Woman Of Substance

Don’t we all hate disappointments? That being the sole reason you would rarely find me asking for help. I’ll always try to be ninja or superwoman just to avoid disappointments. I am totally guilty of this, I can’t even start denying and as result I set low expectations on people.Which after some thought in as much as it seemed smart, I found it rather lame.

Why would I set low expectations just because I fear disappointments? That means then I get a raw deal from whoever it is and I’ll just be okay with it. It’s not what I deserve, but it’s what I have chosen to get and so I settle for it. It’s more like a trade-off,  to avoid getting disappointed, then set low expectations, a lie we feed ourselves every other day.  Low expectations are actually the reasons we get disappointed, why we get hurt, why we are not happy, why we don’t get what we deserve, why our worth is under estimated.

Set high expectations for yourself and for others because a woman of substance knows what their worth and what they deserve. A woman of substance is a woman who has strong character, is consistent, has more to her than meets the eye and has a variety of interests outside and within her home and family. She is interesting to get to know; she possesses a depth of personality and character.

That’s what you should strive to be, don’t let anyone or anything make you think any less of yourself. You’re the best there could ever be and there’s no one else who can match up to you. I mean, after all you are the only you around. You need to leave a mark that no one else can replace, we all have that ability in one way or another…no?

To all, the women, whoever you are and wherever you are, it is a huge blessing that you are there. You all make life beautiful for without you so many things wouldn’t be. And to say the least, as my friend has put it, all those little things women do that may seem fussy, they actually do make life much easier for you. Take some time to appreciate a woman or two who play a role in your life, not just today but every other day and you’ll see the difference that makes.

Well … well … well, now that most women are defined by their relationships I can bet I’m not wrong on this. Here goes to the song of the day, I love it!

Lot’s of love to the women in who make my life beautiful. God bless y’all with your heart’s desires!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

5 thoughts on “Woman Of Substance

  1. You should also check out Prov. 31:10-31 on the exposition of a ‘worthy woman”.
    High expectations are a must, of course. But don’t make them impossible to meet. A silver (or even bronze) medal is still a medal after all, and you could always get the gold medal…though if you’re trying to get the gold and have to settle for silver for various reasons – and time is running out – then might as well get that as opposed to nothing right? The metaphor is a bit tired but I think you get the point.


    • Yup yup! I’ve read that chapter, I love it, love it. I hope I’ll be half that woman described there. Well as for expectations, that metaphor in my opinion wouldn’t be the best to apply here because a medal is not still a medal after all. That medal is the one that you’ll have to be with every other day and carry around so if it’s not one that you’re proud of or one that makes life beautiful for you, then it’s not really smart to just settle because time is running out.


  2. Wake up call Kawi, i love this and all the sense it makes… don’t settle for nothing but the best then you will only get whats best to you. good piece as usual.


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