Keky Tamu To The Cake Rescue.

There is so much pressure from the external forces when planning for your wedding and in as much you want to shield yourself from it or be oblivious to it, it haunts you, sometimes, no, all the time. You want to impress your guests; you want your wedding to be better than the one you attended or read about; you just want your guest to have a good time and build a lasting memory on your account. It’s mind wrecking.

And so when we got to the ‘cake’ activity on our wedding ‘To Do List’, we were a bit worried. We knew of many vendors who do cakes, even Valentines Cake House. I mean they’re an established cake house, and at least we can hold them accountable if anything was to go wrong. That wasn’t the problem. We wanted to be experimental, to try something out of the ordinary and still be within our budget. But at the same time, whether it was establishment or a sole proprietor, we needed a vendor with a great track record (from referrals) and who would give us the assurance that they are reliable and would deliver as agreed and on or even better before time.

We also wanted someone who’s willing to sacrifice a bit of their time to offer guidance as we made some crucial decision in reference to our wedding cake, because we were a bit clueless. Decisions like; what type of cake works well for weddings; what flavor is the best; which design should I choose that’s in line with our dreamy rustic theme; what colors should the cake be and what materials should we use to make it stand out and blend into our theme.

And so one day, a friend of mine who’s a Wedding Planner put up a post offering to help any bride that had queries on their wedding. I approached her and as we caught up because we were in the same high school, she asked me what we hadn’t locked down yet. We’d pretty much identified and booked most of the vendors we wanted to work with, but now there was this one thing that was a fundamental part of the wedding, and we were still in limbo about who to go with. And so I tell her, “…cake. We don’t have a cake vendor.” It’s like she was God sent. And so she told me of Keky Tamu, because she had used her for her own wedding – and they had done an amazing job for her. Great referrals are always a great pre-wedding gift I must say.

First, I thought, nice name! Keky Tamu, which is a Swahili term meaning, Sweet Cake. It’s run by a beautiful lady called Bilha Muiru. I hadn’t pieced one and one together yet, but I got her number and called her about the cake, narrated to her my predicament and she offered to come to where I was. It was until I saw her, and I promise, we live in a small world, the size of a ball gum. We share mutual friends, and by virtue of that we were friends, so it was easy to pick up the discussion from the very beginning where I was clueless, I didn’t have to sugar coat things.

As we talked, she advised me on all those little essential details and guided me on some decisions that I needed to make regarding our cake – from the cake type based on our set up, design and flavor, as well as the size based on number of guests. I remember wondering if it will be enough. I wanted people to be stuffed with cake, lots of yummy cake.

So we arranged for cake tasting, which she faithfully delivered to the office. I remember us going home and tasting each of the cakes. That day was one of those days that couples sometimes have during that planning process, where your mind is far away, and your taste buds fail you, but you taste away anyway. And because she gave us so many big pieces with an array of flavors each marked, we split them among us and carried them to work for breakfast – they make amazing pastries too.

At least we both agreed on one thing, that the ‘Orange Chocolate Chip Cake’ and ‘Fruit Cake’ flavors were quite something. Even through the fluctuating moods, there was a twinkle our eyes and an internal hi5 with the husband that this was it. And so we started the ordering process. It was a 4 tier cake – with the base being a fruit cake flavor, and the other 3 tiers being the orange chocolate chip cake. It was 10 kg’s in total and with two parent cakes on the side. The design was breathtaking. When I was choosing it, thanks to Pinterest and my lovely desk mate, Mwende, I was wondering maybe I’m being unrealistic. But she just said, “Okay, this is what you want? We can do this, we can add this, we can find an alternative for this, and this would look nice.” It didn’t faze her, I was impressed and her pricing was budget friendly. I don’t know how she did that, but she did it and it looked pretty sitting there.

And when we were cutting it, I felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude to her for adding beauty and flavor to what was the most defining day in our marriage life yet. Feast with your eyes, but you can place an order for your cake. She does normal deliveries too, not just for weddings.

Cake, Keky Tamu, KawiWedsDion

Cake, Keky Tamu, KawiWedsDion

Cake, Keky Tamu, KawiWedsDion

Cake, Keky Tamu, KawiWedsDion

Cake, KekyTamu, KawiWedsDion

Cake, Keky Tamu, KawiWedsDion


Cake, KekyTamu, KawiWedsDion

Photography by Bspoke Kenya (@thanabster and @keganking). Set up by Ex.quis,ite. Events by You.

So if you’re anything like me and you’re a little clueless about which vendor to go with for your wedding cake. It’s a sensitive task. Give Bilha of Keky Tamu a buzz and she will sort you out. She’s that chic, she gets you even when you don’t get yourself…lol. Reach her on her cell – 0720 276678 or via her Facebook Page.

Have a fantastic weekend loves. Thank you for always passing by.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

4 thoughts on “Keky Tamu To The Cake Rescue.

  1. That cake…..I love it!! We’re so used to the kawaida wedding cakes..but this is just unique..and lovely!!!
    Thank you for sharing your special day with us..I’m a silent follower of your blog ☺


    • Hi Anne, I know right. I was amazed by how she went out of her way to ensure that it look like what we had decided on. I think it even looked even better seeing it there physically.You’re most welcome, and thank you for keeping up with my ‘snippets’.


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