Keeping Up With Kawi

This last two weeks have been dramatic in an interesting way. Meaning that as much as they can be frustrating, all I could do is just curse a bit *Oh Sweet* and laugh about it.

Starting from my electricity switch board (or what is it called?) melting away, I mean I have never seen that before. I was smelling plastic from far away but all my sockets were intact so being a girl, I never thought the source could be the switch board, so I just kinda ignored. The next thing I know, lights are flickering, my sockets are not powering devices and I’m like uuummm WTH? When I look at my neighbors electricity, everything looks intact. And when it all finally gave in, and I was in pitch darkness, with no candles, thank God for the torch functionality in Nokia E63’s that was very thoughtful…lol. So as usual, I run to my land lord and they came to check wassup, my wires were melted, yeah the guy who connected the wires did some shoddy job….so I was wondering, what if I fried in the shower or something…tsk! Anyhow, that was sorted but it made me miss my dad so much, things that make me want to run back home.

Then comes the weekend, a carpenter with whom I had placed an order 3weeks ago is still giving me excuses as to why he cannot deliver…he started with “the wood is wet so I cannot varnish”, “we haven’t finished painting…please note that my seat is wood so, I doubt there’s any painting being done”, then the final stretch was where he makes me wait for him as he says he’s in traffic for a WHOLE DAY…and that’s the point where I cracked. You don’t mess up with people’s time. So he says he lied to me because I wanted to be lied to … really Mr. Capenter? Oh yeah, this week he went for a funeral…another excuse? So I’m still waiting, but I went and took something from his shop worth the deposit I paid, so that we exchange when he delivers *sigh*. Lesson learnt – Never pay deposit to a capenter, and buy what you see not what they promise to deliver. I’m thinking of how to punish him a bit when he brings the stuff *evil grin*

To add icing to the cake, the cake in this case being the previous weeks escapades, on Monday morning, I had planned how I’m gonna be the earliest to work … feeling all freshened up. So I wake up, prepare for the day and  I now want to head out, and the door would just not open … push, pull … nothing! It was stuck and there’s no way I was going to open it. Thank God for phones … or else, I don’t know! So I called my landlords kid and I’m like I’m stuck in the house, come help me out. That was just hilarious because she was as confused as I was, so she called the small brother who came and sorted me out. He basically removed hinges..bleh bleh bleh, and viola! Door open, then the fundi comes like  30mins later and he’d said he’ll be there in a moment because he was at the gate, then starts looking at the damage (there was no damage) or is it for the root of the problem with maswali mengi “too many questions”, so irritating!

Did you realize all my escapades fall back on fundi’s. The electrician, the carpenter and now the fixer (I don’t know what to call him…lol). They’re all such pathological liars … like really! If you have a good one keep them and recommend them to people like us. Speaking of which, it got me thinking that the man who marries me needs to be a Mr.Fix It … eeeh! even if it’s just pretending to fix stuff then later call the external parties to do the actual fixing.

I hope now my dramatic escapade phase is over because that was just like a streak of bad luck! But if they come, it should be fun and not stressing.

Have a Super Lovely and Drama Free Weekend!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

6 thoughts on “Keeping Up With Kawi

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  2. Hahaha now u make me laugh! I’m just thinking why why why it had to be you this week!ok people do underestimate you!but I wonder what you took from the Carpenter that’s worth your money? Do you realise that he could pretend you bought that thing and let it be for the next few weeks? Hahaah! That will get you fuming. Do you want to sort this issue out nicely? Just grab his whole tool box! That will make him so angry that he might kill you but if you survive it,he will make your thing fast. But you will need bodyguards for the toolbox visit.
    Secondly,since you have already taken some collateral,don’t wait for his timetable, no no no, just go and take something else again. And tell him that you will come for more stuff if he doesn’t deliver. The idea is you must grab things that are worth more than your money. that will infuriate him and thus you have won.

    Your door just your Landlord’s attention. That boy can even break in and steal from you.your door must be properly secured and the lock system must be replaced .I dnt want you to burn in that House because u can’t escape. As for the electricity, hahaha! Just press yo Landlord daily till he fixes it.

    Pressing people todo things for you is an art. I do it well. Especially and I can be very angry if u want play with me the wrong way. And I guess a lot of people would prefer me happy! Lool.

    But as for the door or electricity or door , I wouldn’t have called the landlord because I can fix almost anything. But I would have invoice my landlord. That would mean less rent paid to him this monthend!so if your issues are not sorted just tell him you will get someone to fix things and you will pay them from his rent , ohhh he is so going to love you!


    • Hi Wonder 🙂 yeah I finally managed to sort it out, but I had to give him a piece of my mind and as usual he had a perfect excuse… they are such pathological liars, as in you know they are lying but there’s nothing you can do about it, because they’ve put you in a box already.
      As for the electricity, I got it sorted too and I’m getting my own meter *sigh* electricity bills … sucks! I don’t have a choice, apparently I have too many gadgets…tsk! Landlords can be such *tooooot*


  3. Just fell upon your blog by some link shared on Facebook. I like… Thanks for sharing too coz there’s some fundi who we no longer talk because his services are sometimes perfect and other times mediocre and I just don’t get it and he’s excuse. Hii ni kitu kidogo tu and I am stuck with sofas that have a major floor. Anyhow, I’m now considering taking carpentry lessons;-)


    • Thanks for passing by! Clearly we all go through similar experiences, kinda like ‘same script different cast’. I am also thinking carpentry lesson, tailoring lessons …. eh!


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