About Kawi Snippets.


Kawi Snippets is a lifestyle blog that revolves around our everyday experiences – that’s the Life Stuff and Fun Stuff – with an aim to positively inspire, impact or influence our readers. We understand that each and every person is unique and has a different perspective on how they view life, based on their exposure, their interests and their tastes and preferences.  From this blog we share what we believe in and how we see things from our perspective. We are as areal as real gets about everything we share with you.

The blog covers lessons that we have learnt through just living life – the good, the bad and the ugly, shared with a sprinkle of positivity and in our own special way. These lessons touch on our different lifestyle aspects such as careers, relationships, finances and wellness. It also touches on the things that we do for fun, that’s our hobbies, which are (but not limited to), reading, cooking (and eating), natural hair care and traveling. And everything else that happens in between.

Keep reading and let’s engage.

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