn’t we turn out good, okay, I’m talking about myself here. So, move forward and see what life’s got to offer in love, work, school, life in general. While at it, don’t forget to put God first, always puts things in perspective.

Venturing into the unknown, gives you some sense of satisfaction, belonging and achievement. Like you wanted and chased what no one else was or what someone else was chasing but got scared or gave up mid-way and turned back. It’s an accomplishment, one that you can proudly say you plunged yourself into, believed in and you’re now reaping the fruits. To those who’ve gotten there, big up. To those of us getting there, all the best, nothing comes so easy after all… No?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Getting Educated…The Kenyan System (read “Way”,”8.4.4″)

So yesterday I meet with this friend of mine and as we are catching up, we start talking about school.. it came about because I am having exams next week.

And we started talking about our education system in Kenya. 8.4.4 is a good thing but not the best. That was my conclusion. In our System the Teacher/Lecturer is the King. You know the sort where they have dictatorial powers. They say do this and you do. That’s what 8.4.4 is generally about. The student doesn’t have a say in anything, you take in what you’re taught, there is no room for you to share your thoughts so that in case they are wrong you are corrected. It’s in most cases made up of cramming other peoples theories…exactly. As much as you would want to reason out and try relate those theories with what is happening now (hehe Dream On it). You are dictated for notes that the lecturer compiled ages ago. (That sucks).

Some quote I read “The aim of education should be to teach us rather how to think, than what to think – rather to improve our minds, so as to enable us to think for ourselves, than to load the memory with thoughts of other men” ~ Billie Beattie (Ohhh How I wish all people thought like this)

After all this years of learning…. which I am still continuing, the system makes me hate school, exams, and lecturers. They make life that would have been so easy sooooooo hard. I don’t have a solution to what kind of system they should have. So far they have brought out good products (read people) in the market, in terms of Engineers, Scientists bleh bleh bleh.

My complaint is that, everything taught in 8.4.4 is too general… shiiish! Even if you identify your interest in the first 8 of the 8.4.4 be sure you shall not be able to improve on it in your school life…Be sure! You would have to do private practice…

By the time I was finishing my form 4, I dint know what I wanted to do…I was confused between Medicine, BioChemistry…. oh, now am doing nothing close to that, I am in the IT field. Then it’s in campus I figured, wow, I am actually interested in technology #WhoKnew at least I know I didn’t. Then in campus I was a “Jack of all Trades” — I would do programming, Networking, Project Management, Hardware, System Analysis …. Alarrrr! I didn’t know which part of the IT sector I should venture in, none of my lecturers ever gave me the chance to choose what I want, Not even the System allowed it… I was taught everything (Very Frustrated Girl…lol).

Then I get to the real world (i.e the working world). And it hits me real hard, that you cannot do everything. You have to be good in something. Not unless you have your own company and you haven’t employed any people… I have learnt that there’s so much division of labor and you have to be specialized in a certain area. There’s team work, that’s why the different people who have different skills would work together to meet a certain goal. Yes, I learnt that in school… but in the Kenyan System, you aren’t taught to be a specialist/skilled in a particular area…you are taught how to work individually… in that in school you you’re ideally taught how to do things by yourself (read no teamwork)… you become a jack of all trades, an I can do it all by myself kind of person…that’s why you would find some of your workmates stingy with information (oops, blame it on 8.4.4).

Well, I do particularly admire the American system for sure (I would like my unborn children to do it)… their A’ Levels and Universities… I like the fact that there, the Student is the King, they have a say (I mean they are the ones paying the fees anyway) … they allow the students to air out their views, to do subjects that are of their preference. It encourages one from their tender age to be aware of their main area of interests and start working on it/them if it’s a variety #Immediately (ok, meant early enough), if its music and drama you do subjects on musicals, drama and literature all the way from when you’re young (by young I mean primary school)…If your a science geek you do more subjects on science stuff…that doesnt mean you don’t do the others like grammar, what am saying is that they ensure that you’re major subjects are in with you’re interests and abilities.

Anyhow, the far I am now is partly because of 8.4.4 as much as am criticizing … it’s only very normal to do so. I wish they could partly emulate the American System …. Just a bit. Then we would have more talented kids and grown ups among us. #AmJustSaying.

Ps: This quote always gets me confused “I have never let my schooling interfere with my education” ~ Mark Twain

Signing off — *Kawi*