The “Is it just me” Moments

So I was wondering do you ever have the “Is it just me” moments??? Where you go through something and you wonder if there are other people going through the same thing or if they have similar moments or views on such:

Like here are a few that I think I go through, and I think “is it just me” who finds this weird::::

You meet someone who looks interesting, serious, cool then when you meet a second time you think or assume that they probably don’t remember you, when you clearly remember them?

You go for a function or a place where people are too over made up, plastic and a bit fake on who they are e.g Bacchus and totally feel out-of-place?

You meet some people who put themselves in some “pedestal” up there and think they have so much “swag” and am thinking why does this person feel so sweet #Reduce , you’re trying too hard, go easie…?

Provided you’re fluent eloquent, have etiquette manners, clean , are well dressed smart that is, simple, attractive and communicative , that’s enough for me to like you, don’t try too hard … ?

If someone is broke, just do tell and we’ll do a dutch meal whereby you pay for yourself or it will be my treat…? male or female…i never mind, unless its male and its meant to go to another level…hehe

If someone is wrong tell me them their wrong, don’t sugar coat it to make them feel nice because eventually if they find out I was wrong, I’ll feel worse?

You follow someone on Twitter but they don’t follow you? okay I eventually Unfollow them πŸ™‚

If someone tells they ain’t interested mostly for people you don’t know well and you keep trying … it becomes irritating especially when they have vetted interests that you ain’t interested in eih that was a dottt?

Being left out in plans then you’re told last minute to attend ? ha! I don’t condone such!

I watch anything on T.V that looks interesting … I can watch a Naija Movie if its interesting, I can watch a soap if it makes sense, I just find it awkward how people hate on them and eventually you find out they watch .. haha

I don’t mind football either,Β  on condition that I was explained to why people chase a ball and enter it in a goal..whats the big deal about it, thats about it? what is an off side? (recently my friend explained it to me diagramatically and I understood every bit, now I can watch a game and say thats an off side πŸ™‚ #excitement)

Like if am the only one who does last minute reading… #found out am not we many

Did you have to take that so seriously, it was either a joke or me being sarcastic get used to it already.

How people go for a date and stare at each other silently ? … #NeverNeed I find that wasted time. I would rather chat no nothings to random people…hehe

Those loud people who talk like they are addressing the whole world #shiish #ToneDown we can still hear when you talk normally.. unless someone has a hearing problem.

Know it all’s … this guy who’s like the Wikipedia or google, he knows everything about everything and will never let you contribute give your opinion or let alone admit that you were right about something #VeryUncool

When someone lies to you straight in the face and you know they are lying because someone else has told you the real deal story .. I find liars hilariously (made up word) stupid.

Anyhow, don’t even know why I thought of writing weird post, clearly am having one of those moments. You’re free to add, if you have any of the kind πŸ˜‰

Signing off ::: *Kawi*

8 thoughts on “The “Is it just me” Moments

    • First, thanx for reading the post πŸ™‚
      Now, thing is Wikipedia gives people a slot to edit in case someone disagrees with something,provided its analysed bleh bleh bleh, but this our walking wikipedias don’t give you a chance…around them it’s like you’re dumb..(i.e below average I.Q or something)… Atleast with normal people, everyone contributes fairly even when you are wrong, at least its a platform to correct you’re wrong thoughts.
      Hence the reason I don’t enjoy being around them.


    • I think for lack of other options I would prefer, “The worst among the best” … coz that would mean that the best are more….have issues dealing with bad people…hehe #WhoDoesn’t?


  1. heh i so feel those is it me moments too bad most of the time i tend to think it is just me cz some pple seem to self-involved (for lack of a better word) to be courteous or at least reciprocate courtesy shown n i so dont believe in the i dnt rem you if i rem smne frm when we met they shld rem me unless the were drunk lol


    • I know what you mean. on the people being too self-involved to accomodate someone else for a minute or two…but hey thats some people for you. Although I tend to believe some people pretend not to remember… I understand the not remembering names, but faces (its photographic, even a kid can remember…lol).


  2. The part where you said you dotted, you really did. (did not get it)
    I like how real you are.
    What about those people who unfollow you then refollow #whatsthe need
    P.S: I am one of those people who hate on soaps and Naijos and really can’t stand them!


    • Haha on the dotting…it always happens when am trying to express myself…
      Thanx babe πŸ™‚
      Really…would’ve bet your a soapaholic like Shosh..interesting!


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