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A Momentary Thrill

Ever had a certain “socially awkward” habit that you’ve developed over time which comes due to exposure to a certain environment? It’s placed neither here nor there, but it gives you a momentary thrill. Well, in my time at International House, I developed one. I had never done it before, but the power of the shutter right before the elevator doors are flang open and someone checks in, that’s something. A sly one, because sometimes it would make me want to lock someone out of the elevator so that I can take a selfie. I would be that girl who enters the elevator and should I find myself alone, I am so tempted to run to the ‘><‘ button so that I can have the elevator all to myself *evil grin*. Yes, elevator selfies (note that, ‘selfie‘ is now a universally accepted word, in the English dictionary), I didn’t post them on social media, but well I guess now I am.

Elevator Selfies

I just thought, I can’t have all these selfies and do nothing with them (or delete them after all that effort I invested), hence the collage. Of course I’m not that lucky enough to find myself in an elevator alone, but there’s once I happened to have 2 other colleagues who shared in my “thrill” and welcomed the idea, and we had a group elevator selfie. Such an achievement. By the way, if you’re getting worried, I’m not insane (or is that what insane people say? LOL). What’s your “socially awkward” habit? That one that gives you the momentary thrill? Do you dance in the elevator, make conversations with your alter ego or imaginary crush, make funny faces…

I’m sure we all have that thing we do when we think no-one’s watching. While at it, did you know part of your (if not all) character is made up by what you do when you think no one else is watching. In case you didn’t know yourself, just observe, check yourself out, what do you do when no one’s looking out for you. Now, that’s you. I came to accept myself for who I am.

Have a superb week lovelies!

 Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*      

Of Fading Smiles

Sometimes I have moments of weird realization. Like now. When you think of life and how it is and you just nod your head and give God an imaginary High Five. How in a split second things can happen, a turn around. Not that anything has happened to me, am just thinking, with life, you live for the moment. Literally. If you’re happy now, be happy don’t suppress it. The next moment someone could just dumped your moods and everything goes up side down for you. It could be something as simple as a minor disagreement. All over sudden it becomes the elephant in the room and your smile slowly fades.

How one could be smiling on the outside, but crushing in the inside. I am not one to deny that I do that a lot. I can be in a happy mood, but somewhere at the far corner or maybe a big part of my heart, there is something is probably bothering me. Or just by the fact that I cannot involve other people in my personal problem when I have one, I still need to show that everything is okay. You crawl back to my cocoon and your smile slowly fades.

You meet a friend in the streets, of course you’re happy to see them and they are happy to see you. It’s all smiles, despite what’s going on in your lives. You forget your problems for a moment as you remember all the good things, the good times. Then they walk away and you’re back to normalcy, maybe you were feeling inadequate, unloved, frustrated or just … you know one of those shitty days where you feel like the world is against you, then your smile slowly fades.


Don’t keep that smile away for too long though. You just never know who’s falling in love with it. It’s always in the smile. They say, but I think so too. So even when it’s fading away, am the positive kind, I will force my mind to think of that one thing or two or more that are bound to make me smile. Like for instance how I’ve just managed to finish up my thesis document. Now just some corrections from the supervisors and I start getting ready for the defence … teren, teren! Then I could be finally graduating and giving my imaginary speech…lol. I also have exams right now, I had even almost forgotten about them.

It’s labour day tomorrow! Yaaay for a weekend in the middle of the weekday. I just can’t wait to be done with all these reading stuff. Maybe I can have my almost normal life once again.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*


Stupendous Snippets

Ever had those days that you don’t expect something magical to happen, then voilà! Out of the blues someone, something happens. It could be a brilliant “out of the ordinary” idea, an awesome find, a delicious something, a successful plan, some awesome company, or a SALE. Not because it’s out of this world, but because it is just what it is.

My girlfriend E discovered a sale on some shoes then when she was going to show me hers I spot a two pair  as well. They were on sale, got them without putting too much thought into it. After all, at the back of my head I have been saying I need some extra pair of heels to rock my dresses that I will add to my small collection. Plus the heel was just right, can’t walk in 6″ heels, I’ll gully creep after a few steps…lol


Red and Black Pumps…

All these good things were happening on Friday, including these rubber shoes. I was on my way home and I happened to pass through the mall, I think I’m a supermarket addict. Sometimes I just go just because it’s there. Then of  course I buy something that I didn’t really need. Bata had just opened a new branch at the mall so I walked in just to see what they had in stock without the intention of buying anything. Then as I looked around, I see rubber shoes. Black ones. They were cheap and on 20% discount, why not have them? Okay, I got them.

Rubber Shoes

Bata Rubber Shoes…

It wasn’t all about shoes though. If you recall, I moved to a normal house…lol, you know what I mean. One with a full sitting room, and I had wondered how I’ll be accommodating people who come visit me. See I care about you, I can’t just subject you to the carpet. I only had one seat and that wasn’t enough. Getting extra seats is an expensive affair and I wasn’t going to invest in that at least this month or the next. So what to do? My parents being old school were saying plastic seats O_o, ah ah! My sister was like no never, haha! Then the boyfriend suggested poofs … BRILLIANT! I call my furniture guy, he gets my concept and fixes me something to my liking.

Poofs, my alternative to seats for now.

Poofs, my alternative to seats for now.

There are those people who make your rather boring weekend or days rather interesting. You know how they bug you, they bully you, they care for you, they make you laugh, the piss you off, they make it up, they love you, they enjoy being around you, they want your attention, they don’t want it, they’re complicated, but I understand them. The two munchkins here are those people for me. They’re a hand-full and they both happen to be lastborns, gosh the pressure! They look spoilt yah?

The Lastborns

The Lastborns and the Firstborn Me

Remember the FREE medical check up out reach I was telling you about the other day? Well, it happened this Sunday and I am proud to say that it was a success as the turn out was pretty good for a start. Considering our target was mainly the women and mothers in Kahawa Wendani community and surrounding areas. It could have been far for you but they’ve got to start from somewhere ain’t it? To bigger better and closer to you next time. I would like to urge people to push their people to go for these random medical check ups. They may seem not so important, but they are. Even if you’re not doing it for you, at least do it for your loved ones.

FREE Medical Check Up at Rithika Medical Centre

FREE Medical Check Up Out Reach at Rithika Medical Centre

I saw this one on the internet and I am definitely stealing that design. I can see myself in it already. A girl’s got to show a bit of leg you know. It looks absolutely stunning, and the lady in it has definitely done it some well deserved justice.

What do you think?

What do you think?

Other things I was up to over the weekend:


The voice. This is one is way better than Idols, which is way better than our local project fame. The artiste is judged  by their voice (talent) and not how they look. Then once they’re in, they’re coached by grammy award artistes. The likes of Adam Levine *swoon*, Cello Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton. I was literally glued to the T.V. It’s an amazing show. It shows you how people go through stuff, but still hold on to their talent.

It also goes ahead to bring out the importance of family and friends who are like family. They’re the only ones who stand by you when you’re hitting rock bottom, and when you’re soaring in the skies.


Housework. I discoverd that I get so many ideas running through my mind when I am busy doing housework. That’s when I think of what I want, where I want to be, what I want to do and such like things. Strange huh? But getting there always needs some extra mojo, who likes doing housework anyway? Plus it’s a form of exercise or so I’d like to convince myself.


To Size 8 – Mateke and Sauti Sol – Still the One. The new local singles that have just been released. I like, totally like!


A stereo! I want one I don’t know why, but I really want one.


That what you’ve hoped for comes to be. Sometimes our hopes and wishes may take a while to come to be, maybe they’re giving us time to be sure that that’s what we want, just in case we change our minds or it was just a thing of the moment. Because when they come to be, they come in ten fold. Like you’ve got to pinch yourself to make sure that what is happening is really happening and you’re not dreaming.

Has that ever happened to you? It’s happened to me a couple of times, and I’m still looking forward to more and more. My hope tank is still full…lol. Thanking God everyday.

The weather may be dull and blue but may your Monday and the rest of your week be full of sunshine. Blessings!

Signing Off ~~~*Kawi*

Say It, Don’t Jinx It!

Call me superstitious or NOT, because am not (I don’t fear black cats *cheeky grin* okay yikes! Just lied, they creep the hell-out-of me) but I have always had this thing with jinxing exciting moments. Like say you are in an extremely happy mood just because maybe someone is making you happy or you’re expecting something to come through and it’s not been confirmed or you’re eagerly waiting for an event that’s yet to come but you want to keep those exciting things at hush hush, so that you don’t jinx it.

Jinxing it in this case, is the exact opposite of what you’re experiencing or expecting happening. Like you becoming sad for whatever reason, or the thing you’re expecting gets turned down or the event is just a miss. Basically, a spoiler to the good things. So I got to thinking about it at some point, very critically I must say *cough*, in the hope that it sounds scholarly, why would I think that saying what am feeling or expecting be a jinx. If anything, what you confess with your mouth somehow becomes because your heart listens and your mind acts upon it. So if you avoid saying the nice things you are feeling, expecting and desiring, then your heart and mind listen and act upon your thoughts and that’s how you give room for the worst.

There’s was this evening I was beyond happy, you know the kind where everything is  extremely funny with the full laughing to rib aches and tears at every word uttered. Then I don’t know how this happened, but in my mind I was questioning it and was like, “am too happy, I just hope the next level is still happy.” I was even going to mention it, I think on twitter (I mean that’s where it feels like you’re shouting at the rooftop when you’re in the comfort of your couch), but I was like nooo, I’ll jinx it. To my surprise, in not so long, something just dampened my moods, must’ve been a disagreement or something. But I hadn’t even said it *sob* I just thought it. Well a thought is also a confession, apparently. Now I figure.

You jinx it when you don’t say it! You thinking that something will turn out the worst should you say it is being pessimist O_O. No, I didn’t read this anywhere, it’s just a thought process. So to be positive and bring forth positive outcomes during moments and situations:

Say It, Don’t Jinx It!

In short, what am trying to say is don’t question your happiness, you deserve every bit of it. Even when it’s challenged or taken away, always try to get it back for its yours to have, own and flaunt! Have a Terrific Tuesday and be more than blessed *wink*. It’s CAT week, let me dash off to read, wish me luck now. Okay bye, for now!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*