Spicing Up Your Basic Dishes.

Remember the post I did on whether I cook every day? Well, it seems that sometimes what one needs is a little more time, practice and commitment, then it gradually blends into your routine and you barely realize it when you start doing it. I think I have been cooking almost every other day of…

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Do You Think Chapatis are Overrated?

When growing up we would religiously eat chapatis every Saturday. Without fail. It was an ideal meal for that weekend evening, because then it would serve as breakfast on Sunday, and lunch as well. It used to be served with Ndengu stew. So over time, it became just another meal for the weekend for me.

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Do You Cook Every Day?

One question I’m constantly asked is, “Do you cook every day?” Frankly, I don’t. But one day I might start to, I admire people who do. For now, I endeavor to cook enough food to last us at least 2 days – to give me at the very least a 1 day break. For some…


Childhood: The Ugali Tale.

My childhood, I miss it so much. I have so many fond memories, but the one that kept lingering on my mind today is the Ugali one, because it was one funny one. But before I even get started, let me publicly declare that ugali happens to be one of my current favorite hot dishes to go down…

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Pan Seared Strip Steak with Love.

How was your Valentine’s Day? Do you usually celebrate it? I am lukewarm about the celebration bit on that particular day, so I don’t fuss about it. I wish my loves a Happy Valentines and maybe a couple of gestures to show that ‘I still love you – today and always’. But as for flowers,…