Beyond my Control!

There are sometimes in life that things become a bit thick and you start having unfounded thoughts like, I wish a car just came and hit me and it’ll just be easier maybe not

So today I wake up so early 5am to be specific, which i don’t, even when my alarm is on I will snooze and snooze, until it hits me that am going to get late. My friend also called me at 5 to wake me up #howsweet. So I wake up, I do the necessary, kinda reminds me of the nursery rhyme: I wake up in the morning, I brush my teeth, I wash my body, I brush my hair…bleh bleh bleh. I mean I didn’t even take breakfast because it wasn’t wholly ready. So, to cut long story short, I was out of the house by 6:45, not knowing what  I was going to get ahead …the freaking JAM! TRAFFIC! ok, I managed to reach at 8 on the dot #phew.

But, it really pisses me off that we got independence in 1963 and in 2010 we have issues of traffic everyday…because the road is being constructed, or some dignitary is passing #JoeBiden , or it rained at night. I mean, really… then you tell you’re boss that the traffic jam is what got you late, and he thinks you’re cooking it up,  I mean do they fly choppers or something, because we probably don’t use the same routes. Plus forgetting that I use a matatu with all the commuting while he drives…anyway!

We are all humans, there are some things that are just out of our control like traffic jams, you know, if I could part roads and make myself a free way like Moses parted the red sea to make way for the Israelites to flee…. I would do that, if it was all in my control but it’s not.

I know that excuse sounds like cliché, “I was held up in Traffic”..but if you’re in Kenya, it’s just it. It sounds like a lie but it’s actually true and there’s nothing you can do about it.

But this Kesha – Tik Tok song which is also my ring tone is easing me up, you know this life is meant to be enjoyed. So I shall blame the Kibaki&Raila Govt … can they get choppers for their vistors…hehe

Signing Off  — *Kawi*

5 thoughts on “Beyond my Control!

  1. Traffic is a real bitch in Nairobi. Thats why people doing non-customer facing jobs should be telecommuting.

    Its only going to get worse.


    • You know, now if only bosses thought like you. we would be more productive employees, but by the time you’ve reached the office your even exhausted and pissed of with all the hassle of the road.


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  3. the only advantage with traffic jams is that they dont choose whether u are either rich or poor.the rich also experience them.

    Kawi wat do u do from 5am to 6.45am,yaani u take a whole 1hr and 45 min to wake up in the morning, brush teeth,wash body,brus hair…bleh bleh bleh.


    • yeah like how the jam doesn’t discriminate..actually the only thing i like about it.
      that 1hr is very crucial, it determines how i will look the whole day…hehe i mean being a girl, that’s only so normal.


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