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It’s never that serious, why so serious?

This is very random but I think that I’m probably the only kid who loved sleep-time in the afternoon when we were in pre-primary. Who else did?

It’s never that serious, why so serious?

Ever dealt with someone who’s rigid? Someone who takes everything you say too seriously? Like if you say something or do something and the first response is them probably snapping at you. That can be pretty irritating … I try not keep friends like those. I consider them sadists, because that means that before I say something or even do something with them around I have to really think about the consequences of my actions … thinking so much about something means that I probably won’t be myself or I just won’t be comfortable all together.

I mean sometimes its just fun to pull a random statement that’s funny and have people laugh about it or even add extra jokes on it and then let it go and life moves on swiftly. The rigid people will make a big deal out everything. Even that small tiny statement that did not mean to harm anyone would blow up into something you hadn’t even thought of as you randomly pulled the statement at the top of your mind.

Like when on the social media (twitter of facebook), you put up a status update … not knowing that it’s like you’re fueling a car that had been blinking empty for a while. The next thing you know someone just comes and pours their emotional outrage on you and your status *sorry if this has happened to you…lol*. Maybe they’ve been having a bad day and your status got the better part of them. What’s so hard in ignoring a comment? Maybe it was a joke that you took too far. Those are the days that the writer of the update looks at the computer with popping eyes O_o wondering where all that emotional outage has come from.

If you’re on Twitter, this is one great reason why should never have a go with #kenyansontwitter (Twitter Basics), it’s comprised of amazing people who take up the concept of “it’s never that serious” to another level. That’s why they would diss someone so much, although I would die if they got to my case … the guys can be so mean … whaaat! They can basically take your twitter handle and drag it through hell and back … lol, so you either ignore them or join the hilarious bandwagon and life gets more interesting.


“Never take it seriously, If you never take it seriously you never get hurt.If you never get hurt, then you always have fun, and if you ever get lonely you just go to the record store and visit your friends.” ~ Penny Lane in the movie Almost Famous.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*


Generation Twitter – Facebook Facingout

Okay this weather is just so confusing. I thought I saw the sun yesterday, and today am freezing like hell #paradox ….lol but I always freeze now that the sun rays never reach my desk, am on that disadvantaged side…next to the window but far from the rays.

Anyway, this post was to explain how Twitter has now become a lifestyle hence the generation twitter, I mean even Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook Founder) feels threatened ooh which he should…hehe at the rate twitter is growing, Facebook might just be  Facedout. Seeing as am having a testimonial on my twitter usage already.

I can’t remember how I heard of it really twitter that is, oh yeah, I read it on CNN about this US president who used to tweet i.e write short updates on the different aspects of his life, i.e. his location, the weather, mood and they were found years later and were said to be tweets. And that twitter has taken that idea.

So I was like, “It sounds cool”. And I go to twitter.com and faithfully sign up with a username and password. And when the first page opened I was so clueless of what i’m supposed to do. So the excitement automatically faded seeing as am techno savvy or so I think..lol So being a normal human being, I forget that I had joined and go ahead with life, by that time facebook was the in-thing haha am talking about it like it was 1900BC.

Like months or a year later people start talking about twitter, and I remember I had an account but I can’t remember the Username and Password….and this is what we would call the:

“The Twitter Initiation Phase”

I can bet I’m not the only one whose done that, like three quarters of the guys I know on twitter have gone through the same.

So anyway, there’s no manual to tell you what to do next, so I started with my profile, then I figure, there’s no activity going on, I don’t know who to follow, who to follow me… so I was just putting updates like “Twitter is so complicated”, “I’m not getting how this is done”…lol and slowly some tweoples started following me, and I got the whole drift not really though.

I mean I still thought FaceBook was the thing, clearly I hadn’t tapped twitters full potential. And so I would visit it once in a while, although there was nothing appealing or driving me towards it.

Then comes the next one:

“The Twitter Familiarization Phase”

This where I started realizing, that I can actually use twitter as a communication channel, you know where I can follow a couple of friends and non-friends who have information that’s of relevance to me and they would follow me back or vice versa.

It’s where I realized the value of the two most important symbols “@” and “#” whereby @ is the reference to a follower such as @Someone , then # is for trending topics, or for emphasis on something. Once you get this two, I think you are set. You’ll enjoy for some time.

Then comes the:

“The Twexpert Phase”

This is where you totally enjoy Twitter, where the you get the drift, know your way around. Now you’ve become a veteran, You can Retweet(RT), you can quote, reply, Direct Message (DM), put links and so on.

It’s where you have been able to get he right tweets on your timeline by identifying the interesting people with interesting and beneficial tweets.

I think once you know how to use twitter to your benefit you can actually get a lot out of it besides te social part. I mean it has people of different professions, people who know different things and update you. It’s a mini Wiki…lol, just that a status is limited to 140letters, which is a good thing, hence the name “tweet”. #ilike

I could be having a lousy day and some tweetmates actually make my day.  They are virtual friends but feels like they are actual friends… which they now are, I mean the best thing is to associate a tweet with a face, for the tweetmates i have met #cheers #tweeton.

For those who take twitter to personally, woe to you, it can make you or break you, just like any other social network. It also the best social network for those people who like anonymity i.e. being anonymous , you can keep your guard low like tweet away without people judging you or knowing who’s actually behind that tweet.

There are many applications that one can use to access twitter other than twitter.com, and until I realized that I used to find some of the twitter functionalities quite a burden like retweeting and so on, so at the moment am on ~ Sessmic Web App, and on mobile dabr.co.uk works well.. All this thanks to my Tweet Techie ~ @mwendariungu just giving credit where its due am nice like that lol

The only thing I hate about twitter, is when you are going to access it, and it brings you a #FailWhale Totally sucks, especially when you are burning to say something of importance yeah right.

Otherwise i’m a content twerson, I like twitter though am not yet an addict #ithink besides the hashtags even on text messages on phone, hope I dont hash tag when sms’ing my dad..ha! He would be so clueless #fail

Looks like am marketing twitter but in the actual sense not, I just like the whole idea. If you’re not in it, you are missing out.

Ok, not me literally, but that’s the essence of TWITTER – Follow me, I follow you and we interact {that’s me making up my own things…lol}

Signing out — *Kawi*