TGIFridays 2010 edition

Thank God It’s Friday

To be sincere I did not know its friday today, this week has just flown. The excitement was when I discovered its the day before the weekend.. TGIF for sure…

I am excited about

Its my mum’s bday on 10-01-2010…Nicey Nicey!!!

Today I am feeling

Oh well, kind of indifferent, it’s one of those days I can specify the feeling.

My Funky Friday theme song

Counting Crows – A long December , I shall not explain any further 🙂

This weekend I

Am planning to shop for office clothes, buy my mum a gift or take her for dinner or lunch since its her birthday. Then do a bit of reading.

I am really craving

Dorman’s milkshake and black forest… Yummy!!

I wish

That I could be shortlisted and be called for the interview in that organisation, now that I was told that I was among the 10 people who qualified and only 5 are needed for the pre-final interview … God please help.

Todays Inspiration Quote is

Luke 1:37 For with God nothing shall be impossible

Thanks V for reminding me the TGIFridays…keeping up was starting to become a rumour, but now I am back 🙂

For more TGIFridays

Signing off — *Kawi*

One thought on “TGIFridays 2010 edition

  1. I’m just wondering what would happen if every one embraced this TGIF ritual..
    Anyway, hope your mom had a happy birthday wish you all the best in getting ‘that’ interview.


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