Beating Ugly Days

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? *bites lip and awaits response anxiously*

Not such a fair response today, says the mirror, you look hideous! Ha ha, don’t we all have those days that you just feel unattractive. Like if you could avoid all human contact and just land on your desk work all day and drop back to your house, that would be awesome.

It always starts once your alarm rings and you have to drag yourself out of bed. Jump into the shower before your brain suggests other things like, snoozing and sleeping a little more like a boss. Then you’re out of the shower and you’re trying to figure out what to wear but it looks like your wardrobe has a malfunction and out of the tonnes of clothes you own, none seems right for the day. Looking at the mirror, your hair is a mess, there’s a surprise zit on your forehead or nose, it could be small but at that point it looks HUGE. More like Gollum’s ugly for those who have watched Lord of the rings, when he says, “My precious”…lol, yuck!

You feel me though, it happens. How to get over such days? I actually figured that day out. Once you realize that that’s what you’re going through, it’s not a sickness but a feeling that’s bound to disappear, you’re good to go. At least you can be sure to try turn it around at some point in the day. Here are some of the tips that I have :


Wear a combination you have worn before. Something that looked good on you once upon a time, that made you look and feel beautiful. You need to have that attire prepared in advance for such days or if not, you should’ve crammed it. That’s not the day to explore the attires you have in your wardrobe, because with that feeling you could just choose the most hideous clothes for real.


Raise your confidence on a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being high confidence to about an 8. Because you really need it, should someone tell you something that would lower your esteem, your tank is still full of esteem. Yes, it’s an ugly day, but that doesn’t mean your confidence has also rioted, make sure it’s on full tank. You are still you, live it up!


Engage in conversations that make you forget how you feel or think you look. Talk about other pressing issues, it could be political, social, economic, technical anything that doesn’t involve you and your current feelings. You could just drag someone else into your ditch if you go on about your feelings.


You’re beautiful even in your ugly days, you pretty much look the same as the other days just that on this day your hormones are telling you lies. So get off your pity party and re-direct your  thoughts to other sectors of your life where they are needed. Think happy thoughts (like seriously).


Laugh, walk, talk, read, work, eat, write e.t.c. Basically do things that distract your thoughts. That keep you away from thinking how damned you are or how bad your day is. Avoid negative energies by all means, stay positive.


Please still look at the mirror. Make sure you’re clean and smelling fresh, clothes are all intact and well-fitting ( just because it zips doesn’t mean it fits…lol) had to put that line somewhere. Hair is well-combed, body is oiled, you know the usual. You’ll be surprised that only you thinks that you’re ugly on that day. That’s the day you get random complements of how nice you look.


Appreciate them, don’t doubt them. If someone tells you you look good, it’s because you look good. Believe them. Don’t also miss out on a chance to tell someone else they look good or they have something nice when they do. Compliments have a way of making someone feel good about themselves. This one could be your good deed of the day.

These are just but a few ways to handle your “ugly days”, they don’t last long. Its life is as short as how fast you snap yourself out of your cranky mood.

It’s Thursday, that day if you haven’t said your thank you’s or been truthful you get the chance to. Give thanks and be truthful to yourself and to others. While at it, have a Thrilling Thursday.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

3 thoughts on “Beating Ugly Days

  1. Haha, I will do these 3 things.
    If these don’t work, I will do the ultimate way which always works for me. That is, I choose to feel lucky, beautiful and optimistic and I will remind myself of my purpose of being here. But honestly though, after the first option, I already become more cheery and bubbly lol


    • Haha I so feel you on that no.1 isn’t that like the answer to almost everything, retail therapy much! Cleaning, I do more of that when I’m unhappy or angry…lol every spot goes spic and span. But at least they’re not far off, when we figure out our Ugly days, it gets just a tad bit easier. Lovely evening Amy.


  2. It’s not just about beauty — it’s about letting yourself not care about beauty. It’s about being comfortable with the occasional ugly day. About taking the corrosive, toxic helplessness out of unattractiveness and replacing it with moving on. It’s about the fact that everyone has ugly days, where nothing looks right and it’s impossible to imagine that it ever did or ever will, but they don’t have to mean anything more than not looking good.


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