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One Person … Many Faces

Ever wondered why we would all have different perspectives of the same person? Like I would say, person x is so nice, sweet, funny, awesome *insert adjective* and another would say a complete opposite thing about the same person x, say something like they are snobbish, rude, mean…yeah all those things you’d prefer not to be. This is purely based on first impression.

Do you think people are actually what we make them?  Sometimes we are the ones who play a role in which character a person will exude. Right from the way we approach them to the way we treat them and what we expect in return. I tend to think that we all have the good and evil, more like a duality kind of thing. That we are made in such a way to accommodate the people who walk into the different aspects of our lives. And the face says it all, you can know what I think of you from the look you get when you approach me.

It’s like your face is your guard. Given certain circumstances, you can choose to keep your guard up, down or better yet wear a mask. When you are comfortable then you have your guard down, no masks (unless you want to pretend that all is good) and that’s when you’re your warmest … you’re pleasing to the people around you. When you’re uncomfortable you have your guard up and you’re at your coldest, remember Ally McBeal, that’s when you want to unleash all your hell’y faces, you basically just don’t care and the people around, high chances is that they won’t like you.

Truth be told we all have those moments. What even made me think of this, is the levels to which people drive you to. Someone can make you beyond happy and in a split second another person can just ruin your entire day. It’s just amazing how we have different faces for the different scenarios.

Point in case : Imagine these people walking towards you and the face you will pull out, because you’ve got so many under your sleeve…

  • A street boy … dirty looking, sniffing glue and it looks like he’s holding something that could plaster your face.
  • Your long lost friend
  • Your mum or dad, as you walk hand in hand with that boy that they don’t know is your boyfriend
  • A cute chubby kiddo
  • Eye-candy, you know those people you can take a second or two to analyse … lol
  • Your boss, when you’re apparently supposed to be in the office
  • A stranger who’s smiling at you *_*
  • A guy who owes you something or vice versa
  • A guy who pisses the hell-out-of you
  • A familiar ‘acquaintance’

LOL, I know right! When you think about it now it’s pretty hilarious, and now I relate to Ally McBeal after all these years, some faces you can’t really show (they just ran in your head, that’s good enough especially if you’re trying to save face), but given the chance. Funny how, the face you show at that particular time describes the kind of person you are.

Because the mask is your face, the face is a mask, so I’m thinking of the face as a mask because of the way I see faces is coming from an African vision of the mask which is the thing that we carry around with us, it is our presentation, it’s our front, it’s our face ~ Faith Ringgol

But all is not lost, they are those who just accept you just the way you are … lol

So while I was away on “leave” I hope you missed me and all haha … I wonder what you’ve been up to and how the new year is treating you so far? May be I will say what I think of the year sometime.

Signing Off ~~~ Kawi*

Going round in circles

Looks like now the habit has rubbed in a good one. The one of procrastinating. How I say I’m going to do something tomorrow … and this tomorrow ends up a rumor. I’ve been saying I want to write a post but nothing! I find myself doing other things such as watching irrelevant movies which by the way, I now want to stop. This guys for 50 bob movies should just be banned…lol, ok touch wood! I don’t mean that, I don’t want them losing business, but really, they are the reason I procrastinate every evening.

So anyhow seeing as I haven’t blogged since the new year started. I’m not as enthusiastic with the new year as I thought I was. It’s just started at a bad note. It’s only 14th and I feel like it just needs to end. Again maybe not … now that my colleagues were talking about all this Illuminati stuff in the office that just made me see how the world is ending next year…lol I still don’t believe in that *$#% but gosh! They had their facts straight, years calculated with supporting documents and you tube videos. So somehow this year has to be the best somehow. Just in case…I still haven’t fallen prey to the Illuminati…so we shall live on :)

To that effect, maybe I should just probably start being a bit care free and start enjoying this year before it’s too late. As in it’s only 14th of January 2010. I’m I the only one feeling like it’s a drag? Yeah I have many things I’m supposed to have done but uuuummm, deadlines and all and at a particular time I’m pretty sure I’ll be praying for the days to be as draggy as possible. Like for instance…how last year ended so fast.

Until now i’m still going round in circles … haven’t yet figured my year out … yikes! But I’m not that bad off, at least I’m still sane and probably not off the track. As I still adapt to writing the date as 2011….lol, I’m sure by the time that reaches I’ll be sorted out. Otherwise, (that being a very peculiar Kenyan habit to say that, when you have nothing much to say), I hope you’ll have had a good start of the year … at least way better than mine. If not, take heart, we haven’t lost much into the year…just like 14 days…hoping that’s enough consolation.

Now as I gather psyche … my posts will have more meaning next time, unlike this very random one that I just had to write. I had the urge to write about nothing in particular…so if you reach here and think ummm so what exactly was the post about … I have also asked myself the same question after finishing to write.


“Things will happen in your life that you can’t stop, but that’s no reason to shut out the world. There’s a purpose for the good and for the bad.”  ~ “Crazy Pete” Sims (Walter Sparrow)

“If you can’t laugh, the days are just too long.”  ~ Lauren Anderson

“Consult not your fears but your hopes and dreams. Think not about your frustrations, but about your unfulfilled potential. Concern yourself not with what you tried and failed in, but with what is still possible for you to do.”  ~ Pope John XXIII

Signing Off  ~~~ *Kawi*