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The Concealer or Open Book?

You’re given a choice between the two, which one would you pick based on the one that best fits your personality?

You wonder what I would pick? Let me first put them into perspective. The concealer is used to hide a blemish, a scar mostly on the face or a part that’s visible to the public. We’re not talking make up, but that would be the best example to use. The concealer would be one that matches your skin tone so that it’s not so obvious that you’ve concealed or hidden anything. It makes you look flawless, it brings you close to perfection with the even skin tone (which many of us lack). The concealer guides you on what you’ll think about them and how you’ll perceive them. You see, they’ve already concealed their flaws, and to the public the only thing that’s left to think is how perfect they are.

While the open book, is just like it is, open and ready for you to read and interpret the way your mind knows best. The open book is at the recipients discretion, how he/she interprets it is up to them. The open book has your wrongs and rights, your strengths and weakness all laid out. Your story exposes your flaws and perfections at one go. It’s like having a face with uneven skin tone, but you just rock it because, that’s you. Whether you have a concealer or not, it doesn’t bother you because, those are the things that make up the person you are. And there’s an inherent reason why you are the way you are.

That being said, for the longest time I thought I was an open book. But with time I realized, I can be a concealer too, trouble. Though, I try to wipe off the concealer as soon as I realize it’s covering me up and trying to make me portray something I’m not. At the end of the day, I want anyone that reads my *open* book to know who I am and who I’m not, what I advocate for and what I don’t, in as much as there as there is also room for improvement since I don’t have it all figured out. It makes it easier for you to sort out your life and know who fits in and who doesn’t. It’s a tough and crazy world, just as there are so many things craving your attention, which one’s will get it at any one point largely depends on what you portray yourself to be.


So, I would pick the open book and really work towards ensuring that I remain as one. Even when sometimes my other inner voice tells me that I need the concealer.

Have a soulful Sunday, and lots of blessings your way.

Signing off ~~~ *Kawi*

Co-ed Baby Showers

It’s amazing when I’m invited for a baby shower, it shows my friends are doing things right no pun. It’s been known that baby showers are a thing for the women folk but I’m starting to think otherwise the more I go for them. I think that both the women and men should be involved in it, because both parties are just as affected by this tremendous transition.


For baby showers, the girlie’s organize a surprise shower for the almost popping mommy-to-be. They buy gifts and meet up at someone’s house or agreed relaxed place. There are lots giggles and excitement, frills, drinks and just good vibes. The girlie’s give the mommy-to-be tips on how to be a good mommy as well as the horrific and beautiful stories that come with motherhood. It’s actually a lot of fun. For the mommy-to-be, by the end of the shower and presentation of the gifts (and explain why they chose to buy that gift and its purpose). At the end of it, there’s a load off her back in terms of what to expect when the D-day reaches. At least the girls have given her a sneak-peak of what she’s bound to experience based on personal and over-heard experiences.

Well, as I sat there chatting with my buddies, I thought, “what about the men?” Who gives them tips on how to be a good dad? Fatherhood is a challenge too, just as motherhood is. The changes that come with it are a force to reckon with – and sometimes it catches them unawares. The only difference is that they are not carrying the child, but mentally, they are. Aren’t they the ones who have to deal with the demands of the almost popping mommy-to-be? This got me thinking of co-ed baby showers.

When my time comes, I’d like to have a co-ed (Oh,I mean, combined – that’s how they say it) baby shower. Where both our female and male friends are present, those who’ve experienced motherhood and fatherhood and can tell a tale or two as well as offer some advice that could be of great help.

I feel that it’s about time we shifted focus from just the mommy-to-be and accommodated the expecting dad as well. I mean we want our kids to have good fathers, so why not include them on the shower treat as well. Especially now that men are taking a keen interest in their wife’s pregnancy and giving her support at every stage of pregnancy, it is only fair to include them in the shower-treat.  What do you think?


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Life Happens

No, life is not what happens when you’re busy making plans because plans are part of what is life is about. Only problem is that the plans that we make here (on earth, that is) sometimes don’t match the plans that our maker has (or had) for us. Does that mean you don’t make plans? No, it doesn’t. It just means we make plans knowing that our plans are not the ultimate ones. That they will not necessarily turn out to be what we wanted them to be, because they sometimes could conflict with what our maker has in store for us.

*** Life happens.

Sometimes the maker’s plans, works for us and other times against us. For us, when we are successful in how we planned it out and then some more. When a simple software program made in your dorm room becomes the most sought after program in the world. When anyone purchases a device, the one program they want to install without a doubt is, Facebook (and now WhatsApp, lucky chap). His plans, they totally worked out for him. I used the most universally known example for it to make sense. Don’t we all want to be the next Mark Zuckerberg in our different capacities. A young over-achiever? Especially when it comes to your career or whatever it is your passionate about, Oprah or Gordon Ramsay among very many other, did it too.

But unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that for everyone. It’s different for each person. Everyone’s’ plan is architectured differently. You’d find that most of the people who built the software programs with Mark Zuckerberg or those that assisted in its roll out in one way or another are not on his much admired lane. They’re in different lanes; some are successful in their other ventures, others are struggling to find their breaking point, others are not there any more, others are just, well, just there.

***  Life happens.

Then there’s the complete downside of life, the loss of it. Your future could seem oh-so bright. And as you see yourself getting where you’ve always wanted to be, then your life is cut short. I have seen some friends lose life at such a tender age. You know when you have so much working out for you or in your favor. It just doesn’t make sense. Why would your maker get you to that level, then yank you out of the face of the earth before your revel in it, through accidents, terminal illnesses among other causes. Doesn’t he know that you have people who look up to you, people who love you, people who don’t necessarily love you but admire your ambitious self and people who don’t know you, but know about you and the potential you have (or had, now that you’ve been yanked out). Painful, huh?

***  Life happens.

The saddest or scariest part is that you just don’t know what happens after life happens. Even now as you live, you don’t know. You know the next thing you want for yourself, but you don’t know the next thing the maker wants from you, for you or with you. Sadly, “the world is not our home we are just passing through”. It’s not something that we’ll probably ever accept or even quite understand, but since the length of our visit is unnumbered and our time here is unknown, let’s make use of what we have and make the best out of it. Ain’t it?

“Let’s not limit ourselves :-

  • Plan like you’re living for many years and years to come that you die of old age;
  • Love like your life depends on what or who you’re loving on;
  • Learn all you can – there’s no excess learning but there’s ignorance which is not bliss;
  • Laugh when something’s funny, even when others don’t get the joke, they’re probably slow, they’ll catch up;
  • Eat healthy when you can, junk when you can’t, basically, don’t starve yourself;
  • Work hard and have some good fun while at it;
  • Dance like you’re the best even if you have two left legs;
  • Allow yourself to entertain and be entertained;
  • Treasure your family and friends, they are priceless! Always make them feel like a million bucks while you have them around and while they have you around;
  • Pamper yourself once in many whiles, because you’ll always deserve it.
  • Express yourself and stand for what you believe in, even when they don’t get you, they eventually will.”
  • Lastly, selfies will make you happy for a moment. Take a moment, take a selfie!

~ Kawiria

*** Because, that’s how life happens.

Selfies, #TeamSelfies

Selfies are good for your SUNity!

Wishing you nothing short of a blessed weekend, with a dose of SUNshine to light up your life xo!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

No Pressure Zones

Huh! Who are my kidding, no pressure? I just wanted to get some attention. There’s always pressure; external pressure, self-induced pressure and sometimes just underlying pressure. It’s placed neither here nor there but it exists, whether you try to get rid of it or not. It comes hungering for us, because chances are that we make such edible prey since most of us are susceptible to it anyway. That’s how we then end up hurting even when it’s unnecessary.

It then reaches a point where you just want to feel “no pressure”? For me the most amazing thing to happen to me in 2014, was almost always being reminded that, especially by the people around me. Of course it doesn’t mean that you just lax and do nothing. It means, just be you and be the best you can be without feeling like anyone is pressuring you to be or to do.

As I try to figure where I’m heading to with this, let me save myself the struggle and do what I’ve been really good at doing lately, lists. So a list of the “No Pressure” zones that I have managed to develop.

My Wardrobe.

This is me every morning … struggle to wake up, do the necessaries (go to the loo, stare at the mirror, brush my teeth), shower, oil thy self  and then stand in front of the closet and stare blankly. Wondering how I just don’t have clothes in a wardrobe full of clothes. A few lot of minutes into it, I pick something up, try, if it looks good, yaaay me. If it doesn’t, repeat process. Though I eventually get dressed, and to my standards, not so badly dressed, I keep thinking I want more clothes. It occupies my mind.

It got worse (or better now that I’m used to it) when I got a job at the bank because ¾ of my wardrobe had to change. Suits all day, every day. You can only own so many especially in month 1. I wondered how my colleagues had done it. Then as I interacted with them, I discovered that almost everyone had experienced the same feeling. It’s a transition, an expensive one. The one thing that always features is, don’t let it bug you, just work with whatever you have. They even give you tips on how to go about it and it makes one just feel adequate “zero pressure”.

What to eat for dinner.

If you’re a bachelor, well, a female bachelor to be precise, you probably feel the need to not eat junk food day in day out. It goes without saying, a moment on the lips is a lifetime on the hips with lots of regret. So what you’re eating for dinner can stress the life out of you. Sometimes you’ve not shopped for it or if you had, you’ve gotten home at some odd hours. At that time, all you want to do is to throw yourself on the couch and do lots of nothing unless say pass out. You might love cooking, but it’s the last thing you want to do. Then I figured, why stress about a meal, just go home and go with the flow. Worst case scenario, have milk and cereal in the fridge. It’s healthy.

What they think of you.

Don’t we all? You always want to please and please away, but technically that’s not possible. Accept that and live on. It’s as simple as that in words, then in life, it gets really complicated … in your mind. What to do? Tame my mind to see things as they are and not complicate things . Also, to try not read into someone else’s mind because in most cases, you read your own things. Feel me?

Wants that are not necessarily needs.

Guilty pleasures, they rule. You know in your mind and in your heart that you don’t need it (whatever it is) that much, but the desire to have it is insurmountable. That’s what I felt towards owning another phone, either similar to what I had or an upgrade. And guess what, I eventually got one today, because “no pressure” wrong example, but something’s gotta give. It was a cheaper upgrade (from S to V). I don’t know how Xperia is doing it, but they’re doing it well. You give in to your non-important wants, it makes you temporarily happy. Now I’m thinking, maybe I should have stuck to my budget plan…haha!

Pressure, Diamonds

Pressure will always be there, quite inevitable. Let your pressure come from events, things or circumstances that will only make you worthy, and make smooth the roughs in your life. It might look tough but embrace the toughness. I try to, sometimes I wonder why life has to be tough on me when it is, then after a some self-evaluation, I think why not. Plus, someone once said, “the tougher the lesson, the bigger the blessing.” All you need to realize, is that you managed to go through (whatever it is) and now you have the chance to do it better (isn’t that a blessing already?).

Nighty night lovelies. I missed you much enough to do a post on a Saturday night … XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Blogging Highs and Lows

This is my 402nd post on #WordPress. And all I can say is that blogging is special, extra special. No one can tell you how to do it or when to do it. It’s something you do because you feel like doing it, not because someone expects you to do it. The moment you someone else plays puppeteer and you puppet to it, you tend to lose plot. You feel the pressure and you just lose the mojo. It becomes a task that makes you get frustrated on how and when you’ll deliver. You get concerned about things that at one point never disturbed you, like structure, imagery, wording, grammar. Basically, blogging is just about going with the flow.

When I blog, I let my mind connect with my fingers and have them do the walking. As long as I have the idea of what I want the output to be.

To celebrate getting to more than 400 posts, I will share what I think are my blogging highs and lows. There’s much but I’ll just do 6, to make 12 because 12 months (lol, it’s becoming a habit now).

↑ High: No rules.

This one gives you the freedom to just be you on the blog without restrictions. No one tells you what to write about or how to go about it or even display it. No one gives you ultimatums on when to post. You do you, your way. After all, it’s a blog. It’s like your personal journal (where you write the things that occupy your mind as they come), just that in this case, you choose to share its content with the public.         

                 ↓ Low: Blogger’s block

It’s like when writers say they have a writer’s block. You want to write so bad, but you just don’t know what to write about. Or even if you do, you  don’t knew where to start or even go about it. It’s such a sucky feeling, one of helpless. You stare into a blank screen and just stare. Then you read other people’s content and you have silent conversations with yourself, something like,  “I need to get stuff to say too.”

↑ High: Speak your mind, with no one interjecting.

You know how when you are having an argument everyone wants to be heard? At the end of the discussion you feel like your opinion didn’t get the attention it deserved. In a blog, you can post your argument/opinion and be heard before someone says otherwise. They’ll read, to the end and if it’s controversial, they’ll get fired up, then probably tell you what they think on the comments, but at least your opinion is out there.          

                    ↓ Low: Questioning your skills.

You wonder what you’re doing and whether you’re doing it right. Whether you can blog or better yet write and entertain others. I said no rules, yes, you do you, but in a public domain. So of course you want to use your skill for something, either to influence, impact or inspire somebody in one way or another.

↑ High: When someone tells you they read your blog

O_O that’s my first expression. Like I want to jump up and down with excitement but I’ve got to hold myself back lest you think I’m psycho. But it’s a rewarding experience. You feel like what you write is not in vain. Somebody somewhere is reading, even if it’s just one person. Quite encouraging too, to keep on keeping on.         

                 ↓ Low: Going through emotions

I hate being whiner, if there’s one thing I can’t deal with is whining. I try to avoid it as much, especially on the blog. If it’s a situation I need to express, I’d rather do it in the most mature of ways. If I can’t build, I’d rather not take part in breaking. When I’m going through the roller coaster of emotions, I’d rather not write, because then I would just feel like whining. I’d rather chill out and calm down first (preferably learn from it) then write things that makes sense to you and me. So that even when I read that post several years down the line, I won’t feel like trashing it or face palming.

↑ High: You have something exciting to post

It’s like having a massive light bulb moment. You just want to sit your ass down and let the ideas flow, preferably without interruption, it could be on a word document, on the editor or worse yet on a notepad. I won’t lie, I get lost in it. When I’m writing, most of the time, I have my earphones (even to the extent of no music playing) and my mind travels far away.          

                ↓ Low: No writing opportunity

When you have something exciting to post, but no time to sit and write-up the post. It’s a somewhat devastating feeling. You feel like you have a task you need to perform but you haven’t. Can you relate? It could be because you’ve been out for meetings or you have assignments that don’t give you some time to do your own stuff.

High: A comment on your blog, whether verbal, written or gestured.

Someone read it and got you in one way or another. They may not even agree with what you’ve said but at least some effort was made. You feel like giving them a “hi5″ for “you get me” or just a mere “thanks for passing by”.          

                  ↓ Low: Not sure what your readers think about what you post(s)

It one thing to write what you feel like writing, but if you’re writing for others to read, well, you have to think what they’ll think of what you’ve posted. Such a twist, but it happens, we’re human, we worry about what you think about us and the one thing we enjoy doing.

High: Hitting the publish button

It’s such a climax. When you write then you click publish and it’s out there, for you, you and you. That feeling is rather satisfying. The same way you have a completed an assignment or met a deadline and you just click on the send button. It’s fantastic, even though there’s no one who gives you accolades for it, deep inside it’s a fulfilment.        

                 ↓ Low: Finding errors in your post

Just when you think you’re done and you’ve published your post, you find typos, grammatical errs or punctuation errs. You have to read and re-read your post to get rid of those mistakes that can be post-threatening.

↑ ↑ Biggest High: When you get recommendations or references.

Someone read your blog and while at it, they thought or felt that you do it right. Then they went ahead to recommend you for things related because they sense your potential, that’s a BIG high! It cancels off all the lows.

To other bloggers, what do you feel are your highs and lows? Or does my experience resonate with yours?

blogging, blog

‘Happy Hump Day’ lovelies! Keep that smile on, the world needs it more than you know.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Better Than You Say or Think?

We have that tendency of thinking of ourselves lesser than what we actually are; be it in looks, appearances, accomplishments, abilities. Very few people would describe themselves as they are, because we tend to see more of the negatives than we do the positives in ourselves. Sometimes we feel like maybe you haven’t quite accomplished much or what you have managed to accomplish shouldn’t be said out loud because you feel like it’s just not enough. You could do better, because others have done better. Or you feel like maybe there are untold standards that have been set by others that you haven’t met. And everyone expects you to be or act in a certain way and you’re not to, so you look down on yourself. Confidence levels lurk and that prevents you from being the best you or even offering others the best of who you are or what you have.

I have felt that a couple of times myself, no lie. Where you enter a room and you just shrink in because well, the people in the room in your mind look better than you in one way or another. And that gets drilled into my mind, not because I’m any bad myself, but because I choose to look at myself that way. From there hence forth, for some reason everything goes downhill. It makes you question so many things, you don’t have a good time, at all. Nothing is exciting because you’re so cautious whether you’ll say the right thing, whether you’ll fit in, whether that’s the right forum for you.

It’s all in your mind. What you think of yourself, is all in your mind. Try see yourself the way others would see you. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Your chubby or protruding cheeks, your nose pointed or flat, your hair long or short, those freckles or laugh lines, your wide grin, your height or weight,  that’s just you. That’s your representation. Considering that when someone approaches you, even before you utter a word, those are the first things they see. There are people who see those things as your best assets, even when you don’t. The little who don’t, well, they don’t really matter. Maybe the best thing would be to be happy and confident in who & what you are. If you feel who you are or what you have is not enough, manage the little, then work towards more. But people, they smell fear, discomfort, and all those things don’t bring out the best of you. They act as repellents. Yet, we all work towards attracting others.

I watched this video and it hit the point home. Those 2 ladies, they didn’t do themselves any justice as they described how they look to the artists. It’s the other person, who’d just met them for a moment, who appreciated them more than they did. He saw the better version of them. Why wouldn’t you see the better version of you?

“Be snazzy in your skin”

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Friday Snippets

Interesting week this one, but in an extremely good way. Let me not delve much into it, don’t want to jinx it. However, let’s talk professions. I am the poster child for social media/content and basically most things digital. It’s amazing how people perceive that, well, I’ve gotten the “she’s the one who does our Facebook and Twitter”. Basically, I have been downgraded to ‘just that’, those things that everyone else in the office thinks is a way to pass time. Good thing, they get a teeny-weeny section of what I do, like 0.something% but I don’t interject. I just nod my head and agree, because trying to explain it when the other party isn’t getting it, makes me seem defensive, which I really am sometimes *who isn’t?…I admire you*.

The best thing that’s happened the better part of this year, is having people who understand what I do. Or rather having a conversation with people who get me, who get my profession. It gives me some more confidence, that was rather lacking. You know when you’re a programmer, designer, lawyer, doctor, teacher,everyone knows what you do. I mean, its general knowledge. But content, what the hell’s that, what do you do?

I had a conversation with my dad yesterday trying to explain to him as simply as I could, what I do. And I mean in a very simple way, no jargon lingo. He’s old folk, so for him all these social media and content platforms don’t make sense. I broke it down, and based on the responses – mmmh’s, aaah’s, contributions, suggestions, opinions, I think he finally got it. I think he’s always had a hard time explaining to his friends what I do, at least mum got it some time back. Despite me having an undergraduate and masters degree in IT and Strategic Management, my work well, doesn’t quite capture those two in terms of my “titles”, so he wonders.

My Take: Be qualified, but don’t let your qualifications limit what you can do with yourself. You could study IT, like I did, but you could also be a greater cook. So that shouldn’t prevent you from being a super chef because someone said when you do IT you have to be a programmer. You don’t have to conform, respect your desires too.

TGIF, Hammock, Holiday

Thank God It’s Friday: If I could teleport that hammock, I would.


Scandal Ssn3 and Suits Ssn3. But honestly, I have been watching and 30mins into it I am dead asleep on my couch. Getting home feeling exhausted with the hope of watching a few episodes only to watch one episode all week. Feel me, does this happen to you?


My friends, the support is overwhelming. For looking out for me, I have nothing but appreciation for you and if I can, I will always be there cheering you on too. In whatever ventures you take, as long as they’re legal and I think they suit you. Of course, I won’t cheat you can sing when you can’t, I can’t bear seeing you getting embarrassed on Project Fame. I will recommend you where I see you fit to do the work. But the bottom line is, I appreciate you.


Jam’s that are making my Friday a bit more interesting. I should probably make a playlist.


Still blog-trotting! My sister also gave me this book, that now seems rather interesting. The title got me off at first but I decided to give it a benefit of doubt. Trying to live by the words, “don’t judge a book by its cover” … literally! Will tell you how that goes.

Books, Current Read,


My one meal a week, shame! But that’s what it has gotten to. I wouldn’t call it laziness but I happen to cook a lot and it seems endless or maybe I’ve performed miracles and I don’t know. That brings me to the question, do you think Jesus knew he had super powers or he came to realize later. Let me not get into it, lest it sounds blasphemous.

Food, Ugali, Pork, Fried, Vegges, Sukuma Wiki, Greens, White Chocolate


Holidaying! Whenever it comes, I’m just craving that sun and sand. After being exposed to what a holiday would feel like for just a weekend, I am definitely looking forward to the next one. This stuff is addictive. Just thinking of the hammocks right about now.


Crossing fingers and toes that I bag it. It would be a great one to put my brains on.


A good blender. I want to be able to make my own shakes and juices, there’s no need for the disappointments we get from the restaurants. Plus for trips, we need to visit our country, it has the most beautiful sceneries and locations, those resorts won’t pay for themselves *pouts*


God. These blessings, I can’t complain at all.


Work Quote

Besides that, to more laughing, living and loving. Let your weekend be nothing short of interesting, blessings!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Outgrowing Them

I have become good friends with my tailor lately. Why, you ask? No, we don’t have much to talk about, unless it’s about how he’s going to adjust my clothes to fit me. The manufactures actually leave some allowance for that, I found out. It’s funny how I can’t see the weight I’ve gained or rather I’m ignoring it, but my clothes, well, they are just becoming tighter, you can’t beat that. It’s like trying to ignore a kid screaming to your ear as you try to sleep. It’s in the extra inch on my hips or thighs or chest or waist. I’m outgrowing them. I don’t want to accept that. I’m the kind that still wears clothes from 10 years ago, believe it or not, I don’t change much. But I am growing and I can’t stop my body from shaping itself. This also means a dent to my wallet because I find myself having to either adjust some clothes to fit or just buy some new ones.


Source : This looks like me when I decide to fit clothes I haven’t worn in a long time. The disappointment.

Adjust, because that attachment with the old clothes for some reason comes on strongly when you realize you can’t wear them any more. While before, they would sit in the closet gathering dust . Some feel like vintage, and they are getting into fashion once again. My suit pants *wails*. I discovered that most of my suit trousers don’t fit (tight on certain areas), the coats fit perfectly but the bottoms, good Lord. More depressing when I think I have to get others while I have this ones (this is where my good tailor comes in). The needs becomes greater when you realize you need to use them for certain “official” occasions.

That’s just me and my clothes, but we outgrow so many things. Some of which we even don’t know ourselves. It could be material things, people, work, name it. It gets to a point where you cannot stay as you were. It’s like you’re transforming or being morphed into something and it’s either you adjust those things to fit into your life or just let go of them so that you can acquire new things that fit into your current state. Such is life.

Don’t struggle to fit in where you’re not fitting in, into clothes too. It’s not a must you fit into everything, even life won’t let you, that’s asking for a bit too much. When times comes for you to move to the next step or size, get with it, that’s what living is about. It’s about allowing yourself to grow, to become a better version of you, one that you are comfortable with at every stage. After all, it’s for your own comfort. And what’s life without comfort, lemons perhaps. Bitter as it gets. With comfort, it’s lemonade on the go or a shot of tequila with the said lemon and salt to loosen you up, much better. I kid, don’t drink, I kid again, one shot is good, just one!


Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Things Undone

With the current trend of the internet you wonder if there’s anything unthought, untold or unwritten. Basically, anything you try search for on the internet, someone has either thought it and searched it (because it would automatically give you options of what you intend to type out based on searches done before or what the database holds and goes ahead to ask you “Did you mean something alternative” if what you typed is not what they have), talked or written about it and if it’s doesn’t get weird enough, they’ve probably sang about it.

This got me thinking about things undone. What has not yet been done? Because most of the time we say, “don’t reinvent the wheel”. Any time you want to come up with ideas, strategies, policies, solutions … something, anything. Of course some situations have already been researched on and turned into methodologies that set the standards of how certain things should be done, in a certain systematic or procedural way. Then there are those things you can do based on your free will. Given that opportunity, you wonder how to exercise your own free will. You want to go back to the internet and see what others have done. Maybe borrow a thing or two, or more. Others will even opt to, you know, copy paste the damn thing, because free will – why am I re-inventing the wheel. It even makes you feel like what you’re thinking or what you just said is wrong or uncool, because someone else did it differently.

There are things that are not yet done. Not yet done, at least by you. Just because someone else has done something that you had wanted to do, doesn’t mean that you also don’t it for yourself or for others. The fact that you have gone ahead to it, that only, makes it different. You know that saying, “different strokes for different folks” . After all, great minds think alike ain’t it? But doesn’t mean that they execute the thought the same way. With all the people in this world, chances are that you’re not going to be the only one thinking what you’re thinking. The difference between you and the other person(s), is who actually does it and how they do it. God is a clever one, I don’t know how he created us to be so similar yet so different. It baffles me.

Many are the times I am sharing an experience with friends and they’ve gone through the same experience I have. The situations, circumstances, actions and outcomes might have been different but the thought that drove us to doing whatever it was, was the same. Nothing amazes me as much as that does. Most of the time I find it unbelievable. It’s like God is trying to communicate that you’re special, but then again you’re not too special to be going through something alone, good or bad. Everyone is given an opportunity to be, to be in their own special (different) way despite the similarities.

There are so many things I think, I say, I write and I eventually want to do. Nothing is special per se or really out of this world, most of them have been done by others, but when I think of it that way, it’s not motivating at all. So, I’m leading myself to thinking and believing that despite them being done by others, there are so many things I haven’t yet done. And if I don’t do those things, I will regret not doing them at one point or another.

Things Not Done

I just need to PUSH my self a little to the EDGE of the cliff because I’m sort of GLUED to where I’m currently STANDING and get the courage to JUMP and FLY, even though I am SCARED of heights or what the DEPTHS of the cliff might HOLD. Things have got to be done.

An almost similar post I had done earlier, Into the Unknown. As I was writing, I just figured this feeling sounds a bit too familiar. Like something I’d have thought, said or written before. It wasn’t such a far-fetched thought.

Signing Off ~~ *Kawi*

You Learn NOT Lose

“You win some, you lose some,” that’s the game of life as purported. To cushion the reason why you would lose in the first place. I mean you can’t always be winning or else it’ll get into you head. That’s how it comes off. Don’t we always celebrate, acknowledge and make merry when we make wins? You are almost untouchable, the world is yours to conquer. T-shirt ripping, chest beating, double fist pumping, if you could you would. Then when you lose, you want the earth to open up and swallow you whole. It’s a shame, it’s embarrassing, you are afraid of facing the world. You wonder what they’ll think of you, a loser that’s good for nothing perhaps. We think far and beyond what they are thinking of us and maybe you’re the last person they are thinking of. That’s how we’ve taken it to be. Wins are to be celebrated, loses are to be shamed. It happens to me too, though I feel it shouldn’t be that way.

Wins and loses are usually attributed to situations that have you placed under a microscope. In our different spheres of life, it’s like we are always sitting in an exam room. Not the typical exam room where you’ve been given time to prepare for it, material and hints of what you’ll be examined and on the d-day you’re given a question paper and answer sheet to pour out all what you’ve been reading. If you thought that was difficult, now imagine one you’re unprepared for. No material, no hints, just you and what you think you should do in that situation. These are situations you’re unaware of. Unaware of its essence or even when, where or how it will present itself.  Life does that to you, it gives you choices of which your decisions could either result into a win or lose. But when you lose, it gets you to learn what you should or shouldn’t have done in the first place. If you’re lucky, you get another chance to play it down again and now you can make a wise and calculated decision given the choices presented to you. It could be because if you don’t lose some, it would get into you head and you won’t want to learn some. It’s in the loses or failures that you get to learn. The wins are like a reward for your learning.

I had actually done this post a while ago, and it was just sitting in the drafts, you know just chilling. Thinking that there’s something that I could add on to it, but then, nothing really came to mind. It is just what it is.

It’s about winning and learning, NOT losing. The moment we feel like we’ve lost, is the moment that we stop living, we become too hopeless to salvage the situation.

Despite the circumstances we’re faced with especially those that make you feel like you’ve lost in one way or another; Some life-taking, others life-threatening; some feeling of helplessness and hopelessness and others of insignificance, whatever it is, learning from it is what sets you apart as a human being. It’s what gives life more meaning, because, the reality that is, is sometimes it does lose its meaning. But never give up. That’s why you’re a hero in your own story, and heroes, they never give up, regardless.

You Win Some, You Learn Some NOT Lose.

You Win Some, You Learn Some NOT Lose Some

On that note, my heartfelt condolences to all those who’s loved ones lost their lives in the cowardly and beastly Westgate attack. Quick recovery and healing to those who were directly afflicted and inflicted. It’s unthinkable and unbelievable because anyone could have been there instead of them, it could have been me or you. For those of us that live to tell the tale, let it be a story of winning and learning and not one of losing. Let’s not give the enemies an upper hand, because you’re braver than you believe and stronger than you seem. Keep up that Kenyan spirit. The oneness, the bravery and strength of our people, the positive messages all over, the selfless acts, because that there, that’s God working through us.

Have a blessed and safe week lovelies.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*