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A Beauty That You Overlooked.

The other day, I was asking “what’s beautiful to you?” When you think of beauty, what comes to your mind? Ha ha, it’s an ongoing exercise, because our eyes are usually set on the ideals, and on the things that we don’t have. And beauty then becomes something that’s unattainable, something we only desire, something…

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Real Talk: In My Teens.

Putting religion aside (although it’s a part of who I am), I figured when you’re going through any kind of challenge, it helps to know who you are. To know what you’re capable of, to know the value you add to the world just by being you, to know what to believe in and to simply know that you’re on a journey and everything that happens, happens for a reason.

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It Always Adds Up.

I remember at one point I would wonder whether I have to get up and do something that doesn’t directly benefit me, or have a direct impact on what I do. And I would feel so bummed, but I would still go anyway because I hate disappointing people or cancelling on things I have committed…

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It Takes Courage.

When I think of courage what comes to my mind? I think it’s that spirit that overcomes you when you are at the edge of the cliff, and the only choices left are either to turn back to what was, or take a leap forward and hope that’ll you fly and not crash into nothingness.…