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Book Review: See Me by Nicholas Sparks.

Isn’t Nicholas Sparks one of a kind? I’m mesmerized by how he has managed to do it over the years, one classic romance novel after another. He’s the real MVP of the romance genre. He gets it, and because he does, he knows how to pull you in with his narratives. So inside that all…

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Book Review: After You by Jojo Moyes.

So after reading this book I really contemplated whether I should do a book review for it. I mean, it’s one of those sappy, diary-like romance novels that you read, deeply enjoy and move on to the next one. But I have made a personal resolve that I will do a book review for every book I read to the end.

Book Review: Forty Rules of Love by Elif Shafak.

Have you ever read a book and felt like it was very timely? Did you also feel like everyone in your circle should read it too? This is the point where we say, ‘yeah, me too’ in unison. This book simply has that effect. That sharing effect where you meet someone and you’re like, “have…