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My *All Time* Favorite Comfort Food

Mmmh I love food I must say.

Ugali, Sukuma-wiki and Meat

But, my all time favorite comfort foods would be “Ugali, Sukuma-wiki and Meat” or “Rice and Chicken” . I can eat this anywhere, anytime and everyday. I easily get bored, but I’ve never gotten bored of this foods #weird

My reasons:

  • They are fun to prepare, i mean there’s no strict rules on how to cook them unlike Chapatis (which I don’t like.)
  • They are fun to eat…lol, i know you are thinking how now. I love eating them with my bare hands *yeeeeah* like wash my hands and dig in, maybe a spoon for the rice! *no forks and knives*
  • They are Yummmy… I actually crave for the food even after eating them. I find myself thinking *I wanna have that for dinner!*
  • They are readily available and healthy..i mean I don’t have to worry i’m putting in so much calories *eat as much as you can* plus it’s already a mini balanced diet #ithink
  • They taste soooo good…if well prepared *salivating already*

Rice with Chicken Stew

Yah so that’s my comfort food *by all means*

Disclaimer: I eat whatever tastes good…so don’t feel shy give me other food as well…lol

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Kawiria as a teenager *For her memoire*

Again I shall say that plinky does ask the weirdest of questions. But I guess that’s the fun part of it. Like really, describing how I looked as a teenager for my memoir *back-tracking*, seeing as I have gone through a complete metamorphosis. Here goes:

Her teenage years were quite interesting I must say, that was her inception stage for who she is today. At 13years she was quite the young naive and timid girl. It was the starting of puberty stage where she was now transforming into a woman. I mean very strange things happening to her body *if you know what I mean* .

Kawiria was petite (size 8 or is it 6), at a height of say 5’5, She had eczema and a whole lot of allergies(to dust, pollen, wool ai!). She was very shy around people and didn’t talk much around people she did not know. She had just finished Primary School. She joined High School at 14years and this was just but the beginning of the socialite self she is today. (no she isn’t a celebrity, she’s just a star who has a lot to share with people).

Between 14-17years she blossomed into a young beautiful woman with everything distributed proportionally #ThankYouGod , she was a house captain at 16years, (how that happened, she still wonders). She was soft-spoken and a bad girl in a good way, she was boy crazy though with very serious limits, she had her principles set. She always wanted to make her parents proud of whatever she did. She made good friends there. I mean high school was filled with lots of laughter, craziness, drama, socializations and reading. She loved rock, at least she didn’t pull any Gothic move(black polish, dark eye shadow – she’s never been a make up person), it was just the music.

She finished high school at 17years and immediately joined campus at 18years – that was actually the definition stage of who she’s is today. At that point she was mature enough to face the world, make decisions on how her life was heading, what she wanted.

Physically she has maintained the same size, still petite. But otherwise, she is growing big time. Her fashion sense changed, from not so good to best *very subjective*, she has her very own sense of style which could sometimes be influenced by a number of factors such as trending style, location, weather, occasion, comfortability and so on. Her social and communication skills to different people improved tremendously (she can literally talk to anyone and come up with a conversation). Her shyness was tamed at this stage as well (it’s somewhere well hidden), her eczema completely cleared *YaaaY*, plus the allergy is well contained #ThankGodAgain!

Kawiria by 19years had realized the importance of family, friends, education, career and how to distribute the time she has on each of them, she wasn’t and is not perfect *by all means*, she has her imperfections but always works to turn them into strengths and ensure that they don’t interfere with her way of life i.e let her down.

Since the post is limited to her teenage years only, I can proudly say her teenage years (big *RESOURCE* in her life ) were fully and optimally utilized with no regrets.

Signing off ~~~ *Kawi*

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My Favorite Mistake – Thou Shall not Judge

Thou Shall not Judge … lol

If my mum read this she would get a heart attack…lol

I think this is one of those questions my literature teacher in high school would say is a paradox question. How can a mistake be a favorite one, it’s meant to be the worst…but I get the point…hope you do.

So my favorite mistake, would be breaking my virginity…yes! Until today I still wonder what happened to “I’ll be a virgin till marriage”…haha #no judging I don’t regret it, and of course I don’t think I would’ve waited I think I would be missing out on too much #justkidding maybe not. Because I wouldn’t even have thought about it.

I miss that me, who sex never even crossed my mind, it was like an abomination to have it before marriage, am talking about me, say 1year ago. Right now if you ask me…my views on sex have taken a 360 degree turn, I wouldn’t advice anyone to wait till marriage. What if the guy you marry is so bad in bed? and you waited for all those years. That’s my view now. I would rather be knowing that from before I make that huge decision. I love sex *who doesn’t* and if am to do it with one person the rest of my life it best be good #LoudThought

Again don’t judge me here, I don’t support being promiscuous and sleeping around. I mean there all this diseases in this day and age, you should look at a man and see AIDS unless proven otherwise. I am for practice safe sex … Amen! and preferably with one person *my thought*.

Hahaha *Literally Laughing* I can’t believe I just wrote the above, but it just shows I’m a normal girl, and I’m still a Christian *cheeky smile*…and that’s my favorite mistake. And in case anyone judges me, I will blame Plinky.com for asking me that question.

My Life, Ten Years From Now

Yikes! Hadn’t really thought of it. But 10 years from now I will actually be 33 Years … #freaky. Wonder if I will be one of those women who want to keep their age as a secret, or I would be proud to represent that age.

I want to grow into a young super hot woman, maintain my body if not look better, keep my beautiful smile on and this innocent face i’ve got. I want to be on top of fashion, dress to kill … hehe you know carry the word fabulosity around. I also want to be a totally independent woman.

Professional Wise : If I won’t have started something of my own then (am still thinking of what exactly, and it has to be related to management of projects), then I should have worked my way up the professional ladder and be a Manager of sorts. I don’t want to be pushed around then, it should be vice versa…lol, I want to be earning enough money that can make me leave a very comfortable life, and by comfortable I mean no financial stresses, can put an amount to it since the Economy keeps changing. #LameExcuse

Family Wise: By then I want to at least be married to a good husband and have kids(3 at-most). I want to be the best mum, just like my mum has been to me. My husband needs to be fun, considerate and caring by all means…lol, I just don’t want to get bored with life #YouKnowWhatIMean.

I want to be able to take care of my breed so the professional part should really work out. How could I forget, I want a big house that is in a very serene area and that I can put all my colors in, and all my weird items, and those all those things about my house that I think about but I cant really write…lol

School Wise: By then I should just be reading novels and other interesting books. At least I should have been through with my education life because it can be frustrating when you have to read for exams and do projects.

I still want to be funny and full of life. I want to be there for my mummy and daddy (yes, am there little girl even then) also my one and only baby sister. I would want to make sure they enjoy growing old and all the resource they’ve used on me, the deliverables should be tangible i.e I can take care of them when they are old indirectly giving back :)

I want to have all my loved ones around me, they all make life sweeter and more interesting, so I hope in those 10years my ties will be stronger and i’ll be better at keeping in touch.

Literally that’s what i’d want to have and be in 10years am sure that’s not too much to ask for in this life *wink* … so from my blog to God’s years.