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A Momentary Thrill

Ever had a certain “socially awkward” habit that you’ve developed over time which comes due to exposure to a certain environment? It’s placed neither here nor there, but it gives you a momentary thrill. Well, in my time at International House, I developed one. I had never done it before, but the power of the shutter right before the elevator doors are flang open and someone checks in, that’s something. A sly one, because sometimes it would make me want to lock someone out of the elevator so that I can take a selfie. I would be that girl who enters the elevator and should I find myself alone, I am so tempted to run to the ‘><‘ button so that I can have the elevator all to myself *evil grin*. Yes, elevator selfies (note that, ‘selfie‘ is now a universally accepted word, in the English dictionary), I didn’t post them on social media, but well I guess now I am.

Elevator Selfies

I just thought, I can’t have all these selfies and do nothing with them (or delete them after all that effort I invested), hence the collage. Of course I’m not that lucky enough to find myself in an elevator alone, but there’s once I happened to have 2 other colleagues who shared in my “thrill” and welcomed the idea, and we had a group elevator selfie. Such an achievement. By the way, if you’re getting worried, I’m not insane (or is that what insane people say? LOL). What’s your “socially awkward” habit? That one that gives you the momentary thrill? Do you dance in the elevator, make conversations with your alter ego or imaginary crush, make funny faces…

I’m sure we all have that thing we do when we think no-one’s watching. While at it, did you know part of your (if not all) character is made up by what you do when you think no one else is watching. In case you didn’t know yourself, just observe, check yourself out, what do you do when no one’s looking out for you. Now, that’s you. I came to accept myself for who I am.

Have a superb week lovelies!

 Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*      

Stupendous Snippets

Ever had those days that you don’t expect something magical to happen, then voilà! Out of the blues someone, something happens. It could be a brilliant “out of the ordinary” idea, an awesome find, a delicious something, a successful plan, some awesome company, or a SALE. Not because it’s out of this world, but because it is just what it is.

My girlfriend E discovered a sale on some shoes then when she was going to show me hers I spot a two pair  as well. They were on sale, got them without putting too much thought into it. After all, at the back of my head I have been saying I need some extra pair of heels to rock my dresses that I will add to my small collection. Plus the heel was just right, can’t walk in 6″ heels, I’ll gully creep after a few steps…lol


Red and Black Pumps…

All these good things were happening on Friday, including these rubber shoes. I was on my way home and I happened to pass through the mall, I think I’m a supermarket addict. Sometimes I just go just because it’s there. Then of  course I buy something that I didn’t really need. Bata had just opened a new branch at the mall so I walked in just to see what they had in stock without the intention of buying anything. Then as I looked around, I see rubber shoes. Black ones. They were cheap and on 20% discount, why not have them? Okay, I got them.

Rubber Shoes

Bata Rubber Shoes…

It wasn’t all about shoes though. If you recall, I moved to a normal house…lol, you know what I mean. One with a full sitting room, and I had wondered how I’ll be accommodating people who come visit me. See I care about you, I can’t just subject you to the carpet. I only had one seat and that wasn’t enough. Getting extra seats is an expensive affair and I wasn’t going to invest in that at least this month or the next. So what to do? My parents being old school were saying plastic seats O_o, ah ah! My sister was like no never, haha! Then the boyfriend suggested poofs … BRILLIANT! I call my furniture guy, he gets my concept and fixes me something to my liking.

Poofs, my alternative to seats for now.

Poofs, my alternative to seats for now.

There are those people who make your rather boring weekend or days rather interesting. You know how they bug you, they bully you, they care for you, they make you laugh, the piss you off, they make it up, they love you, they enjoy being around you, they want your attention, they don’t want it, they’re complicated, but I understand them. The two munchkins here are those people for me. They’re a hand-full and they both happen to be lastborns, gosh the pressure! They look spoilt yah?

The Lastborns

The Lastborns and the Firstborn Me

Remember the FREE medical check up out reach I was telling you about the other day? Well, it happened this Sunday and I am proud to say that it was a success as the turn out was pretty good for a start. Considering our target was mainly the women and mothers in Kahawa Wendani community and surrounding areas. It could have been far for you but they’ve got to start from somewhere ain’t it? To bigger better and closer to you next time. I would like to urge people to push their people to go for these random medical check ups. They may seem not so important, but they are. Even if you’re not doing it for you, at least do it for your loved ones.

FREE Medical Check Up at Rithika Medical Centre

FREE Medical Check Up Out Reach at Rithika Medical Centre

I saw this one on the internet and I am definitely stealing that design. I can see myself in it already. A girl’s got to show a bit of leg you know. It looks absolutely stunning, and the lady in it has definitely done it some well deserved justice.

What do you think?

What do you think?

Other things I was up to over the weekend:


The voice. This is one is way better than Idols, which is way better than our local project fame. The artiste is judged  by their voice (talent) and not how they look. Then once they’re in, they’re coached by grammy award artistes. The likes of Adam Levine *swoon*, Cello Green, Christina Aguilera and Blake Shelton. I was literally glued to the T.V. It’s an amazing show. It shows you how people go through stuff, but still hold on to their talent.

It also goes ahead to bring out the importance of family and friends who are like family. They’re the only ones who stand by you when you’re hitting rock bottom, and when you’re soaring in the skies.


Housework. I discoverd that I get so many ideas running through my mind when I am busy doing housework. That’s when I think of what I want, where I want to be, what I want to do and such like things. Strange huh? But getting there always needs some extra mojo, who likes doing housework anyway? Plus it’s a form of exercise or so I’d like to convince myself.


To Size 8 – Mateke and Sauti Sol – Still the One. The new local singles that have just been released. I like, totally like!


A stereo! I want one I don’t know why, but I really want one.


That what you’ve hoped for comes to be. Sometimes our hopes and wishes may take a while to come to be, maybe they’re giving us time to be sure that that’s what we want, just in case we change our minds or it was just a thing of the moment. Because when they come to be, they come in ten fold. Like you’ve got to pinch yourself to make sure that what is happening is really happening and you’re not dreaming.

Has that ever happened to you? It’s happened to me a couple of times, and I’m still looking forward to more and more. My hope tank is still full…lol. Thanking God everyday.

The weather may be dull and blue but may your Monday and the rest of your week be full of sunshine. Blessings!

Signing Off ~~~*Kawi*

Friday Randomness

I won’t quite do the Friday Fives. I’m way too lazy for that and time is not also on my side for now. How’s your Friday going so far? Mine, well oh well, am glad the week is over. This weekend is just as normal as any other, with excitement building up for next week, someone say “LONG HOLIDAY”. Easter just rocks in every way and considering that it’s a long weekend, lots of activities await.

Oh yeah, today I went for a medical check up that’s compulsory for all employees. Hospitals and doctors (except my mum) give me the creeps especially if there’s any form of injections and/or insertions (women you feel me on here). But technology has made the injections less painful or is it just me, esp the prick for blood sugar and the one for getting some blood from your arm. I was freaked out, then after I was done am like, “I could even go for another round” yeah right. I am a wuss when it comes to that, that I can’t even deny. I thank God for good health. The pricks, checks and removing and wearing of clothes was totally awkward. I would not have a male physician or doctor for anything that involves complete clothes removal. Eeeh that awkwardness was real. Plus you know how the mister could go bonkers if there was ever such possibility. His reaction would overrule the awkwardness…lol.

Otherwise, being the Kenyan I am with no better way of beginning a sentence hehe. I would like to wish you an amazing weekend full of awesome possibilities. This was supposed to be a sort of ‘peek, wave and leave’ kind of post. Ever met those guys who in a presentation go like “I don’t have much to say but…”, “in conclusion…”, “last but not least…” or “I won’t take much of your time” then they go on and on into their presentation. Then you’re thinking, “dude, but you just said…” annoying huh! This is me doing it on a blog and I don’t want to be that kind of person ha! Hasta la vista mates, next week is yet another week.


Signing Off ~~~*Kawi*

Random Mumblings

If it were you…but it’s not, lucky you.

Would you go to school with this lousy weather?

I went to to school with that lousy weather.

Would you brave the rain just to attend the lecture?

The rain had ceased, so there was nothing to brave really…lol

Would you find it worth the try, the traffic, the wetness, the process of getting there?

It wasn’t that worth it, but the process was smooth, not as complicated that I’d thought it out to be.

Would you go to that class thinking you should have just gone home?

The traffic was a mess, plus it was muddy. So not really.

Would you enjoy the class?

Yesterdays lecturer can be a pain, but I enjoyed discussing politics and servant leadership in organisations and relating it to Kenya (we are so messed up it’s frightening.)

Would you regret choosing that option?

I didn’t regret it, at least it kept me busy and dry

That’s what running through my mind before and after class. I don’t really feel like going to school and the rain happens to be the perfect excuse right about now but it happened to stop. As I battle with my thoughts which are definitely biased towards going home, let’s see how this one goes. My conscience was killing me so I ended up in school. I’m one of those good girls most of the time…lol

Well, with life comes choices which we should firmly stand by once chosen. You own it. You own your choices, so it make sense to think through them. Trying to see if my answers to any of those questions makes enough sense to support the decision I make. You’ve seen what I did there? Not answering this question is too main stream. I saw what I did there, the answers to support going home didn’t add up, ended up feeling guilty and I needed to own my decision. School it was eventually (better late than never).

Hope your week is going well so far despite the almost predictable lousy weather. Dress warm and be fuzzy to deal. Have a tamu *sweet* Wednesday!

Mines more than awesome. Was on some “gourmet dinner (*something* turkey and rice with a glass of cold ribena) thanks to him who’s a supper chef. Yummers!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Nonconforming and All

Thank God It’s Friday! It always feels good on Fridays, regardless! Today I don’t feel like conforming. I’m just feeling like a free spirit, if you know what I mean, hence the name. Just to live by it, let’s do things a bit differently. A little sneak peek into my week and what has been going through my head.

  • Your heart does not only pump blood, it also apparently pumps feelings. So when someone asks you, “Now you’ve caught feelings?” don’t be ashamed to say yes, it’s a function of your heart…lol. If your heart is at ease, then all’s well with you and the world. If it’s not, you’ll be frustrated by just about anything and everything.
  • Going to church gives me a sense of relief and goodness. It just feels nice, even though I don’t always reach there on time, meeh! Just hearing a little about the word of God and praying in those grounds is fulfilling.
  • A bit of getting used to and you get your way around it, whatever it is. Complaining is good (am good at it, but I get over it), it makes you vent out the frustrations and so on . Your body is like a pressure cooker, it gets heated up and if you don’t provide a nozzle for some pressure to be let out and you let it all stay in…you could blow up in a not so nice way.
  • Relationships take effort, commitment, trust and lots, lots of love and care. It’s a like having your car on the road, you drive it based on the type road you’re in. You cruise when on the highway because it’s all smooth, you can even sing along, laugh to tears and rib aches. But that doesn’t mean when you make a turn and end up in a rough road you leave the car and find an alternative means. You drive slowly, making sure your car doesn’t get damaged, avoiding pot holes, protruding stones until you get back to a good road. All the while still taking care of your car.
  • Dudes and babes have completely different minds. How they think, process things, different.  So share your thoughts at some point, make ‘whoever’ understand your point of view. Otherwise everything won’t make sense or you’ll develop an unnecessary problems.
  • I am a corn flakes girl. Not weetabix as I had earlier thought. No wonder I was never so enthusiastic with cereals and I had weetabix stashed on my shelf always. Until I got me ‘Kellogs corn flakes’…haha did that just sound like and ad. They should pay me.
  • Listening to radio is nice, but the only problem is that I can’t forward a song I don’t like or I have to go through some hideous ads. While I could be listening to some nice song. However, I’m a huge fan of Cess on the Jam (Capital Fm). She’s a rib cracker, whatever she smokes before the show…lol. I like!
  • That moment when you’re with your family or friends and you’re talking, laughing and doing happy things. Ever notice it affects the balance of the world joke, everything seems okay, even when it’s storming out there.
  • Why is it that time flies, when you are having the best time and slows down when you’re at logger heads with people, things? I have always wondered. If only time could talk.
  • Why is it that birthday cakes taste so yummy? Invite me for your birthday shindig and be sure that I’ll eat the cake, lots of cake.
  • I don’t feel like doing the ordinary, is it me or there are too many events scheduled for this weekend? Well, as of now, am not feeling any of those public events. Maybe we should also organize an “event” for ourselves *wink*

In other very related news, today ROCKS! You woke up, you’re busy doing your thing, you’re healthy, you’ve got love from here and there, you have every reason to say a thank you! Share the happiness with those around you. Sooooo, to an awesome weekend, to having fun, living, laughing and loving. Stay Safe. XO!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

A Lil’ Random

Well, totally depsyched to do the TGIF thingie today. Youtube was blocked…oh and facebook…and anything else that’s under the ‘dating and matrimony’ or ‘entertainment’ *laugh at me now*. Why do they do that, I just listen to music, not watch the videos and I try not to misuse facebook and I bet am a nice employee by all means *sob sob*. Anyhow, now am stuck to songs on my iPod, getting in touch with my kind once again. There must be a reason I (or my baby sister) populated the library, thank God, so am just getting accustomed to it.

In the same spirit, I’ll do things differently. Like an ‘I wish upon a little star’ kind of thing. Remember the Disney song,

“…When you wish upon a star /Makes no difference who you are / Anything your heart desires / Will come to you / If your heart is in your dream / No request is too extreme / When you wish upon a star /As dreamers do / Fate is kind / She brings to those who love / The sweet fulfillment of their secret longing / Like a bolt out of the blue / Fate steps in and sees you through / When you wish upon a star / Your dreams come true…”

When it rains and you don’t want the rain to reach to you, when you wish there were umbrella’s covering all your paths or you were just in the mood to dance in the rain and have no care if you got wet, cold or caught a flu. That’s me speaking in parables right there, but you can just take the surface meaning, I mean that too.

Some random thoughts, wishes, tell-a-tale … just something writable.

Getting to understand someone else who is not you and you want a life together, making some decision together, considering them in whatever you do and so on, is the most ‘roller-coaster-y’ ride ever. Let’s just say there’s times you’re on a high and there’s times you’re on a low and there’s times you’re just easy like on normal level. You have to contain all those moments and at the end of the day be happy with the world. That my dear friends, is what a relationship is, and this is just theory…lol. You just need two people who always want to work it out, that’s what it is.

On that note my parents celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary on 1st September *whoop whoop*. They are my living proof that two people who are completely different can be there for each other and with each other for that long. Through basically everything.

We all have weaknesses no?I bet it’s something we can’t avoid. It’s something that other people won’t like in us or something even we don’t like in ourselves. What if we worked on those weaknesses and either turned them into strengths or found a way in which they can work to our advantage.

I saw some really HOT bag sometime ago and I’ve been really thinking about it you know at the back of my head, then I was like, I’ll just give it time and when I go check again and it’s still there, then it’s really meant to be mine. Today over lunch, I went to check it out as a by the way just to show my friend and guess what? It was still there. The universe is speaking to me, plus the price was lesser and am planning to bargain for lesser than lesser…hehe

I am starting my thesis this semester *cringe* am at that point where you come up with your topic and select a supervisor. So by the end of this semester I need to have a proposal and defend it *cringe again*. I hope and wish that it’ll be a swish for me and I’ll make a killer proposal and that I finish the whole thing in due time.

I wish we were we given the freedom to come up with our own language or lingo, because I pretty much make up my own weird words. It makes whatever am saying sound more interesting. It’s like adding sugar and spice to the words that flow out of my mind and through my mouth and fingers…am that culprit and am less guilty.

Word are just that, words. Actions are what determine if the words have meaning. Although words also make or break, so just be ware of what you say, to whom you say it to and when you say it. Like they say, there’s a time for everything. I’m learning to hold my tongue in cheek when I am about to say the wrong thing at the wrong time. I’m one of those people who just says because it needs to be said without much care I must have gotten that from my dad…lol.

Sometime I feel like am the worst friend, am I the only one who’s bad in keeping in touch? Someone please console me. I do try though. It doesn’t help that also communicating with people is not my forte. Ps: that when I am physically there with people am like AWESOME ha ha but emails, chats, texts someone shoot me or maybe just call me. I need to style up and be all rounded, right? Anyway, I’m working on that.

Thanking God for who I am and all I’ve got. There are some people who pray for just a portion of what you have and you just don’t know, so don’t take anything for granted.

“’Thank you’ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, understanding” ~ Alice Walker

Enough of exposing myself. It’s a super day, so Thank God It’s Friday. Despite no Youtube, the song of the day courtesy of the iPod is :  Nick Lachley – What’s Left of Me, I love! Ps: I hope the link I’ve put is the right one, I just googled it.

Quote of the day

And as usual, have an awesome one full of living, loving and laughing. No sad faces, okay, just gotten instant psyche, coffee has nothing on it. Be blessed!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

Monday, Oh Monday!

I know it’s Monday. That day we’re not so fond of especially when your alarm goes off in the morning and you think, “It’s morning already, feels like the night just flew by.” You’re already used to sleeping in till late over the weekend and now you’re back to the weekly routine. To make it worse,  you have 4 more days of that same exhausting routine. That’s why Monday feels so blue. Maybe we can look at it from the perspective that we have 4 more days to make things happen, make a difference in the world, then a weekend to celebrate the happenings, and it becomes a cycle. Then Monday’s will not be such cursed days after all. If I was good in Photoshop (which I need to now learn), I would have Monday splodged with some orange, yellow and luminous green. Just to show how an awesome day it can be (those are wishes by the way…lol)

For now, here are some cuppa tea’s to push you through the week (one for each day) :-)

And some music that totally wow’ed me today. It couldn’t get more beautiful than this. I hope they have more stuff in store.


Random Monday thoughts

Love yourself, no one will love you better than you can love yourself. Take care of yourself, no one can take care of you better than you can take care of yourself. Be confident your self, no one else can be more confident in you more than you would be in yourself. Trust yourself and your abilities, because only you knows what your capable of. Think the world of yourself.

But if you can find someone who loves, takes care of you, is confident in you, trusts you as much as you do yourself and thinks the world of you … appreciate, treasure them and reciprocate the good deeds. Because not everyone looks out for you, but those who do, spare them a special place in your heart, the more than deserve it. However, if you don’t do that for yourself first, chances are that you won’t even realize when someone is doing it for you. It always has to come first from within, then without. What do you think?

Quote of the week

Take a chance on something or someone today, tomorrow, in future … some time. One of the few times being scared is good. Have an amazing and productive week ahead.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*