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Where Did You First Meet?

Have you watched the video by Train – Marry Me? The 1st time I watched it, it made me look back at how I would tell our story. And boy, don’t we all have different stories to tell? They make beautiful memories.

It’s one of those questions you can only escape for so long. Your friends always want to know the story. Even when you feel it sounds boring and you’re tempted to spice it up a little more. There are people with really interesting stories though, truth be told. Some met in a bus or a flight or on transit; others were high-school or campus sweethearts or neighbors or church-mates, while others in random places like supermarkets, barbecues or Facebook (and other social media channels – Instagram, Twitter … name it). Most of these are usually by chance, the world does the magic for you and your lucky stars are aligned for your paths to meet (or cupid for those of you who believe there’s a chubby kid shooting love arrows around). There’s some awww’ness in the versatility of these stories, from the simplest to the complex ones.

I think with our busy schedules these days, it’s possible to miss these chances that used to be our rather obvious ways to meet. I don’t know if it’s because work is more than it used to be or it’s because that’s the kind of life we’ve chosen. But, for some reason most people are too preoccupied to open their eyes and look out for those kind of connections. It doesn’t stop there, someone out there noticed this gap and developed a platform for you. Innovation I tell you. An online dating platform, yes, you heard that right. I know what you’re thinking, I thought that too.

Dating, Relationships, Online Dating

I have always thought online dating sites to be dodgy or for lack of a better word just creepy. We all have that ↑  negative perception about meeting someone online. Plus after watching “Dates from Hell”, you forever have second and third thoughts about ever being on a blind date. Anyhow, back to our dating site, it’s a Kenyan one by the way and the 1st of its kind. Ian Isherwood (Kenyan, born & raised in Mombasa), the founder of the DateMe Kenya, says this idea came about when his friends complained about how hard it is to meet like-minded people in Nairobi when you’re juggling professional responsibilities. He’s seen it work in the Western countries (America and Europe), so why not in Kenya? The site aims to provide an exclusive, hustle-free platform for busy professionals to meet compatible partners and experience quality online dating in a safe, secure and private online environment.

Personally, I still have my reservations. Let’s blame the movies. If I was not taken, my timid self would still stick to the traditional way. I must have either known you or met you somewhere (either by my own means or through friends) but a blind meet, nah nah!

What’s your take on this kind of platform? Do you think it’ll fly in Kenya? Would you be open to meet or search for “your person” online? If someone told you they met their spouse online, what would you think? Do tell.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

#Tujuane – A Viewers Perspective

Tujuane meaning “let’s know each other”, is a dating show that’s featured weekly on one of our TV channels. It’s actually a very great idea and probably a first of its kind in Kenya. It brings to light the Nairobi dating scene, staged or not there have been rumors. That’s more or less what happens when the cameras are not rolling anyway, so no problem how they choose to do it.

That’s actually one of the few local programmes I make a point to watch every week, throw in Churchill, Tusker Project Fame, Mother-In-Law, Tahidi High (if I get home early enough) and Wedding Show . I’m supporting local content, that’s my excuse and I stick to it. While I support it, I look forward to a better episode each week, but much to my dismay, it’s almost always the same. An incompatible couple or if they’re almost compatible, they’re too young to figure it out. Usually in campus or fresh out of campus, which has now gotten me thinking maybe I’m being eliminated as a target audience. It’s good to give some feedback from a viewer’s perspective. Being an avid one, it was about time.

Anyhow, if I was to be asked, I would have a few suggestions to add some spice to it, because I mean, I don’t want to stop watching it. Despite its shortfalls, it’s an interesting concept which gives me a chance to throw in some opinions of the couples (or coupling and first dates) on social media, that’s usually fun. Judging others on what, if you’re put on the spot for, you’d probably be worse. Then again, we’ve not. Plus they knew we viewers have our fair share of opinions when they were getting on it.

  • Feature older people too not just youngins; you know working people who at least engage in mature conversations that we ‘slightly older people’ can relate to as well. I think partying, drinking and sex is overrated now, there’s so much more to talk about on the 1st date. We want to hear and see how they handle it too.
  • Really vet the individuals before coupling; Look at their profiles, who they are, what they do, what they’re looking for, their background, their lifestyle, and their beliefs – in detail – even if it means you use some personality tests among others to match them. So that you can match the ‘couples’ appropriately to avoid the couples wasting each other’s time when it’s not necessary and ours too. That can be a total put off from the beginning. Like once you brought a complete Ghetto Guy and a complete Up Town babe – Communicate was so sore. For us viewers, it’s not a sight to behold, it makes you just want to flip channels, to something more beneficial or just hate.
  • Get rid of the lessons; I don’t understand why we have people giving us lessons on dating during the show. What to do and not to do. Isn’t it a bit too late? It makes the couples on the show look bad to say the least. It also makes it looks staged, such that you have new lessons every week. It’s either you have a ‘dating show’ or ‘how to date talk show’. Which you could think of.
  • Revisit the individuals; Find out if there’s anything that developed after the show or that was just it and why and show us that as the show begins. Maybe they tried and it failed or they tried and it worked and now they’re engaged just kidding. Let’s make our own Hollywood here.
  • Give people details on how to get on-board; Maybe the reason you don’t have slightly older people getting on Tujuane is because you wouldn’t find them randomly loitering on the streets. Perhaps, you could have an avenue/channel through which they could apply and make it public so you can have a variety of applicants for you to choose from. Then you can visit them and do your thing after.

Besides that, I see the Kenyan local content is starting to get into making reality shows, that’s a great start. All the best to those looking for love, you shall find it or it shall find you, just a little patience.

Also, support local content, don’t shy off or think it’s shady, these guys are really trying. We should support our own, we’re one ain’t it? If anything, we should fight for more local content to be aired in place of those Mexican programs in the evenings (they have the same annoying story line, real as it is). What about the Kenyan Story? When it’s told, who will share it with the rest of the world? Because if we don’t, no one else will. It’s sad to see hawkers hawk away Kenyan movies or series in the streets for Ksh 100, while we watch some low-budget Nigerian movies on our own local TV, that’s pretty much having double standards. They should give Kenyan content airtime and priority.

We’re the revolution. Be the change that you want to see around you. Since you can’t change others, the least you can do, is change yourself.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*


You Learn NOT Lose

“You win some, you lose some,” that’s the game of life as purported. To cushion the reason why you would lose in the first place. I mean you can’t always be winning or else it’ll get into you head. That’s how it comes off. Don’t we always celebrate, acknowledge and make merry when we make wins? You are almost untouchable, the world is yours to conquer. T-shirt ripping, chest beating, double fist pumping, if you could you would. Then when you lose, you want the earth to open up and swallow you whole. It’s a shame, it’s embarrassing, you are afraid of facing the world. You wonder what they’ll think of you, a loser that’s good for nothing perhaps. We think far and beyond what they are thinking of us and maybe you’re the last person they are thinking of. That’s how we’ve taken it to be. Wins are to be celebrated, loses are to be shamed. It happens to me too, though I feel it shouldn’t be that way.

Wins and loses are usually attributed to situations that have you placed under a microscope. In our different spheres of life, it’s like we are always sitting in an exam room. Not the typical exam room where you’ve been given time to prepare for it, material and hints of what you’ll be examined and on the d-day you’re given a question paper and answer sheet to pour out all what you’ve been reading. If you thought that was difficult, now imagine one you’re unprepared for. No material, no hints, just you and what you think you should do in that situation. These are situations you’re unaware of. Unaware of its essence or even when, where or how it will present itself.  Life does that to you, it gives you choices of which your decisions could either result into a win or lose. But when you lose, it gets you to learn what you should or shouldn’t have done in the first place. If you’re lucky, you get another chance to play it down again and now you can make a wise and calculated decision given the choices presented to you. It could be because if you don’t lose some, it would get into you head and you won’t want to learn some. It’s in the loses or failures that you get to learn. The wins are like a reward for your learning.

I had actually done this post a while ago, and it was just sitting in the drafts, you know just chilling. Thinking that there’s something that I could add on to it, but then, nothing really came to mind. It is just what it is.

It’s about winning and learning, NOT losing. The moment we feel like we’ve lost, is the moment that we stop living, we become too hopeless to salvage the situation.

Despite the circumstances we’re faced with especially those that make you feel like you’ve lost in one way or another; Some life-taking, others life-threatening; some feeling of helplessness and hopelessness and others of insignificance, whatever it is, learning from it is what sets you apart as a human being. It’s what gives life more meaning, because, the reality that is, is sometimes it does lose its meaning. But never give up. That’s why you’re a hero in your own story, and heroes, they never give up, regardless.

You Win Some, You Learn Some NOT Lose.

You Win Some, You Learn Some NOT Lose Some

On that note, my heartfelt condolences to all those who’s loved ones lost their lives in the cowardly and beastly Westgate attack. Quick recovery and healing to those who were directly afflicted and inflicted. It’s unthinkable and unbelievable because anyone could have been there instead of them, it could have been me or you. For those of us that live to tell the tale, let it be a story of winning and learning and not one of losing. Let’s not give the enemies an upper hand, because you’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem. Keep up that Kenyan spirit. The oneness, the bravery and strength of our people, the positive messages all over, the selfless acts, because that there, that’s God working through us.

Have a blessed and safe week lovelies.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

The Farm Visit

I had been going on about how I couldn’t wait to go to the farm and see the current developments. To visit, we did. Although my baby sister pulled out, it was an awesome trip all together. Got to hang out with the parents, get some tips from them as with regard to our responsibilities and all. Which I thought was quite important because the main reasons parents work so hard is to make sure that their offspring lives comfortably truth? When they’re doing all this good work, they expect that the offspring (children, in-laws, grand children) will be able to manage that which they have worked so hard for when they’re not there or when they are and not as able as they are now.

I felt like that was what the trip was about. It was about exposure to what my parents have put their blood and sweat in to. To show us that this is ours and yours. It’s our responsibility to make sure that we manage it well, after all it’s ours and we’re the one to reap the benefits from it. I love parental advise, especially advise that makes me become a better person and know a little more about myself, my family and what they expect of us. It’s always an eye opener and makes me look into the future. You know more like give you hinted on how to connect the jig saw pieces of the puzzle.

Farm visit

Farm visit

The farm is like a maze, hence the name. It felt like one especially now that they’ve made a makeshift entry. Yeah we grow miraa (aka khat) among other things in the farm. You can see the mode in which they are transported and the speed is insane, you’d think they’re transporting some extremely delicate produce. Those drivers have a rally of their own every few hours so woe unto you if you’re on their way, they’re worse than psv drivers. They can really harass a driver, the tailing, overtaking, flash lights. Then there’s my aunties duck. The thing that crossed my mind when I first saw it was “duck face”. That made me attempt to do it, and whoever started this “duckface” pose is a winner. Is it that it makes one look prettier or what?

Farm Visit

Farm Visit

If there’s one person who loves taking and being taken photos, it’s mother dearest and me of course by virtue of being her daughter. Her genes were pretty strong…lol. So we did some (ok, I’ve lied, a lot) selfies as we bonded and toured “the maze” and viewed the other developments. She’s an amazing tour guide, she knows her agriculture. It was so cold and windy that I only keep my coat off for the duration of the snap shot. My dad was having his chit-chat time with the elders, you always have to be in their right books there. I suppose that’s for every culture, no?

Farm Visit

Farm Visit

I had a photo session with the goat…haha. It kinda smiled and came a little closer to pose for it, and no, I am not kidding. I thought goats were afraid of people, not this one. Kept my distance though, I’m not that animal or pet friendly. That includes cats and dogs, I don’t see myself ever owning pets (I hope the boyfriend is reading this), they freak the hell-out-of me. The following day, breakfast was special, porridge. I haven’t taken porridge in ages, that’s what happens when you live alone, there are some things you just don’t cook. Only mothers can make you take this for breakfast, but it was yumm!

I also had some time to snack, read and listen to music. As I say, “some food for the tummy, mind and lots for the soul“. If you’re feeling low for some reason, this can be a good lift-me-up. Kind of works for me. That was my weekend in a nutshell. This was the main lesson learnt after meeting my parents friends while at the farm and hearing them talk about their kids. The pride they carry around because of you is unbelievable, sometimes, that is what gives them every reason to smile and feel alive.

Proud Parents

Hope your week is closing in well? Thank God for life today because there are some who didn’t manage to see this week. My prayers go to our family friends who lost their mum. Life is short, let’s live it out to the best of our ability.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Your State House

We spent 9th April 2013, following up on the presidential inauguration process for those of us who weren’t able to attend it physically. Well, because we didn’t receive V.I.P invitation cards…lol. Truth be told though, there’s no way I would squeeze my way into the crowd to watch it and the media has ensured that the whole event was being aired live. I think you even get to witness it better when watching it from the comfort of your couch. You can switch channels when a boring choir comes on or when there’s a delay in arrivals, better yet snooze then wake up for the speeches or go grab some snacks in the kitchen you get what I mean. All the same, a historical moment that will go down the books happened. So it’s a date worth remembering. Also, for the sake of your kids, you’ll probably have to narrate this story sometime in future.

On a non-serious note depends on how you look at it I like that our president and vice presidents are eloquent. You know, very convincing, audible, precise and most of all young and hip aka “the dynamic duo”. There will be no more cringing during national or informal speeches. Is it just me or did you ever have moments of “I don’t know what you’ll say next, but please be subtle” when Kibaki made informal speeches. I know they were humorous and all, but I think I’m kind of relieved. I don’t have to wonder anymore how he converses with dignitaries and the likes. Things that keep you up at night…ha ha!

Kibaki Hands Over

Source: Outgoing President Mwai Kibaki hands over instruments of Power and Authority (the Commander-in-chief’s ceremonial sword and the constitution) to President Uhuru Kenyatta during the State Installation of the 4th President of Kenya at Kasarani Sports Complex, Nairobi.

We saw the new president-elect being sworn in as Hon. His Excellency President Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta and the Deputy President William Ruto. I’m happy that this finally came to be. It had been a long time coming. With so many doubts and unsurities along the way we were able to come to an agreement of who deserves what. I guess fair trial in the end. I wasn’t also so sure about how everything will turn out but since inception I had prayed for the best outcome and for a peaceful election. I didn’t know who was the best presidential candidate, we all had our opinions and a choice of 8. As you know, for each person, their opinions rules and politics is pretty sensitive. If there’s one discussion I didn’t enjoy, it’s that of politics. I hated the analysts on T.V. too I don’t know why the bring them on. They didn’t help my judgement in any way, the debates on the other hand really did.

I’m glad that whole politics things especially in regard to elections is over. Who’s with me here? Now we can deal with more pertinent matters. Like how to make better our economy, fix things. The new government has made promises, many promises. The frameworks, the policies, but most of all the reforms. I am one of those hopeful Kenyans. I want to see and experience how all these promises will be executed and how they will involve the common mwananchi who doesn’t have links in the government while at it.

Congratulations Kenyans for a job well done and for the bright future ahead of us.


As Uhuru enters the national State House he already did, also enter your own State House and run with it. Yours is not the actual presidential State House *quips* with the a million and one rooms, I mean the proverbial one. You’re the president of your life. I don’t know where in the bible it says but I’ve definitely seen it and read it. That God gave you dominion over your life (the power and the authority to govern and control it). So even as we wait and expect the government to develop the country, they will probably play their role in doing so, I believe. But they will not come to you as an individual and develop you. You have to do it yourself. You have to work harder than ever, you have to push yourself to the limits.

Nothing comes easy. You want a good life? You have to chase it. It’s that girl who plays “hard to get” or that man who’s not akin to commitment. Quite slippery, but it can be caught eventually.

If you think about it critically, even the president worked quite hard to get to where he is. His team mates worked even harder to make sure that they get him to where he is. So we are no exception. The reforms they’ll make will create opportunities for us, which will mean that someone has to take them on. Opportunities are like a gold mine, do nothing and nothing will come off them. It will just be land like any other. Do something and you’ll have gold and other minerals at your disposal. Dig deeper and deeper until it becomes the opportunities become something tangible, that have a positive effect in your life.

I’m also not too sure how this will go for me as well but I am all macho. Let me start thinking how I can develop my personal and professional life via this opportunities. LOL, definitely not the babies one at least for now, they said free maternity in public hospitals and free laptops for class 1 kids in public schools. I foresee a baby boom next year. Wololo, there’s more to babies than that don’t be deceived. Don’t forget to analyse some of these opportunities before taking them up. All the best while at it and God bless Kenya!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*


It was a trending topic yesterday and it got me thinking of all the things that made my childhood the best childhood ever. From the cartoons (looney toons, saber rider, road runner, sonic the hedge hog, Denver, sky dancers, captain planet, anamaniacs, lion king e.t.c), to the snacks (goodie goodie’s, super snack, crunchie, ball gums, kashata’s e.t.c), the programmes (fresh prince, full house, martin, derrik, sunset beach, sister sister, seventh heaven, Tausi, Tahamaki, club kiboko lol e.t.c. ), the games (shake, rounders, brikicho ‘hide-n-seek’, cha mama, scrambo e.t.c) that kept me outside till dark when the house-help comes looking for you to go take a bath (that bit wasn’t fun). There was the music ( brandy, 3T’s, Monica, soul for real, sisqo, DMX, Ja-Rule, Bow Wow childhood celebrity crush e.t.c). How we would do cut outs from the Sunday paper on exercise books to get the lyrics so that we can sing-along when their songs are playing. Growing up in the 90’s was just it. There was so much time to do out door things especially as kids. I think it gave us so much room for development (both mental and physical). We had time to have socialize with neighbors and have fun while at it. Now? I don’t even know who my neighbors are and I don’t see me getting to know them any time soon.

It was the era between non-technology and technology. Technology has changed things I tell you. From the great wall black and white  T.V’s to colored now digital / L.E.D /3D TV’s. Cartoons are now more than ever complicated, they force the kid to grow up so fast. Games are even worse (from the simple brick game and adventure / fighting games (super mario, tekken, street fighter and so on) – now we’re on simulators for games). I am just wondering in the next say 30 years how life will be? There will be a gadget for doing everything. You will basically need to do nothing. Currently everyone is working on making life extra ordinarily easier. I can bet people may eventually end up not knowing each other offline.

Then there are just those things that were the best at taking “pain” away. Especially if you’re feeling unwell. You know kids,  they get sick every so often. Then your mum very appropriately asks you, “*insert home name*, what do you want to eat today?”. I would really like to know what some of your responses were. Mine was always an automatic, “FRIES and SAUSAGE”. I mean, I didn’t even have to think about it. Sometimes that would even make me forget that I was actually sick when the excitement checks in. But you know, you have to maintain your sick act or else the next day you’ll be up in the morning preparing for school…lol (that preparing for school in the morning part wasn’t fun. I remember there was a time I was so sleepy after the help woke me up, and instead of going to bathe I went ahead to sleep in the bath tub and she didn’t notice, my mother wasn’t amused ha ha. It’s never been repeated).

This previous Easter weekend, in the midst of all the moving we decided to make home fries. Best decision since I genuinely love home fries. Home-made fries can make me happy any day, any time as the taste is … oh so delish. So we started the preparations of making home fries. I was the one doing the potato peeling, then the boyfriend took over and made the chips slices. Talk of someone who complements your weaknesses. Yes, making chips slices is not my forte.

Cooking Fries, Ribena, Kenya

Then somehow, he’s the one who took over the rest of the frying. I was not allowed to comment on anything and when I started “won’t they burn”, “isn’t the heat too much” … I was shoo’ed off the kitchen. Some sausages were added to complete the meal. Plus what’s a meal without chilled ribena. I was in heaven for a moment, that’s redefined yumminess. It was nostalgic. Just that this time we’re the one’s making them. At least no one was sick and the following day was work day, no excuse for not waking up early.

Well, thanks to technology, in future I intend to get a potato peeler, a potato cutter (you know the ones that help you cut potato into chips) and a chips maker. This will eliminate the effort used to make this meal. But are they all necessary really? They make work easier yes, but don’t they spoil all the fun involved? We had fun prepping this home-made fries and the effort made them even taste better. What’s your take though?

I wonder what the “cure meal” for kids nowadays is?

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Hold It Down

Disclaimer: This will be one of the most nonsensical posts you’ll ever read. If you don’t relate with it, I told you so *cheeky grin*. Thank.God.Its.Friday though!

There are many times we question things, right? I bet am not alone in this *hoping for some consoling responses*. Not necessarily because something is going wrong or maybe something is actually wrong, but just because you’re wondering how and why it is the way it is at that moment. Why am I feeling? What am I doing? Is it the right thing, in the right place, for the right reasons? What could I have preferred to do or feel instead?

Like you could be extremely happy and for a moment there you wonder, yikes! Is it possible that I am this happy? You could be sad and you’re like, “I wish someone could just give me a hug and tell me it’s going to be okay”, haha of course no one does at that moment, so you hug yourself get over it. You could be writing and you wonder why you even write in the first place, does it even make sense really? You could be chatting with people and wondering how alone you are. All this, just for a moment. Then you’re back at it *whatever it was you were feeling or doing* with no questions. It’s at this point you even feel like laughing at your questions or at your situation.

It’s a moment where you kind of lose meaning of your current feelings, actions. And at that moment, you’ve got to hold it down. Hold it down for yourself and for the people around you because it’s a moment of questioning that’ll disappear before you know it. Should you not hold it down, you could do or say something you can never take back just because of a moment of self-weakness.

I was just wondering why in heaven’s name I blog? Stupid question right, figured the same. So I held it down, got over it and now blogging it. Leading by example…maybe!

In other related news, a tid bit on me, could be stupendous. Sometimes I breathe out so much energy, I bet you can attest to that, am the full energizer bunny with stories from here to *God knows where*. Then sometimes I can actually be the zoned out loner, you know that girl who sits at the corner and watches what’s going on and hopes that someone would breath energy into her, because maybe she’s run out of it. That’s actually the source of my weird moments of questioning.

Kelly Clarkson always does it right with her music, at least for me.

*whoop whoop* I’m that girl who just registered as a voter, not as useless politically any more huh! Now those politicians need to give me reasons to vote them in or out.

voter, vote, elections, Kenya, Politics

Have you registered as a voter?

Have a super awesome weekend and as usual to a lil’ more living, loving and laughing!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*