My Life, Ten Years From Now

Yikes! Hadn’t really thought of it. But 10 years from now I will actually be 33 Years … #freaky. Wonder if I will be one of those women who want to keep their age as a secret, or I would be proud to represent that age.

I want to grow into a young super hot woman, maintain my body if not look better, keep my beautiful smile on and this innocent face i’ve got. I want to be on top of fashion, dress to kill … hehe you know carry the word fabulosity around. I also want to be a totally independent woman.

Professional Wise : If I won’t have started something of my own then (am still thinking of what exactly, and it has to be related to management of projects), then I should have worked my way up the professional ladder and be a Manager of sorts. I don’t want to be pushed around then, it should be vice versa…lol, I want to be earning enough money that can make me leave a very comfortable life, and by comfortable I mean no financial stresses, can put an amount to it since the Economy keeps changing. #LameExcuse

Family Wise: By then I want to at least be married to a good husband and have kids(3 at-most). I want to be the best mum, just like my mum has been to me. My husband needs to be fun, considerate and caring by all means…lol, I just don’t want to get bored with life #YouKnowWhatIMean.

I want to be able to take care of my breed so the professional part should really work out. How could I forget, I want a big house that is in a very serene area and that I can put all my colors in, and all my weird items, and those all those things about my house that I think about but I cant really write…lol

School Wise: By then I should just be reading novels and other interesting books. At least I should have been through with my education life because it can be frustrating when you have to read for exams and do projects.

I still want to be funny and full of life. I want to be there for my mummy and daddy (yes, am there little girl even then) also my one and only baby sister. I would want to make sure they enjoy growing old and all the resource they’ve used on me, the deliverables should be tangible i.e I can take care of them when they are old indirectly giving back 🙂

I want to have all my loved ones around me, they all make life sweeter and more interesting, so I hope in those 10years my ties will be stronger and i’ll be better at keeping in touch.

Literally that’s what i’d want to have and be in 10years am sure that’s not too much to ask for in this life *wink* … so from my blog to God’s years.

14 thoughts on “My Life, Ten Years From Now

    • seriously, #myinspiration I love blogging already, I hope that habit totally grows and in 10 years i’ll still be blogging sharing all those funny experiences..I bet it’s a roller coaster ride, so i’ll be on the updating end.


  1. ..Blog on…and hope you achieve all you praying for..and whats with the 3kid ceiling..i get it from many of my there something special about this number..need to research..i will stop at two (hoping i get both sexes)


  2. 😀

    I see you’ve joined me in using Plinky eh? Hehe…

    I do wish U all d best in the above wishes…aki.

    Oh..and for me….2 kids max! (3’s a crowd hehe)


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