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All I Want for Christmas…

Haven’t things changed? It’s not the same anymore. Either that, or am at a point where it’s not all holiday, jingles, decorations, gifts and christmas’y things at least for now, okay maybe it’s because it’s 21/12/2012 (which was supposed to be the end of the world according to the Mayans. Or we interpreted them wrongly, maybe what they meant was that they run out of paper to make calendars…lol). I’ll be working through the festive season, of course except for the public holiday. All the same, this is culture shock for me.

I miss the sleeping in’s, eating breakfast at lunch and lunch at 4, sleeping late, watching christmas’y movies and cartoons (kind of brings to life the Christmas spirit), not decorating and shopping around for stuff. Somehow at this time you could get away with putting anything in the shopping cart and dad wouldn’t go like “and what do you need that for?” or “is that really necessary”… gone are the days, now am all grown up. There are chances I could re-live that if we do shopping on Christmas Eve since I’ll be at home *whoop whoop*. That was the life of the festive season, now it’s like nothing is really happeeeening *cue dragged voice*. It’s just the usual.

Christmas, Merry, Wishes

If I had my way this Christmas, this is what I would ask for or get. Of course some I will get, some will remain a wish for now, others I’ll save for and try buy next year after saving a bit more for thee cause. Others, oh well, I’ll continue wishing and working harder to get.

Samsung Galaxy S3 or even a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. I’ve had my current E63 for the last many years, to an extent my baby sister is actually complaining. Oh my! I need a change of gadget, and this is the one am ogling for at the moment. If only…


Inky pinky ponky … biggy or mini mmmmh!

Some nice woolen coats since our weather is proving to be quite shifty. I figured my wardrobe is more inclined to summer and spring. Oh wait, do we even have these seasons in the tropics? I meant to say the hot weather. While every morning it’s freezing, not anything close to winter but cold all the same. So, a few of these would do me good and help keep the doctor away. Seeing as my sinuses go bonkers every morning, it could be because I don’t know how to dress the cold weather.



Miss sleeping beauty could do with an annoying alarm clock. I don’t know why I’ve never gotten one all this years and the way I go on and on about sleep and snoozing. I’ve always used my phone because of how simple it is to snooze, I don’t even have to open my eyes. Just remove the annoying buzzy thing (that’s when your cell phone is demoted to just a thing) from under the pillow, press snooze or stop, and continue with the not so beautiful sleep now. Now that I want to get another cell, it can’t afford to be under the pillow…lol wishes are made of this. But the bed side clock, maybe it will actually make me wake up…I think.

Who has a bed side alarm clock? Is it any different?

alarm, clock, wake up, sleep

A stereo / music system/ home theatre. I don’t know what to call it, but it’s of late that I have been talking about it. Been comfortable with a T.V and DVD player but now I’m thinking, I would want me one.

music, stereo, samsung, sony, home theatre

Although now that I started with “samsung”, I should remain loyal to the brand…lol

I would actually want a much bigger house. Been thinking about it the last couple of months. I think it’s gotten to that time now where I need to have an extra room for when family and friends come over to visit. Or where I can actually call a couple of friends over for dinner, without wondering where the 5th person will seat or if one of them has claustrophobia, you know people and their issues *I’m thoughtful of you* so a really spacious house will do right. Plus, I want a big kitchen to exercise my culinary ummmm, okay not me, the boyfriend, he cooks way better than I do. So the more space, the less I interfere, like when I see him pouring the spice on the food and am like O_O isn’t that too much, then it turns our just perfect … smh!

Those are just a few of the things on my wish list, I could go on and on and on, but you get the drift. However, Christmas is not all about material things, it’s about spending time with your loved ones and appreciating those precious moments. Of course it’s also a little about gifting them and seeing the smile on their faces, oh I live for such! Since am a last-minute person, am still trying to figure out what to get who.

Do you believe in giving or gifting during Christmas?

Christmas, Festive, Gifts

Make a difference, make someone smile this Christmas. After all, that’s what festive seasons are about right? Keep safe and look out for each other. God bless y’all abundantly!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Friday Fives

Thank God It’s Friday … more sore because I am in solidarity with the rest of you who are toiling. However, I can’t quite tell what day of the week it is, because am on leave. Okay enough, don’t envy me much because I have exams. Can’t wait to be done with school though, it’s on top my New Year wishlist (Ps: it’s 24 days remaining). It’s not fun going to class every evening and thinking of school books, assignments and projects every other time. On that note, congratulations to those graduating today.


1. Oopsies!

It’s Christmas time already! Hello, December. Like seriously, it’s unbelievable how time flies. I’m on my second-last semester in school. This is such a blessing.

I’m not one to count days and months but hey  I’ve been dating for a while now *whoop whoop*. Let’s say good relationships are not formed in a day and am lucky to be with someone who really wants to be with me come rain or sunshine and vice versa. To love *cheers*.

My sister finally finished school (O’ Levels), jeez! And with all these school stuff going on, haven’t quite gotten a chance to hang out with her. Congratulations Cla, that’s just the 1st step into independence. You’re still under daddy’s wings and nest…lol. There’s no escaping. I still am.

Our company (Mo DE – Mobile Decisioning) won the inaugural African leg of the IBM Smartcamp contest. How cool is that? Thanks for voting!


2. Weekly Crackers

Is it just me or is the air in the Urban bites package more than the crisps themselves? Remember Krackles as well, same thing. What would happen if they filled up the air bit with crisps? But couldn’t resist getting me some, goes so well with ribena.

Urban Bites and Ribena

3. Faves and Craves

I am at that point in life where I feel like I need some restructuring of sorts. Like I need to re-furnish my house or even get a bigger house. Oh gosh! So I’ve been having this thoughts that I can’t quite put to paper. Looks like I’ll start that change from my couch, slowly by slowly and see how that goes. I really wish we had an IKEA furniture store in Kenya though or does someone know a good carpenter? Maybe we can work something out. I just see their stuff and ogle.

4. Stupendous Snippet

Most of the things that happen in our life are seasonal, especially the ones that we find difficult to deal with. The ones that make you wonder why you have been put in that situation at that time. And in most cases, it gets you to learn something, appreciate something or best yet, know that in life there has to be things that shake you up a bit, more like testing you or give you a challenge. Else, we become complacent.

Truth be told, I hate tough times, but considering that’s how life is, we should always brace ourselves. Also knowing that if we work at it, it always comes to pass and leaves us beaming and glad that we’re over it. No one has it smooth all the way (reminds me of that Embassy advert way back … lol), even the ones that we think have it all sorted out.

5. T.G.I.F Inspiration

True ain’t it? Considering that no one’s perfect, and no one has it all put together. It’s amazing when someone knows you, your flaws and still thinks the world of you. It gives you the morale to even better yourself.


Let me cut myself short now before I bore you… hehe, hope you didn’t agree to that *I see you*. To living, laughing and loving more each day. Have a super weekend.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

When Christmas Comes

It’s that beautiful time of the year once again, that we all look forward to in a not so obvious maybe very obvious way. You know the whole festivities going on, the excitements, the off days, the parties, the eating and sometimes the gifts too.

Personally, I love the Christmas and New Year time. Not because I have so much going, actually most of the time I usually have nothing going on. Other than the usual hanging out with family and friends. For the longest time I can remember, for me it’s a time for receiving cards from here, there and every where, watching christmas-y movies and cartoons, cooking, eating, going to church and lots of loving and giving. I love buying gifts for my family and seeing the look on their faces as they unwrap them.

We’re rarely on the move, which I enjoy in a way. I don’t like the whole hustle, though I wish to go for vacay some time and see what the big deal is usually, and maybe change the monotony of just chilling out, but considering I love being a lazy bum during such days…hehe, I sure hope I can handle what I wish for. Actually this is what I wish for <check this out> this I can definitely handle. Oh my! Isn’t that place out of this world. I think I should create a savings account and name it ‘2014 Christmas’, I’ve always had a thing for 2014, but anyway. Oh my again, I’m still trying to figure out where that is, you know wishes and prayers need to be specific and in case it’s answered, I / we assuming I shall not be trotting alone need to know how to get there…LOL

So it’s that time for celebrating the birth of Christ, singing jingles and everyone getting all up in your space asking you what you’re up to :p So in case you ain’t feeling it this time round, just use it to let the people who mean something to you know that you think the world of them. It’s also Jesus’s birthday, and he’s all about good tidings, love, forgiveness, sharing and caring, getting together  and all good things, you might as well make sure you celebrate it with him, pretty sure he’s usually at yours, plus he’s that guy watching over us throughout the year.

And here’s my official Christmas Song … AWESOME. I think Mariah Carey and John Legend was just the perfect “Christmas” musical combination.

Because this Christmas time get together
It’s gonna be so nice, better than ever
Because this gift of love lasts forever
The Lord makes our hearts open up soon as Christmas comes
It’s gon’ be alright when Christmas comes

Oh, jingle all the way, oh what fun, mmm

And we gon’ reminisce about the good old days
And we gon’ laugh together as the children play
And through the years is always gonna be this way
Come what may


“A child can teach an adult three things: to be happy for no reason, to always be busy with something, and to know how to demand with all his might that which he desires.” ~ Paulo Coelho

Christmas is not as much about opening our presents as opening our hearts. Merry Christmas my good people’s, have an AWESOME one wherever you’ll be. Pretty sure you’ll do, sometimes it’s all in the head. So, to having fun, living, laughing and loving!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*