Say It, Don’t Jinx It!

Call me superstitious or NOT, because am not (I don’t fear black cats *cheeky grin* okay yikes! Just lied, they creep the hell-out-of me) but I have always had this thing with jinxing exciting moments. Like say you are in an extremely happy mood just because maybe someone is making you happy or you’re expecting something to come through and it’s not been confirmed or you’re eagerly waiting for an event that’s yet to come but you want to keep those exciting things at hush hush, so that you don’t jinx it.

Jinxing it in this case, is the exact opposite of what you’re experiencing or expecting happening. Like you becoming sad for whatever reason, or the thing you’re expecting gets turned down or the event is just a miss. Basically, a spoiler to the good things. So I got to thinking about it at some point, very critically I must say *cough*, in the hope that it sounds scholarly, why would I think that saying what am feeling or expecting be a jinx. If anything, what you confess with your mouth somehow becomes because your heart listens and your mind acts upon it. So if you avoid saying the nice things you are feeling, expecting and desiring, then your heart and mind listen and act upon your thoughts and that’s how you give room for the worst.

There’s was this evening I was beyond happy, you know the kind where everything is  extremely funny with the full laughing to rib aches and tears at every word uttered. Then I don’t know how this happened, but in my mind I was questioning it and was like, “am too happy, I just hope the next level is still happy.” I was even going to mention it, I think on twitter (I mean that’s where it feels like you’re shouting at the rooftop when you’re in the comfort of your couch), but I was like nooo, I’ll jinx it. To my surprise, in not so long, something just dampened my moods, must’ve been a disagreement or something. But I hadn’t even said it *sob* I just thought it. Well a thought is also a confession, apparently. Now I figure.

You jinx it when you don’t say it! You thinking that something will turn out the worst should you say it is being pessimist O_O. No, I didn’t read this anywhere, it’s just a thought process. So to be positive and bring forth positive outcomes during moments and situations:

Say It, Don’t Jinx It!

In short, what am trying to say is don’t question your happiness, you deserve every bit of it. Even when it’s challenged or taken away, always try to get it back for its yours to have, own and flaunt! Have a Terrific Tuesday and be more than blessed *wink*. It’s CAT week, let me dash off to read, wish me luck now. Okay bye, for now!

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

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