My 5 Links.

Jeez! Who thought this will be the hardest activity of all times? I can barely remember half the things I’ve written … and maybe when I writing I was going through something and right now I don’t really want to revisit it, or someone to read it and think … hmmm! *scratches head*… @Egichomo why did you ask for just 5 links and the way I have way over 100? I wish it was listing a couple of them under the 5 categories :p . Thanks for the tag @Mwirigi

Okay, let me try and see if I can do this *going down memory lane* and on to my 5 links:

My Most Popular Post : TGIF

That will be the TGIF posts, couldn’t choose one in particular. The initiator was @Nkirdizzle. I love TGIF posts because they’re structured and I am basically saying in not so many words the mischief I’m up to over the weekend, what I’m feeling and funny enough it gets guys reading *every Friday* —> Either guys are idle, looking forward to the weekend or something, but that’s the day I get my highest hits :p

Post that Didn’t Get The Attention It Deserved : Licensed to Pan

Sometimes I do get bored and as a ritual when I cook (since I’m eating alone), I serve and take a pic before taking the first bite. Of course, if there’s someone else I wouldn’t think of doing that… that’s such a queer habit, yah *don’t answer*… so one day I thought, why not make a post of all the meals and why I like them —> More like my first own pics post. Attention?  Not so sure it got as much.

Post Whose Success Surprised Me : The Powe of Tissue Paper

Hehe this post was so random, I just thought of the life of a tissue paper … and funny enough people liked it, I didn’t even expect people to read it to the end.

My Most Controversial Post : She’s not that into you

This post has gotten me in trouble because some people *points fingers to them* have read it and thought, hmmm! she’s done that to me, so she’s definitely not into me. And what I meant to say was, it means she’s not into you in that way … yeah thaaat way … but you could probably make a good friend, if that makes it sound any better … lol

Post I Am Most Proud Of : The Elusive

That would be the very first post I did. The day I got the courage to start up a blog, it’s the first thing I had to write … clearly we now know that I’m such a typical girl *not* … lol

As I pass #My5Links? to my blog mates, sharing is caring 🙂 Enjoy pondering your blog and coming up with thee 5 links.

@Nkirdizzle –

@BabyBeaau –

@Mrs.Mwiti –

@Ink2Bikes –

@prathi4 –

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

8 thoughts on “My 5 Links.

    • LOL…no it doesn’t suck, you can do that. Have your own twist to it as long as it’s 5 links, if you don’t have you can just say for others. I bet @Egichomo would encourage that idea. So go ahead … plus it will make some people happy that you enjoy what they write 🙂


  1. Just so you know, you are the blogger who inspired my use of strike-throughs.

    You use them so well.

    Strangely not many people who use them produce the desired effect! 🙂

    Thank you for the tag! :))


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