Bin It or Keep It?

Is the question! Holding some sort of “value” towards things? Not because your mother gave it to you, neither was the first gift from the boyfriend or your baby sister or friend hand-made it for you for your birthday. I’m talking of some random item that you prefer to keep just because you don’t want to let go of it. You keep imagining that it will be of use some time later or you could just keep them just because. Sometimes it actually make sense why you would want to keep something, other times it just doesn’t, like when you’re the only one who sees the importance of that thing you are holding on so much on to.

  • Like you buy new bed sheets and instead of getting rid of the old ones that are not of much use, you still keep them because they will could be of use later. Of course they are not useless, they will come to be of use some time in future as you say. Maybe when all your sheets are wet or you have many visitors and they all need extra bedding.
  • You could also have shoes that are worn out or you’ve outgrown. However, you decide to keep them for your own reason because they are of no much use since you can’t wear them. It just feels good seeing them stacked on your shoe rack, while they could be looking better on someone else’s feet or in the bin.

Well in both cases, you’ve found an excuse to keep the item. Keeping the old bed sheets makes so much sense if you put it that way, but why don’t you think that you’ll buy other bed sheets should a point come where you need extras? Limiting yourself and your abilities in future maybe? They are easily replaceable, why insist on keeping the old ones? The shoes, that doesn’t make sense at all, once they’re worn out or you’ve outgrown them, that’s it for them. Keeping them in the rack doesn’t repair them or make them expand in size.


That my dear friends, is how we pile up our clutter. That’s how I pile up my clutter. By getting new things and still insisting on keeping the old ones. When I saw that, I was like maybe I’ll be holding something and going through those questions and majority wins. I should have an answer column with the options of “bin it” or “keep it”.

I know the old has been nice and served you well (or not), but you can’t keep holding on to it because it’s reached its expiry point in your life. You have to work into making your present and future beautiful and uncluttered by things from your past. In case you were looking for ways to make your house a bit neater, this could be the secret they’ve all been keeping from you.


Well, that’s more or less the only way to go about it. The less clutter, the more beautiful and less complicated it is. So, if you’re like me, LET’S DO THIS. Ps: I’m already on it *wink*. Happy Holidays! For those working like me again, have a breezy week.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

2 thoughts on “Bin It or Keep It?

  1. I like this so much Kawi; the post, the concept and the way you express your beliefs are spot on and so beautifully written.
    Sometimes, we keep holding on to something or someone just because of our emotional attachment to them. However, we forget to remember if they are still valid to our development and growth. We are no longer who we were in the past. So the things that used to be important, or the beliefs that were relevant are not so applicable in the present time.
    As for me, I have a bad habit of throwing stuff once I see I don’t use it anymore. It comes to the point I have to stop myself from it, lol. But I keep some of the sentimental stuff very close to me.


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