30th Birthday

When 30 is Just around the Corner.

01/02. My born day is almost here and I am about to get to that milestone age that’s otherwise known as ‘dirty thirty’. I wonder why by the way? Maybe my friends who are there or have been there can tell us what that is all about. I am having all types of feels about…

Dance to Your Own Music.

“Dance to your own music. Even when you feel like you have two left legs or you feel like your tune is different from those around you. When do so, those around you will feel your rhythm and they will dance to your tune, because if they’ve stayed around you long enough, your tunes become aligned.”

Throwing Off The Bowline.

I landed on the ‘73 Questions to celebrities by Vogue’ YouTube series. A little late to the party I know, but hey, it’s better late than never. It was one celebrity I like after another – actors, musicians, athletes, models. It was exciting hearing them answer some regular questions and so I spent a bit…

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Do You Cook Every Day?

One question I’m constantly asked is, “Do you cook every day?” Frankly, I don’t. But one day I might start to, I admire people who do. For now, I endeavor to cook enough food to last us at least 2 days – to give me at the very least a 1 day break. For some…