TGIF *Last Friday NOT*

Thank God It’s Friday and I promised that my this weeks TGIF is going to be named *Last Friday* and the world didn’t come to an end as someone was prophesying. Again, only God knows 🙂 , that’s the beauty of life … He’s the only one who knows about you, me and the world.

Who has watched the movie “Adjustment Bureau”, just imagine if that’s how your life is planned out … Jeez! Would you like to actually get a hold of the book and see wassup! I mean sometimes we go through life and you’re like if I knew where I will be in 5-10years I would start working on it now … you know, but now, we just live in hope and faith that in the next 5-10yrs I’m going to be something, which chances are that your tangent won’t even be facing close to that direction…lol, but again that’s the beauty of life … The unknown *yikes*

I’m feeling

Gooood! Like really good! I don’t know why, but yeah!

This weekend

Lunch at my friends … food *-*. Then, my champ has a week to go in the country *sigh*, so 2nd last weekend *sigh again*, but make the most of every moment right? Despite my flu, I’ll strive to be the best company, I always am :p

I’m craving

An unblocked nose and a lifetime of a clear nose. Jeez! I think I’m always sneezing … sinusitis, flu, then allergy SMH! I think my nose is becoming my body’s enemy, source of all the problems.

Songs of the week

I am on Taylor Swift’s playlist … funny enough I really like that girl, in a #NoHomo way, I think she’s pretty cool and fun! Her music just gets me going.

I want and pray

For God to grant me the desires of my heart … and for him to bless and keep safe my family and friends because this world without them would be more like an empty void.

Highlight of the week

Flu! Flu! Go away! as in its put me down for a couple of day’s now, but for my love work … gosh! Maybe I should start my own company … lol but seriously? I’m up and kicking and not so bad after all!

Lesson Learnt this week

Love what you do, think before you leap and love who you do it with … then you will most definitely have fun —> Ps! Your mind shouldn’t go to the gutter, just a disclaimer because I know most of you have naughty minds. It could be family, friends, work, life, party … whatever!


Have a lovely weekend lovely peoples! God bless *xoxo*

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

5 thoughts on “TGIF *Last Friday NOT*

  1. I’m trying very HARD 😉 to get my mind off the gutter in regard to your ‘Lesson learnt this week’

    Since I started reading your blog, your Friday posts have become something I invariably look forward to every week.

    Enjoy yourself to the max this weekend.


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