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This Year…

There’s some internal inexplicable excitement that comes with publishing a new post on a New Month, better yet a New Year. Ask any blogger. However, sometimes trying to figure out what to write about can be brutally taxing or you can even know what you want to write about but you’re unable to put it into context. Problems. Makes me think of more money, more problems. In this case, more ideas, more problems.

I had an amazing “jumping of the year” time. We actually didn’t have a solid plan so to say, because we were both working on the eve. The least we knew is that if all else fails, we have each other to entertain. But nothing failed. We started with going for dinner and as we made our orders, our friends coincidentally were also coming to have dinner at the same place. The more the merrier, we ate, chatted, laughed, damn! The food at Peppers is annoyingly delicious and overly satisfying. Then after that, it was to dance the night away and have a good time. The Kenyans who weren’t at the Coast or Naivasha, were at K1. It was amaze-balls. Good music, good people, lots of dancing (those who know me, know that I barely sit when at the club). For me, it was the perfect end to the year and start of another. Thanking God for the good time and asking him to bless 2014.

The following day, we got to spend it with my folks and the baby sister. I had really missed them because they had gone upcountry for the Christmas holiday without me (due to work). Nothing beats catching up with them, that feeling, that feeling is contentful, or if there’s no word like that, satisfying on the extreme. Just seeing them happy, makes my heart glow. Anyhow, as I was doing my random internet rounds, look what I stumbled upon. A fun way of setting goals for the year, quite plain and simple. At least it doesn’t have you racking your brains.

A bad habit I’m going to break: Snoozing – I get lazy to wake up early even when I’ve run out of sleep. I’d rather just close my eyes and imagine myself asleep.

A new skill I’d like to learn: Bake. I’d love to bake those delish cupcakes and spongy cakes. I really would.

A person I hope to be more like: Let me do me. I still have so much potential to be a better me. I haven’t played my best version yet.

A good deed I’m going to do: Give back to my parents. Not pay back, just give back, I can never pay back. It’s immeasurable . The much they’ve done for me, they will always more than deserve it.

A place I’d like to visit: South Africa – Table Mountains and Sun City. I got there but I did a half-baked trip. I didn’t manage to go to all the beautiful places. Closer home – Turtle Bay at Watamu.

A book I’d like to read: Any book written by Richard Branson. Perhaps I could start with “Screw It – Let’s Do it”. I feel mature enough to read his books now. Did anyone else feel like that? Like Branson was coming to hard and you were not ready? I did, but now I want to go for it and I need some motivation.

A letter I’m going to write: To the mister. I will, sometime. I haven’t done that yet so it’ll be a good first. Plus, with all these technology, there’s something about hand written stuff. I’m always curious about people’s handwriting’s.

A new food I’d like to try: I have never done sea food. I secretly would like to try it, though I cringe at the thought of it. How do guys feed those slimy things? “Molluscs (octopus and shellfish), crustaceans (shrimp and lobster), echinoderms (sea cucumber and sea urchins)” -> Eek! They remind me of my high-school biology, those classifications and terms make them sound inedible.

I’m going to do better at: Keeping my word. I say much (to myself and to others), I’d like to do just as much. Even those things that I say and I’m not able to do for one reason or another, I’d still want to have it in my to-do list and strive towards keeping my word.

You could also try it out and share. Feels like an easier and more fun way to almost summarize things that occupy your mind. List to this one: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCaNfQry8GU. Have a lovely day and I wish you the best.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Of Price Tags and Good Times

You know the “price” is such a poser. So much, that we give it some much undeserved attention. It makes us forget the essence of what it is we are putting a price on. How many times do you want to get someone a gift and the first thing you think of is “how much” price tag? How many times have you wanted to entertain some friends but you think “damn, that’s going to cost me” – price tag? Or you want to go have a good time and you’re like, “what’s the damage” – price tag?

Price, Price Tag

It’s crazy how it’s always about the price tag, while it’s not really supposed to be. I know we (I) don’t have money over-flowing in our accounts, some of us are under tight budgets, others even have no budget because, well, they’ve got no money. But is it really about the money? I think it’s not. Although money is definitely a means to the end. The end being your satisfaction, your having a good time. It’s about what it is you have inside you. You know that passion, that feeling that makes you want to just spread joy to others, regardless.

You don’t have enough money to buy a pricey gift? Then make one out of what you have. Worst case scenario, sacrifice that which you treasure. It doesn’t have to be something big, it could be that pen. True friends, they’ll appreciate. The price tag doesn’t have to be your barrier. Is it entertaining friends? Make what you can afford, be it a meal or drinks, if they don’t like it, it’s just one meal and one drink. True friends, they’ll appreciate – even if they’re meat eaters and you’ve just served veggies, they’ll appreciate. You want to have a good time? Have a good time. Even it means one bottle of beer for a night out. It gets tough, but  let’s toughen it out.

I’m not saying this just because. I just feel like it’s been about the price tag for far too long, even for me. We just need to learn how to live within our means and have a really good time, because, it’s not about the price tag, it’s just not about that money. Yes, it’s very important means to that end (hence why we work to earn it), but it shouldn’t be the determinant – of whether you’re going to have a good time or not. In case you were in that “price tag” hole, let’s jump out of it and let’s have some fun this coming year. I talk to myself too. As mentioned, you’ve made it to 2014, just to the mere fact that you’re alive and healthy. In addition to that, you’ve got people who love you and you’re blessed with a future to look forward to. A future that you can write your story, edit, maybe not delete but learn from the mistakes and rights. You have no reason not to be happy, be happy. Now it just feels right if I say, Amen! To good Karma my people.

Theme song of the year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qMxX-QOV9tI

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Letting Go Of 2013, To Let In 2014

I’m the kind that forgets easily. It’s good to know thyself. I forget my milestones, the thing that made me extremely happy for a moment, then I moved on with life. Its joys and struggles all together. I guess having been given 2013 to live life, maybe I didn’t do it to fullest because many times I’ve held it down because of well, maybe I thought I should’ve planned it, budgeted it, I had work the following day or now that the cops introduced AlcoBlow (a device that checks your alcohol level and if you’re caught, be ready to part with 100k, such a party popper but almost good because no drunk driving).

Generally, 2013 has been good to me, no complaints whatsoever. Anything that went wrong was a lesson learnt or just to show me that “hey Kawi, this is the world we’re in, it’s got its obstacles so don’t get too comfortable”. There were thorns, but at least they didn’t poke me too hard. Just a few scratches on the surface that taught me how to handle the rose better and in a more gentle way. At least the scars faded.

2013 was my rose

Thank God It’s Friday

A walk through 2013:

  • What a better birthday-mate to have than the boyfriend? Makes everything so much easier, yet so harder because you have to make plans while he’s making plans, buy a gift while he’s buying a gift. The 1st was great, at least we discussed what we wanted to do. Can’t wait for the next one, because no telling. The first we were still getting to know each other.
  • Graduated from Graduate School – Completing that thesis made me feel a lil’ bad ass. It was so frigging involving. I got so stressed sometimes to the point of tears, lecturers can really frustrate a students. Something straight-forward can be so twisted.
  • Had mum finally travel to the States to visit my cousins. She had spoken about it for far too long and it was about time it happened. Really glad it did and she got to see her nieces and nephews. Boy, do we miss them.
  • Saw my dad start and complete building his (our) house upcountry. It’s so beautiful. It was his untold dream, he didn’t tell, but we knew that’s what he really wanted. Now we have a place to go  when we want to go out-of-town and have some R & R. His success, our success and vice versa.
  • Got a new job at the bank, totally unexpected. A great opportunity, with some really cool and amazing colleagues, thank God. That new girl feeling was so short-lived, now it’s like I’m at home. Also made some good friends from my previous work place. It always feels like you’re leaving one relationship and jumping into the next one when you move jobs. It’s an “ouch” feeling, but one’s got to grow. At least for the friends you made, they’ll always be there.
  • Took the boyfriend home to officially meet the folks. Of course he’s met them a couple of times before but there’s something about them knowing what you two are really up to. I found that really admirable and respectful.
  • Spent the 1st Christmas without my family. Felt a little (that’s being modest, a lot) out of touch, damn! But works got be done. The boyfriends family made some really good family time too.
  • I have some really awesome friends. You know those who make you so random. They make you laugh when you feel like cringing, that make you go dancing when you thought you’d be at home asleep. They are for keeps!
  • I had an incident, where I had my essentials stolen (wallet and phone). A bullet through the heart, those are the two material things you feel like you can’t live without. Those thugs got me a good one, but none of that carelessness again.
  • I cut my hair short and I don’t look hideous – thank God. It’s something completely different, no one would do something that extreme. It showed me that I don’t have to be attached to things such as hair, it grows back anyway.

In 2014, I want just basically want to be a better person, better than I have ever been. I want to let go of the rose, because I want a flower garden. I think I’m now ready to handle couple of roses and other flowers. I want to be able to achieve most of the things I have been saying I want to do and have in 2013. Better yet, I spoke a lot in 2013, in 2014, I want to make it happen. What do you want for yours?

In case I am not able to do another post before next year, because I’ll be having so much fun jumping years, may you have a blessed and prosperous 2014. Lets make it happen together #CozWeCan’tStop (Miley Cyrus clearly featured heavily in 2013).

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

New Year and Friendly Things

9th January, whoopsie, hope am not too late. Looks like the new year came with so much on my plate, that blogging came off for a moment there as luxury. Chasing up deadlines as with regards to my school thesis, am the last-minute kind of person but I’ve been meaning to change that about me. I think am getting too old *cough* to deal with that pressure, plus the so much at stake here, so I can’t take chances with being the extreme last-minute person that I once was.

Then there’s work, which at the moment is all kinds of depressing for me. I know, it’s probably just for the moment because of a task I’m expected to do *cringe* among other related things, it’s all rosy with the thorns pricking. Some fun aspect popped up out of the blues which is awesome, like a light in the middle of the tunnel. Let’s see how it all goes. Meeh! Such is work though, trying to be positive here *woooosaaah*. Besides that life is doing me good, other aspects of it are at the least tip-top.

The other day we were talking with a friend about the “best friend” concept. I know the best friend word has been thrown around but there are some people who actually live up to it and I’m most definitely not one of them. Though, I would have or since I’ve not, I would love to be a good “best” friend to someone. I can’t say it’s because I do not have friends, I actually have a couple who I could have as a best friend, just that the process of keeping has to involve so much commitment, communication, opening up and trust.

By this I don’t mean your spouse (partner/boyfriend/husband/wife/girlfriend) of course those by default are your besties because you connect in all those ways. I’m talking about just a friend who you touch base on almost everything that’s going in your life. If you’re happy, you call to say how happy you are, if you’re depressed they give you a shoulder to cry on and you say whatever it is without a second doubt that it will be the new news in town.

An excerpt from our said conversation went something like this:

Kawi: I find it so cool when guys have a person they call all the time when something pops up, good or bad ( that’s because she has that kind of friend and I find it cool how they do their thing, calling each other almost always, being open with each other, being there for each other and so on)

Friend: You actually don’t have someone you do that with?

Kawi: No. I just really suck at communication you know the frequent texting or calling, am not that open…

Friend: Like seriously O_O so who do you talk to?

Kawi: No one really, myself. I have friends for different things, mostly happy things. But no one I share with the whole package.


Friend: Gosh, as in no one. (then she thinks and goes like) But you’re close to your boyfriend…lol

Kawi: Well, yeah I guess. Actually he’s the one who gets the fair part of what goes on in my life.

Friend: It’s nice to have someone to tell stuff, of course other than your boyfriend, I mean a girlfriend who understands you and would be there for you through it all.

Kawi: … (conversation continues on to other things)…

Well, haven’t found someone who I’d feel comfortable going all “this is what’s going on with me at the moment” with or so I think. It all happens in my head where I try to sort it out all by myself with no one else’s advice or explanations, it’s easier. But then I got thinking, crap, maybe just maybe, you actually need someone like that. One could go crazy when you keep all things to yourself, you know, like having conversations with yourself crazy. Problem is that today coming across someone who’s genuinely nice and wants good things for you, you know, someone you can trust, at least try be open with, understand you and vice versa without looking at you from the sidelines is not quite an easy one. Maybe am way past that age of acquiring such a friend or maybe I have but am still too skeptical or not to sure how to go about it? Yeah, laugh at me, am also thinking it kind of sounds funny, but really.

Do you have a friend like that? Do you think it’s too late to get one that kind? When did you find your best friend(s) or what was the differentiating factor from the rest of your friends?

Best Friend

A friend accepts us as we are yet helps us to be what we should.

If you have answers to all these, you need to tell-a-tale to some of us. Maybe we can learn a thing two. If you don’t, we still have hope right? At least we’ve realized there’s a void, good start. Super day comrades!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Of the Old and New Year *2012*

It’s the nature of time not to remain constant. 2011 came and now it’s going but will always remain etched in history. And with 365 days A LOT has gone down, all in all, it’s been a great year.

This time I’m going to do it a bit differently. I have just watched a movie that has totally changed the view of my year. Yes it’s had very many highlights and lowlights (my word) I must say but sometimes all it takes is a word, an observation or better yet a movie to make you realize some things that you probably took for granted.

This movie maybe fictional, it’s called Courageous. For me it was so real, it made pick my phone and text my dad and tell him that he is the best man that I know and that each and every day, I thank God for him. I meant it with every inch of my body. You know my mum always says that the love of a mother is usually automatic because you’re joined from the beginning, biologically that is, but the love of a father, is one that has to be natured.

This year, I appreciate my dad. He’s been there for me since the time I don’t remember. Each and every day he’s concerned about me, worried about me, thinking about me, hoping for the best for me, works hard for me, wonders about me and loves me so much. How do I know this you wonder? It’s the role he’s played in my life since I was born and how he does it in his own special way. To be honest, his love has made me feel like I lack nothing. Like I have everything a girl would want.

I’m not yet rich, I’ve not yet made a mark in history per se, I’m not even dating…lol, but I intend to do all that and more. Basically I am not there yet, but the love my dad has showed me, given to me as I sit on my favorite couch writing this down, gives me all the confidence in the world, it gives me that zeal I need to get there. So this year, I dedicate it to my lovely daddy and family. I really thank God for them. Yes by all means, me and my baby sister are my dad’s favorites, hope my mum doesn’t get jealous.

I’ve been through quite some stupid experiences this year, made wrong choices here and there, allowed myself to be stressed by things that shouldn’t be. In short, I’ve been facing the world in a new way, which is not under my parents’ wings. It’s been crazy in a new way, I’ve broken down a few times yes, you can’t blame me. However, I always stand, dust myself up and tell myself “Kawiria, you can do much better than this” and I move on. What has always kept me going through out 2011 is my family and my desire to get there, where I always dream and want to be.

I know they probably don’t know, because there are some things of course I can’t go running to them for if you know what I mean, but by the mere fact that they are there when I need them even for the tiniest of things, sums it all up for me. I know you probably think, spoilt girl…hehe but nah, this is just me being grateful.

“It’s not until you realize what you are worth, that you will get what you deserve.”

In 2012, I’m going to look at it in the form of an ocean. You know how the waves wash away some things from the shore but still retain them in its contents. I am going to have the waves clean off all the not so cool stuff of 2011, but, because that stuff in one way or another has helped make me. I will carry them forward as lessons learnt that I need to apply in future.

Each and every year we always strive to change in the next, we set out things we call, “new year’s resolutions’”. We can change so many earthly things but what remains is character and personality. That’s who you are. I strive in building my character and personality such that they are the ones that will influence what I do and who I am. For instance, I can make money in 2012, but what’s money without the person? It’s just paper with a value on it, but if it’s attached to a person, that’s riches and wealth. I can complete my education and be a Masters Holder and God help maybe a PhD, but without the person, those are just certificates and a status, but if it’s attached to a person with great character and personality, its knowledge that will help build others, create change and much more. In relationships, same applies.

Too many people have the ”New Year, New Me” statuses. Nobody actually changes. —> LOL

I definitely remain with the smiley face and happy girl swag … I know most of you wouldn’t survive without that. Point in case, my cheesy workmates and friends… hehe.

Cheers to a New Year lovely people. May you have joyful and prosperous one and don’t forget to put God first, he’s really good at this stuff. Plus he always wants the best for us or better yet knows what is best for us.

Now that there will be no fireworks this New Years, let’s see how that goes. It’s gonna be awkward *cue high-pitched voice*, damn the Al-Shabaab maen!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*