When 30 is Just around the Corner.

01/02. My born day is almost here and I am about to get to that milestone age that’s otherwise known as ‘dirty thirty’. I wonder why by the way? Maybe my friends who are there or have been there can tell us what that is all about. I am having all types of feels about it right now. I am experiencing happiness and nervousness, in equal measure, but thankfully, there’s a part of me that’s also feeling ready. Ready for what it brings along with it. I have been musing over it for the last few months, because that’s when reality hit home.30, Birthday

There are many things I used to say I want to do before I hit 30 (hello bucket lists…), because it seemed so far, but here we are. So instead of dealing with bucket lists all over again for my 30’s, I have resolved to doing things more deliberately. You know, ensuring that I see to it that I do the things that I have committed to doing, because I’ll derive some fulfillment from that.

Whether it’s picking up that phone to make a call or send that text, because I know someone will appreciate it;  whether it’s getting up when I am feeling lazy and doing that exercise, because I know my body will appreciate it;  whether it’s going into the kitchen when I am feeling exhausted and preparing that meal, because I know our stomachs and pockets will appreciate it; whether it’s taking money out of my current account and putting it into my short-term savings pool (the long term one is taken out by force ha ha), because I know my near future will appreciate it; whether it’s packing up and going for short trips to visit our parents or to just wind down, because I know we’ll have a peace of mind. Whether it’s taking that extra course or researching a little bit more, because I know I’ll be more valuable. And much much more, this is just a sneak peak of my approach.

I’ve spent most of my 20’s learning, even when I didn’t think I was. You know those days you feel like you have just wasted (I know you feel me). Then there are times I thought that it couldn’t get worse than it was, then I got over whatever it was and something else came up later, and the same thought crossed my mind, because it was worse than that other worse. Other times, I thought I couldn’t be happier than I was and then life surprised me; because just when you thought that was the best feeling ever, something happened and gave you a better feeling than what you thought was the best feeling. Also, it’s in my 20’s that I started this blog. Maybe in my 30’s I’ll write a book.

You realize that life is about living in the present, appreciating the past and being hopeful for a perkier future.

I believe learning never stops. I have learnt quite a bit about myself (my likes/dislikes, my strengths/weaknesses), about relationships and now marriage, about relating to my friends, about my career, about managing my finances, about my physical and spiritual wellness. I have been a sponge basically and I have absorbed as much as I could through personal experiences, other people’s experiencing and books.

I want to spend my 30’s still learning, but more so, growing. Getting better at who I am, what I do, and what I am to others – have some more social impact. I’ve realized that it’s not difficult to be an overall nice and positive person. It’s not difficult to be a shoulder to lean on for those that need you. That it’s even more fulfilling when you look at life as an optimist even when it gives you every reason not to see it that way. Optimism makes you enthusiastic, genuine, wholehearted and hopeful; which is what anyone would want around them especially at this time. So help me God.

Have a beautiful and fruitful week ahead. ***And to my fellow Aquarians celebrating their birthday this week, Happy Birthday Fam! I am wishing you the best one yet and an abundance of blessings. Love, Light & Peace.

Signing Off ~~~ *Kawi*

3 thoughts on “When 30 is Just around the Corner.

  1. Happy “early” birthday Kawi. I have been reading your blog since you kicked off the blogging journey. I feel as though i have sort of gone through the 20’s with you and hit some milestones with you. Your blog entries are refreshing and quite insightful, i always look forward to new posts 😉 Being a few months older than you,i officially welcome you to the 30’s 🙂


    • Hahaha thank you so much Wambui, you have no idea how inspiring that is. That we’re age-mates and you come here to catch up with me. I am glad that I gave given you some virtual company through out the 20’s. I had a strong feeling there was someone going through the motions with m 🙂

      I hope you’re enjoying your 30’s so far. Well, just got my foot in and weh! Can’t wait to see what they have in store, but I am praying that it’s up from here. Let’s do this!!!


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