Just One Small Step

Oh well today, I feel somewhat inspired. Nothing extraordinary has happened per se. Okay, actually the fact that I woke up in the morning and am alive and healthy is quite more than extraordinary. How God does that, only he knows *Looks up and says thanks to God*

So, as I’m seated on my desk trying to look like the busy and serious girl I am and im not blowing my trumpet, this is what tried to cross my mind but stagnated for a bit. So just before it disappears let me put it across.

Just like the pooch is that what they are called nowadays lol , no matter how small our first step is, it’s better than just standing there and waiting for a miracle to happen. That small step could be the move to your destiny.

Life has so many challenges, and it’s up to you to shove them and show them that “YOU GOT THIS!” you know what I’m saying. Don’t be the kind that gives up easily. I know it’s easier said than done, but we are too blessed to just let our lives just get wasted just like that. I bet with that in mind, it’s easier done too…hehe

Use all the available resources…especially people. That statement “Everyone has a purpose as to why they were created” … means that no one is useless…similar to every block in a puzzle is necessary to complete it.

The world is a puzzle..and we are the blocks required to make it complete.

Another thing is never give up. Many are times, when life is so hard that people tend to give up on their dreams and lives. Just live it, as long as God wants you alive ‘Dude you’ve got some work you’ve got to be doing instead of laying there worried or feeling helpless’. Dream on and do whatever it is that you can do to the best of your ability.

This life is really tricky, is one thing I’ve gotten to learn much through observation and indirect experience.

Never look down on anyone unless you are helping them out or you are taller than them.

Nothing is permanent, the world is our temporary home. — Oh yah even our troubles

So anytime you going to look down on someone because you think you are more beautiful than they are, or you are more wealthy, or you are way cooler, think twice because nothing is permanent, all this things come and go. We are just blessed by God and like Job, everything can go and what is you’re left with is character and personality to take you through or if worst comes to worst none of it.

In short, encourage one another. I like this quote because I can associate with it,Β  β€œFlatter me, and I may not believe you. Criticize me, and I may not like you. Ignore me, and I may not forgive you. Encourage me, and I will not forget you. Love me and I may be forced to love you.” ~~~ William Arthur Ward

Okay this post was soooo random….lol, so I have nothing much to say, I believe i’ve passed a message today.



Think about it, as I also think about it. After you figure out what it is, start on it ASAP because who said you’re gonna fail? Just take that one small step, you’ll be shocked where it takes you.



Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

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